Richard Acton; phony Recon Marine

| September 25, 2015

Richard Acton Recon

Someone sent us their work on this fellow Richard Acton who tells everyone how he’s a Recon Marine, worked special operations while in the Corps, and he was a sniper, of course. He claims a Bronze Star Medal, a Combat Action Ribbon, among others;

Richard Acton Claims

The Marine Corps disagrees with his version of his career;

Richard Acton DD214

Richard Acton Assignments

Richard Acton Training

Unless the Marine Corps camouflages their Recon and Snipers under the term “AV Librarian”, nope.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    Ya know, these chuckleheads want all the glory without putting in the work. Not everyone is a Recon Marine, or sniper, or Special Forces, or SEAL, etc. Get over yourself and be proud of the service you did have. If you wanted Recon, then sign up to go. Don’t sign up to be a librarian and then claim you were Billy Badass later. You obviously wanted to be relatively safe in your military career path and not put in the physical work and sacrifice required for the high speed/low drag career you are now bragging about having.

    Cowboy up and be a man of honor.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      DITTO that OT, kinda like the character that was the Father of Don Knott’s character in “The Reluctant Astronaut” who was always talking about being in WWII and then admitted that he was a Librarian at Ft. Dix. Speaking of libraries on AD Army Posts, that’s where AD units usually sent their slugs, shammers, profile riders and incompetents in order to get them out of the way when I was there, I wonder if that’s what his case was on that assignment?


      DITTO, I’m a Seabee not a door thumper but have done a lot of cool shit to help. I will yell from the roof top’s I’m proud of what I did so should others.
      You served and your 1% of the population that can claim it so be proud of that.

      • Seabee Guy says:

        Hoorah Seabee!

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Geez, I was just a WAVE cranking out 8×10 B&W prints in the Print division, then monitoring chemistry levels in the Color lab. Then I went and answered the phone and typed shit in MOPIC until my division officer finally got a Yeoman to do that. I dindu nuffin’ otherwise.

  2. TankBoy says:

    Infantry, 2/2, spent his last six months on FAP to base audio visual. But hey, those guys are all dual qualified, so he may be an expert with a canon camera taking promotion pictures, and at night the black helicopters flew him out to Onslow Beach to hang out with 2nd Recon. I found his page on facebook. I guess he hasn’t got the word on his newfound fame yet. He also was sporting a nice picture post of the Sergeant chevron he didn’t rate. The term douchebag comes to mind. I’ll be forwarding to my buddy the sniper for laughs.

  3. Doc Savage says:

    “Unless the Marine Corps camouflages their Recon and Snipers under the term “AV Librarian”, nope. ”

    Holy shit….it finally happened.

    The first confirmed kill of death by Powerpoint

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Dude shit all over serving four years honorably by playing the “Marine Recon/Sniper” card

      Richard “DICK” Acton, here’s your GOOGLE PIMP SLAP, BYTCH!

      • Climb to Glory says:

        Dick Acton is probably the name he uses when he frequents the local gay bars. I think a more appropriate name for this hose hound is Dick Action.

  4. Hondo says:

    Interesting that one line in the section of his records listing military training is blacked out, apparently for privacy reasons. Can any of our USMC folks shed some light on what might be there – and why it might be blacked out?

    I’m thinking a school failure, but maybe I’m wrong.

    • Sparks says:

      It was the “Stop Touching Yourself” PowerPoint training…he failed.

    • TankBoy says:

      Either that or something like a level 2 treatment. Notice he was a marksmanship/rifle range line coach, but ended up at audio visual. Also quite interesting.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Probably tried grabass on a WM who decked him but was stopped from killing him by the much larger and extremely hot gunnery sergeant on the range….

  5. Climb to Glory says:

    What, this shitbag didn’t claim Beirut service. Amateur. And what the fuck is an AV Librarian. How did he end up in an Arty unit. Did he reclass. This dude is a fucking soup sandwich.


      I would say it looks like he was at the end of his time and they may have TAD him or he was a POS MPH type of guy and they sent him there because he couldn’t handle infantry unit Training they do when not deployed. Liberian Audio Visual technician I think. I’m not a marine but we do a lot of training and are assigned in support of so I know some USMC shit

      • DevilChief says:

        Nah not really. At that time, A lot of times if you are in a deployable FMF unit and it is clear that you are not re-enlisting, they will give you an assignment like that to keep you from being inadvertently put on a deployment list and to make sure you don’t take up a billet that might prevent someone else from re-enlisting.

        In my career jammer and leadership interviews before my EAS, they explored re-enlistment options but I told them I had plans to attend college so I spent the last 60 days of my active service typing stuff over at S-3.

        • NECCSEABEECPO says:

          Ya , that’s what I was saying about the end of his time. We call them Non deployable do to transfer’s to new command or end of service. The time frame is usually first 45 day’s of deployment after that it depends on the deployment sites and the missions. If your doing Combat and Civil Humanitarian Deployments (AFRICOM and South America)your not deploying so the command sends to life guard and you know we had a guy work in the library.

    • Green Thumb says:

      He read about it.

    • TankBoy says:

      He was infantry with 2/2, he did six months temporary duty (fap) at base audio visual before eas. Then he went to a reserve arty unit for a drill or two.

    • DevilChief says:

      Also–he landed in the Arty unit in the SMCR (Selected Marine Corps Reserve 4th MarDiv) after his active service.

