Dennis Earl Radcliffe; Phony Marine SEAL

| September 12, 2015


The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Dennis Earl Radcliffe fellow who claims that he fought this country’s battles in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, Operation Just Cause in Panama, Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Kuwait.

He claims that he was Force Recon, that he attended Army Basic Airborne Course, the he went through SEAL training and that he was assigned to SEAL Team 6, well, here, let him tell you about his perception of his training;

Dennis Earl Radcliffe claims

The Marine Corps saw it completely different;

Dennis Earl Radcliffe FOIA

Dennis Earl Radcliffe Assignments

Dennis Earl radcliffe Assignments 2

Dennis Earl Radcliffe Assignments 3

He was a Sergeant, not a First Sergeant, he had less than nine years in service, he has none of the awards that he claims to have and he was never anywhere near any of the combat in which he claims to have participated. He’s never had any of the training that he claims to have had, including SEAL training, Force Recon, or even basic airborne. But other than those small points, he’s completely legit. Or not.

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  1. Doc Savage says:

    They just aint trying anymore…..

  2. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    BUDS Class 184 in 82 … NOPE!

    138 was in 86.

    May he has math issues.


  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    I once knew a lizard who told me he was a velociraptor on his mother’s side.

    We all have our fantasies.

  4. OAE CPO USN Ret says:


  5. thebesig says:

    He should get with Robert Keith English and swap phony Beirut, Lebanon stories. They must have been battle buddies. :mrgreen:

  6. Pineywoods NCO says:

    Dried up lying turd.

  7. Pineywoods NCO says:

    That flag looks like it was folded by a group of newborns. That is pathetic.

    • MSG Eric says:

      Yep. First thing I noticed about that picture, the flag is a mess.

    • Bill M says:

      First thing I noticed too. Sticks out like a sore thumb and shouts “A fake did this to me.”

    • Friend says:

      I don’t understand! If you served your country, be PROUD OF WHAT YOU DID. I know a guy who served as a clerk, nothing more nothing less and he’s proud as a real Military personnel should be. Hats off to you Dick…

  8. Dave Hardin says:

    Another Bloated Puss Filled Ego. If Magillia Gorilla here ever gets an enema to flush the bullshit out of him there will be nothing left but loose skin draped over 100lbs of bones.

    5 Combat Action Ribbons? Really? The man was in every conflict since WWII. The one that really gets them every time is the Multinational Force and Observers Medal. It goes un-noticed by most. To me instant sign of a lying sack of shit.

    They award like two of them a year. It has nothing to do with Beirut, not one person who served in Beirut was awarded that medal for their service in that conflict. Common Valor Vulture mistake.

    Scum of the Earth. Hey Dennis, ugly, bloated, and stupid is no way to go through life.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      He got those CAR’s playing “Call of Booty – Anal Buttsekks Warrior (Sooper Sekrit Seal Missions expansion pack).

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Shit-for-brained jelly doughnut-guzzling lying candyassed creampuff, enjoy your newfound Google fame, Swamp Donkey!

  10. Mike Kozlowski says:

    …Being but a Wing Wiper of Very Little Brain, wanted to ask – if Numbnuts here says he was wounded more than once, shouldn’t there be a device on the Purple Heart ribbon to indicate such? The rack he’s showing on his ‘biography’ doesn’t seem to indicate one and I don’t see one in the pic.


    • Just an Old Dog says:

      One of the pictures on the Blog of shame Have him wearing what looks to be an Army Oak Leaf Cluster. He’s that fucked up. He also was wearing the wrong size Stars on his CAR.

  11. B Woodman says:

    He looks like he ATE the seal.

  12. Martin Dyson says:

    Lists the GWOT medal, even though he “retired” in 1993, eight years before 9/11.

  13. Poetrooper says:

    Did anyone else notice what is extremely unusual here for a Stolen Valor case? No valor awards: not a single Bronze or Silver Star, nor Navy Cross.

    Can anyone recall this happening before?

    Makes you wonder if his prior service left him with just enough respect for the Corps to draw the line at stealing the valor of those marines who had truthfully earned it.

    This is a case of Stolen Service not Stolen Valor.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Aside from valor awards, he does claim 2 PHs and 5 CARs and that is in violation of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 if he wore them (photos) and leveraged them for profit.

    • W2 says:

      He ain’t rocking a trident either. Completing phony BUDS and then not prominently wearing a phony trident? What’s wrong with this guy?

  14. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    One other thing… he is/was the AL’s 19th District commander, and currently Post 341’s (Pico Rivera) Adjutant.

    Wonder what his buddies at the Legion will think of him, now?

  15. Hondo says:


    Anyone know when he was District Commander – and if the job is a “paying gig”?

  16. JarHead Pat says:

    What a total cunt, 5 CARS? nice, I saw a UA in there as well, just another loser trying to rewrite his past. I can just hear him down at his local watering hole, ‘ No I can’t talk about all the shit I’ve done’ then proceeds to talk your fucking ear off. total cunt.

