Grandville Spayberry; phony wounded POW

| November 4, 2015

Grandville Spayberry

Back in March, our buddy, “Taco” Bell, busted this Grandville “GW” Spayberry fellow. I don’t know why i didn’t link it back then, so I’m rectifying that mistake today. Taco met the guy in a Barbershop where Spayberry was handing out these coins;

Grandville Spayberry-coin1

Spayberry told the world that he was a Navy radioman attached to US Marines in Vietnam when he was captured by the North Vietnamese in 1966 and then he was freed by a unit of South Korean Marines. Of course, none of that is true. Well, except that he was a radioman, but an RM2, an E-5 not the E-7 that he claimed. Taco talked with some of Spayberry’s former shipmates on the USS GURKE who told him that Spayberry was FOS. And of course, the DPAA has no record of him being a POW in Vietnam.

Grandville Spayberry-foia1

Grandville Spayberry assignments

But Spayberry’s service wasn’t good enough for him, he had to forge a DD215;

Grandville Spayberry-DD215-Forgededit1

So he could get some perks;

Grandville Spayberry-PH plates

And that’s why I mention him today. He has a date with the court to answer for those Purple Heart plates.

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  1. QM1 says:

    His own personal variation (Honesty-Courage-Integrity) of the Navy’s core values (Honor-Courage-Commitment) made me chuckle. That and the fact that he was handing them out at a local barbershop.

    • Taco Bell says:

      That was his downfall, making that coin. He gave it to our barber and left it there. I came in and saw the coin on the counter and google the main POW/MIA list. Game on from there. I never met him there at the time but I did remove his PH plates.

      • AZtoVA says:

        Doesn’t the coin say ‘Sprayberry’ instead of ‘Spayberry’? Guy can’t get his own name right on a forgery of a coin?

      • Reb says:

        Job well done ripping off his PH plate, Taco.
        Serving wasn’t good enough for him, so adding POW to look this pig for SSGT James M RAY last POW not accounted for. Upgraded to Died in captivity OR KIA. Sounds like bullshit to me..

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Made me jiggle a wee bit too!

  2. AW1 Tim says:

    Karma, she’s a beyatch.

  3. Dave Hardin says:

    Great work and good job with the follow up. Honesty, Courage, Integrity, I don’t think you can just go around handing that out. The irony of it all.

    Ok, I really do not understand this whole coin thing. What am I supposed to do when someone gives me one? Maybe if I understand what the hell they mean I will stop looking at the guy like an idiot. Am I supposed to have ones of my own to trade? Do I just accept it and smile? Am I supposed to give it away to someone else? Are they like Baseball cards used to be? I dont know what to do with them. I got this coffee cup getting kinda full with them.

    Do I make my own coin? What goes on them? I just feel like a moron with a stupid grin and no idea what ‘normal’ protocol is.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      I will say about the last five or six times I just say, “I dont do coins”. Not even really sure what that means either, why do I find the whole thing so idiotic?

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Not just you Dave, remember the PFC/LTG from some time ago? Someone being a poser or embellisher is bad enough, but spending their own money on coins to hand out? I just can’t fathom it either, I wonder what other stunts he’s pulled, I’m sure there’s more!

        • Dave Hardin says:

          I really dont know what the are supposed to mean. Do I just give them only to other veterans?

          I am thinking that I will say this, “I only accept coins if they have your full name, date of birth, branch, and dates of service; so I can FOIA your ass.

          • GDContractor says:

            If I was my hypothetical hero, I would make a coin that says, “Yeah, I married a stripper.” That would be awesome.

            • Dave Hardin says:

              LMAO, well, I dont think most men would like her response if they handed her a coin.

              • Hondo says:

                Hey, DH – that one actually has promise.

                Try “USMC Vet” on one side with the upper half (waist up) of a shapely lass in a bikini on the obverse. And put the lower half (waist down) on the reverse, along with “Be jealous, I married a stripper!” on the coin’s reverse.

                • GDContractor says:

                  I want one!

                  I do have a poker chip from an Army aviation unit I befriended in A’stan, “The Jokers”, and on the reverse side it has a shapely topless lass and around the edge it says “Jokers F#cking Wild”. That was just 4 years ago. I wonder if they have been subdued since.

                  • 3/17 Air Cav says:

                    I have seen some of those challenge coins associated with the Air Cav from time to time. Ive never really understood the concept of the whole thing.

                • Dave Hardin says:

                  I will probably market something that has potential. Something like a HONDOPHILE coin, or if a stripper earns her heels, we can award her with a HONDO HONEY coin.

