Robert Guidi; phony POW/Special Forces postal clerk

| December 14, 2015


Someone sent us their work on this Robert Guidi fellow who claims that he was Special Forces in Vietnam and yet another POW. Here is his bio from when he received recognition from his home county, Morris County, New Jersey;

Guidi Bio

Pretty impressive, eh? At that ceremony, in May this year, he said that he got a field commission to Captain. But I guess he fake-RIFed himself and this is the clown suit that he wore;


Last month, a local sports equipment dealer awarded him a free custom-made bow in recognition of his service. He demoted himself to Master Sergeant;

Robert Guidi Article

The DPAA doesn’t list him as a POW;

Guidi DPAA list

The National Personnel Records Center differs on his career, too. They say that he wasn’t a Master Sergeant (he was a Master Private First Class), no Purple Hearts, no Silver Star. He served as a postal clerk in an Administrative Company in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam after a tour in Germany as a truck driver and a clerk;

Robert Guidi FOIA

Robert Guidi Training

Robert Guidi Assignments

I guess Guidi has been using his fake stories to cash in for free stuff for a while. Here’s an article from January 2014 where he tells about all of the BS he thinks he did in Vietnam;

Guidi lies

He claims in the article that he was wounded twice, that he was a “Green Beret” sniper, that he was trained at Langley, Quantico and the War College. I guess he added the POW thing to his resume later. But, the free deck made him feel better about his war time service as a postal clerk, in the rear, with the gear;

Guidi lies2

From the longer article about the bow;

Mine Hill resident Robert Guidi served his country during the Vietnam war, earning the Medal of Valor, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts. Despite these official recognitions for his time spent as a Green Beret sniper, Guidi came home to a country that made him feel ashamed for doing his duty.

Guidi entered the military in 1967 and was trained at Langley, Quantico, Fort Benning, and the National War College. He was wounded in Vietnam in 1968 and again, more severely, the following year. Guidi was given a medical discharge in 1971 and has been on 100 percent service-connected disability ever since.

For years, Guidi did not talk about his war experiences, in part because “everybody asked the wrong questions.”

I guess the Medal of Valor is actually his National Defense Service medal. Funny how he’s wounded in Vietnam in 1968, but the NPRC says that in 1968 he was in Germany. That’s really good marksmanship for the Viet Cong to shoot him from halfway around the world.

UPDATE: January 12, 2015; Guidi was arrested.

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  1. GDContractor says:

    “That’s really good marksmanship for the Viet Cong to shoot him from halfway around the world.”
    You just shoot at a really high trajectory and let the speed of the Earth’s rotation do the rest. I could spell out the calculations, but they’re classified.

  2. LIRight says:

    As far as I am concerned stolen valor on this level equates him with child molesters!

    I’m disgusted.

  3. MSGRetired says:

    Didn’t NJ just pass some new SV laws. This guy needs to be hooked up ASAP !

  4. Instinct says:

    But hey, victim-less crime people, totally victim-less. Except for those people he scammed out of stuff with his tales of daring do!

    Move along, nothing to see here! All is well! All is well!

    • Mountain Mike says:

      Im the archery shop owner and theres numerous victims in this. Alot of time and money and resources went into making this happen for him.

  5. MrBill says:

    Five years on active duty and made it all the way to E-3. In those days promotions to E-4 must have been highly competitive.

  6. Hondo says:

    For completeness, here are links to DPAA’s Vietnam POW Escapee, Returnee, and Accounted-For lists:

    This j-hole isn’t on any of those 3 lists. In fact, the last name of “Guidi” does not appear on those 3 lists.

    The last name “Guidi” also does not appear on the Vietnam Unaccounted-For list.

    Lying bastard.

  7. USMCMSgtRet says:


    He received a compound bow AND had a new deck built for him. I’d say both of those things are of tangible value and could have gone to a veteran who was more deserving than this POS.

    • Green Thumb says:

      I bet he also received a custom made Phildo from All-Points Logistics.

      Every fake POW needs a custom made Phildo.

      It will give you comfort on those long nights while dreaming of things that you did not earn while ripping folks off.

