Sue Schippert; phony Army veteran

| August 31, 2015

Sue Schippert

Some of you may have noticed that some of our previous phonies are missing from the archives. This woman is the reason why that happened. For some reason, she presented herself as an Army veteran to the folks at Military Phonies who, in turn, let her do some research for them. She made some promises that became suspect after a while, and finally all of the work that she did for the Military Phonies folks became suspect.

On her way out the door, she said that Scotty and I made her alter FOIAs, you know, as if there aren’t enough phonies, we have to make some up. So, since she admitted that she altered some FOIAs, I pulled all of the phonies that she worked on out of an abundance of caution until we can do our own work on them.

She also claims that she’s now working for Joe Teti’s lawyer in order to hang Scott. I guess that’s why Scott was dropped from the lawsuit this last week, because she’s such a bang-up investigator.

Sue Schippert helicopter feet.

The picture above is somehow proof that she served, because those feet you see are hers, because she said so. It turns out that it’s a stock photo and you can find it posted in several places, if you search using TinEye, the reverse image search. She says that Scott didn’t have her real name in order to search for her FOIA, well, except that he did;

Sue Schippert classmates

Suellyn Cherney FOIA

Suellyn Crowe FOIA

Yeah, she’s a loon, which is why I resisted posting this at first. I have enough lunacy in my life. But, she started quoting the Dutch Rudder Club’s claims about Scott being AWOL, and that we’ve caused people to commit suicide and that rubbish about us altering FOIAs. It’s funny how they always get FOIAs on Scott, but no one is mentioning mine. I’m a little disappointed that no one is making my record public. What could be the problem?

Anyway, if this story interests you, you can read more about the lunacy at Truth and Lies and God Loves the Infantry where the story goes on forever.

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  1. OAE CPO USN Ret says:

    I guess you don’t need a “rudder” to be part of the Dutch Rudder Club.

  2. Jeffro says:

    Wow, just wow.

  3. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    WOW! Just read all three stories…UFB x100! Takes the DRC to a new low…

  4. scotty says:

    We just had to talk Vietnam Veteran who did two deployments to RVN off the ledge this past weekend because of this psychopaths actions. It wasn’t pretty.
    I know of at least 6 different Veterans whom she promised to help. Only to turn on them when it was discovered that she can’t produce what she promises. She is one dangerous bat shit crazy female.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      I wonder if the local authorities in her AO are aware of her behavior? Sounds like she may be the one with a “body count” based on her actions…

  5. Instinct says:

    And the worst part is, she can vote.

  6. 3E9 says:

    Well, bye bitch.

  7. Big Jim says:

    I think it’s a damn shame she claims to “help” vets in there most dire circumstances. If this is the “help” she has to offer, stolen valor or otherwise, then I’ll stick to being alone.

    Next thing you’ll see is her, Dallas, and Bernaskypants join forces to put the rest of you out of business.

  8. Green Thumb says:

    Phildo’s sister.

  9. C2Show says:

    She even went crying to Fat boy Chevy and making some false claims about scotty.

  10. easybee says:

    All Veterans should be aware of this lazy butt. She will ask them what are their triggers. Then use them against them. She had the peanuts to ask me. WHAT THE FREAK IS SHE A DOCTOR NOW? Hell it sounds like she can’t keep her stories straight and right. Big talker behind the keyboard. I would love to see her do this in person. Hell to have a backbone she had better put on the brace she has to wear to even come close to a backbone. Opps did I say that? I just loss IQ points reading about this loss left nut.

  11. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Bye, Felica. Hope it was worth it, you lying psycho beast.

  12. Combat Historian says:

    Way too many batshit loons in this world…

  13. Skippy says:



    • Skippy says:

      Well said Jonn on the FOIA I’ve got 20 copy’s of my three 214s and two complete copy’s of my medical paperwork from the Army. Just incase

  14. KillerB says:

    This turd needs a flushing. and needs it NOW!

  15. Eggs says:

    Looks like a Pavehawk from the 66th at Nellis.

  16. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    This giblet-necked psycho-hag reminds me of my ex-monster, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it turns out she’s been involved with the Dutch Rudder Gang, she has con gamer written all over her. Yeah, babbling about back problems since childhood, and she somehow made it in and served?

  17. JarHead Pat says:

    I think my fucking head exploded reading all that.

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    I will be civilized (for now) and say, with great sincerity, that I hope she has her bubbly ass handed to her by local LEOs, and that valid fraud charges are brought against her.

    In my uncivilized mind, I’m saying ‘I hope the bitch finds herself at the bottom of a very large sinkhole and no one can hear her scream.’