                  Something like “Exposed for HONDO” or “HONDO POSER” on the back. I have to figure out how to attach a pony tail to the thing.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            You could tell these guys that unless the coin is a quarter, they should keep it, because you donate stray coins to a local pet shelter.

            If you can’t spend it, it’s useless.

        • C2Show says:

          Makes them feel like a big shot I think. They think officers run around handing them out as if they are heroes I am only assuming. I have no idea why people would do that stunt.

        • T$ says:

          Didn’t the Admiral of Rears have coins? or was it the phony BG

      • rgr1480 says:

        I kept the ones I received from the TLAs [Three-Lettered Agencies]. It’s a hoot when someone sees them in my office.

    • I have read elsewhere that a souvenir “Challenge Coin” is used in a bar to determine who has to pay for the drinks.

      Apparently two or more veterans compare their challenge coins to see which one has the most prestige, and the loser buys the drinks.

      I don’t go to bars, so it means nothing to me.

      I have three (03) souvenir challenge coins, one from General Shelton when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, another from a United States Army birthday party at the Pentagon, and a third from the Patriot Honor Guard Motorcycle Riders.

      I also have souvenir coins I purchased at EXPO ’70 in Osaka, Japan commemorating the Apollo Moon Landing, and from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics pavilion (where I was a V.I.P. – – – to avoid standing in the long line, I just had to show my military ID and a copy of my Viet Nam R&R orders).

      I have a key chain coin fob purchased at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem commemorating the Six Day War.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Interesting, so how do they decide which one has the most prestige?

        What could have more prestige than a coin that commemorates HONDOPHILLIA?

        • Maybe one that says, “HONDOPHOBIA”, or maybe, “HONDOMANIA”?

        • Or maybe, “HONDO SATURATION”?

        • Hondo says:

          A coin that says “I married a stripper. Eat your heart out.” would rate pretty damn high on that scale. (smile)

          About 3 decades ago, at least a few units used the challenge coin somewhat differently. The more senior unit members were reputedly expected to have one. If a group of those folks went into a bar and someone called a “coin check”, everyone displayed their unit coin. Whoever couldn’t (didn’t have one, left it at home, whatever) bought a round.

          At least two units on Fort Bragg in the late 1970s/early 1980s had such unit coins.

          • Dave Hardin says:

            So this started as an Army thing? Hmmm….never even heard of it until about 10 years ago.

          • T$ says:

            The SF guys did it when I was a kid growing up in Panama. They all had SF coins no matter where or what they were doing, up and including swimming at Devil’s Beach at Ft. Sherman. One guy met the other coming out of the water and lo and behold, he had it in his trunks. I always understood it to be an operator thing, the last decade or so everyone has them.. and they hand them out for whatever reason. Foolish I think, and it detracts from the original sentiment.
            Of course I went Navy and have had opportunity to answer a coin challenge or two in my years since I left the service. I carry my VP-69 squadron coin every day.

        • GDContractor says:

          A coin that just says “I AM HONDO” with lots of boobies. Might have to get FDA approval to sell it though… lasts for more than 4 hours and all of that….

          • Dave Hardin says:

            Now THAT would sell.

            I AM HONDO

            The challenge coin.

            Pre order by sending money to HONDOMANIA c/o Dave Hardin. I will personally make sure the funds are allocated.

            Remember to mail before midnight so you don’t forget.

            BUT WAIT, these is more. If you act not you get a bonus GUN NUTZ coin. YES, thats two, yes two coins for the price of one.

            You can keep as our free gift this strand of authentic hair from the legend HONDO himself.

            ACT NOW.

            • GDContractor says:

              For the Hondo coin, have E9 chevrons on one side for those days you feel like a command sergeant major. On the other side have an 07 star for those days you feel like a brigadier general. Hondo is a very complex man and the coin should reflect this… with added booby goodness.

              • Hondo says:

                These days, maybe a fat guy mooning the world for tails, and a “bad Santa” showing half a “peace sign” for heads might be more apropos.

                The other things you mention can stay, though. (smile)

            • Bernie Hackett says:

              Dave, put me on your list for one! At least!

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Is that the blue-footed boobie you’re referring to when you say “lots of boobies”?

  4. Bobo says:

    I can’t imagine anyone being so insecure as to spend money on coins to randomly hand out which perpetuate a false hero narrative. I guess that I’m just a cheap bastard.

