Shawn Culbertson; Phony Ranger, wounded veteran (video added)

| November 21, 2015

Shawn Culbertson

Someone sent us a link to an article about Shawn Culbertson of Olathe, Kansas, who claimed to be an Army Staff Sergeant, a Ranger and a wounded veteran of the Iraq War. He also volunteered to walk patrol at a local recruiter office when folks were doing that after the attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this last summer. He chaired an organization called “Op6” of veterans who did something or other that is not clear in the article, I think they worked on the homes of veterans when they weren’t marching post at recruiter offices. He claimed to members of his little group that he had been in the 3rd Ranger Battalion and wounded.

He also claimed to have a Masters Degree from the University of Colorado and a Bachelors Degree at the University of Kansas. Neither school has any record of degrees for him.

The Army also claims that he spent three years in the Army, part of which was spent AWOL and he was discharged without any deployments as a private.

A post on the public Op6 Facebook page, apologizing for a t-shirt sales mishap, is signed, “Ret. Ssgt. Shawn Culbertson, M.A.”

Asked if he submitted that post, Culberston responded, “Right, got my master’s degree.”

Asked about the rank of staff sergeant, Culbertson stumbled and laughed briefly, then said, “Okay, yes, I was.”

Not according to the U.S. Army. They say he went in as a private in 2003 and left as a private in 2006. He was never deployed and was administratively discharged after being AWOL for three months.

The article says that Culbertson hasn’t done anything illegal, but, our buddy, Bulldog, from Guardian of Valor, adds;

[Anthony] Anderson says if he could speak to Culbertson, he’d tell him this:

“Just be proud of what you did. You did what only five percent of America has ever done. And that’s served his nation. You didn’t make it all the way through but at least you tried. Those no reason to take honor and glory from someone else. I’m proud of you whether you were a supply guy, whether you were a cook. It doesn’t matter. You still served your country. To me, when you embellish your record like that, there’s no reason to do it. I don’t understand why.”


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  1. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    I wouldn’t be as nice as Anderson…

  2. Just An Old Dog says:

    Be proud you had the guts to try, be honest in that you were a dumb ass that fucked up and got booted out and no one has problems.

  3. QM11 says:

    He has the shades, therefore it must be true.

  4. Green Thumb says:

    I would not tell him that he should be proud of shit.

    It gets old pushuing the concept that at least if you were in, you did the right thing.

    This dude is a fucking dirtbag. Not all Vets are “good people”.

    AWOL and discharged as a Private = Shitbag.

    • CC Senor says:

      Thanks, GT. Guys like him were part of the 2% that seemed to take up about 98% percent of my time as a junior NCO. When they weren’t AWOL they had to be escorted everywhere to keep from being that way. Not everyone got the re-enlistment pitch from yours truly.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        You mean the kind you’d have escorted around post to MAKE DAMNED SURE they were getting cleared and TFO of the Military?

        • Green Thumb says:

          And right to and out of Main Gate.

          To the All-Points Logistics bus waiting to provide them free transportation to Merritt island, FL to begin their new careers.

          And who says ACAP is bogus?

  5. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    And yet legit veterans get harassed in airports while shitbags like this guy walk around free as a bird.

  6. Sparks says:

    Shitbag! If he wanted to help, why not just show up and say, “I’m a veteran and I’m here to help in any way I can.” Period. But hell no, of course not. They always have to spice it up like spit shined boots with, “Yea that’s right, I’m ex Ranger or Special Ops”, or some such horse shit and of course the coveted, very high and extremely hard to attain rank of, Staff Sergeant…with a Masters Degree no less. I guess the Masters Degree makes up for the low sheen of Staff Sergeant. Being the dumb ass who left as the same Private he entered he doesn’t get it I gather. He doesn’t realize most NCOs with a Masters don’t stay Staff Sergeant for long or even NCOs in many cases. But dumb asses will always be dumb asses and do what dumb asses always do. Never, ever fails does it?

