Jeffrey Alcorn; phony Marine in cuffs (Updated 3x)

| August 16, 2015

Jeffrey M. Alcorn

You might remember Jeffrey Mason Alcorn from when we busted him back in January. He was so convincing that I had to submit for two FOIAs, because I didn’t believe the “no service” response I got the first time. But, nope, the NPRC said “Who?” twice;

Alcorn FOIA

We also got this Delayed Entry Program contract – so he enlisted in the Marines and then bailed on them;

Jeffrey M. Alcorn FOIA

Well, it seems that he tried to scam a flight from our friends at Veterans Airlift Command, but they found our blog post about him and contacted us on Friday for a little clarification.


Alcorn told LTC Andrew Lourake of Veterans Airlift Command that he lost his DD214 when he took it to the DMV for his veteran driver license. LTC Lourake thought that was a strange excuse and that’s what led him to us.

Bottom line is Alcorn was arrested when he arrived in Lexington, Kentucky yesterday (Saturday, August 15, 2015) and fessed up to LEOs about the whole scam. The sad part of the story is that he had also scammed the Semper Fi Fund for a $12,000 2500 service dog. Our friends tell us that the dog has been logged as evidence and will be returned to Marietta, Georgia and go to a real veteran. Will you phonies please stop dragging an innocent dog into your schemes, please. This pisses me off most of all.

However, we hear that this is the first that his new wife has heard that he was a phony. So, when he posts bail, he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

We may have updates to this later.

Update; This comes from LTC Andrew Lourake, the Outreach Director of Veterans Airlift Command;

When we vet passengers for Travel with the Veterans Airlift Command, we don’t generally require a massive amount of paperwork as most combat wounded have a trail on the Internet easily found with a simple google or Facebook Search.

However, when something tips us (it happens very infrequently…twice out of over 10,000 passengers) we dig deeper and request more documentation from the passenger.

When fake “USMC Staff Sgt” Jefferey Alcorn (claiming he had done 8 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq) asked for an airlift to go get his service dog (being trained at great expense, given to him by another non profit serving wounded vets), a simple Google search made by one of our volunteer pilots lead us to Thisainthell which portrayed him to be a potential fraud.

While our mission is to serve our combat wounded…not find and prosecute stolen valor cases, this one attempting theft of a service dog trained by good people for a combat wounded vet made us decide to lock and load.

Our passengers are combat wounded. Our small staff are either combat wounded, retired military or family members of such and we felt obligated to put an end to this particular charade of stolen valor, and it’s use to defraud good hearted Americans who’s desire is only to do right by our wounded.

We asked for documentation of “USMC Staff Sgt” Jefferey Alcorn’s service and he was unable to provide a DD-214 or an award letter from the VA, but he did produce certificates for a Bronze Star and Purple Heart (Our founder has two of one and one of the other of these himself, and they did not come in a cracker jax box).

Our investigation led us to believe this was a complete fraud willing to take highly valuable resources from a deserving veteran for his own purposes.

We were happy that the Lexington police detectives and FBI agreed.

Our purpose in aggressively pursuing this is to help protect small non-profits from this type of abuse and to put future fraudsters on notice that we do not tolerate this kind of activity.

It is our belief that like in a waning economy when loan fraud increases due to excess capacity and fewer borrowers, that the Organizations serving a diminished number of veterans opens the door for this kind of activity to flourish.

Hopefully this serves as a notice to those thinking of “pretending” in order to enrich themselves at the expense of our supporters or those deserving combat wounded we serve.

Update2; And now the media;

Jeffrey Mason Alcorn

Alcorn is charged with two counts of theft by deception.

He’s out of jail on bond but when WKYT tried to speak with him, the woman living in the house listed at his address didn’t want to talk.

According to court documents, when police interviewed Alcorn after his arrest, he told them he lied to the dog training facility in Georgia and gave them false documents because he couldn’t pay for the dog.

The arrest citation also states that Alcorn admitted he never served in the military. Court documents go on to say that he claimed it all began with a small lie that snowballed.

Update 3: Another local station gives us credit for the bust. They also say that Alcorn is in the hospital in critical condition.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    When he posts bail, he may not find wifey waiting for him, if she’s got an ounce of sense.

