Bryon Dills; phony “Green Beret”

| August 21, 2015

Bryon Dills

This is another first. Mr. Dills here, printed off pages of TAH to prove he’s not a phony because he’s not listed here. Well, Mr. Dills, that vacation is over. Our friends at Professional Soldiers busted him first, but that wasn’t good enough, I guess;

Capture 23

In a local news article when he returned from Desert Storm, he told the author that he won the war by himself, apparently;

Byron Dills article

I guess that the rest of us were just there to distract the Iraqis while he did his daring deeds. Judging from his awards, he did serve in Desert Storm (Southwest Asia Service Medal with two campaign stars) and he did serve with the 3rd Special Forces Group. He was a 72E – a Telecommunications Center Specialist (translation; TOC rat/messenger boy/professional gopher). Oh, yeah, he was a leg – he became a 5-jump chump in January, 1992. He has no special forces training, he admits that he didn’t earn the Ranger Tab in the news photo or the Special Forces tab in the color picture at the top of the page. In the news photo, it’s hard to tell, but he’s wearing a Bronze Star Medal, but he says that’s a mistake, because he thought that he was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal, so since he was in combat when “someone told” him that he’d earned it, he upgraded it to a BSM. Same with the Sergeant rank he’s wearing. “Someone told” him that he’d made the cutoff score, so he pinned it on. Funny, but he left the service five years later as an E-4, so I guess “someone told” him wrong.

Byron Dills FOIA

Byron Dills Assignments

Byron Dills Awards

Byron Dills Training

He also embellished his record with his classmates claiming service in Panama and Somalia. Nope and nope.

dills wapato (1)

So, Byron, are you going to print off copies of this post and take it to the VFW with you?

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Got the gedunk medal but he’s not wearing it? PFFFFFTTT!!

    Looks like a dork, acts like a dork, IS a dork. And the Clark Gable ‘stache? He is decidedly not CG.

  2. Weekend Warrior in Texas says:

    NA Form 13059? Is this something that was tried & found lacking/redundant? His Mama looks like she would have been just as happy if all he did was clean shitters the whole time he was in Kuwait. Bless her, shame on him.

  3. Dapandico says:

    I question the entries on his 2-1 for M1 Crewmember training and linguist training. Dates are not in chronological order. Of course as school trained 71L he could have posted the entries himself on his automatic IBM with high capacity ink ribbon.

    • Hondo says:

      The lingiust training entry may be for his ARNG time, so it could be legit.

      However, I’m really wondering about that M1 crewman entry. That training supposedly was completed in 1981 – or about 5 years before his records at NPRC say he first entered the military.

      • David says:

        Seems to me the first M1s deployed late ’81 or ’82? So how would a non-tanker have been trained on one? Plus I see references to being a linguist, but no language school and more importantly, no language skill identifier (such as 98G2LRU for a Russian linguist) in any MOS. Not to mention that in most Intel MOS like 96B, promotions deep in the secondary zone were the norm, not the exception. You had to be a real screw-up to hit primary zone, as the points were typically really low (like 550/650).

        • Hondo says:

          Wikipedia says the M1 entered service in 1981, so widespread deployment in 1981/1982 would be about right.

          Technically, the “fine fellow” is old enough for that to be legit – barely. Other info says he graduated from high school in 1982. If he went into the ARNG in 1981, it’s possible he might have been sent to basic and AIT during the summer between his junior and senior years.

          Not sure how many (if any) ARNG soldiers were getting sent to M1 crewman AIT in 1981, though. And if that was the case, you’d also expect that service to show up in his records on-file at NPRC.

          • Martinjmpr says:

            Hondo I read somewhere (yeah yeah, I know) that a NC NG unit was actually one of the first to receive the M1. Can’t remember the source though. In that sense it could be legit.

          • Dapandico says:

            If he as NG split op between Junior and Senior, he would have had time to complete BCT unless it was OSUT.

            • Hondo says:

              Armor branch today uses an OSUT schedule for 19-series MOS; 19K is 15 weeks. Not sure if that was the case in 1981 or not, though.

              Depending on his school’s exact schedule, that might or might not be do-able in one summer.

              I’m thinking that entry is in error or is fraudulent, though. As I noted previously, the year is about 5 years prior to the date given for his entry into the ARNG in his records on-file at NPRC. An earlier period of service with successful completion of OSUT and award of MOS should be there, whether ARNG, USAR, or Active Army.

