Sunday morning feel good stories

| October 4, 2015

Our first story this morning comes from Reseda, California where a homeowner awoke to the sound of his door opening. he secured his handgun and went to check on the noise. He encountered the fellow in his kitchen and about a range of three feet, the homeowner fired, the intruder un-assed the AO at a high rate of speed, so quickly that it’s unknown if he was struck by bullets.

In Houston, Texas, Tony Zavala saw a group of men robbing his neighbor’s unoccupied house, so he grabbed his gun and confronted the group. Two of them complied to the instructions of the former Houston police officer and his wife who were both armed.

In Kansas City, Missouri, there have been a rash of home invasions perpetrated by fake police officers, the most recent one may have put an end to the practice – the home owner got into a shoot-out with the fake officer who had identified himself as a Kansas City Police officer. In another similar incident, the resident fired a shotgun at the criminal while he was making his escape. There’s no evidence that anyone was injured in any of the encounters.

In Miami, Florida, a woman stabbed a fellow who broke into her house while she was cooking – the resident used the knife with which she was cooking to drive the fellow away. It’s unknown if he was armed or not.

At a MacDonald’s in Buffalo, New York, two guys were standing in line when one decided to rob the other with his gun. A struggle ensued, and the victim was shot. The thief also shot himself in the hand during the struggle. Other customers joined in the fun and disarmed the robber holding him until the police arrived. The article says that neither gun shot would was life threatening. I wonder why the thief thought that someone in the MacDonald’s line would have enough cash to make it worth his trouble to rob him.

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    Fast food = Fast money. I guess that he wasn’t ready for the big score he could get from Family Dollar.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    The Kansas City homeowner needs a little more range time, but at least he drove off the crook.

    But, yes – what was that dink at McD’s thinking? That he might get a coupon book out of the other guy?

  3. Reb says:

    Guess the robber couldn’t afford a Happy Meal. You couldn’t get me to eat anything from a drive through even if the garbage was free. I like homemade food, and cooking it.

  4. Hondo says:

    Given the amount of “bling” you sometimes see people wearing at McDonald’s and the price of gold, taking the guy’s cash might not have been the motive.

    Or, alternatively, maybe the guy wanted the other individuals’ new iPhone.

  5. jonp says:

    Dude realized he was a little short and could not buy some fries. You know how good those fries are.

  6. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Dude, they have a dollar menu for a reason, no need to get the quarter pounder!