Albert Ruiz; phony combat veteran

| December 8, 2015


Someone sent us the story of this Albert “Bert” Ruiz who was an American Legion post commander in Pleasantvillle, New York. From his records, it looks as if he was completely qualified for membership and leadership in the American Legion by his actual service as a Marine in Vietnam. But the DD214 that he filed with the county differs somewhat from his actual service. Here’s that DD214;

Ruiz forged DD214

In the article linked above, the reporter says that Ruiz did two tours of Vietnam, but since he was in the Marines for two years of active service, that’s impossible, since tours of Vetnam were about 12 months, but Ruiz did, in fact do 14 months in Vietnam from February 1970 to April, 1971. He was in Headquarters Company of Headquarters Battalion 3/4 Marines in the 3rd Marine Division and assigned as an “Intel Man”.

The DD214 says that he earned a Combat Action Ribbon, but the National Personnel Records Center disagrees. There is also a “Navy Accomodation Medal with Combat “V””, It’s called a “Navy and Marine Commendation Medal” and there isn’t one on the FOIA report.

Albert Ruiz FOIA

Albert Ruiz Assignments

Albert Ruiz Assignments2

Overall and compared to some of our phonies, this is peanuts, however, Bert here claims that he served in actual armed combat with the enemy, which he didn’t, and he claims that he displayed some level of valor in that action, which he didn’t. It was his NCOIC in Vietnam who reported this discrepancy in Ruiz’ records, so I have to take into consideration the feelings of a Vietnam veteran who didn’t embellish his service in that war. If you were an “Intel Man” in Vietnam, be proud of the fact that you served when so many of your generation wouldn’t.

ADDED: I just got a call from Mr. Ruiz and he admitted that he altered his DD214 46 years ago and, to quote him “It’s been an albatross around my neck.” He thanked us for finally bringing this to light and sounded really contrite. And a genuinely nice guy. He promised us a visit later tonight.

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  1. Tell the Truth says:

    Well to Frank Gavaldon, MO, Claw and Dieter Cross and many others you all have Bert pegged.
    He is a great BS artist and probably can get medals for the way he cons people. You all were right he LIED PERIOD, and continues!! Yet he goes on and on how he has done great things. Being inducted into the Senate Veterans Hall of Fame under false pretenses. I for one will contact the Senate to have him removed. These lies continue in everything he gets involved in like telling people he was a big shot on Wall Street, he failed to tell people that he was terminated from a firm for borrowing funds from a client without the firms knowledge or approval. The firms investigation also revealed that Bert had failed to disclose outside income received through rental property. I say this just to show how good of a BS artist he really is. Again all of you are right about him, do not be fooled, he will continue with all his stories. In closing I want to thank all the Veterans for being there and fighting for the freedom you have given us. You guys are the true HERO’S. May God bless you and your families. Thank You.


  2. Tell the Truth says:

    Well Albert, Bert “Bert the Liar” Ruiz no longer is employed with the Westchester County Executive Office, Bert was forced to resign or be fired. Also I am having him removed from the NYS Veterans Hall of Fame . Not to mention looking into the legal end of receiving combat benefits when he was never a combat vet…….

    • Claw says:

      Good update. Keep them coming.

      That other Dipshit, Michael P. Cody, the false Silver Star recipient, also needs to be removed from the NYS Veterans Hall of Fame when Bert gets his walking papers.

      Make it a twofer.

  3. Tell the Truth says:

    Just to bring everyone up to date on Albert (THE LIAR)Bert Ruiz, he was forced to resign/fired from the Westchester County Executive Office, due to his lies.
    NOW, I called the State Senate and had him removed from the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame, he was thrown out…………
    Next, I am following up on Ruiz collecting benefits as a combat Veteran, which is criminal
    Will keep everyone up to date soon, this man should rot in hell………..

    • Claw says:

      Good to hear that. Thanks for the update.

      This morning when I and my old guard cow Scooby went out for our morning walk and he dropped a big steaming, kinda runny pile of Phil Monkress down by the irrigation canal, I thought of Bert and his 46 year old forged DD214.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Keep it coming, TtT!