  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    What State? I assume it’s Texas, I can’t really tell with the tacky ghetto frame he has! Texas doesn’t play around, I hope the Judge he appears in front of is a Vet, he at least needs to spend a bunch of time say, picking up dog crap in parks, maybe he can get some time in lockup as the “Property” of Bubba & Thor as well? I hope that slug snot-headed bucket of poodle dicks gets the book thrown at him, I was mentored by a WWII POW when I was a kid, and having been deployed myself, the phony PH claim alone makes me want to spit in his face if I ever saw him!

    • Fastjack says:

      Looks like Texan lettering to me. Source: Hell Paso/Ft. Bliss native prior to joining the Chair Force.

    • GDContractor says:

      Check out the link to Taco Bell’s site. Ft. Worth Texas is where this went down. Sir Taco did an epic takedown on this guy and it is well worth reading all the details.

    • David says:

      definitely Texas PH tag. Texas only has like 2,476,352 different vanity tags… thy charge about $75 above and beyond normal fees for ’em and make a lot of money from them. Thunderstixx can verify – some days around here it seems like the normal tags are a rarity.

  6. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    I’ll never understand the fascination these phoniys have with being a POW and claiming a Purple Heart. The orange bow tie he’s sporting is a nice touch though.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      I’m not all that sure about the orange bow-tie being a “nice” touch, Steve. Seems more along the lines of a sign saying choke me until I do the chicken.

      • Hondo says:

        Looks like at least 3 folks in that pic are wearing an orange bow tie. Maybe that was the specified necktie for the event at which the photo was taken.

  7. Dapandico says:

    Judge “Bailiff spay his berries”

  8. Hondo says:

    For completeness: DPAA’s Vietnam Accounted-For, Returnee, and Escapee lists may be found here:

    No one with the last name of “Spayberry” or “Sprayberry” is on any of those three lists.

    Screw this LSoS. I hope the judge gives his lying ass a max sentence on all counts.

    (Edited to add “Sprayberry” above.)

  9. ChipNASA says:

    I read the attached and I like the Fake E-7 ID he was sporting until NCIS took it from him and he had to go back and get a proper E-5 retiree ID.
    NCIS, That’s going to leave a mark.

    • GDContractor says:

      LOL Chip.
      Another thing, Taco make reference to this douche owning/operating a business. I wonder what shenanigans took place at that entity. Tip of the iceberg and all that…

    • Hondo says:

      I’m guessing he’ll skate on any Federal charges, Chip. Stolen Valor and forging a military discharge are only misdemeanors, so unless he also committed big-dollar VA fraud (or something similar) most US Attorneys will likely not think it worth their while to prosecute.

      However, Texas may well go after his ass. Purple Heart plates often are free or nearly so due to vehicle tax waivers – and vehicle taxes for new vehicles can be high. Might rise to felony $$$ levels. Ditto the false swearing that likely goes along with obtaining PH plates under false pretenses.

      • GDContractor says:

        I have heard of the days when “fraud” was a prosecutable crime, but I guess it created too much work on the system. Hell I don’t know…

        • Hondo says:

          Oh, it’s still prosecuted, GDC. But it seems Federal prosecutors only find prosecuting fraud worth their while these days if the fraud’s 5 or 6 figures or more.

          • GDContractor says:

            Death by a thousand cuts.

            • Taco Bell says:

              altering Gov’t doc’s is a Felony. That is what they have him on.

              • Hondo says:

                As far as the Federal law goes, altering, forging, or possessing an altered/forged military discharge certificate is a misdemeanor – see 18 USC 498. “Not more than one year” max incarceration equals Federal misdemeanor.

                If he altered some other Federal document, doing so may well be a Federal felony. I’d have to look that one up.

                If he altered a Texas state doc, or if Texas state law treats altering documents presented to the state for legal purposes differently than Federal law, he could well be facing state felony charges for that. States can and sometimes do have different criteria for what constitutes a felony under state law than does Federal law.

      • MrBill says:

        Good point, Hondo. However, if he was legitimately entitled to DV plates without the PH, there may not have been any monetary loss; as far as I know, the perks are the same (free plates, free parking in many places).

        • Hondo says:

          True. TX appears to allow Disabled Vet plates at the same fee as PH plates if the individual has a VA disability rating of 50% or greater (or 40% with lower extremity amputation).

          I’m thinking he might have a problem, though. TX also has a Disabled Vet/Purple Heart plate. If this tool had docs indicating he “qualified” for both (including his apparently-bogus DD215), I can’t see an attention whore like this guy not wanting to advertise that fact.

          His plates were only the PH plate – not DV/PH. I’m guessing that means he doesn’t qualify for DV plates, but I could be wrong.

          • MrBill says:

            The plates in the picture are actually both. The DV at the end of the number indicates that it’s a DV plate as well as a PH plate. The “DAVPRM” on his ID card indicates that he has a 100% permanent disability rating. Unless, of course, he faked the 100% rating just like he faked being an E7.

