Charles Jenkins; phony POW

| July 24, 2015

Charles Jenkins 1

AverageNCO found this guy Charles Jenkins in a news story about a Confederate flag rally in Jacksonville, Florida;

“I spent 3 years, 9 months and 27 days as a POW in Vietnam,” said Charles Jenkins, a veteran and supporter of the Confederate flag. “So this hat gives me a right to fly this flag.”

Jenkins said his being there was not about the flag, but about the freedom he fought and nearly died for years ago.

“I don’t care if they wanted to come here and fly an African-American flag on that bridge today I would’ve backed them up, if they wanted to fly a gay flag I would’ve backed them up, they want to fly an ISIS flag I do have a problem with that one.”

Well, first of all, he’s not listed at DPAA, the Defense Department’s website for their list of POWs. None of the “Accounted For” Army POWs are named Jenkins. He was indeed a Vietnam veteran, and he earned a Purple Heart and an ARCOM with a valor device as well as a Combat Infantry Badge and jump wings, but he wasn’t a POW for three years;

Charles Jenkins FOIA

Charles Jenkins 2-1

Charles Jenkins ARCOM

Charles Jenkins ARCOM2

Charles Jenkins PH

Charles Jenkins screenshot

Charles Jenkins

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  1. Charles Jenkins says:

    To set the record straight I am a Viet- Nam vet. I recieved several awards for valor Inculding the Army Accomadation Medal with V device. I am a recovering alcoholic.Weather Nam made me the way I was or I was crazy all along I don’t know.I have been in and out of jails and mental instutions more times than i care to count.i now have been dianoced with ptsd.I do not get ant benfits from the gov. I get ss.But by having a relation with God I am able t funtion resonable well. And before you startabout the spelling I didn’t say I was smart.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:


      Nice try, sparkle pony.

      Got the orders for those? Or did Viscosi lose those when his basement flooded?

    • IDC SARC says:

      What about the purple hearts….you typed all those lines but didn’t confirm or deny earning the purple heart?

    • AverageNCO says:

      Okay I know I’m a broken record here. Charles, I don’t care about your medals, ptsd, or if you have a criminal record. You claimed you were a POW for three years. Now you say three weeks. But there is no record of you EVER being POW, or captured in any way. It’s that claim that started this, and it’s that claim that is pissing people off. YOU…WERE….NEVER….CAPTURED!!!!

      • Hondo says:

        Bingo. DPAA’s list contains entries for folks who were held less than one freaking day. If someone was held 3 weeks, they’d certainly be there.

        No “Charles Jenkins” on either the DPAA escapee or returned alive lists. You do the math.

      • chris jenkins says:

        They tell me good soldiers don’t get captured….bahaha

        • AverageNCO says:

          Well the only reason this thread exists is because your dad said he was captured. Those words came out of his mouth, not ours.

        • Marine_7002 says:

          That remark shows you don’t know a fucking thing about the military.

          Try talking to a REAL POW and see what THEY say about being captured.

          You’re either terminally stupid or just another troll.

    • AskaMarine says:

      Ok…I give you credit for this. Can you please answer the question about your time as a Vietnam POW…when were you captured? Who captured you? Where were you captured? Where were you held captive? Who rescued you? Why your name is not listed under the official DoD Database for all Vietnam POW/MIAs. All that information is now declassified. No Black Ops Stuff. No Secret Squirrel Stuff. No Classified Stuff. All is public knowledge.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Well, AskaMarine, he could have been held captive briefly in Phuong’s room in Tommy’s Bar on To Do Street, when the MPs came bustin’ in to find out who was doing what and for how much. If he was that guy, Phuong told him to hide in the laundry basket, and then she sat on it.

    • Hack Stone says:

      I was awarded the First Annual C. Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In Field Of Excellence. They even presented it to me during a banquet.

  2. ChipNASA says:

    “Army Accomadation Medal”


    /jebus your brain damage is showing.

  3. IDC SARC says:

    Ever been diagnosed with alcohol related Korsakoff’s psychosis? That would explain a lot.

  4. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Riddle me this, Batkids:

    Why the fuck would a “recovering alcoholic” run a bar?

