Washington Post Fact Checker and Hillary’s enlistment

| November 12, 2015

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker took on the task of rating Hilary Clinton’s claim that she once tried to enlist in the Marine Corps. To refresh your memory, she once told the tale that in 1975, she stuck her head in a Marine Corps recruiting station when she was about 26 years old – according to the story she told, the recruiter told her that she wasn’t much eligible for the Marines because of her age and her eye sight. The Fact Checker gave her Two Pinocchios – meaning that they could neither prove nor disprove the story. So let me help them out;

In 1975, the military was trying to make the All-Volunteer Force work. They were taking everyone who volunteered. I went in the Army in 1974, we had people who were in their thirties, so that was just ridiculous that a recruiter would turn away a twenty-six-year-old because of her age – especially one with a college education. They were taking people with bad eyesight, as long as it could be corrected with spectacles. There was a guy in our platoon with glasses that looked like soda bottles. Not just because it was the Army – everyone was hurting for recruits in those days.

The first time that she made the claim was 1994 and according to the Post, even the Left disbelieved her story. The only people who said that they heard something about it, were solid Clintonistas. And, oh, yeah, she got married later that same year.

I’m pretty sure that the Post won’t give Ben Carson a pass on his West Point story, but they seem willing to give a pass to Hillary for this story. Anyone who was in the military in 1975 knows how under strength and struggling the services were at the time. They were only a few years away from full integration of women into the services at the time. Considering the limitations of women in their job availability in the military, it’s difficult to believe that poor eye-sight or age would have prevented Clinton from beginning a military career. You know, eye-sight and age might have been a consideration if she planned to be an infantryman or something – but not a lawyer or a clerk.

But, you know, it’s Hillary and she can say anything she wants to say and the Post stands and applauds. Even her sniper story hasn’t precluded her from being a front-runner in the Democrat primary race.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    If that lying bitch told me the sky was blue, I would have to walk outside and verify it, myself.

  2. MSG Eric says:

    And here’s a shock! The FBI says they are looking deeper into her misleading claims and lying.

    I’ve found there are two types of Marine women, the ones that could be models and the ones that you might think are dudes. From her older pics, she’d definitely be the latter.

    The same thing happened in the early 2000s, the Army was giving waivers for anything and everything.

  3. David says:

    As long as your vision was correctable to 20/30 or 20/40 (I disremember) you were OK. The oldest guy in my basic training company was a Korean guy named Park who was 36. The oldest white guy was something like 32. In my platoon the oldest guy was almost 25 (me). Neither age nor eyes would have excluded her; my wife made it through Basic with glasses that seemed to weigh more than her rifle. So neither eyes nor age would have done it. Possibly being a pathological Commie lying sack of shit would? Me, I’m thinking the recruiter wasn’t referring to dogfaces…

    • MSG Eric says:

      I had a couple 34 year olds in my AIT class with me.

      When I was an instructor I had a 36 year old who joined with a waiver. He signed up with his son which was pretty cool. Though his son went infantry.

      I even had a guy in my Basic training platoon who joined because the judge told him to join the army or go to jail. That was in 1994. Apparently he beat the crap out of a guy with a pool cue in a fight. We thought it was just something from the 70s…

    • MustangCryppie says:

      I’m thinkin’ that the recruiter in question may have encouraged the female prospects based on whether he would want to date them or not.

      He couldn’t wait to get Hill the hell out of the office.

      Yeah, yeah, I think that’s it.

      • Hack Stone says:

        I heard, way back in the day, that all potential women Marines had to submit a photograph with their enlistment package. Not sure if that was true, but if it was, how did all of those ugly women get in?

        • UpNorth says:

          She was turned down because the extra long, special order boot blousers wouldn’t fit around her cankles.

  4. TheCloser says:

    I was in the Marine Corps in 1975 and she was certainly ugly enough to qualify as a BAM.