  17. Nonner says:

    Are there even any instances of people actually going special forces in one branch to special forces in another, as this douchenozzle claims?

  18. Leatherneck says:

    I actually know this poser. He goes by Kamalu Radcliffe on Facebook and claims that he is Hawaiian, when he was born in California.


    This guy is all FUBAR. He was discharged Jan 19, 1991 he would not have been there for the ground war and Task Force Taro. Also as someone has stated he has the GWOT did not get issued until 2003 backdated 11, 2001 so FUBAR. Also he has PUC was issued in 2003 for invasion Iraq before that the last time one was issued was Vietnam one more FUBAR. The other one his photos’ look a little different not sure Ribbons look out of order. One more if he was with TF Taro should have Combat Insignia and two Bronze Star’s on his SW Asia Ribbon FUBAR. Trying to make up for a bad time in the Corps what a POS Shit bag.


    He was smart enough to not put the Trident on.

  21. In the photograph, there’s a soldier standing next to him.

    Why didn’t HE call attention to the flag being folded improperly?

  22. Skippy says:

    seriously! ! if anybody is reading my post here, they put Certificate of Appreciation on his 214
    do they really do that ???? and if so how do I get 7 of mine put on 🙂

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      I have seen a few with LOA and Meritorious Masts on them. They are awards, I guess it would depend on what the admin Chief told the clerks.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Battle of Hoth Medal with “V” for invading Canada with his SEAL buddy Jesse Ventura in support of kicking Germans’ ass in Operation Eduring Freedom in 1983…

  24. Jarhead says:

    Every day, more and more rocks for the real POS to crawl out from under. While we were on vacation I tried to send this joke attached to another phony SEAL exposed. Lap top would not cooperate. I told Jonn when the time came, I’d send it. This is today for you f___g LOSER

  25. Marine_7002 says:

    I’m one of those anti-social psychopaths who doesn’t have a Facebook account. What was on the American Legion facebook page about this turd?

    • W2 says:

      They pretty much lit the guy up.

    • Jarhead says:

      That’s funny, even as I am 70 now and still from the same green machine as you. There’s two of us who don’t have face book accounts. Why would I give a rat’s ass what somebody else had for lunch yesterday, or where they shopped, or when their dog crapped on the rug?????? I’m most content out in the middle of 40 without company. Doesn’t seem to have jaded me, or missed anything. Phones still work. Enough progress for me.

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        Make that three, no facebook!

        • Jarhead says:

          Assuming both of you social misfits are considerably younger, let me share something with you. If ever you get into a PTSD group, ALWAYS remember, “What goes on in here, or is said in here, stays in here”. Beyond specifics, it takes a lot of convincing the shrinks (whether independents or members of the “club”) that’s it’s perfectly fine to be alone and not care to get into the crowds of life. Eventually they realize “These dudes are really better off left alone rather than TRY to assimilate them into the rat race”. The sane ones realize nobody who has “been there” wants to talk about it. The fruit cakes always wanting to run their mouth over and over with combat stories are frankly full of shit to begin with. Those are the type we see every day on this site. Who the hell wants to discuss events that we want to forget? What the hell do we need to join in the crowds for? That supposed to make us forget and suddenly be “normal” again?
          A good and friendly type facilitator is best when he lets us talk about all things funny, daily, and the way we see the world. The ones (IMHO) to beware are those who push constantly about us “fitting into” society and supposedly being better able to get along with others. That while we seek the solace of our own peace and quiet where all is predictable. You two continue being loners just as I have. Don’t let any of the facilitators tell you that you need to change to get along in the world. NEVER!!! You’ll live a lot longer and happier life when you do your OWN thing.
          “Nuff said! You both get the picture I’m certain.

          • 3/17 Air Cav says:

            Jarhead……lots of wisdom in your post. I’m 67 just a few years younger than you. As for stories of daring do. I tell people from timr to time, anyone blowing smoke up your ass with war stories, is a liar. The only stories I tell are the funny ones. Never ever a war story!

            • Just an Old Dog says:

              Hell, veterans in general, not even the ones who saw combat always tell funny stories about “that guy” who did something stupid.
              The people who always talk about weapons and gear and roughing it are fakes or embellishers.
              There was a recent MOH awardee who said that he was reluctant to talk about the action that got him the award by saying “You are asking me to talk about the worst day of my life”.

              • Jarhead says:

                Easy to see both of you are for real. We don’t see many conversations like this often. Have to say it’s good to know somebody else is pushing 70. The funny stories really are often welcome and enjoyed. A lot of those from back in RVN generally involved liquor, or seeing another T C bang some Vietnamese woman on the breech of the 90, while the main weapon was pointed way up in the air. One thing that has always surprised me is the few number of grunts and tankers that smoked the devil weed. If I’m not mistaken, the number of whore houses and whore bars back in the day at Subic Bay, Manila, Okinawa (especially!) and others is sometimes non existent any more. Those truly WERE the good old days!