            • Hondo says:

              Interesting. The Texas DMV website shows the combo DV/PH plate as looking different than that – specifically, it has both “Purple Heart” (black text) and “Disabled Veteran US Armed Forces” (red text) under the plate number:


              I don’t see the second phrase. I guess it’s possible the license plate frame is hiding the second phrase, but I wouldn’t have guessed it was wide enough to obscure all of it.

              Regardless, you could very well be correct, and I’ll assume you are. Thanks for pointing that out.

              • MrBill says:

                There’s some red text visible at the bottom of the plate; I think it’s the DV text although it’s too fuzzy to read. That frame could get him pulled over in Texas btw, as the state name is almost completely obscured.

                • Hondo says:

                  Yep – expanded the photo and finally saw that. Missed it the first time around. It does indeed seem to be the upper portion of the phrase “Disabled Veteran US Armed Forces”.

                  Thanks for the correction. I dislike being wrong, but I detest seeing bad info posted w/o correction even worse.

        • Skippy says:

          no free DV plates here in the AZ no free parking no nothing. it’s all good though

    • rgr1480 says:

      NCIS, That’s going to leave a mark.

      Did he get Gibbs-slapped?

  10. B Woodman says:

    So. . .. is it “Spayberry”, or “Sprayberry”?
    The paperwork says “Spray”, your post says “Spay”. I’m not counting the phony coins.

    Either way, this whack job needs to have his nuts neutered. With a hammer. Hard.
    And a colo-rectal straightening, by Drs. Bubba, Thor, and Tiny.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    Some states gives seniors a discount on license plate fees and driver’s license renewals. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if money is tight, it helps. It’s the difference between $50 and $100+ for the plate renewal fee.

    I guess in this twinklefart’s case, a senior discount simply wasn’t enough.

  12. Sparks says:

    What a Shitbag!!! Nothing, I mean nothing bothers me more than the phony claims of 1. The Purple Heart Medal, 2. The POW Medal and 3. The CIB. Anymore when I see Purple Heart license plates I am so jaded I just think, oh shit, here we go again.

  13. Skippy says:

    what a pile of dog crap. I bet, all be it 50 bucks. he is getting money from the VA for being a POW and claiming to have a Purple Heart.

    • Hondo says:

      Skippy: one of our VA types can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe either the PH or being a former POW automatically entitles one to VA compensation – you still have to apply and demonstrate that you have a compensable disability.

      However, if memory serves at least one of the two (being a former POW) entitles you to waiver of some or all copayments for any VA medical care for non-service-connected conditions. (I think both rate a copayment waiver for non-service-connected treatment, but I’m not positive.) Being a former POW also makes a rather long list of medical conditions presumptive for service-connection. So if he’s been using VA medical care since getting that “DD215” in 2005 as a former POW or PH holder, he just might “have some ‘splainin’ to do” regarding copayments.

      • Skippy says:

        I hope for him, he didn’t go down that path. we had a turd up in Vegas that worked at the VA that was playing the POW/Purple Heart Card. and I was stunned to see after his 15 year employment they sent his dumb ass to the Bob wire hotel. Zero mercy. Lol
        it gave me a little hope that the VA could clean house if they had to

    • MrBill says:

      As I mentioned elsewhere in this thread, his DAVPRM ID card suggests that he has a 100% permanent VA rating. That DoD ID is given to those with 100% VA rating but who did not actually retire from the service. It entitles you to limited benefits such as exchange and commissary privileges, but not full retiree benefits (no medical or legal assistance, for example).

      • Skippy says:

        it has taken a whole day to figure it out. I remember this turd from back in April… if I remember right a certain master Chief I know said. his problems are way bigger then the Texas DMV. and the DOD is involved now also… or is that Uncle Sam ???
        he has some major issues.. so I guess you could say…
        PLAY STUPID GAMES,,,, WIN STUPID PRIZES And prison time

  14. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Bernath is probably checking this guy out to see who his hookup is for the challenge coins and the DD-215.

    The pic looks like it could have been a dining-in/dining-out that the CPO Mess held for him… I have no doubt that this assclown was pulled off any CPOA events after his crap came to light.

  15. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    What a fucking turd…”Grandville” my ass, should have named his lying ass “TurdVille” at least then you’d know he was a pile of crap…

  16. Dustoff says:

    Oh… our Marines were not good enough. He had to be rescued by a Special ROK Marine rescue team. ( I suddenly have a desire for soju and kimchi)

    • Once, when I was in Nha Trang, I was hitch-hiking, trying to get back to my unit at Camp Eagle, near Hue and Phu Bai.