      Don’t leave home without it!

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Speaking as a shore duty puke who faced only the dangers of spiders in the darkroom falling into the stop bath, it’s fair to say that POGs should be proud of being pogues. All had a role to fill, however modest it may have been.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      I have never met a POG from Vietnam, they were all unseen killers, worked for the CIA, were captured & tortured.
      Funny how they never needed cooks, clerks, truck drivers, payroll clerks or anything else, all are killers.
      Didn’t you know that?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, John Mallernee, our musical Army guy, was a radio repairman at Camp Eagle. I don’t think he’s ever claimed anything else. Now, he just plays the guitar and entertains us.

    • Steve says:

      It was always a thing before we deployed: us and them. Infantry are grunts and everyone else was a stinkin Pogue.

      Ill tell you what though, no one from my trip says that anymore. Those bloody people worked themselves to the bone getting us what we needed. And I’m not talking about them just turning up and doing what they were told. These guys, everyone from postal clerks, storemen, truckies; they had a PERSONAL stake in their jobs. Absolute consumate professionals. Our company q-staff, if they couldn’t find something we needed, stole, begged and (probably) killed to get it to us.

      I have enduring respect and gratitude for our loggies.

  9. MrBill says:

    In the January 2014 story about the deck, Giudi claims to have terminal cancer as a result of Agent Orange exposure. The reporter who wrote that story, Lisa Kintish, is the same reporter who wrote the longer story about the bow in November 2015. Appears that she neglected to ask him how he was doing with his terminal cancer after all that time.

    • Hondo says:

      Not entirely impossible, MrBill, even if highly improbable.

      My dad passed from terminal cancer. Unfortunately, it took him over 18 months to do so. Two years isn’t unknown.

      That said: to believe that this lying bastard actually has cancer, I’d need to see recent independent medical documentation from an independent doctor. I’m not buying a damn thing this tool claims without independent proof.

      • MrBill says:

        You bet, I know that some cancers progress slower than others, but this guy? As you say, I’m not believing anything he says without independent verification. Also, if one can judge from photos, he didn’t appear to be significantly less healthy last month than he did almost two years ago.

  10. Dave Hardin says:

    Well there we have it, the longest recorded sniper shot in the world. Hồ Chí Minh should have been proud of that.

    He owes, a Compound Bow, that should be a nice Christmas present for some kid. Morris County, New Jersey should apologize for being Gullible Phuks.

    It takes a 5th grader all of 5 minutes to find out if he was a POW. WTF is wrong with people?

    My service is taking a beating today. I was Artillery, an Admin Clerk and a Postal Clerk at different times during my career.

    I loved being a Drawer Gunner, I didnt have to wash sand out of my ass during that time. No formations, home by 5, weekends off, no duty, and I got a medal for showing up regular and half sober. I cried when they took my desk away.

    Phuk Ewe Bobby.

  11. MrBill says:

    Here’s another story on the deck from December 2013. Doctors say he doesn’t have long to live. On 100% disability since 1971.

  12. Green Thumb says:

    All of his tabs are on the wrong shoulder although the retro tiger stripes are a nice touch.

    A PV2 could have called this out. The reporter must be having some problems.

    This clown has been at this shit for a LONG time, it appears.

    A lot of people are going to be embarrassed by this.


  13. SFC D says:

    A little OT, but the GF and I were wandering around the 4th Ave Street fair on sunday, and I saw an older gentleman with a ballcap sloppily embroidered with USCG-SEAL, along with an unrecognizable ribbon. I just may have spotted the elusive Coast Guard SEAL, has anyone else ever seen one?

  14. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Nooh Joizey? Maybe he’s either a sire or mentor of Steve “Snake Eyes” Jordan? So far he’s conned his way into getting a free bow and deck, what wil he go for next? I have a hundred times more respect for dogshit on a sidewalk than I do for that shitass and his ilk, FUCK HIM!!!

  15. Bobo says:

    It was nice of the draft board to defer his brother based on his enlistment. It might have worked in 1864, but not so much in 1967.

