Don Shipley meets Michael Orlando Hall in New Orleans

| October 10, 2015

Micahel Orlando Hall

Don Shipley travels to New Orleans to meet Michael Orlando Hall and finds him holding court and pretending to be a Navy SEAL Captain with his big-ass Navy SEAL Tattoo. Hall tells Shipley to “do your homework”. Um, Language Warning.

Here’s the homework that Hall never figured would get done; a felony conviction for sexual battery;

Michael Orlando Hall (5)

He had two years and three months of service and was awarded the prestigious National Defense Service Medal for those two years of service.

Michael Orlando Hall tattoo

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  1. Dudeist_priest says:

    He’ll probably move his schtick to the gay bars at the far end of Bourbon street.

    • Club Manager says:

      Ummmm Dudeist, how is it you know where the gay bars are?

      • CLAW131 says:

        Speaking of gay, I just saw this meme a little while ago. It went like this:

        Dear Abby:

        I’m an 18 year old girl that lives in Arkansas.
        I’m still a virgin.
        Do you think my brothers are gay?

        Signed: No date for Saturday night.

      • Dudeist_Priest says:

        Saw them when my unit was patroling the streets of New Orleans after Katrina.

    • MF says:

      I am new, here. Where do I find these cornholers?????

      • David says:

        Apparently in Ohio, “cornhole” can refer to a game – I passed a local ‘cornhole’ company on I77 last week in Canton.

  2. GDContractor says:

    I wouldn’t want that fat ignorant phony fuck anywhere near my motorcycle with a wrench in his hand. He should have stuck with telling tourists where they got their shoes.

    CWO Robertson looked like a spring about to come uncoiled. What was Mrs. Shipley railing about in the beginning… male privilege?

  3. Sam Naomi says:

    Mr. Hall, I have three words to send you.
    Thats all she wrote.

    Where the tall corn grows

  4. Joseph says:

    Check it out! Jive a$$ turkey! Why are so many of these posers motorcycle riders?

  5. Dave Hardin says:

    As usual there is always more to these shit stains than people realize.

  6. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Check it out.

    Uh, he did, numbnuts. Booted out, convicted felon, lifetime liar.

    Real fucking pillar of the community.

  7. MK75Gunner says:

    Was it just me or was anyone else rooting for the retired CWO to fucking jack that idiot up? “Check it out” motherfucker, you’re a liar.

  8. Just An Old Dog says:

    Why do these assholes think if they talk loud and repeat the same words over and over that it somehow validates them?
    I loved the change of demeanor from him holding court on the street corner to when he was at work.

  9. Jarhead says:

    Don Shipley deserves more than a pat on the back for all the work he does. Although he specializes in outing fake Navy Seals, I believe he also roots out imposters from all branches of service. Do we have anyone who specializes in exposing phony Marines? If not, lets put our heads together and get our own ball rolling. From what pops up daily, Shipley no doubt has his hand full with Seals alone. Got to hand it to him for perseverance; he never gives up and never gives in. A man to look up to with all respect.
    For what it’s worth, fuck that lard ass piece of shit hanging on Bourbon Street. My guess is folks like Hardin and myself would NOT have the self control that Shipley does. A real short fuse would have ended up with at least the two of us in jail. That’s the one thing they never taught us in boot camp, i. e., self control. It was kill or be killed.
    Bad character flaw that you never get out of your system. Some loud-mouth M. F. like that chocolate POS would just agitate one of us to push his button to the point of zipping his pie hole up.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      What? I have a long history of being calm cool and collected. I have a deep abiding compassion for these poor lost souls.

      I have ministered to a few of them and laid my hands upon them to cast out their demons while they started to speak in tongues.

      I have found that the nearest Mens room provides a perfect alter for that Come to Jesus moment. I guess we could start using a bucket of ice water and a video camera to gain some fame, but the urinal usually has a breath mint that can be used for that private moment of salvation and there is already a Porcelain bowl of Holy water bolted to the wall.

      It is always comforting to pray with them as they kneel before the alter, ‘eat and drink, do this in remembrance of me’.

      Rejoice brother, as they will boast no more with the new breath of urinal cake.

    • joe says:

      the guy Chief Shipley called out here sure needs a good @$$ whippin!!!

  10. Jarhead says:

    Wouldn’t you just love to hear Obozo say (again), “If I had a son”……
    Yep, he WOULD be from the same litter as you.

  11. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    That sorryassed bucket of LARD is SO addicted to his lie it isn’t even funny! Like Don Shipley (SCPO, USN, Ret.) said, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Very true, along with “Most of these characters will take their lies with them all the way to the grave.” and I see that with the clown they just outed! He’s never really accomplished anything other than graduating from Motorcycle mechanic’s School, he got booted out of the US Navy as well as a convicted felon, and he has to make himself out to be some mega-hero to justify his existence to everyone else. Maybe JUST MAYBE the bigger the loser they’ve been in this life, the bigger of a horseshit story they make up about their past?

