Lloyd Keith Mitchell sentenced

| July 31, 2015

Lloyd Keith Mitchell

We discussed 66-year-old Lloyd Keith Mitchell back in April when he was arrested for presenting a forged DD214 in order to get a veterans’ driver license. He claimed to be a retired admiral and he made false statements to police investigators, so he was charged with perjury, too, on top of the forged document.

Mitchell had also given a talk about his phony career to the Coquina Crossing Veterans Association – they had given him a red, white and blue afghan out of appreciation for his nonexistent service.

Well, a judge in Florida sentenced him yesterday according to Historic City News;

Judge Traynor ordered Mitchell to return a red, white and blue afghan given to him by the Coquina Crossing Veterans Association after that presentation.

Mitchell was sentenced during the Thursday proceedings to serve a 36-month probation for his crimes, was ordered to write a letter of apology to the Coquina Crossing Veterans Association, to complete 100 hours of community service, and to pay $500 to the Wounded Warrior Project and to pay $500 to Clyde E. Lassen State Veterans Nursing Home on SR-16.

According to the St. Augustine Record he had claimed some medals, too;

Mitchell submitted a military discharge form which said he was a recipient of the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, the Silver Star and the Vietnam Medal of Honor, according to the Sheriff’s Office to obtain a veteran status on his driver’s license.

But when detectives contacted the NCIS at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, they learned Mitchell never served in the Navy, nor is there is a record of him serving in any military branch.

Dude was an airline pilot, I guess he felt guilty that he’d been a draft dodger, too.

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Guess he was suffering from PDDD: Post Draft-Dodging Dysfunction Disorder…

  2. Hondo says:

    Hmm. One of our lawyer readers please help us out here.

    Can probation exceed max possible sentence for a crime? Or, in other words: does this guy now have a felony record?

    If he does, I’m OK with the rest of his sentence – and want to give a hat-tip to the judge for doing the right thing.

    • NotBuyingIt says:

      I’m not an expert on FL law, but usually a period of probation can’t exceed max allowable incarceration. In this case, it appears the fraudulent attempt to obtain a license is a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. The perjury charge was a misdemeanor.

    • David says:

      not an expert in any kind of law, but it seems like it all depends on how it is phrased. In Texas, there is a program for sexual offenders that you get put in when your sentence is up – AND YOU NEVER GET OUT. So you get a 10 year sentence, serve 5, and get put in the program – 8 or 10 years later you violate in the program, even by being ate to a counselor’s appointment, and you get sent back to prison for the violation even though your original sentence is up.

  3. Bobo says:

    36 months probation. That’ll show ’em.

    • Hondo says:

      I’m guessing he wasn’t likely to get much more than probation and a fine in any case, Bobo. His initial crime netted him only insignificant economic benefit.

      I’m guessing he got the long probation because he pleaded guilty to perjury in exchange for leniency. Perjury’s normally a felony.

      If so, kudos to the judge for making sure the guy is now a convicted felon. I’d like to have seen him do some time, but I can live with him now being a felon.

  4. GDContractor says:

    You mean he didn’t really receive “The Vietnam Medal of Honor”? Gosh, and I was busy making him some knitted socks.

    • Reb says:

      I saw some awesome knit socks someone (YOU)? knitted for a fella. I knit as does two others. Great idea for gets to cold weather Veterans. Darn, gotta knit during winter, summer just to hot even with both air conditioning systems going. Great idea, thanks CD

  5. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Lloyd was probably sweating it when he was in court for sentencing… the thought of anal dilation therapy sessions and cockmeat sammiches at the local “pound you in the ass” jail was dancing though his head.

  6. MikeD says:

    “We discussed 66-year-old Lloyd Keith Mitchell back in April when he was arrested for presenting a forged DD214 in order to get a veterans’ driver license”

    Wait… what the hell is a veterans’ driver license? Does it authorize you to drive vets around to VA appointments? As far as I know, you get a state drivers license or you don’t, they don’t come in flavors.

    • GDContractor says:

      I don’t know what is meant by that either, but in Texas if you show your DD214 at the DL office, they will print “Military Veteran” on your DL for you (I learned this while standing behind a WWII vet at Lowes checkout counter.) Perhaps that is something FL does as well.