  4. OWB says:

    No, no, NO! He did NOT win the war for us because I did that – with my laptop and stuff. Ya know, because I was all that and special besides. And knew some folks who did some stuff. Yeah. Just because somebody said so.

    OK, that was painful to write even in jest. Some of us in theater did more than others, granted, but we all contributed something to the effort, backed up by a whole lot of folks who never left CONUS.

    Yeah, pukes like this disgust me, and it makes me question whether he actually did his bit to make it work at all.

  5. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Another member of the “Special Feces”… injured impaling himself on “the Anal Intruder” and fractured his taint… just another member of the “Call of Booty – Butsekks Warrior” club since he decided to crap all over his career.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Maybe he’s grinning like that from his latest session with his 120V plug-in “Anal Intruder”?

    • Old Nam Doc says:

      But Chief, according to his training document, he went through an 8 week course at Ft, Huachaca for Intl Anal. Is that “Intential Anal”????
      And he must have enjoyed it to hang in there for 8 weeks.

  6. Mr Wolf says:

    1977 called.

    They asked to have him stop using their photo….

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “Dills said the missions took his unit 200 to 300 miles behind enemy lines to rescue downed U.S. pilots who were shot down on sorties.”

    Really? So, he was Combat Search And Rescue? He truly is a marvel. I think that makes him eligible for an ass kicking by both Rangers and USAF CSARs. Congrats!

  8. 3E9 says:

    Well….I got nothing. What a dipshit.

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Another gonad-gazing unicorn-lusting creampuff of a Sparkle Pony complete with a 1970’s Porn Star moustache. What will he claim next, time travel to be one of Patton’s bodyguards?


    So let me get this, I was an IA in 2010-2011 with The Army and got hit with an IED and other hit’s at project sites got a CAB did not convert because I did not think they were CAR convertible and I already had 2 CAR’s. Any way they put me in for BZ Star and I told them NO because it has to go up concurrent to the Navy and did not have time because of my Senior Chief package needed to get in on time so they the task force I was attached to gave me a Defense Meritorious Service Medal DMSM instead so I sent that in with my package. So now I can go out and say it was in combat and get the bronze star Answer HELL,HELL NO and F*** No !!!!!!


    So someone thought they saw my name on Senior Chief list now I am going to go out and get star WRONG F*(^ NO’OOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. Instinct says:

    But hey, at least he didn’t shove a God damned pedophile rapist and woman beater, right?

  13. Martinjmpr says:

    Couple of observations:

    First, believe it or not the green beret is legit. I was in 3/1 SFG from 90-91 and 3/3 SFG from 92-96 as a support guy (MI.) Up until 1 January 1993 all personnel in SF units wore the green beanie regardless of qualification. In fact, I remember a guy in my section getting yelled at by the Support Co 1SG in late December of 1992 because he showed up to formation in a maroon beret – they weren’t authorized for support troops until 1 Jan 93.

    Looks like he was assigned to the MI Company in Charlotte, NC. In the mid 90’s this was one of the few USAR units on jump status. I think they were supposed to fall under XVIII Airborne Corps and 525th MI Bde (ABN) in event of mobilization.

    It was not unusual for Reserve Component soldiers to be “slotted” in a specific job before they were qualified, in fact, it was the norm in many units. So that may explain why he was slotted in an MI slot but never (apparently) awarded the MOS. He probably washed out of whatever school he went to. 96B (all source intel analyst) was my MOS until I retired and although we were eligible for language training, in my experience very few 96Bs were linguists.

    Linguists tended to be either in SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), which would be 98G (Voice Intercept Operator) or 98C (Traffic Analyst) or else HUMINT (Human Intelligence) which was usually either a 97B (Counterintelligence Agent) or 97E (Interrogator.) AFAIK 98G and 97E required foreign language proficiency, for the other MOSs it was optional but fairly common.

    MI Geek out. 😉

    • David says:

      Almost dead on… but I was out years before you got in – at that point the interrogator was a 96C and the B was the analyst. Can attest to the accuracy of the 98G/98C though… my primary and secondary.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        When I was in the only 96-series MOSs were B (all source analyst), D (Ground Surveillance Radar Operator) and H (Aerial surveillance systems operator.) The H went away when the Mohawk platform did, late in the 80’s. I think there was a UAV (drone operator) MOS for a while but then I think most of those were taken over by officers.

        • Slick Goodlin says:

          A former 96H(Aerial Sensor Specialist) OV-1D Mohawk T.O.(Technical Observer)here.

          The venerable OV-1 Mohawk and it’s crews flew on until it was officially retired in September 1996.

