Robert Dennen: Phony sailor in West Chester, PA (UPDATED)

| December 16, 2008

Several weeks ago, someone sent me some pictures of Robert Dennen, a frequent anti-war protester in West Chester, PA. This person told me that Dennen claimed to be a Navy veteran and asked me to identify the medals he was wearing;

The only one I could identify is the American Campaign Medal – it was a World War II medal awarded for service between Dec. 7, 1941 and March 2, 1946. The other two medals I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet. So I ran the guy’s name through Military dot Com and came up completely empty.

You can tell by the black T-shirt, he’s a member of the Delaware Valley Veterans for America, he appears on their website protesting John McCain and Sarah Palin in Philadelphia. That’s him on the viewer’s far right;

The Delaware Valley Veterans For America’s website is unsurprisingly plastered with pictures and events of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Vets For Peace.

Someone sent me another picture of Dennen wearing the same medals and a Vets For Peace pin on his cap;

And a picture of him claiming to be a gay veteran in West Chester, PA demanding “whats due” gays;

In this picture from Skye, that looks like his hat and his trademark woodland camouflage, but he’s hiding behind a very confusing sign;

I’m told his distinctive hat with the buttons stuck in it have earned him the nickname “Pinhead” from the West Chester Sheepdogs.

So there’s really no doubt that he’s trying to pass himself off as a veteran, but his medals and the lack of a record say otherwise. So I sent his information to our new friends at POW Net. This is what I got back;

Instead of listing him as “discharged” it says he was “released from active duty” and about half-way between his third and fourth year. That indicates some sort of malfeasance. His rank is SR – Seaman Recruit, an E-1. Again, indicative of some bad behavior – no one stays an E-1 for 3 and a half years.

In the awards section, it lists none – not even fire guard ribbons. Now as I previously mentioned, during his participation in protests, he wears an American Campaign Medal which is for service between 1941 and 1946. His actual service is from 1956 to 1960. I still don’t know what the other two are, if anyone has a clue, please let me know.

His sea assignments were on the destroyers  USS Courtney in the North Atlantic and USS Hull in the Western Pacific.

But there’s a common thread running through many of these anti-war veterans – they all seem to be malingerers and common criminals who can’t conform to the good order and discipline of the military – no matter when they served. And apparently, they can’t help but wear medals they didn’t earn.

I can’t wait to get back some of these FOIA requests.

Added: Someone sent me a close up of Pinhead’s hat. Click it;

UPDATED: Someone sent me a closer look at Pinhead’s medals;

It looks like an older version of the Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal;

So, we’ve got this dork wearing one medal that was issued while he was in grade school and a Coast Guard Medal – he was in the Navy.

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  1. RobertDennen says:


    I’ll give you my whole Month’s pay if I lied
    that one has to prove his or her’s DD214
    in order to have veteran’s status on one’s
    Veterans for Peace card. Never engage one’s mouth without the facts. I served my country not like George W. did when he took off for Alabama and never returned to his plane.(during a time of ward yet) I like your last name Denning it should be Dent Head instead. And as for my Dad and his medals it’s none of your business.

  2. Raoul says:

    Hey Pinhead,

    How much is your month’s pay? I want it in cash.

    Never engage one’s mouth without the facts.

  3. Doc Crabtree says:

    What a sad individual. So, the prerequisite for wearing medals is someone you know has to GIVE them to you? Maybe I should write to West Virginia and have them send me my Great-Great-Great Grandpa’s U.S. Army Civil War Service Medal that he never claimed. I could wear it to anti-Obama rallies when I get back to the States.

  4. Lucky says:

    Amen Doc!

  5. toddboyle says:

    What difference does it make to have found such idiots? There are many idiots. Can’t you justify your position straightforwardly? Your position is for more war? How long should Americans occupy Iraq and Afghanistan? What’s the use of attacking other people for having a point of view? Obvoiusly there are going to be lots of points of view. The problem is our government’s policy.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Is this you, Todd Boyle? “Anti-war and anti-military”? Ranting against our military as greedy and corrupt? Yelling and slinging snot about how there shouldn’t be a Veterans’ Day?

      Is this you at the VFP convention getting applause from “veterans” for comments like calling our troops “vandals and murderers”?

      Obviously, you know Dennen, or wouldn’t have come here. The reason I expose these fakes is because immature little Walter Mittys like you hide behind them for your own validation – I strip that away.

  6. Sporkmaster says:

    Because it matters if you fake being in the serive and claim awards you did not earn.

    No we do not want more war, but if we do go to war we want a willingness to see it through.

    We did not go after Afghanistan or Iraq just because of a difference of opinion. It was the actions done by each of the governments.

  7. A Heros Friend says:

    Go ahead Jonn…Rip him a new one…

  8. UpNorth says:

    Todd Boyle, the “famous” antiwar, anti-imperialist Humanist? With the general discharge for being a “war resister” back in 72? Buddy of ANSWER and IVAW? Wow, sterling credentials.

  9. That Guy says:

    I actually live close enough to this guy, when I come home from this deployment I might just show up at one of their protests and beat the living fuck out of him

  10. Hack Stone says:

    Nucsnipe@4, I recall a sailor jumping ship as an “ecological objector” back when I was staioned at pendleton. If I recall, it was the early 1990’s, and he was a “surfer dude” who was upset about stuff dumped overseas. All of the tree-huggers rallied around him. It has to be the same guy. I never saw a follow up in the paper that it was due FVWS, familiar Vagina Withdrawl Syndrome, but 99 times out of 100, a guy goes UA/AWOL because of his girlfriend. I met two different idiots in the Marine Corps that went UA and were busted because “their wife cheated on them”. So, the wife is stepping out, you get busted, restricted, and lose half a month’s pay. That will show her.

  11. Athena167 says:

    coast guard medals? AWWWW HELL NO……come on, really? the puddle pirates get little glory…..dont take away what little glory they get……SOB……

  12. Ranger says:

    I’m from West Chester, I hope I see this goon around.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if he works for APL?

  14. OldSargeUSAR says:

    @ online casino… Spam filter alert. Got that one.

  15. OldSargeUSAR says:

    GT – This is a great old thread. That Todd Boyle could be a boil on Psul Wickre’s ass. As for Pinhead, yeah, he’s a “turd” as you might say…

  16. USMCBRIT1 says:

    Raoul: Congratulations on your ability to read/write in the english language. The only challenge remaining for you is to master the thought process necessary to understand the fact that whatever country you “exist” in is undoubtedly controlled by idiots like yourself. I figure you are from Argentina, Chile, Venezuela or Canada-countries that are blessed with an overabundance of people not capable of committing to the welfare of their people. Don’t get me wrong-Canada was once a great country ( I grew up there-and came to the U.S. to join the Corps) but loose immigration rules have resulted in the likes of you being allowed to live a reasonably decent life-as opposed to wiping your @ss with your left hand only!