Brent Henry; phony combat-wounded Marine

| July 19, 2015

Brent Henry

Someone dropped off a link to WVEC on our Facebook page about this Brent Henry fellow who conned some Virginia Beach area veterans’ charities into believing that he’d been wounded in Afghanistan as a Marine. He had planned on walking from Virginia Beach to Arlington Cemetery to raise awareness for PTS with his service dog that had been given to him by Wags For Warriors of Virginia.

“He claimed that he was something he wasn’t, said that he had been places that he hadn’t been,” said Adam Mayo, founder of Wags for Warriors of Virginia.

“He named this dog that he had after supposed service dog that he had — a working dog — in the military that apparently died working in the military,” explained Mayo. “Come to find out the only place he was ever deployed was Japan. He never saw combat. He was never in the desert. He was never in a helicopter crash like he told us he was.”

Mayo told 13News Now he found out about discrepancies in Henry’s story when he started looking into the Marine’s background. He said Henry would not provide a copy of his service record, including discharge information.


[Retired Navy lieutenant Jason Redman, the Founder and CEO of Wounded Wear] said he was able to see Henry’s DD214 (Separation Documents) which showed he was not discharged honorably as he claimed.

All of the signs were there, guys – he wouldn’t show his DD214 and he wouldn’t go to the VA when he needed them. My DD214 is everywhere – whenever someone, anyone asks for it, I send it to them. A real veteran won’t even flinch when asked for it.

Anyway, Mr. Henry has been charged with Obtaining Money by False Pretense in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. He’s making an appearance in court on July 24th.

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  1. Dave Hardin says:

    We need to rescue all these puppies from the horrors of being exposed to all this PTSD. I am shocked that animal rights people have not put a stop to this kind of abuse.

    I used to think that real Veterans would have no problem producing their DD214 if need be. I have challenged people in several veteran groups to do just that. Some do, but many get a case of the red ass and get pissy about being offended.

  2. Green Thumb says:

    Another less-than-honorable turd.

    • desert says:

      no shyt less than honorable…this dirty bas-ard took a service dog, thereby causing some legitimate veteran to do without….we need a vigilante group back..and bounties set on vermin imo!

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    IT’S A DAMN GOOD THING that I’m not involved with any of the “Dogs for Vets” outfits, because by now I’d likely be thrown out of any of them for having a “You say you’re a Vet? HURRY UP AND PROVE IT!!!” attitude because of pus-nutted unicorn-lusting, Smurf-kissing,Care Bear-taint-sniffing, snot-spined candyassed lying con gamers like this Dutch Rudder Gang wannabe!!!

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      Let’s not forget one of my favorite pieces of dog shit Jarret Otto Gimbl is working the service dog scam bigtime.

      • Green Thumb says:

        A true steaming pile of Phil Monkress Jarret Otto Gimbl is.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Yes indeed he is. I wonder how much longer it’ll be until we hear about him getting himself in a big pile of Phil Monkress and ending up being the “property” of Bubba, Thor, and their gang for while he stays in the Greybar Hilton?

      • gungy says:

        Amen. I wonder did anyone ever hear from Gimbl’s “attorneys” yet?

  4. Flagwaver says:

    I include a copy of my DD-214 with my references when I’m asked for them. Hell, I always have at least 2 copies on my desk at any one time (mostly because I need to clean my desk something bad).

    To not show a DD-214 when asked should point out something serious. I’m just wondering how these so-called veteran organizations can get away with not checking the 214, but believing a phony story.

    It’s always the grandiose stories that are the lies. If you don’t have a grandiose story, then you are given extra scrutiny, regardless of whether you have your DD-214 or not. This is from vet organizations AND the VA. It’s insane.

  5. JimV says:

    People carry around their DD214? I wouldn’t. It’s too valuable of a document.

    • LIRight says:


      Earlier this year I submitted a request for a DD215 which as I recall only took a few weeks.

      I received my original DD214 (actually a better copy than I had) and the DD215 which included some awards not included in the original.

      Checking the dates it took about 4 weeks for the copies to be received.

    • DevilChief says:

      I carry the PDF’s of my PII redacted DD-214’s on a thumb drive on my keys. If I need to see it, there it is.