    • Guard Bum says:

      Apparently some states now issue special licenses to Veterans. I’m sure no fraud will ever ocur there.

      • Twist says:

        Here in Alaska you have to show a DD214 or a retiree ID card in order to get the veteran DL. It is a regular DL with a small US flag with a v on it under the picture.

        • SFC D says:

          Arizona does that too, show a DD-214 or ID card, and it goes on the license. Not sure what good it might do though.

          • fibmcgee says:

            As does Ohio. Show a DD-214 and get no-extra-charge veteran plates and “armed forces” on your DL..

    • Poetrooper says:

      Here in Arkansas, showing your DD-214 will get you a veteran’s driver’s license with the only difference from a regular DL being the word veteran printed in red under your pic.

      As previously noted, it can be shown to the checker at Lowe’s for a 10% discount. I know some here at TAH feel such discounts are beneath them but when you’re an old geezer on fixed income, they’re nice to have. We’re about to spend a couple of thousand on some flooring and the discount will save me a couple of hundred bucks.

      That’s a nice steak dinner with wine that Lowe’s will buy my wife and me.

  7. GDContractor says:

    If he was an airline pilot, he seemingly no longer has any current licenses or ratings with the FAA under the name of “Lloyd Keith Mitchell”. A search at the FAA site for Airmen Inquiry returned zero results.

    • GDContractor says:

      I’m calling bullshit on his claims (if he made them) of being an airline pilot. I just looked up a guy I know who is retired and hasn’t flown in years… his 1st class medical date is 2000 yet it still shows all his licenses and ratings (ATP, etc.).

      If his licenses were revoked, he might no longer be in the database but I don’t know, I am only speculating.

      • Virtual insanity says:


        I’m still in there, too, with an FAA medical that expired in mid-1990s. (My military one went through 2004, but doesn’t show for FAA).

        I’m calling shenanigans on the pilot claim, too.

  8. Smaj says:


  9. GDContractor says:

    I found this, though I am not sure when it was posted:

    “In this age of Computer generated documents, it is a very easy matter to alter or even to create from scratch, a bogus DD-214. At the right is a DD-214 sent by Lloyd Keith Mitchell to the young woman to whom he was proposing marriage. Mitchell is reportedly a commercial airline pilot (cargo) and former NRA Instructor. In addition to this DD-214 which shows he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and earned TWO Navy Crosses, he provided the citation for ONE of those awards. When I received it I checked it against my database and found it to be word-for-word, save for the name, the LEGITIMATE Navy Cross Citation for the award presented to then Congressman Randall Duke Cunningham. Prior to the Stolen Valor Act what Mr. Mitchell had done was NOT illegal–his altered DD-214 was NOT used (to our knowledge, to obtain VA benefits or for other fraudulent financial gain. (Those who understand awards will find interesting that he lists his TWO Navy Crosses and TWO Silver Stars as “w/Clusters”–the Army and AF use an “Oak Leaf Cluster” to indicate a second award, while the Navy and Marine Corps use a “Gold Star” in lieu of a second award.”
    Scroll about 25% down the page, it also has a link to the actual DD-214 that Mitchell was using in this instance

    • OldSarge57 says:

      I looked at that DD214. Besides the usual incorrect abbreviations, the infamous “classified” category is used a number of times. Even Army HRC is no longer accepting a DD214 as real proof of anything. I had to go through DFAS to match my pay records to my DD214 to update my retirement points.

    • Hondo says:

      GDC: Geez, this fool was stupid enough to use the Nov 88 edition of the DD214 to fake service ending on 31 July 1987! Oh, and I just love this part, seeing as he was claiming Navy service:
      rank: CAPT paygrade: O-4

      “Numbnuts” doesn’t even begin to describe this guy. He must be Run-DMC’s long-lost cousin, 1-DMF.

      • Jonn Lilyea says:

        There must be a blank 1988 version of the DD214 going around the internet. I’ve run into scads of them lately.

        • Skippy says:

          Form-Flo is a good place to get Gov Docs, I still have a account with GSA Docs.

        • Hondo says:

          There is, Jonn – spot checking shows a number of sources. Didn’t attempt to download any to verify, but I’m sure some of them are functional.