      I could hear the small arms fire in the direction I was travelling, but I was determined to keep going.

      A Republic of Korea patrol came by and told me it was too dangerous for me to go any farther, because of the firefight, which I could plainly hear.

      Shortly after the Koreans left, the Provost Marshal sergeant major came by and picked me up, promising to put me on a plane in the morning.

      So, the next day, i flew on a C-7 “Caribou” making a mail run to LZ English at Bong Xon, the 173d Airborne base camp, where I spent another night, before catching a C-123 “Provider” to Chu Lai, and from there, taking a C-130 “Hercules” to Da Nang, where I volunteered to ride shotgun on a convoy headed over the Hai Vanh Pass to Phu Bai, where in pouring down rain, a chaplain in a jeep gave me a ride to Camp Eagle.

    • @ DUSTOFF:

      Sounds like YOU were there, too!

      I spent a year in Korea, mostly at Won Ju, but also in Seoul.

      I had surgery at “the 121st Evac in Seoul”, just like in the movie and the television series!

      • Written by a fourteen (14) year old boy, the lyrics refer to a lonely, depressed dentist serving with the United States Army in the Republic of Korea, whose nickname is, “Suicide”, and who specializes in pain free dentistry.

        “SONG FROM M*A*S*H

        Lyrics by: MIKE ALTMAN
        Music by: JOHNNY MANDEL

        VERSE # 01:
        Through early morning fog, I see
        Visions of the things to be.
        The pains that are withheld from me,
        I realize and I can see,

        Suicide is painless.
        It brings on many changes,
        And I can take or leave it if I please.

        VERSE # 02:
        I try to find a way to make
        All our little joys relate
        Without that ever-present hate.
        But, now, I know that it’s too late.

        VERSE # 03:
        The game of life is hard to play.
        I’m gonna lose it anyway.
        The losing card, I’ll someday lay.
        So, this is all I have to say,

        VERSE # 04:
        The only way to win is cheat
        And lay it down before I’m beat,
        And to another, give my seat,
        For that’s the only painless feat.

        VERSE # 05:
        The sword of time will pierce our skins.
        It doesn’t hurt when it begins.
        But, as it works its way on in,
        The pain grows stronger, watch it grin.

        VERSE # 06:
        A brave man once requested me
        To answer questions that are key.
        “Is it to be, or not to be”,
        And I replied, “Oh, why ask me?”

  17. Atkron says:

    Challenge coin…meh. I’d rather have the USS Forrestal or VA-105 Zippo lighters I carried. Unit lighters must have gone by the wayside as smoking became frowned upon.

    Those Zippo lighters were better than currency in the Med.

  18. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Nothing says LEGIT like your DD-215 being signed on 26 FEB 2013 by a GS-8 for service during the War on the Viet Nam.

    • GDContractor says:

      You pay extra you get eggroll.

    • Taco says:

      I may have goofed that up, he applied through his local Congresswoman that he rated a Combat Action Ribbon for action seen by the Gurka. They sent him the DD-215 and said no you don’t rate that, here is what you rate. someone changed that DD215 to now reflect the PH/POW and Combat Action Ribbon at the end. this is what he submitted to the Texas DMV. I believe someone else was correct when they said that it was a state felony to alter govt docs. The Grand Jury came back with a yes on going forward to a trial but I think he will plead out. They had Ken Cordier, a real POW and the head Navy Chief from the goat locker come talk about what he did and how it reflected on the real folks talk to the jury.

      • Marine_7002 says:

        Taco: thank you for your efforts in outing this asswipe.

        IMHO, out of all the Stolen Valor low-lifes out there, the absolute worst are the ones who falsely claim POW status, those who falsely claim the Purple Heart, and those who ingratiate themselves to the families of our fallen servicemembers.

        This turd is a loser on two of three counts.

        If only the road to hell were lined by the ghosts of POWs and Purple Heart servicemembers…a gauntlet that these PH and POW fakers would have to run for days and days and days, getting the shit beaten out of them as they move down that road…

  19. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Oh and opting NOT to have it sent to the VA … UBER LEGIT!

  20. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I read Taco Bell’s … or does he go by Mr. Bell … shit … still confused … back at Sandgram.

    Great story!

  21. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    This would not have happened in my Mess. I can smell a rat from 110 yards. I would have checked him out.

    Plus, the gold bow tie.


    Even in a dining in (closed Mess with no spouses) the uniform is black tie (as per Navy Uniforn Regs).

    But, what the gern dune do I know …