  2. scotty says:

    Send him Bernath’s contact info.

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    The wifey has to ask herself what else this clown has been lying to her about. Remember that blood work he said was just part of the routine medical exam? How about those special duty weekends? Those calls from the Pentagon asking him for a consultation? The sudden Marine reunion that didn’t include spouses? All of those things that he said he couldn’t talk about? Yeah, there’s trouble a-brewin’ in River City.

  4. Dave Hardin says:

    There is no dog worth $12,000 to comfort the emotionally needy. This rip off scam has gone on long enough.

    I keep waiting to see the people that raise and train these dogs exposed for the frauds they are. They profit by scamming people into paying these crazy prices for a dog that is trained to sniff out feelings.


    • Poetrooper says:

      Dave, the cynic in Ol’ Poe says, “Follow the money,” as usual. That $12,000 reported cost likely includes a handsome profit for the owners of the providing agencies. That profit could also explain their lack of interest in verifying the military credentials of those they provide with dogs. High profit per unit times lots of units equals big time bucks for those who own these agencies.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      I’m more pissed off at the sites that have no dogs or training. For a 100-200 bucks you can send off and get a Vest, Id for your animal and Official “papers” saying its a service dog.
      All without ever seeingf your animal or having a Doc certificate.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Any dog can be trained to be a service dog. This is a ripoff. There are people who will train the owner to teach the dog to meet his needs, and they will do it for nothing.
      I’m going to get a ‘service cat’ vest for my cat. He can sit at the counter with me and slurp up chicken soup while he sheds on everyone around him and makes people sneeze.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Service dogs, service cats. Will it ever end? Apparently not.

        • Nicki says:

          I’ve heard of a service monkey and a service kangaroo.

          I’d like a service roo please!

          • rb325th says:

            Only dogs are considered under the ADA to be Service Animals. In very rare cases miniature horses…
            Anything else? Nope… Animals that provide comfort, emotional support animals are not covered by the ADA.
            regarding the whole cost of training a dog, etc… A great number of these dogs are raised from pups to be bonifide service dogs. Though a great number of them are shelter dogs too. The cost being talked about, may just be the price tag that they have to put on it, not what it actually cost a person to obtain one. Figure in vet bills, training cost, housing, food, etc…
            Pisses me the F off when someone slaps a vest on their dog and calls them a Service Animal. The dog has to be trained, and many untrained dogs and owners who have no need for a service dog out there.

            • David says:

              might note that legitimate training is a very lengthy and time consuming process, the dog should test multiple times en route, and it is not easy. Not all service dogs are phonies. Go price training for a good bird dog sometime… then start adding.

  5. Club Manager says:

    Has anyone ever seen a bona-fide Marine regardless of status in uniform with facial hair other than perhaps a well trimmed mustache? Would that not be a case of “here’s your sign” to anyone who is awake?

  6. Sparks says:

    Seems it’s getting where every phony thinks a service dog says “I’m legit or I wouldn’t have this dog would I?” Shame of it is these dogs cost a lot to find and train for their intended purpose. Real, honest veterans who need them are quietly waiting in line for them while these scammers seem to jump to the head of the line with their loud mouth, bigger than life, bullshit stories.

    It bothers me a little, that the places that provide these service animals, as expensive as they are, do not do a better job of vetting the intended recipient. As long as the process takes, there is plenty of time for them to run a FOIA on the applying veteran. They do wonderful work but it seems they lean more on their feelings of the stories they hear than doing a bit of due diligence. I applaud them, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like them being taken advantage of as well as deserving veterans. But the ball is in their court on this one. Like the VA, they shouldn’t rely on a personally delivered DD-214 but rather, run the FOIA and be sure.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I second that motion, It seems that every other poser, faker, and/or embellisher has a dog with it as a stage prop in their “Oh, look, poor me!” con games.

      • Hondo says:

        Yep. Most Americans like dogs. Having one handy that’s well-behaved puts people at ease and gets them in a frame of mind where they’re more susceptible to being conned. Claiming it’s a service dog for a “disabled vet” also works the sympathy angle.

  7. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Had some dumbass here in Texas last week claim the boa constrictor that he and his wife had in a restaurant was a service animal. The govt ADA folks said, um, no.