          96H MOS’s then converted from a flight crewman slot to a ground station position.

          ” We kill’em with fil’m “

    • Reddawg318 says:

      Yeppers, my friends in Panama were assigned to the SF unit at (I think) Fort Gulick and were attached to us, HHC HQ CMD at Clayton.

      In fact one of my Art. 15s was for being senior man in a room that failed inspection; to whit SF unit crests, airborne wings, and a name tag (not mine) not properly displayed ( they were on the table not on a placard, and excessive pens and pencils on display.

      They were both 71Ls working in Bldg 517 doing the records for the SF Group.

  14. CLAW131 says:

    A quick look at his rank progression from the 2-1 tells me everything I need to know about this “fine individual.”

    It took him 18 months, yes a year and a half, to go from PV2 to PFC E-3. This was when the normal time (If I remember correctly) (unless you’re Joe Shit the Rag Man) for promotion between the two ranks was four months.

    I can’t even imagine having to wear a skeeter wing for that long.

  15. Martinjmpr says:

    Just noticed he’s wearing the wrong oval (background trimming) behind his jump wings. 3rd SFG is one of the SF groups that has it’s own separate oval. The 3rd Group oval copies the beret flash with the “Ralston Purina” checkerboard.

  16. Skippy says:

    it’s raining high speeds today Next !!!!

  17. C2Show says:

    Did I see that right over at Professional soldiers, he got 45k from disability somehow? wow!

  18. Hondo says:

    This guy falsely claiming to be SF is proof that he’s a real Dills-doh.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      Wouldn’t be the first time a support guy in an SF unit pretended to be an “operator” and sadly it won’t be the last.

      Worse yet, the proximity to the real SF qualified troops gives them an insight to the lingo and the institutional culture that most posers don’t have, so it can be tougher to catch them. You basically have to be in a position to pull their paperwork in order to expose them.

    • skippy says:

      Hondo, isn’t it proof if we did not have him on Here Lol….
      That is a first for one of these Attention Whores ????

      Saying he’s not on TAH so he’s Legit Lol…..

  19. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Wait. I missed this at first somehow. His name is Byron.

    I knew a Byron in the 2/17. He was a very strong country boy from Missouri. He went by another name, a manly name. When we learned his name was actually Byron, he threatened to beat the shit out of the next guy who called him that. He never had to beat the shit out of any one of us.

  20. JimV says:

    As a former Signal Instructor, I take exception to a 72E being referred to as a “professional gopher”. It was an important MOS.

  21. jonp says:

    Hey, dont shit on Airborne 72E’s. That was what I was.

  22. jonp says:

    By the way, look up the history of my unit.
    50th Sig BN (ABN). It’s pretty good. Good enough that if you go to the Airborne Museum in Fayetteville we have a stone paver right in front of the entrance.

  23. AW1Ed says:

    My GAYDAR just spiked, need to reset the circuit breaker. Be right back!

  24. Messkit says:

    Once dated a girl from Wapato. She was going to school here, and we met through a mutual friend.

    Her Dad was a closet cross dresser, discovered by her Mother one fine day, about 2 months before the divorce.

    Seems, Wapato is chock full of phonies…

  25. Steve P says:

    I was in a program with this scum and he told all of us he was SF. He is getting a 100% disability from the VA and SS for a bunch of made up shit that he put out while in group. He told us about fast roping onto the US Embassy while in Kuwait and having to take out a bunch of kids. I am sure this is some of the phony shit he told the bleeding hearts in order to get a 45K settlement before his monthly thievery. Most of his crap was about being picked on when he was in school. We all knew something was not right about this leg.

  26. Steve P says:

    Does anyone know if the VA ever revisits idiots like this, disability payments? Burns me up when posers get things they do not deserve. This POS is a member of several military groups, looks like I am going to have to send some emails. I think I have seen him in forums as “xabnrto” so if you see him posting in any other forums its probably the DILLDOH!

  27. Steve P says:

    Oh and his name is Bryon Dills, just spelled differently than most.

  28. D says:

    If you feel like doing something about it: call or write the VA IG regarding false information leading to unearned benefits.