    Is he going to claim he was a former Red Sox pitcher, who hangs out with guys named Woody, Norm, and Coach?

  5. AskaMarine says:

    Well, Charles, if you are “having a relation with God” then I am sure God is instructing you to tell the truth about being a Vietnam POW. Are you afraid to tell the truth?

    Additionally, what if you met a bona fide Vietnam POW. Could you tell that person to their face that you were a Vietnam POW as well?

    If I am not mistaken, I don’t think your daughters agree with your statement of being a POW.

  6. AskaMarine says:

    Charles, I hope you are not taking time to do research on Vietnam POWs/ MIAs. If you really were a POW, you could answer those questions quickly.

  7. AskaMarine says:

    I guess since Charles admitted he has been in and out of mental institutions, then there is a possibilty he believes his own lies and is in denial. Similar to other folks that have been confronted here, especially FV. I think there is a Personality Disorder associated with that, but am not too sure since I am not a Medical Doctor.

  8. Marine_7002 says:

    Well, Lisa, Rebekah, and Chris – your lyin’-ass father can’t even keep his lies straight.

    In that article about the Confederate flag, he said:

    “I spent 3 years, 9 months and 27 days as a POW in Vietnam,” said Charles Jenkins, a veteran and supporter of the Confederate flag. “So this hat gives me a right to fly this flag.”

    He posted here that he was captured for 3 weeks.

    You three need to wake up and smell the coffee. He’s a fraud and a liar, and he has no one else to blame but himself.

  9. Jarhead says:

    Charles…..scroll back up to see my post above.

  10. Jarhead says:

    You know, as I get older when in a dilemma sometimes it’s best to sleep on it before going further. This idiot can act like he’s Johnny Badass, continue spinning the lie about having been a POW, admit he is an alcoholic, admit he has been in multiple mental institutions, and generally admit he is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY a LOSER and a PIECE of SHIT. Hate to be the spoiler here, but we have done as much as possible with a member of the MENTALLY ILL Society. Other than see his ass hits the street and is hopefully removed as a member (if he is) from any A L or VFW organization. I mean after what he has posted himself is enough for any sane person to know he needs to be avoided like the plague.
    Would as many as possible contact the television station which reported this so-called Veteran’s story? It is the First Coast News (904) 633-8808. If we go much further with this, IMHO, we are going to look a bit silly for wasting time with someone who has admitted to being in a mental institution. Contact the station and see if they can help him get committed again where he will be off the streets. Hopefully they have a POSER’S ward where he and all others like him can play Rambo and fight their make believe wars. Can’t you just imagine walking into a ward like that where all the patients are dressed in camouflage calling each other General!
    To me, he’s history and too f_____ed up to waste any more time on. It’s the ones who have NEVER been in mental institutions and still spew their B. S. that I care to pursue and reveal to a gullible public. They know better, this retard does not know either Jack or Diddley.

  11. thebesig says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the admins find out that Charles Jenkins did in fact serve, but got kicked out as an E1. That would be fitting with his poor judgment, which would’ve began BEFORE his time in service. His “POW status” might be from when he was in a military correctional facility.

    Charles Jenkins, you need to come clean to us, and to your family, about your military service, before the admins post damming information about you for God and country to view. Your service isn’t what you’re claiming it to be, if you did in fact serve.

  12. chris jenkins says:

    ok guys.i tearfully regret to inform you all charles jenkins never served in any military was all a sham so we could get military benefits our whole college was paid for on VA benefits as was my brothers and sisters.we all got VA backed mtg loans.but we each donate 100.00 a year to local military charities.we bought the picture from a goodwill and photo-shopped it.his medals i found in an antique store in NC while shopping for pot bellied stoves that we concert into dog houses.we also try yo vote for candidates who support the military.from reading the post you guys have been putting on here i have a new found respect for military men past and guys seem to overwhelmingly display the noblest character traits i have ever seen in grown men.i envy all of you,and for the love of america i hope you all have reproduced.i confess all the vietnam talk i do is from reading and documentaries i have watched.i have never learned one thing from vietman or the military from my dad.actually he retired as the head sanitation worker at the trailer park we grew up in.i am so sorry we wasted much of yalls time as im sure it is very valuable .this will come to a shock to my brother and sisters ,for i am the only one who knew the coming clean to help everyone began to heal.pleas forgive us for being all the well deserved names you all have called us.i know working in the armed forces is the highest honor a man can do unto his country and im sure there are no REAL vets in jail,prison,AA,or mental wards as this would certainly not be possible for a REAL vet.i hope this provides closure for you all,please continue the “great” work you all are doing. GOD BLESS AMERICA…… the way is so touching seeing all them tough homo vets embrace each other on the news cast when they were openly allowed to serve.i now have the utmost respect for the american military.

