Jymie Lynn Darling/Jymie Lynn Owens; phony combat airman

| November 30, 2015

Jymie Lynn Darling

The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this person, Jymie Lynn Darling, who also goes by the name Jymie Lynn Owens. She claims that she was injured in combat some-damn-where, that she is a veteran of the Panama campaign and the Desert Shield/Desert Storm battles;

Jymie Lynn Darling claims

Jymie Lynn Darling claims2

Jymie Lynn Darling2

Jymie Lynn Darling3

She claims to be a senior NCO and an explosives expert. The NPRC disagrees. She was an E-4 Senior Airman with 5 years. Even though she served during Panama and Desert Storm, she has no campaign medals for either. Explosives expert? Nope – munitions handler.

Jymie Lynn Owens FOIA

I’m guessing that she doesn’t have tattoos either, since she thinks that, for some reason, men have to earn their tattoos. According to other folks who have dealt with her and who have questioned her military claims, she gets pretty angry and accuses them of rape and domestic abuse.

She also goes by a number of aliases;

Mary Sheeples is one of Jymie’s aliases along with Lynn Blumberg, DrJyms and she occasionally pretends to be her wife, Cammy Ellis Darling.


A prime candidate for the Dutch Rudder Club, well, if she had a rudder.

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  1. Chuck E Cheese says:

    Just to shed some light on this. That horse is not her horse. That horse’s name is “Strata”. That is a world champion show horse. Jymie played the veteran card to be able to ride THAT horse in a show to promote a line of horse shampoo. If anything, someone should track down the owner of that horse who is possibly an investor in her business and let them know they are being played by a fraud.

  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Someone should? Go for it. The internet doesn’t stop at the state border.

  3. Shawn Armstrong says:

    I’m surprised she isn’t on here reporting comments left and right. She’s known for doing that. She had a few of my podcasts taken down, just because it mentioned her name.

    • Skippy says:

      She probably has but most of us here are use to these turds doing that Lol…

    • Hack Stone says:

      Welcome to the club. You know that you really arrived when they place a $10,000 bounty on your head.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        YEP! AND when they accuse EIGHT different innocent individuals of being you in their effort to flush you out.

  4. Eden says:

    Awwww, looky there! Her FB profile says she’s a follower of Jon Ritzheimer. Birds of a feather, anyone?

  5. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    In her defense, it’s the horse sporting the ribbon rack, not her. I would actually believe the horse over her.

  6. OWB says:

    There are big bunches of things which scream that she is phonier than, well, fill in something very vile, as you wish.

    First thing that jumps off her record is that there is no tech school of any kind listed. Failure to do that is an automatic out. No OJT for basic skills in any specialty during the period she claims service, or for the period listed on that “DD-214.” It’s been a lot of decades since anyone could stay in USAF without a tech school.

    This is one very messed up fool. Come on, snowflake. Come try to get around some of us who served in USAF during that period of time and remember the rules which governed us.

    Come on, bitch! Explain yourself. You made the claims, now back them up. Don’t want to share them with everyone? Fine by me, but you still have to deal with the retired USAF NCO’s among us here. And there are several of us.

    Oh, wait. You don’t deal with NCO’s either? We can probably come up with an officer or two if that’s what you are waiting for.

    Just let us know how many E-7’s and above will impress you. (Am kinda thinking that pretty much any one of us could turn her into a sniveling, comatose, piece of repentant jelly with just a few sentences.) Meanwhile, Ms Fluffy Butt, stop lying about things which are so obviously lies.

    What a disgusting PoS. Can’t believe it ever served in the United States Air Force.

    • Dennis - not chevy says:

      General McPeak, for all of his wants and wonts, mandated tech school for all AFSC’s. Some were only 1 week long; but nevertheless they were labeled as C3ABRXXXXX-XXX.

    • ionna says:

      She IS a veteran and her tech school was at Nellis, then she went to Lakenheath that’s the only thing that is true about her.

  7. L33TInfid3l says:

    Phony on a Pony!

  8. Minnesota doc says:

    I’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing that a 300 pound ugly chick has my back!

  9. You Can't Fool Me says:

    First, I want to thank whoever runs this site and to anyone else who has put Jymie on blast for being a fraud. I have known Jymie for a very, very long time, and she always has been and always will be the worst of the worst. I have known her since before she went into the military, this is how I know all these claims are false. Unfortunately, I have no military background, so I had no idea how to prove she was full of it and it’s been very frustrating. I know these things to be facts, unfortunately getting the hard evidence isn’t always easy. She will never show you one shred of evidence, because she has none.