          For obvious reasons, I’ll pass on posting any links.

      • CLAW131 says:

        The Block 14 Military Education lists he went through Basic CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) course.

        I thought that was strictly an age related OJT/OJE acquired skill.

        So where do we sign up for the Advanced CRS course? Anybody? A little help OK? Where, oh wait,what was I talking about and why did I come onto this thread?

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Or his Second Cousin named 8TFU!

  10. Dave Hardin says:

    A real judge made a fake veteran give money to an organization that is full of fake warriors.


  11. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Shitty pilot. Check.
    Lives in Florida. Check.
    Makes up bullshit Navy career. Check.
    Likes to commit perjury. Check.
    Ends up convicted felon. Check.

    Someone might want to pay attention to this case.

  12. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Thank goodness for him that forgery/altering a federal document isn’t a federal crime.

    Oh wait…..

    • Hondo says:

      Yeah, but good luck on getting a US Attorney to prosecute that. For a discharge cert, forgery/alteration is only a misdemeanor.

  13. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    He is also a member of the little known and nationally recognized phony Vet’s support group:


    Post Admiralty Dickhead Disorder for Idiots …

  14. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I guess USNA grads and cargo pilots don’t go through rigorous spelling and acronym training and education:

    Viat. Medal of Honor
    SERE Scol

    Just to point out a couple.

    PS: He had me at CLASSIFIED!

  15. When I read about guys like this, I don’t know whether to laugh or get angry.

    I can never forget what it was like back then, when everybody was trying to AVOID military service, and AVOID being sent to Viet Nam, nor can I ever forget what a shock it was to have people here in the United States throwing beer bottles at me, running me down with their cars, and telling me over and over what a stupid fool I was for being a soldier and serving in Viet Nam.

    In fact, it was even worse than that, for it was a time of riots, assassinations, and bombings on college campuses and in government or corporate buildings.

    But, the Army treated me good, for the mess hall at Fort Lewis fed me a steak dinner, and I got a brand new issue of dress greens with my “Screaming Eagle” patch and my Bronze Star, a pocketful of cash, and a plane ticket home.

    Yep, life was good.

    But, I was lucky.

    By some miracle, I did not get killed.

    I didn’t even get wounded, except for the gash in my left knee diving for cover during a rocket attack at Dong Ha, which doesn’t count because apparently, there’s no written record of that happening.

    But, it is tough struggling to get by on a twenty percent Service Connected compensation, plus Social Security, when at the same time, I’m reading about all those imposters who are fooling the Department of Veterans Affairs and collecting all sorts of benefits I can’t get.

    Don’t misunderstand me.

    The VA takes GOOD care of me, but financially, I wish they would do a little more, so life would be a wee bit easier in my old age.

    • I love having the “Bronze Star Medal” license plate on my pickup truck, but when it expires in a couple of months, I’ll have to remove the Mississippi plate, and register it here in Utah, which doesn’t offer a “Bronze Star Medal” license plate.

      But, my local representative in the Utah State Legislature is working in my behalf to try and get Utah to issue a “Bronze Star Medal” license plate.

      Even if it’s approved, I doubt it’ll take effect for a couple of years, at least.

  16. Skippy says:

    WHATA P.O.S. your famous now enjoy cupcakes…

  17. Bill says:

    Poetrooper- Good on yer, mate! the Lowes here in Sierra Vista wouldn’t honor my Ariz DL with Veteran on it. Enjoy a wine for me!

  18. As I was driving by the local, small airport, here in Florida today, I heard one Light Sport airplane talking to another. The first seemed to be calming the second, and said:
    “Dude, don’t worry about him having a pilot’s license, just make sure he knows fuel regs and has the mental capacity to properly check the fuel level in the tanks. If you don’t, you may find your nose buried in a cow pasture. Also, be sure to wipe any drippings from the dangling catheter when he leaves the aircraft, that stuff is corrosive.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yeah, that critter has made himself famous among the Sport Plane Community as well!

  19. Green Thumb says:

    Florida, huh?

    I guess this clown needs to contact Forgin’ Frank Visconi to “upgrade” his paperwork.

    That is if he can get time off from his job at All-Points Logistics as Phildo’ taxpayer-funded corporate pilot.