    • SSG E says:

      I would point out that Staff Sergeant has been empirically proven to be the best rank in the entire Army. It’s a scientific fact…

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    WTF, is he Brandon Garrison’s circle jerk pal? Three months AWOL and an admin discharge and now he spouts off that he was Ranger and all that shit. He’s another human cockroach that I think should be forced to attend a Ranger Rendezvous on Ft. Benning and spout his shit to real Rangers when there are no cameras or outside witnesses!

  8. Jarhead says:

    Yea, I’m proud of my asshole likewise. It opened up and let a turd pass through. Only problem, was when the turd escaped, it had grandiose stories about having to protect my anus from all the other turds trying to get out. Apparently (according to it) their is a turd war going on just before the opening. Some are trying to destroy others in an effort to get out.
    What I thought I saw was the remains of a purple onion, but it turned out to be a purple heart. Oh the stories of all the combat going on near the bung hole. Worse yet, one of them claimed to have earned a degree at the Univ. of Digestion on the way out. Another had volunteered to sit at the end of the large intestine and protect the passage way for the weaker members who were having a hard time getting through. Turd lives matter.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Generally when I am faced with that much Phil Monkress, I flush the toilet as a courtesy to others.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      When I can quite laughing, I will post the following:

      Jarhead, you completely forgot the gas attack in that territorial culture war.

      It was voluminous. It was noisome. It floated above eyebrow level, made contact with a transformer on the nearest power line pole and created a flameball that nearly destroyed the neighborhood.

      Fortunately, people were asleep and unharmed.

      • Jarhead says:

        Ex-PH2…thank you for the reminder. Still suffering from the dreaded CRS. Hope you found the response to Aunt Harriet to your liking.

  9. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    The assclown got himself those cool shades as part of the “Call of Booty – Anal Buttsekks Warrior” holiday fun-pack (the shades are part of the “Operation Felching Queefer” add-on expansion pack).

    Also included in the fun-pack is “the Anal Intruder (aka: Phildo)” with patented “gorilla fist” action and two free tickets to see Samwell sing the unofficial anthem of the DRG (sung at all official events).

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Degree from KU? Um, no, but he was enrolled as a sophomore so he probably has a couple dozen credits.

    Master’s Degree? Um, no. Not even from UC Berkeley, let alone the Univ of Colorado.

    Purple Heart for the combat wound he claims? Nope.

    Deployment to “the sandbox, as we like to call it?” That’s a big N and O.

    Lies, lies, and more lies. Anderson is still in service so I wouldn’t expect him to speak his heart, what with Moerk still around. Either that or he’s a saint to give this bag-o-crap liar any credit at all.

    Thanks to KCTV 5 News for the lowdown on this guy.

  11. Hondo says:

    Dirtbag LSoS.

  12. Skippy says:

    why doesn’t anybody ever claim to be a 88M or a 42A ????
    shit try civil affairs… it’s more believable then SF or Ranger… LMFAO !!!!
    two words for the LOW SPEED WASH OUT

    • Skippy says:

      Damn I forgot 88N that’s a good MOS what’s wrong with that one. I was 19D as a first and then 88M 88N and 35H the last three where better then the first as far as leaning about the Army meeting great people and having a skill that stays with you after you move on. These SHITBAGS that think you have to be a Ranger or in a SOC or SF to be something are stupid. GEEEEZE

    • B Woodman says:

      Back-in-the-day, I was a 31E Field Radio Repairer (I think it’s now a 25 series something-or-another), when it was PRC77s, GRC106s, VRC12 series (RT524, R442, etc). I even got to play with the first series of SINCGARS for a year or two.

      Yep. Our commo mottos were, “You can talk about us, but you can’t talk without us”, AND (when I was supporting the 2ACR in Germany), “without us, all you got is a 60 ton paperweight”.

      Nothing wrong with being satisfied with what you did.

  13. Jonn Lilyea says:

    So, now he’s going to sue the TV station and GoV for something or other he says.