  5. ChipNASA says:

    You’re absolutely correct Jonn, The Fact Checker gave her Two Pinocchios….it should have been 4 Monica’s Cigars.


    I believe Chris Kyle joined at 29 or 30 and went to BUD’s and gradated. So why in 1974 that you would turn down a 26 yr. old female college educated, I don’t think so HC.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      IIRC, he was 25 when he enlisted.

      Even then, that’s pretty old to be going through BUD/S.

    • Roger in Republic says:

      And a Yale Law graduate. It would have taken them two days to commission her in those days. I call Bull shit.

  7. Animal says:

    Hillary versus a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. I’d pay to see that.

  8. Thunderstixx says:

    You’re setting a trap for Lars here, aren’t you Jonn?

  9. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    BOFA couldn’t find a Marine Corps Recruiting Station, even if she had a GPS. She’s lied for so long, you’d think she was either Bernasty’s sister or DuLlAsS’ wife…

    yes, I went there… 🙂

    • “went there”; because it was the only road open? The only thing unbelievable about a scenario like is that Hitlery is one of the “Elitists”, and wouldn”t cavort with bottom of the barrel types like the DRG.

  10. The Other Whitey says:

    Hillary almost joined the Marines.

    And I’m a Chinese jet pilot.

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Lying doesn’t matter to progressive/marxist/commies. The lie is merely a tool to be employed to obtain votes and power in order to effect their agenda. Conservatives are expected to play under different rules–and they should. Thus, citing a conservative’s lie is noteworthy and valuable but exposing Wide Load’s lies just isn’t. Yeah, it’s frustrating but the Peoples gets what the Peoples wants.

    • MSG Eric says:

      That’s an excellent point. It hasn’t been brought up in years.

      It is just amazing, along with how the mainstream media plays into it.

      NBC: Nothing But Clinton
      ABC: All ‘Bout Clinton
      CNN: Clinton News Network
      CNBC: Clinton’s News Broadcasting Clinton
      CBS: Clinton Broadcasting Service
      HLN: Hillary Loved Network

  12. L. Taylor says:

    I don’t really believe her claim. However, recruiter interactions can be personality driven.

    The Marine recruiter for my town was a pretty big prick to everyone who walked into his office, his sales technique was essentially “prove to me why I should want you in ‘my’ Corp.” He was dealing with high school kids. Given how nice the other recruiters were, the free pizza, field trips to bases, and bonus money the other branches were offering you pretty much had to be dead set on being a Marine regardless of any other offers to bother dealing with him.

    She had previously been told that her being a woman and her eyesight precluded her from her childhood dream of being an astronaut (at the time it was male only).

    Perhaps she did talk to a recruiter and it was a negative experience and she just remembers feeling rejected.

    The requirement for a commission was correctable 20/20. It is difficult to know if she had that at the time.

    Like, I said, I doubt she made an honest attempt to join the Marines. But I think it is possible she inquired, she had demonstrated previous interest in service in the past.

    • Marine_7002 says:

      “…you pretty much had to be dead set on being a Marine regardless of any other offers to bother dealing with him.”

      If that’s being a prick, then we (the Marines) are guilty as charged. First and foremost, you have to WANT TO BE A MARINE. Anything else (getting a bonus, getting the MOS you want, etc) is secondary.

      I remember reading an anecdote from the “Green Side Out, Brown Side Out” series of sea stories. Essentially, a fella walked into a Marine recruiter’s office after visiting other services’ recruiters and asked what the Marine Corps could do for him. The recruiter’s response: “Not a fucking thing. What can YOU do for the Corps?”

      • Carlton G Long says:

        I took my ASVAB at the local recruiting office which all the services shared. They graded them right there, and my army recruiter was talking up my score…some of the other recruiters overhead…the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard recruiters all gave me their cards…the Marine recruiter came out, looked me up and down, and said, “Good luck in the army, son.”

        • MustangCryppie says:

          That is FUNNY.