  8. Dave Hardin says:

    “Dogs and PTSD
    man hugging his dog
    Owning a dog can lift your mood or help you feel less stressed. Dogs can help people feel better by providing companionship. All dog owners, including those who have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can experience these benefits.
    Clinically, there is not enough research yet to know if dogs actually help treat PTSD and its symptoms. Evidence-based therapies and medications for PTSD are supported by research. We encourage you to learn more about these treatments because it is difficult to draw strong conclusions from the few studies on dogs and PTSD that have been done.”

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Examples of certification/registration/ID for a fee schemes:

      SARA (Service Animal Registry of America)
      USARplus (United Service Animal Registry) *
      Goldstar German Shepherds
      SDA (Service Dogs America)
      Registered Service Dog
      SDCA (Service Dog Certification of America, aka Certify My Dog)
      NSAR (National Service Animal Registry)
      American Service Dogs
      Service Dog ID
      Certified Service Dog
      National Association of Service Dogs
      Service Dog Tags, aka emotionalsupportanimals dot org **
      Free My Paws
      CRTASA (Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals)
      USSDR (United States Service Dog Registry) – registration is free, but they also sell official looking certificates and ID
      emosdogtags ***
      Official Service Dog Registry (don’t let the name fool you–there’s nothing “official” about them, plus they are copyright thieves and stole copyrighted material from this very site)
      Service Dog Kits aka servicedogkits (this site appears to be owned by the same people who own the so-called “official” registry above because I guess one scam site just isn’t enough. They stole the same material from us as their “official” cohorts.)

      Note: Not a single service listed above tests the dogs they certify, register, or ID. They do nothing to verify the dog’s training or the owner’s disability. All that is required is that the purchaser fill out a form with the information for the certificate and where to mail it, and include payment ranging from $35 to over $200 depending on the package being purchased.

      Here are some scary quotes from some of the sites above:

      “Since 2003, Goldstar has certified over 1,300 dogs of various breeds, large, medium, and small.”
      “SDA recognizes that every person in America may have some form of disability.”
      “Get an SDA kit so your dog can accompany you everywhere you need.”
      “This is a site designed to assist disabled people in obtaining a valid certification and ID card for their service dog so that you can take it on public transportation, into public places such as restaurants, grocery stores, etc.”
      “Service Dog Certification of America recognizes that every person in The United States of America may have some form of disability.”
      “If your dog exhibits occasional nipping, Service Dog Certification of America recommends muzzling.”
      “Your “canine helper” is moments away from becoming a Certified Service Dog through Service Dog Certification of America!”
      “Yes, You Can Take Your Dog or Cat With You! It’s no secret that many businesses simply aren’t pet-friendly, even though most of the population is. A large number of our clients register their dogs (cats and other animals) as Certified Service Animals or Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) not just to accompany them into stores, restaurants, motels, or on airline flights (for no extra cost), but to successfully qualify for housing where pets aren’t allowed.”

      At least one business, Free My Paws, has taken it to a new level. They put an expiration date on their ID cards so you have to buy new ones each year, to the tune of $19.99. “In order to remain compliant with most transport administrations requirement that documentation be current within one year, we require our clients to renew their IDs each year. Note that the same rules may also apply to any Doctor’s certificates you provide airlines when travelling. If you purchased your ID as part of a kit, an ID renewal is available for $19.99 per annum (normally $39.99).” It’s interesting to note that regulatory law does not in fact require ID to be less than a year old, but the doctor’s letter which accompanies an emotional support animal or psychiatric service animal must be less than a year old. You can read it for yourself in the regulatory law here:

      Ask yourself why the regulation requires a current doctor’s letter. It’s not to prove you’ve paid your annual fee for a meaningless ID card, but as evidence your treating physician still feels you qualify as disabled and require either an ESA or PSD. Since they don’t require any sort of documentation to purchase their ID kits (ranging up to $200), their card wouldn’t meet the requirement of a current doctor’s letter for those that must have documentation. Other than this specific case (a doctor’s letter for an ESA or PSD), documentation is only required if the person’s story is not credible. I personally fly all the time with my service dog, without issue and without showing ID, but he is a real service dog, and it does show in his behavior and demeanor.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Any cat can do the same thing.

