Michael Seale; phony Marine busted by MCL

| August 20, 2015

MCL - Det. 666 - 012611

This fellow, Michael Seale, worked with his Marine Corps League detachment for years. To join the Marine Corps League an applicant must submit for review a DD-214 or other proof of active / past ‘honorable’ service; and the document is then returned to the applicant. Only honorably discharged veterans are permitted to become members. If a forged or altered DD-214 had at one time been shown in the past and regrettably passed examination enabling membership, doing so again could lead to prosecution for the forgery. Perhaps something caused him to be asked to once again show his DD 214. He refused to show it to them, so he was compelled to resign with prejudice and can never rejoin. Among other things, he wore Naval / Marine Corps Aviator Wings, Bronze Star Medal with ‘V’ device for Valor, Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal with apparently three (3) Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters, and a Combat Action Ribbon. The National Personnel Records Center queries “Who?”

Michael Seale FOIA

Here’s a picture to piss off real veterans where he participated in a funeral of an actual veteran;

MCL - DoF - Marine Hager Funeral 031513 (1)

MCL - DoF - Marine Hager Funeral 031513 (2) - Medals include Bronze  Star with V - Purple Heart - Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters - Combat  Action Ribbon

At least he shaved for that one.

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Not an embellisher, not even a bootcamp dropout, but a total fucking poser; Jeebus Christ on a Crutch…

  2. Ocean12 says:

    My faith in man kind has sunk even lower than I thought possible, because of turds like this guy.

    When my father passed away in 2013, the VFW offered to provide people for an honor guard, since dad was a Navy veteran. He wasn’t a SEAL,EOD or any other high speed low drag kind of a guy. Just an American citizen that signed up and did his duty.

    However my bitter, jaded and cynical side came out and I did not want some poser showing up and ruining the service and I declined the offer.

    I wish these posers would just go away.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Good call!

      Only use those who are legit!

      When my father died in 1999, we buried him on Christmas Eve.

      The Honor Guard from USMA at West Point was there as per arranged by the CSM at the time at my request.

      They were very good!

  3. Ex-PH2 says:


    Where is that ‘see that guy’ meme? Someone find that meme! Now! Double time it!

    Down with this bloated, blubbery behemothian blatherskite!

    Get that meme! Now!

  4. Green Thumb says:


  5. Sparks says:


  6. rb325th says:

    What an absolute piece of shit. WTF is up with these veterans groups not vetting their members? Are they that desperate for members and or the dues?

    • Jarhead says:

      rb325th….You are exactly on target. We had a poser named Irby Franklin Jordan who had joined a local Retired Military Officer’s organization. He went into the Navy as an E-1, 17 months later for unknown reasons came out as an E-1.
      Claimed even in public that he had been a Navy Seal and joined that organization claiming he had been a Lt. Commander. When I pressed for an answer as to why no vetting, I was clearly told, “It’s all about membership and the DUES.”

    • E-6 type, 1 ea says:

      Agreed! Our retired AGR Training NCO is our VFW post commander, who knew for a fact that I deployed twice, and he still made me bring in my DD-214 to join. What the hell are these other groups doing, and how is this guy not called out in less than 30 seconds if he never even went to basic training?

      • Red Ghost says:

        I deployed with my Post Commander and 2 other people went over my DD-214. I heard them mention that they had 3 applications still pending approval as they weren’t sure about the paperwork. This is right and proper.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Valid question. Disturbing answer. VSO’s have accepted 214’s handed to them by the individual. As a general rule they make no attempt to verify their service through other means.

      Go into your average VSO and ask only the officers of the organization to sign a SF180 and verify their service. You suddenly become the Orkin man in a roach motel.

      The solution is simple, use an online service to at least verify members service. Like this one:


      They are not 100% correct so, if there is some problem finding them in that database do a FOIA. All officers of the organization should be required to sign a SF180 for a non-redacted copy of their 214.

      Problem solved.