  13. chris jenkins says:

    also just for the record,the guy posting as charles jenkins is not our dad,he died 15 yrs ago form marijuana poisoning.he claimed he got hooked on it while in vietnam.idk

    • IDC SARC says:

      I’m not at all surprised that you actually managed to spell marijuana correctly.

    • Hondo says:

      Well, “Chrissy-poo” – I might consider buying that claim (“It’s an imposter!”) if that was the first thing you ever said here. But I seem to remember you defending the guy earlier. And his two daughters haven’t raised that claim, either.

      So no dice. Ain’t buying it now without a whole lotta independently-verifiable proof.

      • chris jenkins says:

        well guess what ? you aint gettin jack.bahaha

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Well, guess what, sucker? That means you’re lying, just like your old man.

        • Hondo says:

          Actually, I will. I’ll have that when the FOIA reply comes back from NPRC.

          If the Army serial number you provided is legit, I’ll have a summary of Jenkin’s official military records. If the reply says the number isn’t legit (or belongs to someone else), that’s proof too.

  14. Charles Jenkins says:

    See if you can find Sargent Major Mish, He was my bat. SMAJ. in Nam. also Capt. Carman Covasa,Capt. Green also Sgt.Morris Bat.503 Reg. 173 Airbourn Bri. was my platoon sgt And recieved the Congresstioal Medal of Honer. Would like to know it any are still alive. Tanks

    • Charles Jenkins says:

      Oh, by the way not the real Sgt. 1st.class Charles R. Jenkins Ra 13-845-837 just someone that was there with him.

    • IDC SARC says:

      “Sargent” Jeebus, that was so predictable it was anticlimactic.

    • Jarhead says:

      You might just be digging yourself in deeper CHarles (if that is you). Tell us the following and we could very well begin to believe you, apologize to you, and welcome you.
      What was you MOS in RVN?
      What unit did yous serve with?
      MOST important at this point…exactly what is the date of your CAPTURE and your RELEASE?
      Finally, EXACTALY What unit tracked and caught and released you?

      Answer those questions honestly and tomorrow will be a totally different day.

  15. AnotherPat says:

    Clean up in Aisle 28 and 29 please. Another Village has lost its Idiot and another Circus a boring Clown. (Yawn). They need a good brushing up on Phonectic Spelling.

  16. IDC SARC says:

    “Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong”

    ~Thomas Jefferson

  17. Claw says:


    This does not compute. I have lost all track of any sanity on this post.

    Is the subject of this thread dead or alive?

    So many defenders, so little time.

    “Programs, Programs, Get Yer Programs Here !!”

  18. Just An Old Dog says:

    The unit and names make sense,, there was a SSG Morris in that unit who was awarded the MOH in 1966.
    I’m leaning on believing Jenkins was there, he told a bald face lie about being a POW though.
    He self-admitted to being an Alcoholic and mentally unstable. It will be interesting what the new FOIA returns.
    From his rants and writing it looks like drugs and alcohol took it’s toll on his mind.
    He also freely admitted he can’t pin his failures and issues on his service.
    I will give him that much.

    • IDC SARC says:

      He could still easily have been a D-Bag that at some point was attached to the unit and knew of it’s notable members.Or has concocted a story based on his conversing with real soldiers. From what I’ve read everything he has related has been pretty ambiguous, especially if it pertains to him directly.