      Cats purr. Dogs bark and fart. Horses slobber on your clean shirt. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve had all three.

      This whole thing has gotten out of hand and most of the ‘service critter’ stuff in public is for the sole purpose of getting attention by the ‘service critter’ owner.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Cats also “break wind”.

        One fuzzy fellow who allowed me to pay rent for him could have given gas-passing lessons to a bulldog. I mean like “lets go in the other room, for a few days”.

        Now a friend of mine has a cat (who I will call “SBD”) that will stretch out, purr loudly for bit, then raise his head up and get this contented, almost beatific look on his fuzzy little face.

        Shortly thereafter, the room will smell like Godzila ate Mexican chow with Kimchee for dessert, for a week.

        Dogs got -nothin’- on those two fuzzballs.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Omigod! I had a farting cat, too. Canned food gave him gas. He’d get up on my bed in the middle of the night and let them fly.

          I called the gas company because I thought there was a gas leak in the house, and I was right. It came from him. He let loose a barrage while he was sitting next to the gas man, who looked at me and cracked up. ‘There’s your gas leak’, he said.

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            When I was in high school, we had a real “Ass-Gasser” of a feline as well. Most of the time it would violently assault your sinuses while he was purring during a petting session, and other times you’s hear a light *PFFT!* which gave you a warning to hold your breath for a minute or two!

            • Nicki says:

              This is why I feed my kitten nothing but grain-free Nature’s Recipe dry food. The brand has been great for my 180lb. Saint Bernard as well, because that one can literally clear an entire house, and they’re NOT silent!

  9. Just an Old Dog says:

    Reading back over his original thread it looks like he actually stole a real Marine Veteran’s uniform ( Father in law?) while he was dying in a VA hospital.
    The Marine had to wear Civvies at his own funeral while this POS was getting married in the stolen uniform.

    • Skippy says:

      Anybody that he has befriended, that was prior service had uniforms and medals stolen.
      This shitbag is a smooth talking Shitbag of the highest degree… and is a super Lowlife When it comes to conning people out of stuff… He is running of of places to ply his trade
      Karma is a Bitch…

  10. Marine_7002 says:

    LtCol Lourake deserves a big BRAVO ZULU for slam-dunking this low-life scum-sucking felonious phony POS.

  11. Jarhead says:

    Looking at the picture of this clown in dress blues surprised me when I noticed the separation of the jacket below his belt. Fat boys in dress blues, I don’t think so! But the real pisser was when I noticed him in the January mention wearing a “whatever branch” of service uniform. Dumbass had his picture taken wearing a uniform with some name other than his. Last name was spelled Port?. Could not read the last letter in the name. Yea, I’d say the guy has PTSD and is available for duty. Yep, Part Time Sucking Dicks.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    If these fakes need a service dog, why can’t they just be encouraged to adopt a shelter dog? It will give a dog a home, and keep one from being euthanized.

    This sick bastard could have done that and trained the dog himself, but he just had to lie his worthless way into getting a freebie.

    Please, people, if you know someone who needs a four-legger to keep him company, push them toward adopting a shelter pet. They need homes, too, and they are just as special as these service dogs. It does not take special training for a dog to learn to do these things.

    All of my four-leggers have come from animal shelters. ALL of them.

    • Green Thumb says:

      We bump heads every so often but:

      Word, Ex.


    • Nicki says:

      I deal with rescues as well. I did get my black lab from an area breeder, but that was the only dog I’ve had that didn’t come from a shelter or rescue of some sort.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I second that, I’ve adopted pets from pounds and shelters in the past, and they were GREAT companions!

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Being a ME Vet myself, I propose the following Middle Eastern-sounding nickname for this critter:


  14. Dave Hardin says:

    We outed this guy back in January. He still continued to live his bullshit story. This is another example of why we should not take down a post about a poser.

    These people will not stop. They will continue to sport the lie.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yes indeed Dave, like Don Shipley (SCPO, USN, Ret.) said in a news interview, “Most of these guys will take their lies with them all the way to their graves.” , and yes, he was right.