          I did well on the ASVAB also and my Navy recruiter said that I could get into the Air Force if I wanted. He asked why I didn’t.

          I told him I wanted to join a branch of the military.

          ///ducks for cover///

          The only thing he said was “I’ll be right back!”

          You can figure out where he went.

          • Fastjack says:

            According to my recruiter(chair force) I could have gone into practically any MOS I wanted(they were pushing Nuclear, which would have meant Minot, which is a very hard hell no on my end)… There was a Navy recruiter at my school the very next day seeming intent on getting me to go Navy. I’m pretty sure those guys are vultures.

          • Hack Stone says:

            As a former Marine Corps Recruiter, allow me to dispel a few misconceptions. Recruiters do not give you your MOS. Recruiters are on the street to meet and screen people that are mentally, morally and physically qualified. Once you go down to the MEPS, or AFEES for us old farts, the military liaison looks at the ASVAB score, and based on what the recruit is qualified for, and what MOS’s are available, they then present those jobs for the recruit to decide on what job he wants. If they are flexible on their ship date, they have more jobs available. You may have the score for the nuclear field, but if they are at 175% staffing, nukes are not in your future. One last thing, even though the infantry may have a minimum aptitude score, it does not mean that every grunt is an imbecile. Having spent a few decades in the communications field, I can tell you that some of my coworkers were complete idiots, and would last about two minutes with the grunts before they were put out of their misery.

        • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

          I was 17 when I walked into the Navy Recruiting Station in Hackensack, NJ.

          I told the recruiter that I would enlist in the Navy if he could guarantee me Boiler Technician Class A School and Boot Camp in Glakes, IL.

          He laughed and said, “this is a first, no one has ever asks to become a BT”.

          • Fastjack says:

            Why… Would you request BT? I mean, I assume you knew what ithad to do with, and found some kind of joy or amusement out of it, but from my end, that sounds like someone requesting Nuke or Services in the Air Force.

            • 2/17 Air Cav says:

              What a coincidence, Master Chief. I was 17 when I walked right past the Navy recruiter’s shack.

          • L. Taylor says:

            I was 17 when I joined as well. I wish I had spent more time talking with the Navy recruiter but her kept pushing me to the Nuclear program or the Crypto school.’

            The Army offered the same basic intel schools but an additional $15000 for college (the other services did not have college fund options – just the GI Bill).

            And the video they showed of their intel jobs showed some of them parachuting and set up a hide site.

            I was sold.

            I had zero interest in the Marines. As a kid I thought Army paratroopers and Army Special Forces were way cooler than Marines.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Fair enough. She doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to telling the truth, though. Not saying that’s unusual among politicians, of course.

  13. D says:

    What does the book of “poverbs” say about lying?

  14. Dave Hardin says:

    Some people seem to have a strange fixation on certain women. If you go back in time far enough you can find the strangest things:

  15. OldManchu says:


    It was my understanding they didn’t want to custom fit fatigues specially made to fit her fat disgusting ass and boots odd shaped enough to fit her cankles in to.

  16. JohnE says:

    As my Father once told me, “Of course (s)he is lair, all politicians are liars, if they weren’t they would have straight jobs…”

  17. Dapandico says:

    The rejection by the Marine Corps epowered her with the knowledge to dodge sniper fire in Bosnia.

    WaPo should fact check her Benghazi testimony or lack thereof.

  18. Martinjmpr says:

    I had thought the story was that she had “considered” applying to the USMC JAG program?

    JAG appointments are pretty competitive these days, I presume they would have been in ’75 also. According to Wikipedia, Hillary graduated from law school in ’73.

    I don’t know what the age cutoff was back then but when I looked into applying for JAG the cutoff age was 40 and I didn’t make it as I graduated from law school at 43.

    • Alberich says:

      Just more of Hillary selling her “tough gal” image to those who are eager to lap it up.