  14. OAE CPO USN Ret says:

    Check out the comments on that news station’s Facebook post. An ex-girlfriend chimes in. Also some guy that is butthurt that they called him out on TV.

    • CLAW says:

      And the hits just keep on coming.

      Created false LES’s(Leave and Earnings Statement) to defraud apartment landlords?

      Claimed to be a co-owner of a marijuana production factory in Colorado?

      Has outstanding arrest warrants? He’s right there in Kansas. Arrest him already.

      Once a dumbass Private, always a dumbass Private. Liars gotta lie. They can’t help themselves.

      Now he’s threatening to sue GoV and the TV station? Lotsa luck with that.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Absoulutely BERNATHIAN!!

        • CLAW says:

          Also viewed his little love me box on the added video.

          Three Purple Hearts, three Bronze Star Medals (one with a V Device) and a Silver Star.

          I guess we know where the profits went from the doobie mill in Colorado.

          Either to Medals of America or Up In Smoke.

        • Skippy says:


    • Skippy says:

      Saturday comedy all the way…..

  15. Dalton Coldiron says:

    Seriously I am tired of these phonies! It makes me sick that my brothers and sisters have sacrificed so much to have it stole.

    • Skippy says:

      where is da 214 Bunni ?????

    • Green Thumb says:


    • Hondo says:

      Yep, Bunni-boi is back.

      He keeps popping up, kinda like something you can’t seem to get rid of. Like a really bad case of athlete’s foot that goes away for a while, then recurs.

      So, Bunni-boi – where is that DD214? Did you send Jonn a copy of it yet? No? Why not? Still “looking for it”?

      • Green Thumb says:

        Much like a case of the “Otchys”.

        That you can catch (and probably will) if you do not sanitize your “Phildo” between users.

      • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

        It’s in his duffel bag that was in his Mom’s basement when the flood hit (Visconti’s Syndrome)… or global warming set it on fire… or some other shit…

      • Dalton Coldiron says:

        Dude quit bringing fefe into this weirdo.

        • Hondo says:

          We’ll talk about that after you produce a legit DD214 showing you’re not an IET washout; that you’ve completed Ranger School; and that your other claims are true.

          But don’t try to use a forgery. Federal law says that’s a no-no. And as noted below, if you were ever actually honorably discharged vice being an IET washout, you’d already have your DD214. It takes about 30 seconds to scan something to PDF and another 30 seconds to email it.

          Put up or shut up time, bunni-boi.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Speaking of shitbags….

  16. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like and respect this guy, Shawn Culbertson. He wants to be like me – a real fake American hero. He took on large parts of my story – Ranger, retired, protector of the Brotherhood.

    Fake Ranger Culbertson can simply refer to me as Fake Ranger Giduck.

    He could have taken on the girth of my waistline if he’d been really motivated. That would be apparently a smidge too far. The All-Donut and Warm Protein Truckstop Diet takes a tough man to conquer.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  17. streetsweeper says:

    And you young man, are NUTS for not dialing 911 in the first place.

  18. Dalton Coldiron says:

    There is a dude in my hometown who does the same stuff. I used to date his sister and he constantly tries to act like a tough guy until I beat him down.

    • CLAW says:

      No, No, Bunni-Boi. What I think you meant to say is:

      I am that dude in my hometown who does the same stuff.

      I date my sister and I constantly tried to
      act like a tough guy until I got my ass beat down.

      So, there, I fixed it for ya. BTW, where’s that new DD214? Still to busy to find it?

      • Dalton Coldiron says:

        Dude I told everyone I would get it soon. I have been busy gettin’ busy (if you catch my drift). I have been super busy what do you want me to do drop everything and get it to you? I do have a job, family, a girlfriend and a my pet bunny fefe to take care of. I’m a busy dude.

        My new 214 will end all of this and I will get an apology, respect and envy from all you chodes.

        • Green Thumb says:

          Did you visit Forgin’ Frank Visconi?

