Medea, Millard and Uranus [by TSO]

| December 17, 2008

On 13 March 1781, Sir William Herschel announced to the world that he had discovered the heretofore unknown seventh planet in our Solar System.  Now, all of the planets up to this point were named after Roman deities.  This was not an idea which much appealed to Mr. Herschel who believed that such a discovery should be tied with the current King of England.  Thus, he decreed, the plant should be named “George.”

Now, this would have ruined school children everywhere who would have been required in their yut to memorize the sentence “My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Geraldo Seven Pizzas” which doesn’t quite role off the tongue.  Luckily for 3rd graders and bloggers with a sophomoric sense of humor everywhere, the planet was instead named “Uranus” which my science has proven produces snickers like no other planet name EVER.  Unless planet X should be named “Booger.”

Nonetheless, I tell this story because it segues nicely with the Jovian sized asshattery I just witnessed down at the White House.  Deciding to scrap a bad idea (George) with a potentially even stupider one (Uranus) always makes me melancholy about Code Pink.  But fear not, intrepid astronomer, because Code Pink has come through again.

Here’s the short story:

Peace Activists Take Shoes to White House in Solidarity with Shoe-Throwing Iraqi Journalist
Call for his release and tribute to Iraqis who have suffered under US occupation

WHAT: Peace activists to gather with shoes in solidarity to Iraqi journalist
WHEN: 11 a.m., Weds. Dec. 17
WHERE:  In front of White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And what release would be complete without a quote from a phony CIB wearing PowerPoint Slide Clicker:

“Having one shoe thrown at George Bush pales in comparison to the suffering that veterans and Iraqis go through everyday,” says Geoffrey Milliard of Iraq Veterans Against the War. “Perhaps if Bush can see some more of these shoes before he leaves office, he will feel some of our pain.”

So, I braved the elements with my intrepid photographer, and down Ye Olde Whyte House.  Here are some pics, and here you are kids.

You remember Geoff Millard from Jonn’s post the other day;

A giant Bush decapitated head – BDS reigns supreme;

And this guy was in another of Jonn’s posts last month; Jim Goodnow who defended the Impeachment Bus from a gang of wingnut facists (in his dreams);

The press out numbered the protesters by about 3:1.

I spoke with this young lady briefly.  She is from a Russian news station, and she is in quite a quandary.  She wants to come to the inauguration, but she has been unable to secure a place to stay.  I don’t want to give out her name, but if you know of anywhere, just email her at

She likes conservative men, bubble baths, frolicking naked, and drinking profligate amounts of alcohol.  Sometimes when she gets really drunk she likes to give massages, make out with other girls, and make samwiches.  If you can find it in your heart to help her out, won’t you please email now?  Because if not you, then who?  If not now, then when?

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  1. lucky says:

    Lol. Has everyone seen the Daily Show expose on Code Pink’s Berkley Recruiting Station campaign? Its on the Comedy Central website, and its hilarious, they sent in Robb Riggle, and these retards interrupted their own interview and stated matter-of-factly that if there were no Police, there would be no crime!

  2. Skye says:

    TSO, does your internet wife know about the GF??

  3. Jones in CO says:

    I will BUY her her own place.

    Does she cook?

  4. JimKellysGhost says:

    I tracked her down for you, TSO. Go check what you used to ask me.

  5. JimKellysGhost says:

    The above post was brought to you by Jim Kelly’s Ghost, by the way.

  6. Thanks Ghost, got it.

    Jim Kelly’s dead?
    (Man, that gag is like 10 years old for us now isn’t it?)

  7. Subsunk says:

    We also must have the most lonely group of males ever, as the number of you clicking that OBVIOUSLY faux email addy is skyrocketing. More on that tomorrow, but you’ve all supplied me with endless mirth today, I gotta tell you. — TSO

    Hope springs eternal, dude. And males are ALWAYS a gullible lot where you know what is concerned.

    Great post, by the way. And yes, your commenters are as funny as Ace’s.


  8. Brian says:

    It looks like the Russian News Organization uses the same video camera as my 9 year old nephew…

    Also, my face is available for rent to the reporter…

    Sorry for that last one…

    but, I am serious

  9. Craig says:

    Russia Today depleted its capital equipment budget with that tripod and Svetlana’s boots and jacket. A new camera’s including in the Five Year Plan, however.

  10. No one threw a shoe at Media Benjamin?

  11. Skye says:

    How do you think she acquired this collection, Ringo?

  12. Paliban Mom says:

    Everyone finds this shoe-flinging so very amusing, but the Paliban have discovered the true purpose of the incident . . . to infect President Bush with a communicable disease!

  13. Willy Pete says:

    I realize that most of the shoes were well-used by the Code Pinkos, but several of those in the photo appear to still have the K-Y stains on the toes. Note to Code Pinko people – a little sanitation goes a long way.

  14. Craig says:

    That’s right, K-Y jelly is non-conductive and therefore safe to use with electrically-powered devices.

  15. WOTN says:

    What if you held a protest and no one showed up? What if you proclaimed retreat and desertion as your motto and your followers listened?

    Looks to me like Code Stink had to go black to get their numbers, but what fake self-proclaimed warrior would be found in pink?

    Still someone needs a math class. There’s more than 12 journalists in that pic and I only count 1 IVAW, 1 VVAW (maybe) and two stinkos! Where’s John Kerry when you need him?

    What drives stinkos and pinkos? The Politics of Peace: and the populist appeal to their well-meaning but naive followers.

    I declare 2009 to be The Year of The Warrior.

  16. Raoul says:

    Arrest Bush?

    Arrest Jim Goodnow for Arson!!!

  17. Matt says:

    What is camera girl hiding. She has some nice pegs.

  18. William says:

    I’d love to see President Bush leave the podium, walk over to the “Reporter” who tossed his shoes at President Bush, and take that Reporter and beat the snot out of him, drag him around the room, toss him around like a sack of potatoes, and leave the Reporter in a coma for a few months, then return to the Podium and continue with what he was doing, as if nothing happened.