      Army JAG appointments were not horribly competitive in the earlier years of the Iraq war (when I got in; and I did need an age waiver because I was over 33)…I think they are so now mainly because the job market for lawyers is so bad. (But I doubt that everyone wanted to be a JAG at the tail end of Vietnam.)

      If she’d been that eager to serve and had been willing to settle for one of the other services, she probably could’ve breezed into a direct appointment…she had the academic background at least.

      • ChipNASA says:

        To quote Animal above

        I’ve got nothing. Hillary and erotica “lap it up” don’t belong in the same conversation.

      • Alberich says:

        Chip – heh.

        P.S. – Law graduates are normally 25-26 years old (since it’s three years after the undergrad degree) so it’s really hard to see how a prospective judge-advocate would be rejected for being 26 in any service.

  19. Climb to Glory says:

    Shrillary tried joining the Marines. Yeah and I dated Kate Upton.

  20. Pinto Nag says:

    Oh, W H A T E V E R. Next week she’ll have a story about an alien abduction. I guess there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

  21. USAF E-5 says:

    Joined in 79. Basic in June, oldest guy was 36 with a College Degree in Business Mgt. Hell, I weighed 231 on the Friday I reported to Lackland AFB. It was 120 degrees. Monday I weighted 203lbs. I left at 150lbs 8 weeks later. Still pisses me off they consider weight a problem for enlisting. Every one of my brothers but 1 was overweight before enlistment. Nothing like a good summer workout to cut the fat an water off you.

    • Hack Stone says:

      I shipped at 129 pounds. Minimum weight for my height was 127 pounds. Graduated at 148 pounds. These days, my weight is only on a need to know basis.

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        Shipped at 162 lbs. Graduated boot at 147 lbs.

        Waist size went from a 33 to a 28. That should tell you something as well.

  22. MGySgtRet. says:

    They wouldn’t take her because those wily recruiters could smell a turd from a mile away!!

  23. B Woodman says:

    WaPo? Fact Checker? Now THERE’S an oxymoron for ya. With emphasis on the mo-ron.

  24. Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

    As someone who enlisted 1976 and served as an Army recruiter from 1982 – 1985 (DA selected – voluntold) I can assure you she is full of sh*t! In 1975 all branches could enlist folks up to the age of 35 as long as they were otherwise qualified.

    She probably stopped in looking for a date… Man, just think, she could have been a Marine wife and we would not be having this conversation!

    • Guard Bum says:

      I enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 in 1977 and the Corps has always had an age cutoff for non prior service of 29. At 26 she would not have been rejected for age.

  25. cato says:

    There are thousands of “wanna-bes” and “coulda beens” out there.

    hillary wants the prestige and honor of being thought of as a Woman Marine without ever attempting or being one.

    hillary doesn’t display one characteristic of any Woman Marine I’ve ever met, particularly integrity and honor.

    Pretty close to being “Stolen Valor” in my book.

    The bitch of benghazi wouldn’t lie, would she?
    I mean she said Christ Stevens was joking when he repeatedly asked for more security at the consulate.

  26. Aysel says:

    so, because she couldn’t be a Marine, she married a draft dodger instead?

  27. Bill R. says:

    I enlisted at 21 in 1980. The oldest guy in my Basic Training flight was 27.

  28. Jarhead says:

    My guess she inquired as to whether she could move immediately after boot camp to Commandant. Only problem was, she asked if she could be the Fuhrer.
    We didn’t want her then, we don’t want her now. Don’t let the door hit you in that broad ass you lying psychopath. You are too damned ugly to be in our Corps. Go join the ASPCA. Maybe you can train to fight with retarded pit bulls. What you need to focus on is putting that dog face to work. Not waste time trying to be a Devil Dog. Go fetch my bone….it’s between my legs.

  29. H1 says:

    My recruiter in 75 didn’t speak in that vernacular so I suspect most of the convo was derived from old military movies.

    Given her intense dislike for the military and all things associated it does sound contrived.

    One story I saw indicated it was a trolling action and all branches had been approached.