  6. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Dude caught “the PTSD” from engaging in anal buttsekks warfare.

    Memo to vet groups – How hard is it to vet these people? Stop going on what the individual is claiming and do the work before giving them cash or other services. No 214 = no cash.

    • Green Thumb says:


      And why they are at it, start vetting the homeless population for Vet status and preferred benefits.

  7. Jarhead says:

    Many years ago I had been a member of a small A L. Too many back for me to remember whether they had required a copy of my DD 214. To the best of my ability all I remember is filling out a simple sheet of paper. Just a year ago I joined a different post after a long absence from the AL. The post I joined required a copy of my DD 214. When someone balks on producing theirs, most likely theirs is like the Tooth Fairy. It’s for real, but nobody has ever seen it.

  8. Pineywoods NCO says:

    My DD214 is always nearby and always available if requested. These turds who bitch and moan about being asked for theirs should all have every privilege, every gift, everything taken away from them. They should be humiliated in public and then thrown into a pit with the members of the Dutch Rudder Gang and then have that pit filled with water and topped with concrete.


  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    When I ETS’ed, I was issued two original, signed-in-ink DD214s and was cautioned–in no uncertain terms– never to lose them. I later made Xerox copies and, over the years, have had to present an original for one reason or another. It has always been accompanied with a copy for the convenience of the party needing it. Problems? None. This is common among Veterans who are actual Veterans and who do not bullshit about the nature of their military service. Let’s face it, the DD214 is an extremely valuable document and we all know where our originals are, even if it would take us five or ten minutes to find it in that junked-up closet or drawer.

  10. SFC D says:

    Upon retirement in 2012, I was instructed to take the original 214’s to the local VA office, where they will make certified copies for free. They gave me 10 with a pretty little stamp & signature on the back for the low low cost of nothing.

  11. Poetrooper says:

    SUGGESTION: if you have a smart phone, scan your DD 214 into Email and send it to yourself. You will then have a copy in your email which you can pull up to show you’re the real deal.

    Saves having to carry the hard copy.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Scanned into .pdf, with SSN and DOB redacted.

      Ask and yeah shall receive.

  12. Sparks says:

    SHITBAG! “and your little dog too!” as the Wicked Witch of the West said.

  13. Weekend Warrior in Texas says:

    No, not the dog. Poor little fella never had a chance. I took my DD 214s to my local court house, where they keep a copy on file, and give you as many certified copies that you want. If you want them.

  14. Jarhead says:

    In spite of the services provided by any VSO, they don’t need to get bogged down verifying legitimate DD 214’s for those we wonder about. I’d like to see where and how to secure DD 214 verification on others. On the other hand, if there were one person who would tackle the job, a $10 fee would not be unreasonable; and well worth the time.

  15. gungy says:

    Hey John, add this one to the phony vet dog brigade. Did you ever hear from Gimbl’s lawyers at all?

  16. GM2 (SW) says:

    I’m so tired of assholes like this, I have no issues providing my DD214 ever.

    That being said…I have a question. Some time last year I fired off a letter to Navy Personnel inquiring to see if I was entitled to any awards from my service (Jun 00-04) that weren’t yet available when I left service. I received a package the other day with GWOT ribbon and medal, and they said a DD215 will arrive soon. Do I present this with my 214, or is basically my new corrected 214? Thank you…I never knew much about 215s.

    • Jordan Rott says:

      It is just a page with corrections it’s not an entire page of everything like a dd214 if that makes sense you still need your dd214 as well

  17. Combat Historian says:

    Valor thief and publicity whore, the inevitable combination…

  18. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Dear Stolen Valor Criminal(s),

    Considering the aforementioned above, the fact that Virginia Beach, VA (and environs) has the largest population of active, reserve and retired military personnel in the United States, mores bases, stations and units scattered about the entire Tide Water area … you and your type should perhaps think twice about attempting to con the military community.

    You willl be eaten alive!

    That is all!




  19. Craig Payne says:

    What is a DD215 ???????????

  20. Eden says:

    This prompted me to scan my DD214s to PDF and JPG. What all do you redact (other than SSN)?

    I need to find out how to go about getting a DD215 and/or records from my Reserve time.