  19. Tony Orifici says:

    I am a Vietnam Veteran, 1967-68. I am in a tight spot right now. My home of 15 years is in foreclosure, and my wife was struck by a hit and run driver who was never apprehended last April. She suffered a crushed orbital of her left eye and a brain injury. We had no insurance for her at the time, and the hospital bills surpassed 50k. I spoke with sue in June of this year. She said she may be able to help me and to get back to her in a few days. I thought ‘Wow’. A few days later, she contacts me and starts telling me this story about her losing a 22 million dollar settlement because she broke a gag order and it was all Scott and his wife’s fault. She said that she was going to use that money to get Scott a heart transplant and buy him a new home and help veterans in need. She said she was going to pay off my mortgage and hospital bills. She said that she was only keeping 10k for herself ands was using the rest to help Vets.I said I was sorry to hear that she had lost all those funds and thanks her for wanting to help me. Then she said that her ‘Team’ was still working on making things right. So that renewed my hope again. Never heard another thing about it. Good thing I didn’t tell my wife anything about it. I didn’t want her to hurt anymore then has already and is still happening. A few days after that, Sue contacts me again and begins telling me all of these things about how Scott is a deserter from the USMC and he makes up things on FOIA’s and alters records to make legit Vets look like phonies and that he is responsible for the suicides of a number of Veterans because of the false stories he made. I was in shock. I’ve known Scotty for a few years and he never has shown me anything but friendship or given me cause to doubt his integrity. So I asked her if she proof of these allegations, and if she did, she needed to post them. She tells me that “It is in the hands of her Investigators’ and she will not engage or post any of her personal information. I told her that without posting proof her statements were just that. She wouldn’t. And now I know why. Because she had nothing. Then she tells me the next day that a ” Source’ told her that myself and another Group member was in Scotty’s Sights. I asked her ‘Why’ ? and who was her Source. She wouldn’t give me her source, but she said that Scotty didn’t need a reason, if he wanted to ‘get Me’ he would make something up. That afternoon I spoke with Scotty and the other group member and laid it all on the table. I have nothing to hide and anybody that wants to vet me can go for it. Scotty had no intension of suspecting me of anything and after we spoke I knew that what she was saying was nothing but a pack of lies, including her offer to assist me. That was a cruel thing to do. There is more, but it all leads to the same conclusion. I don’t know what this woman’s motives are or why she does these things. She unfriended me after I called her out in a post at the group. And, then after seeing a photo she posted claiming that ” They are my Feet’ on the far side of a helicopter preparing to fast rope, and finding out it’s a stock photo from the internet from the 19th SFG, now she isn’t even a Veteran. Lies, Lies. Lies. Hurtful lies. She gave me a glimmer of hope for our home and my wife’s bills….when nothing really ever existed did it ? If I go down here it will be swinging because I don’t know any other way. But this woman, she’s dangerous….because she offers hope, and then she snatches it away with bullshit stories. I take the blame for this, because first I should have never believed her story in the first place, or continued to have any hope after she said her “Team” was still working on it. There was never anything there. This woman made me feel old and stupid. Beware.

    • Thomas Marlo says:

      Welcome Brother, sorry she misloead you and pulled away her offer to help. I hope someday soon we can FINALLY be done with this loony tune

    • Eden says:

      I’m sorry, Tony. There aren’t words to express what I think of what she did to you and others. I wish there were something I could do.

  20. Climb to Glory says:

    So much shit today. Time to clean the military phony septic tank.

  21. CLAW131 says:

    Her face reminds me of a young Rosanne Barr.

    Both are Bat Shit Crazy.


  22. Dave Hardin says:

    I ran Jonn’s FOIA a long time ago. You can view the result in the link below.

    Seems POTUS is the only one that can authorize the release of his records.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Insofar as Sue goes, I kinda miss having her around. I haven’t been threatened to be booted out of a SV group since she left.

      It was kinda fun to fuck with her and her minions. She is just what the Teti camp needs, another loon licking bat shit off the cave wall.

      Just for the record, if I get a sudden extremely large amount of money……I am not giving any of you people shit. (Unless you are a midget that likes to give a happy ending.)

  23. TankBoy says:

    Bizarre. Everything about this story is bizarre. Almost like she is out of some sci-fi story about a psychic vampire that feeds on emotional turmoil.

  24. streetsweeper says:

    This gonna be a good one, a really, really good one…

  25. CLAW131 says:

    I call Bullshit on a portion of her story about the back brace over at Military Phonies.

    She claims that on June 3,1977 she and her Dad saw a baseball game between the Brewers and the Cubs. Other than the Brewers were still playing in the AL at that time and that the Cubs were on the road at Pittsburgh, (where on that day my beloved Cubbies lost 5-0 to the Pirates) that memory must have seared into her mind with an icicle that later melted.

    After that bogus lie, I have a tendency not to believe another word she says./sarc

    • CLAW131 says:

      Further proof of her lying is that on June 3, 1977 the Brewers were on the road at the Rangers and lost the game that day 15-8.

      So there, Suzy-Q, another hole just got poked in your story.