      After active service, you can opt into the SMCR as opposed to the IRR to stay active in the reserves. Over time, during a summer drill, you could get an additional MOS out of it if they send you to the school house. As an formerly active Marine, you could opt out anytime by just not going to drill (as you see in his records as he was transferred to back to the IRR). Looks like he never got into school before transferring back. Don’t know if they do this anymore but they did during that period. I, myself did this to stay involved while going to school (before I got jammed up in the Gulf War but that is another story).

  6. Jarhead says:

    One thing I still don’t get. Why do all these posers wear medals on their civvies? Wouldn’t you think that draws attention of the suspicious nature to begin with? Wouldn’t you think that makes your story sound illegitimate to begin with? I dunno, maybe some legit wear the ribbons just to show their pride. Never have seen one in all these years. But if I did, I’d immediately begin asking questions.

    There is one thing that would make for a happy ending to the stories about posers. Always it would be good to know their home town, and where they currently live. Those idiots need publicity, that’s why the do this. This would be a great place for their story to be spread without mercy for all to see. Kind of like a neighborhood being warned of child molesters. An entire town or city needs to know where the phony bastards live. Otherwise, it’s free stuff that should have been given to those who deserve. Bound to be others who share that view of satisfying the need of publicity for all posers.


      I’m with on that one Jarhead. I don’t get it’s like a red light here I am I’M a phony.

    • Hondo says:

      Jarhead: because along with being idiots, they’re also narcissists and attention whores.

      • Andy11M says:

        This right here is why. LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!
        Simply wearing a “Marine” hat wouldn’t be enough.He wants you to know he was the ultimate bad ass.

    • Peter the Bubblehead says:

      Members of my Sub Vets Base often wear mini-ribbon racks or medals for official base functions (formal events, for which such decorations are authorized to be worn by veterans), plus I wear Dolphins and a mini-rack on my everyday Sub Vet windbreaker jacket, and wearing of the jacket/submarine ball cap is encouraged to grab attention and let other submarine veterans who are not aware of our organization know we exist. I have seen similar done by other veterans groups too (such as the First Marine Division Association that my father was a member of when he was alive). So wearing military decorations on civilian clothing, if done according to military and/or vet organization regs, is fairly common.

    • AW1Ed says:

      I have an old camo boonie hat with my 1St Class Petty Officer crow /w gold strips, and miniature Aircrew wings on it. Mostly because I was a 1st Class PO and a Naval Aircrewman.
      It’s also my fishing hat, so it spends most of the time hanging on the closet door.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        I have mosquito netting on my boonie hat. It was for those times I was deep in the swamps, fighting gigantic hordes of bloodsucking crane flies and subsurface cannibalistic catfish….

    • Sgt J says:

      I’ve worn medals on a suit but only to my buddy and fellow Marine’s funeral and brother in law’s wedding because I was asked to

  7. Sparks says:


  8. Marine_7002 says:

    Hondo: school failure/drop is a possibility. Don’t know why they would black out his class standing for schools he completed, though. Tankboy or any other 1stSgts/01s out there, any idea why they would do that?

    CTG, he was released from active duty (RELAD) and went to a Reserve unit, they probably didn’t have any 03 positions available so arty was likely the MOS he chose/was assigned. He went IRR, joined the Reserve unit, and less than four months later he was transferred into the IRR. That begs a question or two as to why, unless I’m missing something (my knowledge about the Reserves and IRR is rather limited).

    Corporal in just under 4 years for grunts is not all that unusual. Promotions in the 03 field can be pretty slow at times.

    Don’t see any real warning flags about his service. Spent some time on Okinawa, earned a Good Conduct Medal for staying out of trouble (or not getting in much trouble), and was given a “skate” job for a few months.

    • Hondo says:

      Moving to a different location outside a reasonable commuting distance could explain the transfer back to the IRR from a USMCR. I guess substandard performance or non-participation could as well, if the unit opted to do that vice process him for separation.

  9. Combat Historian says:

    This guy was an 0311 grunt and that wasn’t good enough? One should be proud of being a grunt, but that’s not good enough for this shitbag? I was an 11C mortar maggot when I was enlisted; I’m plenty proud of that. What the fuck is wrong with these people ???

  10. ChipNASA says:




    Marine Combat Farking LIBRARIAN?!?!?!?


    /no wonder dickless here hat to inflate his career.

    • Sorensen25 says:

      He was a grunt (03) and then was FAPed to work there on a temporary basis, probably after he revealed to the 1stSgt that he had no plans on reenlisting. There is no librarian MOS in the Marine Corps.

  11. JarHead Pat says:

    IMHO, these are the worst kind of posers out there, he had a fine career, he did his job, but now he wants to play make believe he is a fucking Gunny Highway, I wish there was a way to take back our EGA from this sack o shit.

  12. LisaNRicky Bibby says:

    [XXX}, (205)413-[XXXX] This is the phony douche bag, Richard Acton’s last contact info that I had. I am his step mother (former Army National Guard) and am married to his biological father. He also has adoptive parents. I turned him in for his lies. He previously stated he was “owner” of Tennessee Valley Tactical. Then stated he lived in Georgia. Dont know where he is, his wife’s name is Rose Acton. He has 4 kids with previous wife and has always refused to pay child support. He is a shitbag. His bio dad, my husband had a triple bypass in 2010. This asshole told me he was straightening the shop/garage, while he actually stole appx. $10,000 worth of tools from his dad and half brother. Never got stuff back, he left town. If anyone finds him, please beat him senseless for us!! lol Thanks!

  13. LisaNRicky Bibby says:

    Richard Acton is also on Google+

  14. LisaNRicky Bibby says:

    If u want his contact info, please msg. us on FB – Lisa NRickyBibby