      Lots of luck getting that done.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Give that link a try with your own information and within seconds you get a nice PDF file with your information on it.

        Takes all of a few seconds, its free, and anyone that can type can do it.

        That is asking a bit much from your average VSO it seems.

        It has my service time listed all the way back to 1977.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Can’t get it to open, Dave.

        • Bobo says:

          It only covered from 2008 until 2015 for me. The other 23 years didn’t make it.

        • 3E9 says:

          It came up blank for me (retired) and my son (currently Army Guard). Guess I need to make sure we are who we think we are.

        • CWORet says:

          Yea, as long as I made sure the date was one where I was on active duty, it found my initial 8 years, but no reserve time or any mobilizations. Really, about all it tells you is whether someone was on AD during that period and for which branch. Still, better than nothing. I’ll play with it some more.

      • Comcam says:

        Came up blank for me as well, I am a ghost !

      • HMC RET says:

        Showed my service time, 60s through 90s. Very nice.

      • MAJ Arkay says:

        I’m a ghost. Didn’t cover me at all. Not surprised, though. If you joined after 1985, you ought to be there. Before and they’re not interested.

      • TheChief says:

        Thanks for the link!

        I looked for myself and plugged in a fairly random date when I was on active duty (after 1985) and it popped right up.

        I will be pushing my AL chapter to use this to vet all vets!

  7. Jarhead says:

    This Michael Seale was not a Marine. Michael Seale was not a Navy Seal (But then again I don’t believe he ever claimed that). What he can claim is the fact that he is a lying pile of bovine excrement. Posing as a Marine with a 56 inch waist + Captain’s bars, kinda makes a person wonder how this half-assed non shaver sees himself in the mirror? You have to give him credit for the funeral gig which reveals his practiced half-closed eyes reflecting the thought, “Damn, I hope this impresses some lonely and wealthy blind woman who wouldn’t mind being my sponsor.”

  8. Alemaster says:

    I think that one of the problems is that most of our “mainstream” organizations are comprised of members who have served honorably and can’t imagine that anyone else would fail to do the same. I guess that we must be more cynical, as a group, from now on. regards, Alemaster

  9. B Woodman says:

    He looks like he ATE the seal. Maybe two of them.

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SWEET Baby Jesus wrapped in C4, Det Cord, Claymore Mines and duct tape on a broke-dick bamboo raft stuck up Shit Creek without a paddle, posing as a USMC Officer at a Veteran’s funeral? Was he planning on trying to date the Vet’s Widow and hit her up for money? I wouldn’t put something like that past a soulless sniveling shittyassed gonad-gazing scumbag like him, that’s a Dutch Rudder Gang-type of scumbaggery!

  11. Skippy says:

    I’m beginning to think that being a Fake P.O.S. must be like unlocking achievement 10, for these Turds.

  12. Just an Old Dog says:

    Another thing these posers never seem to get… He is wearing Dress Blue “Charlies”. DBC’s are considered a “work” uniform and aren’t authorized for formal ceremonies or liberty.

  13. HMC RET says:

    He dressed in an almost sacred uniform for years and only recently was asked to document his service? He learned enough military jargon to become accepted? I think I can detect a poser more quickly than that. What dishonor to the uniform and those he pretended to honor. I can’t wrap my head around some of this foolishness.

  14. CLAW131 says:

    Small attention to detail hint:

    Navy/Marine Corps Air Medals don’t receive Oak Leaf Clusters for additional awards.

    Numerals/Strike Flight Devices are the proper awards.

  15. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Wow – MCL can kick Michael “Twatwaffle” Seale out of it, but won’t do shit about Forgin’ Frank and his bull?

  16. This brings to mind Frank Joseph Visconi who finished the Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Award in the “Fecal Four”.

    Visconi is the Senior Vice Commandant of the James McCutcheon Detachment #603 of the MCL. Visconi is on the Honor Guard and works funerals in his “Dress Blues” adorned S/Sgt stripes and his phony ribbon rack.