    • David says:

      Seems to me in ’67 the married/dependent exemption 3A was still in force? If so, there was no tradeoff needed (except, of course, between his mind and reality.)Used to be a common ploy for some to get married and have a kid while still in school so that when they graduated and should have gone from 2S to 1A, instead they went to 3A.

  16. Claw says:

    Anybody taking bets on whether the CIB he’s rocking on his clown suit has two stars on it?

    I’m in for five.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Claw……everyone wants that CIB! It’s that whole Infantry thing that seems to. Get in the way!

      • Claw says:

        Yep, and it’s so easy to get one. You don’t even have to go to a clothing sales store, they’re easily available on E-Bay.

        Here’s some E-Bay listings for the sew-on Third Award CIB’s:

        OD Green: $1.50 each (79 sold at that price)
        ACU style: $2.00 each
        Desert Tan style: $1.95 each

        There’s even free shipping, even if you buy only one each and not bulk quantities for your poser friends to play dress-up with you.

  17. GDContractor says:

    Here is is (was) trolling for a free deer hunt:

    I am a 100% service connected disabled viet nam vet, my grandson lives with me and he is 15, we bow hunt in new jersey but small bucks. i am looking for a place , camp, with in riving distance from nj that offers white tail bow hunting at a discounted rate because i can’t afford a lot being on disability. i have cancer and a heart condition from agent orange from viet nam. I am listed with the Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Any help would be greatly appreciated , names list ect. Thank Bob Guidi
    Here’s his profile:

    • Claw says:

      Agent Orange from being snuggled up against the Division flagpole at Camp Eagle from October 1970 to October 1971?

      Nope, don’t think so. If the 101st Airborne Division Headquarters and the 101st Postal Detachment had been over sprayed by some big old nasty Air Force bird, I’m sure those of us down at Phu Bai during that time would have heard of it.

      • Hondo says:

        Unfortunately, Claw . . . while any exposure he may have received from service at Div HQ is likely negligible, since he actually set foot in Vietnam exposure is “presumptive”. He thus is eligible for free VA treatment for a long laundry list of conditions also normally associated with aging and/or bad lifestyle – including heart disease, respiratory cancers, diabetes, and prostate cancer (plus a number of others). My recollection is that the VA also says “no time limit for manifest” for all of those for anyone presumptive for Agent Orange exposure.

    • Jarhead says:

      GDC…..”100% service connected and can’t afford a lot”???? The Con Man game is just that. A 100% service connected rating brings just under $3,100 per month TAX FREE. Tough life trying to make ends meet on that size check. This is PURE Con Artist, Shyster, Thief, Liar and Poser. Best I can remember, postal clerks had it really rough where I was at in RVN. Hell, they personally delivered mail to all personnel manning the perimeter. They ONLY delivered while we were being over-run. Other than that, you only got mail when you were under fire. Yea, I remember that type so well. They always carried a Donnie & Marie cassette playing “Here Comes Santa Clause” while ducking incoming. Once while being over-run, I had to beg 100 p’s from a NVA soldier just to cover postage due. I was afraid the clerk was going to go POSTAL on the gook. Tough life those postal clerks had it, I’m telling you!

      For legitimate postal clerks, they were always welcome news to us daily in the rear area. Can’t complain in any way, shape, or form about their service. This phony war hero is a first for my eyes.

  18. QM1 says:

    I’ll never forget the day I made Chief Lieutenant Commander. Proud day for me that was, after the second Nepal War.

  19. GDContractor says:

    The hunting bow that he received this year was the SECOND bow that he has scammed for free. See this link, at lower left of the page “Intrepid Outdoors comes to the aid of a disabled veteran”
    Published Fall of 2012

    • Hondo says:

      Freaking dishonest and dishonorable a-hole.

      Then again, New Jersey does seem to produce more than it’s fair share of them.

  20. Lagrimas says:

    Com man obtaining goods via his lies. Talk to the businesses involved and have them file charges, should be at least one felony charge. Present the facts to the cub reporter and have her amend the stories.

  21. O-4E says:

    This motherfucker needs to go to jail. Period.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Where he can snarf down all of the cockmeat sammiches and tube steak he can handle… served “hot and fresh” by Bubba, Thor Julio and “Mr. Tiny”.