    • Steve P says:

      I am preparing a written report now on the POS. Just so everyone can have it to file a complaint the addresses and phone numbers are:
      1 (800) 488-8244
      [9:00am–4:00pm Eastern Time Monday–Friday excluding Federal holidays]
      FAX: (202) 495-5861
      VA Inspector General Hotline (53E)
      810 Vermont Ave., NW
      WASHINGTON, DC 20420

      • An Old Army Sgt says:

        Seems the VA IG just doesn’t have time for fake claims. I reported several over the last few years and they are still collecting disability. Seems the VA is getting kick backs for giving 100 % then forget about them.. To many people getting kick backs to fix the problem.. They could care less about what’s real. As long as they get a cut.

        • killerb says:

          DAMN IT I clicked report comment.. meant to hit reply.. oh well, getting old and ugly. I agree with your comment Old Army Dawg. The VA needs a cleansing like a colon before a colonoscopy.

  29. killerb says:

    Freaking anal wart!!Now we make your useless shit bird ass famous!!

  30. Bryon D says:

    First off, I screwed up, admitted it…and got hammered for it on active duty back in ’91 (the date of the photos and newspaper article). The newspaper article was sent to my Bn CSM, who decided to block all favorable personnel actions (instead of going the Article 134), pulled my clearance and got me bar to re-enlistment. He also booted me out of Bn and I got sent to Group HQ, where I was the Group CO (COL Kensinger) driver/radioman. I had to re-class to admin, as I couldn’t hold a TS clearance.

    Now, as the $45k. After three C&P exams, I was rated at 70%, including knee, three spinal vertebrae, shoulder and neck…all from landing in a tree in a jump at Plank DZ in high winds (I wasn’t the only one who hit the trees). So, the math is: $1272 (70& at the time) back dated for 35 months = $44,520 – $18,940 (what I was paid as a lump sum separation pay instead of med boarded) which had to be paid back BEFORE any VA monies could be received. And my rating is 70%, not 100%…not sure where Steve got that.

    “James Lloyd” “Steve Snell” “Terry Tate” “David Jensen” “Robert Hurd” and a couple others have all contacted just about every single person, job, agency, organization, doctor or anybody else I have ever had contact with, claiming to be VA fraud investigators, SS fraud investigators, Assistant US Attorney fraud investigators, sheriffs department investigators and a couple other types of investigator. So whether they really are/were, have no idea, as they have used so many fake names and emails, hard to know.

    Steve, if your reading this, we got sick of your whining about your kid. You needed to grow a pair and just kick him out of the house. I mean, seriously, a 24 year old kid living at home because you won’t stand up to your wife and make him get a job and move out? Next time teach your kid to shoot straight, instead of him just blowing his face off.

  31. Steve P says:

    This guy just won’t quit lying to people. What an apology. The program I was in with this POS, was just a few years back and even though he got “hammered” for it, so he says, he is still lying to everyone about his career. He told all in the VA PTSD unit he was a “God Dam Green Beret” and he fast roped onto the US Embassy when they took it over. Even told us he has a video of it. He also told us he was a Sergeant when he got out from his 11 year career. From what I have heard there was no crash landing in a tree, you told us you had a collision in mid air and then hit the runway very hard, WTF even you cannot remember what lie you tell people on a day to day basis, back to the 5 jump chump comment. Looks like it wasn’t too long ago you told lies to your high school buds too. Somalia, Panama…where is that on your record? This guy also told us his wife was killed by a drunk driver to play on our emotions in group and come to find out he has never been married and the woman is alive and well. Dills you are a piece of work. At least the truth is out there for everyone to see. Cannot even come clean when given the opportunity. Someone said it right this guy is a real attention whore but most of all a liar and fraud!

  32. Steve P says:

    I just read the last of “Bryon D” comments…just shows the kind of person he is for attacking someone who attempted suicide but I believe karma will eventually catch up with him even if the VAIG doesn’t first.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      I saw that comment too.

      It takes a truly qualified POS to comment like that.

      He has solidified himself here and now!

      • Bryon D says:

        Master Chief. Until you have had to put up with Steve Murray (Steve P’s real name..guess the “P” stands for a part of the female anatomy) calling you repeatedly at 0200 crying about how the VA sucks because they won’t let him dog paddle around in the therapy pool (which is HIGHLY in demand) for hours on end (instead of joining the YMCA, which he had been told multiple times), how bad his life sucks because he won’t stand up to his wife and make his son stop doing drugs in the house or go out and get a job. Hell, he would cry about how he won’t get out and do anything…even after you give him free table space at a gun show, called him repeatedly asking where he is at, and then listen to him cry about how he didn’t sell anything and it was a waste of his time…due to him not showing up until the gun show only had 3 hours left.

        Oh, and Steve; nice emails. Score a couple for you. I am pretty sure we will see each other around at the Expo Center gun shows sometime, so we can talk about it.