    I wish the MCL would take action against this douchebag.

    • Jarhead says:

      Based on my personal experience I regret to say the MCL will do nothing. At a church we used to attend, a new pastor was brought in. The other pastor was exceptionally good, and well-liked, but he was transferred by his higher ups. The first service this new guy preached was a real eye opener to me. He wanted everyone to know he had served in the USMC as a chaplain while in RVN. When he spoke of his experiences and particularly carrying a rifle, something reminded me USMC chaplains seldom carried any weapon; their associate chaplains would carry a .45 as a sidearm, if anything. Leaving at the end of the service I spoke with the pastor, explaining I had served in country as a Marine, and asked him where he had been stationed. It was painfully obvious he wanted me out of there as quick as possible. We made that our last service at that church.
      Fast forward roughly a year. I had been asked by a friend to consider joining the MCL. The night I attended, I paid my membership dues and was sworn in. Guess who was standing immediately beside me also being sworn in that night? Whodathunkit? In spite of standing immediately beside me, he never acknowledged my presence. A day or so later I called the MCL Commander and voiced my concern. A few days later I called him again and was told this time he (Commander)had personally seen the pastor’s DD214. Not satisfied, I called MCL HQ and was told that anybody can join the MCL, just that non-former Marines would be accepted as associate members and not be allowed to vote on anything. At that point I decided to drop the matter and forget about it. That I did, and never attended another meeting, nor renewed my membership. There are indeed some fine former Marines in that organization, of that I am certain. Meanwhile the local chapter is getting along fine without me, and life goes on. Too petty to argue over, just move on and accept the things we can not change. As I get older, rather than fight over my own principles, it’s just better to hit the road rather than stir the pot and make enemies. Regrettably it seems like membership and PAID DUES are the norm with a lot of organizations these days.

  17. Marine_7002 says:

    The fact that this low-life crotch-licking scum-sucking bed-wetter is wearing a Purple Heart, plus his participation in a veteran’s funeral while wearing Bravos, is enough to at least get him serious consideration for the next Stolen Valor tournament.


    • Just an Old Dog says:

      Gregory Allen pulled the same shit. They both need to be kicked in the crotch repeatedly until they are wearing their balls for earrings.

  18. Guard Bum says:

    Here is what I don’t understand, RE: DD-214s for some of these older guys. I enlisted in the Marine Corps and every time I reenlisted or changed status (I was selected for the Warrant Officer program and then LDO)I got another DD-214. My first couple were done on a type writer and you can actually track my career progression on them (awards, schools etc).

    Years later when I joined the Guard and became an AGR I got a DD-214 when I was mobilized and changed status from Title 32 AGR to Title 10 mobilized, I got another one at de-mob, and then I got a final one when I retired.

    Its not that hard to track this crap down and I guarantee you my first DD-214 issued in 1980 when I first reenlisted is wrinkled, stained and faded.

    I see some of the fake DD-214s that these guys present and I am left wondering if the vetting process is so weak because those vetting have some skeletons in their own closet.

    But maybe its just because I identify as a grumpy old man!

  19. DevilChief says:

    I have my DD-214’s peedeeeffed for posterity and veracity. My original DD’s are sealed away in protected storage as they are starting to look like the Declaration of Independence.

  20. MAJ Arkay says:

    Not to excuse this POS, but the mere fact that he’s fat doesn’t mean squat, folks. Anytime you want look at my DD214 or orders transferring me to the Retired Reserve, just ask. And I’m fat. Seriously fat. Couldn’t stuff one leg through the waist of my mess dress skirt fat.

    Just saying’…

  21. Mike says:

    @ Jarhead. The Marine Corps League did do something. They insisted on a DD-214. He continued to refuse or make excuses. Rather than show his paperwork, he chose to resign from the League with prejudice. That means he can never join or be part of another MCL function. Proves guilt in my eyes. It also explains why he is in a white shirt in the first picture and then khaki in the other one. White is Marine MCL uniform.