      We always had guys we left in the rear for any number of reasons, family issues, drug/alcohol rehab, ETS ect. Sometimes they were out before we got back and other times they were there, still marking time.

  19. Just An Old Dog says:

    This might explain some of the illiterate ramblings of his offspring.

  20. IDC SARC says:

    “Montiguar” …that would be Montagnard

  21. chris jenkins says:

    Gaskill seems to be the only one on here who has a brain

  22. chris jenkins says:

    if i was him id tell all yall to suck off.who gives a rats penis how a 70 year old american spells vietnamese cities that he was in 50 years ago.this aint an english class.and if you were not a viet-nam vet,you wouldnt make a good pimple on ones a**.i left out 3′ and 6 of my letters should be caps but i’m done school so I don’t care lmbo

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Lemme guess. You were pissed when your sister miscarried cause you were really looking forward to being a father.

    • The Al says:

      Again- Brother, the rock done fucked yo’ shit up

    • Jarhead says:

      O. K. Chris here you go. A song made and sung JUST for you and any other family members still trying to jerk people around. This was sent to me by a psychic who apparently knows you on a very personal level. You need to look around and over your shoulder. Somebody is trying to tell you something. It’s someone Santa employs to tell him who’s been bad and who’s been good. Again, this song was made by psychics long before you and your paw became famous on this Web Site. Finally, getting on this site for all to see is worse than AIDS. With AIDS it’s over when you die. Those who earn a ticket on TAH Have their picture on board for all to see in perpetuity.The real icing on the cake is that it also stays on a an announcement board in Purgatory. Just for YOU!

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Hey, Chris… do yourself a favor and the next time you post:

      1. Mix in a spell check
      2. Punctuation (especially periods and commas)is your friend.
      3. Proofread before you hit that little button that says “POST COMMENT”

  23. Jarhead says:

    Chris, Santa Clause, Richard Nixon……just who the hell wrote what I initially accepted as finally trying to come clean and explain how things grew and grew. What had me questioning it was the fact that you should have explained your intentions of standing up and given him first chance to unload. Nope…eh’s gotta wait a while and give some names and numbers. Right there the light of question came on. Then when you follow with attacking some of us again, it makes me wonder if the whole damned family is not in an insane asylum. To go from truly apologetic to the ramblings of a four time GED failure gives us reason to pause. The outstretched hand I earlier wrote to you now seems for nothing. BTW, who after all, did write your lengthy apology above? That was seemingly admirable, took balls and class, and it was mostly articulate. No, not one of those greetings you spout when you meet a girl from another trailer park “Hey Babay, “I are gonna tikel you later when I gits the time”.
    You almost had me there bub. Well for what it’s worth we have learned at least one of your family has been in and out of mental institutions. DO y’all take turns or is just a family affair. Last but NEVER least, do you by any chance inhale the new “Charlies” just to get off?

    Would you be willing to sell or share your family secrets for a book to be published called “We’re So Full of SHIT That Your average Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey will make you think he had a colostomy Butterball.

  24. Dave Hardin says:

    Now that right there is a Gene Pool that’s gone septic.

    I’m telling you people, the Tidy Bowl Man, Janitor in Drum, Mr Clean, and Edith Bunker can’t clean that shit.

    These fuckers got something in their Genes that Ajax won’t take out. I don’t think the 20 mule team from BORAX can fix it>

    I have been huffing brain bleach all day just to read this post.

  25. Marine_7002 says:

    None of this gang of Jenkin’s idiots want to explain why Jenkin lied about being a POW.

    Or why he told that reporter that he’d been a POW for over three years, and posted here that it was “three weeks.”

    They’d just as soon have us forget all of that.

    News flash for you, Jenkins. The internet is forever. And your AL and VFW posts have been told about your lies and deceit. Hopefully they’ll have the stones to kick your sorry lyin’ ass out of their ranks.

  26. Charles Jenkins says:

    Is there a way to post pictures on here, Surely out of all of you there must be someone that lives close to Fl. If the owner of this site will send me an e-mail address I will show him my DD- 214 and other info.But be warned if this info. get out I will sue him and this site for slander.

  27. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I’m shutting down comments on this thread until we get some more paperwork.