Sunday morning feel good stories

| August 23, 2015

In South Hill, Washington, a resident disrupted a burglar’s work when the burglar broke a glass door to a residence and that brought the armed homeowner running. He shot out a tire of the getaway vehicle as they un-assed the AO.

In Houston, Texas, two enterprising youths broke into a family’s home after pounding on their door. The man of the family leaped from his bed with a firearm and proceeded to turn their lives around by shooting them both and sending them to the hospital.

In Vernal, Utah, three fellows got in an altercation with a homeowner who, during the fight was stabbed. Despite the wound, the homeowner got control of the intruders’ gun and wounded one of the intruders in the leg. Police now have control of the three who are getting a well-deserved rest in the local hoosegow.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    In story #1, I would like to see that the HO had at least winged the door-breaking individual, and left a trail of blood. The tire can easily be replaced.

  2. The Party of Hell No! says:

    Vernal Utah? Really! Is there no safe place left from criminal behavior? The name of one of the suspects? Really – Montana Stubbs? If there ever was a bogus story this is it. A break in in Vernal Utah by one dude name Montana Stubbs. Real life better than fiction.