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Aren’t you up past your bedtime, bunny sniffer?

        • MrBill says:

          If you were actually honorably discharged you’d already have your 214. Takes 30 seconds to use a scanner.

          Yes, there’s a world of difference between a “scanner” and a “scammer”.

        • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

          “Gettin’ busy”… being the pivot man at the community circle jerk at the local gay bar?

          No 214 now… never will see it… just keep on rocking the lie.

        • Marine_7002 says:


          He thrives on the comments ’cause that’s the only way he can get anyone to pay attention to him.

        • Hondo says:

          Yo, bunni-boi: you do realize that forging, altering, or counterfeiting a military discharge certificate (today, a DD214) – or possessing a forged, altered, or counterfeit a military discharge certificate – is a Federal crime, right?

          Put up or shut up time, bunni-boi. I’d suggest you simply STFU and go back to spending “quality time” with your personal Little Bunny Foo Foo vice trying to BS people who already know you’re full of it.

          But if you want to provide something for our amusement, I’d think long and hard about providing a faked or altered DD214. If you provide one that appears to be a forgery, there’s a good bet that local LE might end up with a copy for their perusal. And you might be answering some awkward questions thereafter.

          Just food for thought.

          • Dalton Coldiron says:

            Listen it’s not a fake we all know it’s not a fake. I don’t break the law we all know that. I have been busy with my many ladies because we all know in Perry, OK the ladies call me Dalton Hotiron and want my hot piece of iron.

            Dude on a serious note I will get it you. I don’t own a scanner and my computer has a virus. What do you want me to do?!?!? I’ll get it to you when I get it to you just have some faith.

            I came clean admitted I lied but reenlisted. My career is nothing great no CIB, no CAB, nothing but an Arcom and AAM.

            • Hondo says:

              No, we don’t “all know it’s not a fake.” All we have seen are your claims. My guess is those claims of later service are BS, just like your original claims turned out to be lies. So far we haven’t seen any proof.

              Frankly, I doubt we ever will. And the “my computer has a virus” claim is lame – sort of the Internet Age equivalent of “my dog ate my homework” from a different era.

              Still, I’ll try to help ya out here. There’s always the public library and/or Kinko’s/Office Depot/Office Max. The latter three all offer scanning services, and the former generally allows access to webmail.

              Go spend $5 or $10 on a smallish thumbdrive (Big Lots usually has them damn cheap). Then take your DD214 down to Kinko’s/Office Max/Office Depot and pay them a couple of $$ to scan it to PDF for you and store PDF file on the thumbdrive. Then see if you can use an uninfected computer to upload the DD214 and email Jonn a copy. Your local library would be a good place to start. Otherwise, ask a friend to help you out – assuming you have any friends.

              But I’m guessing you already knew all of that and you’re just telling another tall tale here while playing for time, bunni-boi. So prove me wrong – if you can.

              • Dalton Coldiron says:

                Dude there isn’t a kinkos in Perry, Ok. The nearest one is in Stillwater. So you want me to take the day off and drive to Stillwater? I would get fired.

                I can’t get to the library because it’s closed by the time I get off…work that is 😉 I will get it to you, you know I’m good for it. I have never been dishonest and have fully admitted I lied before. I have redeemed myself and reenlisted and served honorably.

                To quote George Washington, “I cannot tell a lie.” I am one of the good guys. If I offended people before then I’m sorry. I’m a busy guy who will get you my dd214 when I have time.

                • CLAW says:

                  At this point the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the cheapest route to go.

                  Only 62 cents for an pre-stamped envelope and a stop at a mail box.

                  Too busy even for that?

                  You lied before and are still lying. So, stop stroking “fefe” so much and get it done.

            • GDContractor says:

              Luke, meet your real father:

            • CLAW says:

              Don’t have a scanner? Computer has a virus? Thumbdrives are too expensive?

              Here’s a little tip. Addressed envelope, stamp find a mail box.