  33. Steve P says:

    Can anyone see how self centered and delusional this POS is? Sure I have my problems but at least one of them is not deceiving veterans who don’t lie about their service but are actually trying to get help and sharing things from their hearts at PTSD treatment…Dills I would never want to sit at any table with you. Fake Green Berets and I don’t mix but I am sure you will be too busy jumping out of helicopters and saving soldiers behind enemy lines to fool with me. Better keep your head down the VAIG just may come looking for all that money you have collected under false pretenses after all of us who know the real story share with them all the lies you have been telling. You can call me all the names you want but at least I am not a LIAR and a FRAUD!

    • Bryon D says:

      Hey Steve, got that call from the VAIG. Your gonna need to keep YOUR head down, as you are going to be asked how your friends and you, (since you publicly claim to “know the real story”) were able to obtain copies of my medical records dating…and that includes trying to get copies of records from civilian doctors offices and hospitals in every place I have lived.

      You and your buddies saying “we got them from FOIA requests” aint gonna fly, as medical records are NOT released that way. Hope you know HIPAA laws, especially the criminal statutes.

      What happened is that your “buddies” called up the doctors and told them they were requesting medical records “to review my case history”. But when several of the office staff wanted proper documentation of who they were, they tried scaring them into complying.

      Oh, hope you guys have a job for the former police chief, as he got fired for everything he gave you.

  34. Michael says:

    Let me get this straight. You screwed up and embellished your record and then you attack someone you served with when they called BS. This post is about you lying without regret and consequences. Don’t try to go on the offense. Bernasty pants tried to do that and look how well that turned out. Oh and thanks for letting all of TAH know how you feel. I’m sure that’s something we were all concerned about.

    • Bryon D says:

      Hey Michael, Steve P (for pussy…real last name is Murray) never served a day with me in the military. And that is him posting as ChipNA SA, as that is a saying he used.

      Anyway, until you have the “real deal” (like he claims, but doesn’t) you might want to keep your comments to yourself about “going on the offensive”.

      They got the Chief of Police of my old department involved in this (they claimed I had flashed a badge and police ID at their “sister”) and he took them at face value…and is now not only out of a job, but looking at some legal problems.

      So, until you have more information, might want to do some fact checking before you make statements about who served with who and when…lest you let yourself get sucked into something that is over your head.

      And speaking of problems, ole TAH is wrong about “taking copies of TAH to the VFW”. He took at face value something he was told by “MSG (retired) Terry Tate”, but didn’t fact check. Which is going to bite him…even with him hiding behind his lawyer.

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        How appropriate, “The Walking Dead” was on and this asshole is reviving a thread.
        News flash you pole hugging ass-lord, this is about YOUR actions. You have been proven to be as lying ass-bag about your service.
        I don’t give a fuck about VA pensions or SSDI which you recieve. You are a shitstain. Dismissed, turd. Go play with a hobo’s balls,

      • Marine_7002 says:

        Fake rank, fake medals, fake deployments.


      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        HEY ass pickle, you’re screwing with the wrong crowd here, others have found out the hard way. You’ve been caught lying about your service and outed for it, now here you are resurrecting a dormant thread so here you go Bryon Dills – GOOGLE HIT!!

      • GDContractor says:

        MSG Terry Tate? Was this before he was the office linebacker?

  35. Steve P says:

    Dills keep up with your stupid comments. It makes for good reading. You are a fake. Step up be a man! All that comes out of your mouth to paper is a lie! Be a new pickle in the New Year and admit it!

  36. Steve P says:

    Hey Dills one of our SF members met you in a parking lot the other day and it appears you have not quit with the claims of being a Green Beret…he said all kinds of SF adventures we know you did not have were spewing from your mouth again…This turd just won’t quit and now he has added to his bought and paid for by his BS disability a brand new car with the personalized tag “XABNRTO”. How many times did you jump out of an airplane Dills?

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      OOH, more to come out about that taint-sniffing wonder? he looks like he could suck a watermelon through a picket fence!!! GOOGLE POWER, ACTIVATE!!!

  37. Steve P says:

    I just found out that Dills opened a game store and does not have any licenses for it, paying taxes etc…this idiot is getting 100% from the VA because he is supposed to be unemployable…Nice Dills taking the taxpayers money…I wonder when they find out if they will take your Social Security and your VA Benefits that I am sure are supplying your store with product. Taking money out of real veterans pockets who deserve disability pay…shame on you…