  12. GMan61 says:

    Hey didn’t Don Shipley serve with Richard Marcinko in Vietnam?

  13. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I have said it once and will say it again, “Don’s Wife for President”.

    Clearly, Don would be the “Dick Chenney” of her presidency.

    Yeah, when you become a subject of Don, you are pretty much fucht’ded!

    Yeah, and some of those subjects get hit when they least expect it!

    God Bless the Honorable!

  14. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if that motorcycle parked outside belongs to Phony Phil Monkress?

    • Hack Stone says:

      Well, he did claim SEAL Team 2, same as Commander Phil Monkress. I wonder if he has someone that is willing to come onto the board and defend like some loser, who’s name escapes me at the moment, did.

  15. Old Trooper says:

    Well, I didn’t even get a NDSM. I was robbed!!!!!!

  16. jonp says:

    That is classic. Guy still rocking the lie. You know when someone descends into saying a couple of words over and over he knows he is in big trouble.

  17. FatCircles0311 says:

    I’m surprised after the running away comments the camera wasn’t shut off and some group of unknown individuals didn’t beat that turd’s ass with the police still looking for the people that did it.

    I mean wow. What a scumfuck.

  18. Tony180a says:

    In a perfect world…
    Vets should be allowed to stone these fucking Valor thiefs!!

  19. C2Show says:

    Dumbass Michael must have thought that Don was not going to come to the Motorcycle shop. He ran his mouth on bourbon thinking he was going to get away with that lie. How shocked was he when Don showed up and notice how he tried to rebuff his antics by saying he didnt want to talk about it at work…lol

    You invite someone to your work and they embarrass you. Good job on the commitment by Don.

  20. Skippy says:

    Priceless…… Wish I could have been there LMAO……

  21. Thunderstixx says:

    Always good to see The Great Hair taking down another puke that’s not worth the time it takes to vet his dumbass…
    Thank you Sir.
    We need to make sure that these Stolen Valor pukes don’t start calling themselves Honorary US Army Ski/Mountaineering Instructors.
    That really pisses me off when they do that shit.
    I’ll take a pair of Rossignols and stick them up their asses. Those 195’s should come out the other end of the asshole !!!
    Seriously, Thank you Don, Mrs. Don and all the rest of you guys that refuse to take this shit lying down.

  22. Jabatam says:

    What’s the problem? All he had to do was “check it out.”

  23. thebesig says:

    “Check it out and then come talk to me/let’s talk” – Michael Orlando Hall

    Don Shipley checked it out all right, then came back to talk to Michael Orlando Hall (Google hit). :mrgreen: OSSN with no SEAL training or experience. Two years and some change in the Navy. He kept on saying, “keep checking,” as if his record could “speak for itself” in a good way. 🙄

    He was checked out all right, and found to be a convicted felon.

    This guys remind me of that movie scene where the character is faced with grabbing the “holy grail” or the hand extended to save the character’s life. Only one could be chosen. They reach for the holy grail, lose their grip and fall, neither securing their life or the grail.

    This was his chance to come clean and to move on, but he reached for that “elusive grail.”

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      You Mean Michael Orlando Hall (GH!)? THE Michael Orlando Hall that was busted out in public and in his place of work by The Hair®™? The Michael Orlando Hall that NEVER graduated from US Navy BUD/S? THE Michael Orlando Hall that has a felony conviction? The Michael Orlando Hall that’s addicted to living his lie like a junkie is to getting a “fix”?

    • ThommyMac says:

      The grail reference was well put and well played.

  24. Pineywoods NCO says:

    Hey, Mr. Hall….check this out.

    All Points Logistics is under fire for not having enough ethnic backgrounds among its assholes. They need you.

  25. GDContractor says:

    Here’s the douchebag’s facebook page if you want to check it out.

    • Thirteen Bears says:

      That funny, Thirteen Bears no see him mention Navy SEAL stuff, joker no mention Warrior With Hair that visit him.

    • Fjardeson says:

      Well I’m not surprised.
      “Facebook cannot display this content right now”.

  26. Daisy Cutter says:

    Michael Hall in 1989 at University of Southern Mississippi – before he joined the Navy, was convicted of a felony, bulked up, and rocked the lie of being a SEAL. (at bottom of page)

  27. mr. sharkman says:

    Mr. ‘check it out’ has not learned a very important potential life-or-death lesson yet.

    Always keep an eye on the quite ones, and keep both on the ones that get more quiet as things get hotter.

    Robertson is a perfect example of this in the video.

    Because of the tone of the shit spewing from his big mouth, Michael Orlando Hall has no idea how fortunate he was to have been in a public place with multiple video recordings being made.

    It’s too bad they didn’t have that chat 1 on 1, a block or two off Bourbon St. Maybe not as much entertainment value, but the lesson learned and justice dispensed would have been significantly stronger.