              USPS(snail mail) hasn’t went out of business.

              So simple even a bunni-sniffer could do it.

              • Hondo says:

                Thanks CLAW. That’s an even simpler solution.

                Jonn’s USPS mailing address is listed under “Contact Us”. Last time I checked, black-and-white photocopies are damn cheap, and the USPS sells stamped envelopes for 62 cents (qty 1). Total cost to prove you’re not lying: less than $1.

                Unless, of course, you’re lying, which I’m reasonably sure you are. Then you won’t be able to do that.

                Now, how about you either execute or shut yer pie hole, bunni-boi?

                • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

                  He’s getting ready for that “manhole inspector” test at the local gay bar… dude is nothing but a cock gobbler and goo catcher.

                  No 214… still rocking the lie.

            • Green Thumb says:

              Dude. Seriously. You gotta quite messin’ with Phildo.

            • Ex-PH2 says:

              Dudiepants, on a serious note, quit making up shit. If any wimmin want to get into YOUR pants, they are either really cheap hookers or extremely desperate.

              Can someone get this twinkie slurper an appointment at the nearest vet’s clinic and get him neutered?

    • Skippy says:

      don’t forget Dalton my Son up in Wichita said he would come down and pick up your 214 when ever you are ready his GF lives in Stillwater so just say I’m ready

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yeah right, ‘lil BUNNYFART!!!

    • Green Thumb says:

      More like beating off.

      As you watched her boyfriend showering through the window.


  19. Jarhead says:

    Brian, this come from my own perspective, so take it for what it’s worth. First, candy ass stripers who pull a gun without provocation and flash it are generally cowards who hide behind the visual power of a weapon pointed in someone’s face. There is NO reason to EVER pull a weapon UNLESS you are threatened and INTEND to use it! Whether for protection from a REAL threat or the absolute NEED to kill something, such as a snake for example. Yep, I realize there are idiots out there who would shoot someone in a minute, but there are also more “tough guy” BLUFFERS who hide behind a weapon. Most have enough sense to realize they risk spending much of the remainder of their life locked in a cage like a dog, if they were to use a weapon without reason. Those telling you that you should have called 911 were right. What do you do, hide out of fear every time this idiot comes by, or report him, THEN get yourself a weapon when he is due to be released from jail. You don’t have to be a hero to stand up to these phony a_h__s, but you owe it to your father to take a stand. How’d you like to come to his home some time and find him shot and dead, all the time WISHING you had earlier called the Po Po?
    Here’s the final to my two cents worth…get involved in a martial arts class, one in self-defense if nothing deeper. And PRACTICE, every single day the rest of your life. There are multitudes of videos on every martial arts discipline available on the Internet. Some are flaky, some are really good. Here’s one for a suggestion that I often revisit. Don’t know the guy, not a shill for him, and do definitely suggest looking into other videos as well. Watch what you want, take every day practice serious, and you’ll not worry about some clown driving by and looking your way for an argument only because he think he has you buffaloed.

    World’s fastest handgun disarm-Combative Concepts.

    You may have to enter it on YouTube word for word.

    I’ll look forward to the day you post a story about backing down what you had once thought to be a bad ass.

  20. Ex-PH2 says:

    Brian, he’s stalking you. Go file a complaint with the police before he does something for real. And get a video or photos of him if you have a smart phone.

    Just do it now.

  21. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Shawn here told the folks at Guardian of Valor that he’s suing them for something or other. But he’s donating 15% of the settlement to Gallant Few. What a nice fellow.

    • Hack Stone says:

      So, what is 15% of $0.00?

      • Green Thumb says:

        About the same as someone’s (that we all know) last paycheck from All-Points Logistics.

        • Hack Stone says:

          Speaking of the world’s greatest third party software salesman, I noticed a broken down Jaguar on I-295 South this afternoon in DC, just south of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. There was a horrible stench, but I don’t know if that was from the sewage treatment plant or Paul.