    In case you weren’t already aware, you are dealing with a very unstable person. I have received threats from her and numerous others (although I can’t be sure they weren’t fake accounts she created, which she does, often), that they were going to slash my throat, among others. Her dad was a diagnosed schizophrenic and her mom, while I’m not sure was ever diagnosed or not, had obvious mental issues. Jymie has had substance abuse issues in the past. I’m not sure if she still does, but she used to have these tics that could have been caused by drugs or mental illness. I want to call her a compulsive liar, but I honestly don’t know if she’s lying, or is so unstable, she thinks these things really happened.

    She was in the Air Force, I couldn’t tell you her rank or division or any of the other lingo, but it looks like you were able to get that. I know she did boot camp in Vegas and was stationed in England. I know for a fact, SHE NEVER SAW COMBAT. The only injury she sustained while serving was dropping a very heavy object (ammunition?) on her foot. That’s it. It was also very early in her service. Her knee problems didn’t become noticeable until she was in her late 30’s, after she gained a substantial amount of weight. Her mental problems, well, let’s just say those have always been there. When confronted by her family about never being in war, she would tell them that they just didn’t know she was deployed. When they would remind her that they called her and talked to her while she was in England, she said that when they called, the operator would transfer the call over to her in Saudi. So she pretty much claims that she went to war, but never bothered to mention it to anyone in her family. She also never claimed to have been in combat until many years after she had left the service. That story started the same time she started claiming to have a PhD. Which she also does not have.

    Jymie never finished college, if she went at all. In some Yahoo group, I found a post of hers telling someone else, the title and a summary of the thesis she wrote to earn her PhD from Cambridge University, where she claimed she went. Again, I know for a fact SHE NEVER WENT TO CAMBRIDGE. I have two separate emails, from two separate people at Cambridge saying that they have no record of her or that thesis. When confronted about this, she claims that I used the wrong name. Then she claimed that the reason they didn’t have her thesis is because she finished her PhD at UCLA, yet every time she mentions having a PhD, it’s from Cambridge. She uses lies to cover up lies. I know for a fact SHE ALSO NEVER WENT TO UCLA. Do the math, she was in the military from 1988-1994. I believe basic training is a year, and she did that in Vegas. From around ’93 to ’94, she lived in Colorado and in Texas. If she served a full six years, minus one year for basic training and two years for when she moved back to the states, that would give her three years in England. Plus, according to her, she lived in Germany for a bit, so make that less than three years. While it takes the average person around seven years to achieve their PhD, between these calculations and her claims, she was able to earn hers, while serving in the military and fighting in a war, in less than three years.

    Speaking of names, she claims to have had something like 5 different last names, including the one she attended Cambridge under, which she says was from her first marriage in Germany that no one, apparently not even her family, knew about. I knew her and her family, she wasn’t secretive with them, and they don’t know these things happened, because they never happened. There was no marriage in Germany. Again, lies to cover up lies. These are the only names she has ever had: Jymie Lynn Blumberg, Jymie Lynn Darling, and Jymie Lynn Owens. Blumberg was her birth name, Darling was her mom’s second or third husband’s name (I’m not sure if he adopted her or if she just took his last name), and Owens was her (one and only) married name. That’s it. She might have a lot of aliases that she uses online, but these are the only legal names she has ever had.

    She is a loose cannon, to say the least. She has physically assaulted strangers and yelled racial slurs at them (surprise, surprise, she is a racist). Her family isn’t excluded either. She once stole thousands of dollars from a family member, but charges were never pressed. Anyone that calls her out is accused of having severe mental problems, being a rapist or a child molester. Anyone that says they are a friend of hers or defends her, I guarantee, has not known her very long. People don’t tend to stick around for too long before they realize what’s really going on, she has gotten all she can get out of them, or she screws them over. She doesn’t stop because there have never been any repercussions. When questioned why all these people are after her, she just says that it’s because she is in the occult and anyone attacking her or bullying her is doing so because they don’t like what she does, and they are religious nuts. Then everyone just feels sorry for her. Never once did she use the term “PTSD”, until within the last few years, and now she uses it to her advantage as much as possible. Starting GoFundMe me pages claiming she has it so she can screw more people out of their money. She’s a liar, a thief, and a cheat. I guarantee her business, Babylon Gardens Apothecary, isn’t being run legally. Panpipes wasn’t. She constantly needs to scam people out of money, because she doesn’t have any, or can’t manage it. She’s in her mid-40’s and she has to scam people into giving her money by playing the fake vet card, so she can get an apartment?! She’s a low-life. It’s disgusting what she is doing and I, for one, would love to see her get what she deserves.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Rest assured if she’s featured here on TAH there are others keeping an eye on her and her con games, just look at the latest story on Sprayberry as an example, he ended up pleading GUILTY to fraud!