                • 3/17 Air Cav says:

                  Jarhead……if we knew of a troop in our outfit was doing dope, we got rid of him I remember a flight down to LB jail with one of our crew chiefs under guard for doing/selling dope. Never saw him again!

                  • Jarhead says:

                    3/17… for time in RVN, there was a lot of boredom, especially when back in the rear….which everybody hated. Have to admit devil weed would truly be included in a description of drugs, but it seemed harmless at the same time. When I first got there, I didn’t even smoke cigarettes, never did even up to this day. However, I did partake of the weed; never had any interest at the time to move upward on the drug scene. One of our main concerns as a TC was that on every tank there was a small box usually stashed behind or below the radio comm. that had five morphene sirettes in it to be used as needed. The thought of even attempting one of them for recreational use never entered my mind during the worst of times. On the other hand, once I returned back to the real world for the last time, I did in fact move to heavier stuff. It had nothing to do with the exposure to weed in RVN. It had ONLY to do with my poor choice of hanging around with the wrong crowd. Pissed just under two years away before I realized I was going nowhere and time to part company. Some good memories remain, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone just for the crazy times. Selling or dealing was never my thing, freedom always was too important.
                    As for grunts or tankers in the field in RVN, there were a lot of those who smoked. Tankers per se, I’d guess a minimum of 25% took a toke fairly often. When out in the field and hot on a trail, or in a position where we anticipated nightly intrusions, there was no smoking going on. Everybody knew enough the necessity of being alert and able.

                    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

                      Jarhead…..I’m sure that some of troops in my platoon smoked weed when we were inside the wire. When we were out no one did. Flying was a whole different deal. If one of our Huey wrenchers or crew did, it wasnt tolerated. Mechanical failure at 2000 feet would not have been a good deal!

      • I’ll be 70 in January.

        When I talk about Viet Nam, I talk about my thirty day special leave to visit Israel, or I talk about Mormon church conferences in Da Nang, or my R&R to Japan and Australia, or my time in Saigon visiting the zoo and dining at the My Canh floating restaurant.

        I ain’t no hero, so I ain’t got nothing to brag about.

        Also, I’m an “Army brat”, and my folks taught me that it’s wrong to brag, and that genuine war heroes don’t want to talk about the stuff they saw and/or did.

        My father was in the Second World War and the Korean War, and he never talked about it.

        He told me that the Army was just a job, a way to provide for his family.

      • Marine_7002 says:

        Exactamundo, Jarhead.

        I can understand why organizations and businesses would want to have a Facebook account. It’s a free and easy way for them to interact with customers, both current and potential. And I’m sure thisainthell gets a lot of attention via the TAH FB page.

        But I’m with you about why some people seem to think their every move and sentence merits rapt attention from every victim…er, person who has access to their page.

        And if someone wants to know what I’ve been up to, they have my cell phone number.

  26. Just an Old Dog says:

    Google brings up a few blips on him,, He attend an AL course at National in 2010 and was on a news story about getting a gift card from Sears for a Veteran in 2011.
    Reading between the lines in FB it looks like he is a Post-Hopper who goes from post to post running scams.
    My theory is he got out and laid low for 15 or 20 years, until then popped up with stories from “The Old Corps”
    Sack of Shit

  27. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I kind of like this guy. He gutted out more time on active duty than me and some of you. He should start doing seminars for cops about his combat experiences. I don’t see what you guys have against him.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

    • teddy996 says:

      Nonsense, big 6. We both know this dude doesn’t have the spetznaz combat shovel course under his belt.

      If cops aren’t receiving the requisite training with their trenching tools, then they will be woefully unprepared if they ever find themselves disarmed in an army/navy store or a shovel factory.

      As a tax paying citizen, that’s simply not a scenario that I’m willing to entertain.

    • Cheese Eater McBlobFish says:

      How can my associates and I sign up for your shovel defense class?

      Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier

    • ___FromHell says:

      Haha… I see you know him.

  28. Leatherneck says:

    This ass clown used to tell some convincing Force Recon combat stories at AL Post 272. I never knew they were from Call of duty on Xbox. I hope his family finds out that he is a con.

  29. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Has he (it) been flushed out yet?

    Meaning, any impact based on the release of info.

  30. Real Vet says:

    The American Legion’s Leadership of the 19th district is in total disbelief since they were duped and allowed this clown to become a district commander. The word is that they are conducting a “2nd investigation ” Instead of being embarrassed, step up and do something!

  31. 60 min news says:

    How can I contact the person in charge of the 19th District or a representative for the American Legion that is handling this matter?

    • Jim T. Higuera says:

      Since the Legion HQ in California TOLD everyone in the 19th District to STAND DOWN. Your best bet is to contact the state Commander Larry Van Kuran at 818-427-1577, or better yet the man heading up the Legion’s own investigation, Hugh E.Crooks,Jr. 323-821-8787. This investigation may or may not have been completed, since no one is talking, officially that is. Good Luck

  32. JohnE says:

    Why do wanna be super secret squirrel hero types like this always claim Purple Hearts? One would think they are bullet proof or have Matrix moves class included in their imaginary training…