Mark Ransford; phony Beirut veteran

| December 6, 2015

Mark Ransford

The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Mark Ransford fellow who claimed that he was wounded and that he was at the Beirut bombing in October, 1983 like in this Sun-Sentinel article;

Ransford claims

The problem with that is, according to his records, he was assigned to the 26th Marine Aircraft Group at Jacksonville, North Carolina as an maintenance clerk.

Mark Ransford FOIA

Ransford Assignments

Ransford Assignments2

he claimed that he was in a 3/8 STA (Surveillance and Target Acquisition) unit, but there’s nothing in his trining that he would have been in that unit (which includes snipers).

Ransford Training


Be proud of what you did in the military. if you were a maintenance clerk, be proud that you were a maintenance clerk, for Pete’s sake.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Once again, I’m guessing DH won’t be happy when he sees this . . . .

    • Mike W says:

      Dear Husband ?

    • Green Thumb says:

      Don’t blame him.

      These phony Beruit guys are like some kind of cult.

    • SARC says:

      Ya well, Hardin has perfected being full of shit to an art. The guy is bad news. Ever since his comment about complementing men on their pretty eyes while he is in the shitter, I would advise being skeptical about that guy.

      That, and Jonn’s professed Love for him, I miss the days of ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’.

  2. OWB says:

    Have lost count – is this 8,726,317 or -18 who were in Beirut in ’83?

  3. The Other Whitey says:

    It’s strange. My Great-Uncle Trevor spent WWII on Oahu (must have been rough!) in an Army logistics unit. He arrived a few months after Pearl Harbor was hit, and was never within a thousand miles of actual combat of any kind.

    His little brother, my Grandpa, traded a fair amount of bullets with the Germans as a Navy antiaircraft gunner in the Atlantic and Med, and eventually dodged some kamikazes off Okinawa. Great-Uncle Jim was a rifleman under Patton from the Normandy breakout to the end of the war. They both had some amazing war stories.

    Great-Uncle Trevor? Nope, he inventoried a depot on Oahu his entire time in the Army. He took his job seriously and busted his ass to make sure he got it done right, because he had the intelligence and integrity to know that for guys in less-cushy assignments, whether he did his job right could be a matter of life or death. He was proud of what he did, and never felt like he had any need to invent any bullshit about what a badass he was.

    As for Grandpa, he told several stories about some other Sailor on his ship doing some badass and heroic things. He always insisted that he was just hanging on for dear life when these things happened. But after he passed away, we found a box full of citations for medals that detailed how the hero in each of those stories was in fact “Gunner’s Mate McDaniels(sic) USNR, heedless of his own safety…” Grandpa never wanted to claim credit for the things he actually did, which were described as “…reflecting the highest traditions of the United States Navy and the Naval Armed Guard.”

    That’s the example I grew up with. Suffice it to say, I really don’t get what makes a liar like this guy tick.

  4. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Looks like shit-for-brains is a contributor to WWP based on what he’s wearing in the pic. Also, someone at the Military Phonies link brought up that he was a recruiter, but was discharged as a CPL – had to be an SGT to go to recruiting duty. Possibly got caught “dipping a DEPer” or some other BS that got him busted?

    • Green Thumb says:

      WWP is riddled with posers. Plus you do not have to be wounded. Met a guy who was hurt in basic training who was a WWP member.


      This due is a maintained clerk, huh? I bet the only thing this assclown maintained was Bill Blake’s balls.


      • Dave Hardin says:

        You should try the Behavioral Probation Program I am on. Its like burning shitters one cup at a time.

        You eventually get to say what you mean kinda, it just take a thesaurus… which I have recently found out is not a type of dinosaur.

        I count on people like you during this horrible time of personal suffering to get me through the holidays.

      • Aaaah yes, GT. we know that he was in Beirut, and shared a bunk with Billy Blake. (Not sure which one slept “on top”, in that poor, overworked little bunk.)
        I bet that Billy Blake would vouch for him, unless Billy is still sore about ol Mark using Vick’s Vaporub for a personal lubricant.

  5. Dave Hardin says:

    This Behavioral Probation I have been put on for the holidays is a horrible thing to suffer through. If filtering everything you say like this is “normal”, I want no part of it.

    Gosh, golly gee, this guy seems to be full of sh… shenanigans. Where did the newspaper get the idea he was injured while in combat during Beirut? I guess the reporter just pulled it out of his as… assignment to be creative.

    War stories being told while fishing… those should always be put in the paper. So there I was knee deep in grenade pins and spent brass…

    How about contacting the paper and demanding a correction. If I say anything slightly inaccurate that Hobo guy or his erotic hit squad are all over my ass.

    My Editor recently attacked me for… using more than three dots at a time. “never… ever… use more than three periods. The occurrence of three periods is an ellipsis (plural ellipses) and it signifies a pause in thought, usually for dramatic effect.”

    Like I have some idea what an ellipsis is. I seen one once back in the 70’s, had to look at it through a little box thingy. Big deal.

    Now that history has been corrected once again, this guy can… have a Merry Christmas.

  6. thebesig says:

    I wonder if Mark Ransford and Robert Keith English were battle buddies. 😯

  7. Just An Old Dog says:

    His only deployment was a stint in Okinawa, from there he went out with 31st MAU on ship. They were in the Gulf for the Iran Hostage Crisis, thats where he got the Marine Expeditionary Medal.
    He was a Field Radio Operator who was cross training in Naval Gunfire Spotting at one time and did a tour with 11th Marines Artillery before his initial discharge.
    He got out for a few months and came back in with a promise of an MOS change to Aircraft Maintanance Records Clerk.
    He Never left Conus during his last hitch, the is no TAD to a deploying unit or subsequent award of a sea service deployment ribbon.
    Absolutely no evidence of him holding an infantry MOS.
    He was sent to recruiter School, was assigned to the Duty and appears to have stepped on his dick while wearing cleats.
    He had a three day stay in the Hospital after being on that duty under 5 months, then was placed on sick/injured status and discharged by the end of the year.
    He spent less then a year on what was a three year duty and was two years shy of a 4 year enlistment contract.
    Do the math,