      • Apple Pie says:

        Yeah check out her store Panpipes. She has an illegal managing that store

        • You Can't Fool Me says:

          That would be her Ex-Wife, Vicky. She is from Australia, but I’m not sure if she is illegal or not. She claims to be and is listed as one of the owners of the store, but I don’t think she is. I think it was Vicky’s money that purchased the store and it makes sense because now that they are done, Jymie is no longer a managing part of the store. She was sort of the face for the store, that’s why Vicky probably allows Jymie to keep her name attached to it. If you were ever lucky enough to visit the store, you would be immediately hit with the smell of cat urine. They also lived in the back of the store for a long time (which is illegal). She claims she “occupied the back apartment”, but there is no back apartment. Just a small office and stock room. In the office was there roll up mattress, in the bathroom (which only had a toilet and a sink) were there dishes and toiletries, and in the stock room among the many boxes was an aquarium with a snake, a couple cages with rabbits in them and at least 5 cats. I tried calling animal services on them, but without any visible signs of abuse, animal control would not just go out and check on them. They’re business license is suspended for not paying taxes, but yet they continue to operate. Also if you check for a business license for Babylon Gardens, nothing is to be found.


          Ps. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. I thought I had posted already, but might have done something wrong.

    • OWB says:

      Just so you know – there is no basic training in or around Las Vegas, and basic training does not last a year. Perhaps yet another lie? Gee, whoda thunk it.

      • You Can't Fool Me says:

        I have no military background and I thought basic was a year, that was my bad. I know when she joined the air force, the first place she went was Nevada, it might not have been Vegas, and I could have been wrong. It was a long time ago so I may have forgotten some of the smaller details. Even if basic training lasted one day, the math would still show she’s full of shit, haha. Also, to everyone commenting on her weight, that’s when all her so called health problems started, long after the military. If you guys need any info, let me know. I’m located in CA, so I have the misfortune of possibly running into her.

        • Green Thumb says:

          You might want to have her call All-Points Logistics.

          Word has it that Phony Phil Monkress, the False Commander and CEO of APL, is hiring.

          This clown appears to have what he is looking for in an employee.

  10. You Can't Fool Me says:

    I just found this:https://www.idolbin.com/gprofile/115716329878363250853

    Only says one degree. Where are her other three?

    • You Can't Fool Me says:

      I should email you the emails I have from Cambridge so you can post them.

      • Shawn Armstrong says:

        I’d love to see them. Her claim is, it’s under a different name. Has her first name all been Jymie, because they don’t have that name either.

        • You Can't Fool Me says:

          I just sent them. Her first name has always been Jymie. All the names I listed in my other comment are her only legal names. She’s lying to cover up a lie. I can find her marriage license for her marriage to Steve Owens in England. I should be able to find one for the Germany marriage, but I can’t, because it doesn’t exist. Also, if I’m not mistaken, if there is no license, that means it’s not legal, which means she couldn’t have taken his last name as a legal name and according to Cambridge, only legal names may be used.

        • You Can't Fool Me says:

          Feel free to post them!

  11. Apple Pie says:

    Nellis AFB is the tech school for her AFSC if I’m not mistaken

  12. Apple Pie says:

    Google pagan day fest and look under charities on the site. You’ll see she claims to raise money for Vietnam Veterans Of America and Toys For Tots

  13. Jarhead says:

    You Can’t Fool Me, Apple Pie, and Shawn Armstrong…..
    You can fool some of the folks here on TAH, because we know little about the Occult life. While you on the other hand know little about military affairs in general, your input along with other TAH folks added up to exposing Just Another Phony. This is one Psycho bitch if ever I have seen one. She begs to challenge any and all of us with threats and legal action as she purports. Dumbass, you ain’t gettin’ to first base with those silly little girl threats. All total her military lies make her a target for people who seek to out posers. Don’t believe it will be too long before she checks herself into some sort of institution where she can hide for a while. Regardless of gender, when your b. s. stories are exposed and you make idle threats to end them, it’s time to pay the piper. That tub of lard on that horse, trying to look like Patton, just failed miserably. Psychopath, compulsive liar, the original Ms. Fullashit…….take your pick…..she’s all that and more. We all thank you for the additional help in establishing another wannabee who is a NOBODY. BTW, she may hear from a fellow poser who now lives in Florida who claims to be or has been an attorney in California at one time. The two of them would be the decade’s Fred and Ethyl Murtz of I Love Lucy fame.