  15. Combat Historian says:

    The only “service animal” this shitbag poser deserves is a service bedbug…

  16. sj says:

    “As of Sunday night, Alcorn was listed in critical condition at Baptist Health Richmond’s ICU, the hospital confirmed to ABC 36 News. Because of privacy laws, they could not tell us why he was in the hospital.”

    Bernasty and the DRC will make him the new poster boy.

    • MrBill says:

      Well, here’s hoping that he recovers from whatever malady put him in the hospital; stands up and accepts whatever punishment the criminal justice system has in store for him; and moves on with his life, hopefully wiser and more honest than before.

      • MrBill says:

        Boy, that sounds naïve, doesn’t it? Still once in a while people do turn their lives around, in the right way.

        • Hondo says:

          Well, like the little kid in Angels in the Outfield said: “Hey – it could happen!”

          Wouldn’t bet on it, though.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Ahhh, the poor thing. Let me see if I can muster up some give a shit………….uhhhh, nope. From what I read he stole his uniform from a dying Marine to use it to get married in. His current wife knew he was not a Marine and there are reports he has been running scams like this for years. I feel for the family and people around him that will be effected. It sounds like local law enforcement was notified about him a long time ago. Maybe if they took Stolen Valor a wee bit more serious they could have stepped in a while back and got him some meaningful help instead of God Damn puppy.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Here’s hoping he ended up in a Capt. Byron Hadley type induced “accident.”

      Live Dave said, my give a shit cupboard is currently bare.

      I’m sure somebody in the graybar hotel will give him a bone.

      • Hondo says:

        Can’t say my GAS meter registers much for this guy, either.

        You wanna dance, you gotta pay the piper. If you can’t pay, don’t dance.

    • Skippy says:

      Well a kid down the street from us said he must be emmo or emo. I guess it means he is having
      a emotional moment with a Razor Blade or a bottle of pills, LMAO….. because he didn’t get what he wanted or he got caught.
      It makes sense to me !!!!!!

    • Hack Stone says:

      Maybe he got his ass kicked by the third most dangerous man in the world while in lockup.

  17. Old 98Z says:

    Thank you for what you are doing with this website.
    Seeing these losers con the public angers me no end.
    Same thing for the “novelty” sites that allow them to buy their fake bs certificates and awards.
    Left something in your tipjar to support your efforts.
    Best regards from a retired US Army guy.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Good to hear from you, come back and see us!! 😀

    • David says:

      damn, a 98Z… that’s a first.

      • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

        Senior SIGINT Chief. Do we still have those???

        • Old 98Z says:

          According to 98Z is still the MOS.
          1973 – 1996. First unit- 375th ASA.

          • Old 98Z says:

            {Smiley} been out a while… had to check to verify

            Old Dog’s comments below probably spot on given what passes for fine eating in Kentucky. Agree with the sentiments, also.

    • Skippy says:

      Old 98Z, Feel free to stick around we are a Motley Group. these Turds that are made Google Famous is just a small part of what gets discus. all be it lots of comic relief. ! ! !

  18. Just an Old Dog says:

    If I was to guess on what happened it looks like Fatty McPoser had a “signifigant emotional event” when he got off the plane and was put into custody.
    His little fantasy world came crashing down and the stress on his circulatory and respiratory system was too much.
    Here’s hoping that more of these shitbags have simular constitutions and the stress of their being called out and arrested triggers simular physical events.
    No sympathy or get well wishes from me. Let nature take its course.

  19. Gary Blanton says:

    ChipNASA that is without a doubt the funniest thing I have seen in years, it’s my new background now. Turns out this turd burglar is from Nicolasville I drive through there all the time, I hope he don’t try to cross the road while I’m there. It’s seems my brakes are about to go bad all of a sudden.

    USMC 20 year active duty Vet, to hell with the fakers.

  20. Gary Blanton says:

    I had to double check, but the news story actually gives what street he lives on.–321996671.html

  21. Jordan Rott says:

    So from what I’ve gathered of some of the recent phonies us that the DEP basically is being in the military.

    • Skippy says:

      I saw it onTV…..
      so that means I’m a VET right ????????

      • Jordan Rott says:

        Not only are you a vet Skippy, but you are a veteran of whatever conflict you choose. It doesn’t even matter if you were old enough or even alive for the conflict of your choosing.