      My thanks goes out to Gray’s Sports Almanac (1950-1999 Edition) for that information. Now if I could only get my hands on the 2000-2050 edition I’d be all set. Anybody got a DeLorean and a Flux Capacitor handy?

  26. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Maybe the perfect thing to give her would be a box of Rid-X from the grocery store, It’s what people use to clear SHIT out of their septic tanks!

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    I looked over the info posted on the links above. While you are all dissing this cow, there is one thing many of you are missing.

    She doesn’t seem to be doing this for any kind of cash accrual, which would be one kind of fraud. She’s doing this – gaining the confidence of intended victims to get information out of them – so that she can manipulate them and their emotions into turmoil.

    Most of the time, these SV creeps are simply after attention, e.g., pruritus ani, who won’t shut up and go away, no matter what he says.

    In the case of this slimy warthog from Hell, Schippert is doing these horrible things to people she doesn’t know, by first gaining their confidence and then smacking them down so hard it’s like she’s stomping on a bug. She’s getting a huge rush out of it, too. I’ve seen this before. This makes her much worse than Teti or pruritus.

    You’re all using logic and reasoning, and with her, there is none. She is manipulative, hyper-egocentric, a blatant liar, a victim of everything, and it’s all your fault, and yet she’s not getting money out of it. She is making victims of everyone she runs into.

    I’m not a shrink, but if she isn’t nearly psychotic, then what is she? She needs to be arrested and locked up.

    The only other person I’ve run across like this was Sante Kimes.

    The behavior is remarkably similar, and I have to wonder what really bad things have happened because of what she’s done.

    • streetsweeper says:

      Just a SWAG: Something grievous had to have happened during her developing years (childhood/teens) for her to turn out the way she has. It’d be something that only she would know, and most likely never tell out of embarrassment/humiliation OR absolute and total fear of retribution by whomever for revealing what it is or was. /End of SWAG.

  28. Toasty Coastie says:

    Sue Schippert
    There is an individual at the top of the Stolen Valor community who I took into my confidence after working with him closely for 3 years. I trusted him and called hiim BROTHER…..
    Sue Schippert
    6/17, 11:36am
    Sue Schippert
    I confided in him regarding a large law suit that was coming to a close soon. I was going to pay for his heart transplant, after care, and buy him and his wife a clean, new home to recover in. He began making veiled threats about me. I learned from my legal team that this individual and his wife approached the Sr. VP of the corporation and proved that i violated the gag order (which I did.). He was recorded. He stated that “That bitch had better figure out where she is going to get the 4 million she promised me or I will blow her up.”
    Sue Schippert
    6/17, 11:38am
    Sue Schippert
    21.75 million, gone. Additionally, I have learned that this individual, who lives his life to blow people up (because he has no control in his home) is a 4 month Marine wash out
    Admittedly and selfishly, I was going to keep 10 grand in an interest bearing investment to benefit US, but the rest was all going to be donated and bequested to veterans I know who are struggling.
    Now this individual is promising to expose me as a fraud. A Brother. Someone I worked doggedly for to keep out of legal messes for fudging documents on those he exposed……he is gunning for me now.

  29. Data Dawg DV X says:

    As if I wasn’t already mentally challenged. Now we got a phony pissing up work. Geez, when will this madness end?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      When? When they are called to account and sent to the front line to be the first to face an implacable enemy.

      Then we will see how quickly those claims evaporate and turn into shredded fake documents and surplus store awards buried at the bottom of the garbage bag for pickup on Monday morning.

  30. Just an Old Dog says:

    This “Thing” Is the ine of the absolute worst human beings on here. She weasels into groups and gains their confidence,,, When she fucks people over they defend her.
    Shes in it to be praised.

  31. scotty says:

    There will be a three hour broadcast on the link posted below on Sat. Sep. 6th at 6:00 pm PST.
    The host whom is also a victim of shit-spurts lies will be taking phone calls from everyone. But especially from the victims of this deceitful psychopath. Tune in and call in if you wish.
    This means you also Sue Schippert. We would so love for you to call in. But we know you won’t. your brain housing group would go into overload trying to lie your way out of the questions that would be asked.

  32. Just an Old Dog says:

    She is now trying to threaten people saying she has caught them “hacking” her website.
    Hey Sow-twat, posting on your facebook page isnt hack you shit sucking, Orc blowing twisted Bitch.
    I apologize if I offend any females who read this. I know my comments are sexually crude, but this sea-hag deserves zero respect. The only good thing she ever had going on is that she is a life support system for a pussy for desparate hobos.

  33. Pancake says:

    After reading thru this, I’m still confused as to what her motive was for doing this to people and for leading good people on. It seems like some sort of mental illness, like Munchausen’s or Munchausen’s by Proxy. Stolen valor compounded by stolen sympathy? Truly confusing.