    • Shawn Armstrong says:

      I know plenty about the military, basic training Fort Benning, GA 1987. That’s why I think she hated me most of all. She wanted to be me, but couldn’t, and I called her out for trying to be like those of us who have actually been there. She tried to have me SWATed by the police. Even I can look up an Air Force uniform manual and tell a shit bag when I see one, and that ribbon rack, dead give away.

  14. IDC SARC says:

    I’m not even sure I’d hit that.

    Got any pics of her nekkid?

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Damn, dude!!! You must live by one of the many philosophical beliefs of the one called “The Greaseman”….

      “In war, any hole is a trench”


      “Go ugly, early”

  15. You Can't Fool Me says:

    Add a new name to the list of aliases, Trisha Blumberg.

  16. For other, non-military related posts about Jymie being a fraud, please check out:


  17. Shawn Armstrong says:

    Oh joy, she still trying. From her blog, the musings of Jymie Darling.

    She’s Still Trying… Phony Combat Vet, Phony PhD. Making Hillary Look Honest
    Ask Yourselves…first & last acknowledgement of my stalkers When someone,me, is openly accused of a heinous felony, investigated and still walking freely around and constantly at the VA with a monthly military pension check for 90% disability rating ….who is the lying psychopath?
    I would say the the psychic fraud and the basement mental patient who are so obsessed they created an illusion of proof, photoshopped evidence and over 10 sites to defame one person. Who is the stalker? The ones creating over 10 sites and continually to hyperventilate when I am successful? The ones that email everyone that talks to me openly on facebook as they watch for my name while i could care less about who they talk to? The ones sending everyone to this blog? The ones comparing their looks to me and having people send me screenshots of their posts so that I know they are talking about me? Or me, the person who blocks them and lives life? Ask yourselves….
    Especially when some of the anon comments defending me….are from VA drs, nurses and therapists telling them to get a life but unable to get officially into an internet war with 5150 trolls.
    With that said….this is the only time I will address my stalkers and their nonsense. I have a ton to do and a plethora of more interesting topics to write about. Plus, it feeds their narcissism.

  18. Shawn Armstrong says:

    Jymie Darling…the REAL Jymie Darling. More from the compulsive liar.
    Feb 2016
    Wow…I am out of retirement. I am actually thrilled to be dragged from the boredom ditches of hell and reconnect. I am the REAL Jymie Darling. So far, I have been crucified by a few idiots for:

    A costume class that benefitted us veterans. (I think a real PhD could spell beneifited).
    Not releasing classified info about my military career. (No military school is classified, no military medal is classified, she keeps trying, keeps failing).
    Not releasing my ex husbands last name to verify my university in Europe nor here. (They didn’t even have a Jymie on file. Not a last name, a first name).
    Being an occultist
    Being real.
    Being truthful.
    Being a not so politically correct figure in public eye and in press.

    I do not know how to break it to all of you, I actually do not care about your psycho antics.

    I am a USAF Veteran on a disability pension for a TBI, bad knees and PTSD. I am a world renown and infamous Occultist. I am a true asshole from the get go that never bends to the misogynist cries of the men who have felt threatened by me. I will not be shouted and intimidated down by the slander and libel of Military Phonies site (which has been disowned by Stolen Valor, who funny enough, cleared me of any and all wrong doing…miss the memo idiots over at that site or does it not serve your agenda?)

    So, I have come back to the public eye to vend, to speak, to lecture, to do interviews and to write. It feels good although I will truly miss my XBOX ONE. I was just getting into some intense games…dammit.

    So sit back and enjoy the Jymie Darling show as I am back and ready to lay down some shit that will spiritually blow your minds!!!

    Oh…and for the other lies…….published about me:

    AND I am enjoying great success with only 4 months out of retirement!!!

    I have certainly NOT disappeared from social media! And that pic is not circa 1998 as most are saying there is no updated photo of me…lol. That was February this year!