      Assclown has been profiting off his lies for a long time… must be buttbuddies with John Spodafora, Malihan and “Snake Eyes”.

  22. Mark Lauer says:

    Yep. I ‘member trainin’ at Lang’ly. Hard. CIA Supply DELTA SNIPER Administration Special Ops Clerk. Learned ta kill a man with a typewriter ribbon. Used crypto-double reverse code to confuse the enemy.
    TOP SECRET! So, I can’t tell you anything. But I’ll see ya at the bar when I’m pickin’ up the dollys, I’ll tell ya all about it.

  23. GDContractor says:

    This shitheel was awarded a Distinguished Military Service Medal by Morris County, NJ. wherein they included this bio”
    “Robert J. Guidi of Mine Hill joined the Army in 1967 for Special Forces so his brother, who
    was married with a child, could be reclassified out of the draft. He went from Air Bourne to
    Ranger School to Special Operations, where he was under the jurisdiction of the Department of
    Defense and under orders from the CIA. His battles took him to Laos, Cambodia and South and North Vietnam, fighting in hand-to-hand combat. He was a prisoner of war for nine months and was kept in a cage. He received a field commission to Captain from the ranks of a non-commissioned officer. He was wounded in action and received the Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. He is most proud of the Silver Star which he earned by taking out an enemy position by himself.”

    Based on the pattern of embellishment and begging, I have to wonder if he got a break on his property tax, vehicle registration, etc. I bet he has reel speshul lisence plaits.

  24. Skippy says:

    The PFC Mafia strikes again Lol….


  25. Combat Historian says:

    “He went from Air Bourne to Ranger School to Special Operations…”

    I just knew ‘ole Jason Bourne was involved in this somehow…

  26. Dapandico says:

    He has the Cav Store on speed dial.

  27. Haywire Angel says:

    Has anyone contacted these fine folks to let them know they were duped? I know I would be extremely pissed if I were one of the companies that provided a service to this asshat.

  28. Formally known as JR says:

    The medal of valor just is a V device you wear on whatever part of your uniform you want

  29. Tony180a says:

    I hope NJ makes an example out of this piece of shit!! I’m convinced most media, public officials and organizations make no attempt to verify anything no matter how blatantly ridiculous the phony story of valor.

  30. Perry Gaskill says:

    I remember being a POW. It was on a mail delivery mission deep in Vung Tau when I almost fell off a barstool, and a couple of VC infiltrators camouflaged in short skirts and heavy eye makeup caught me on the way down. They said they wouldn’t let me go until I paid a ransom in Saigon Tea.

    It was terrifying. Where’s my service dog?

    • Claw says:

      I had the same thing happen to me, only it was at the MACV pad in Hue.

      When I tried to pay my ransom off with Fresca, they called in the White Mice on me.

      Where’s my service monkey?

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        You’re lucky to be alive, Claw. Getting hooked up by the QC would be almost as bad as getting arrested by the sheriff of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

        • Claw says:

          You’re right. Thanks for that. We are lucky, as every day above ground is a gravy day.

          Speaking of gravy, where’s my SOS,Cookie? Serve it up, it’s after 1500. I’m old and I’m hungry.

          • Claw says:

            Perry, I hope you know the Cookie crack wasn’t aimed at you. It was intended for my Household 6.

            But we are having spaghetti tonight so the SOS will have to wait for another day.

  31. Cpl/Major Mike says:

    ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE!!! I hate these fuckers every bit as much as Hanoi Jane. The asked the wrong questions, he didn’t talk about his war experiences for a long time because he didn’t have any and he had to read other accounts to build up a good supply. Fucking ASSHOLE!

  32. 91A10 says:

    You know .. back in ’68 at SFTG there were two (2) dudes out of the entire “hill” that *might* be SOG…

    Now everyone is a MACV/SOG/sniper/sapper/jungle fighting/snake eater.


  33. NJ Kenny says:

    Personally working to have this wannabe prosecuted by local authorities.

    Have a scheduled appointment with his local PD this Thursday.

    Also have informed VA to possible fraud to receive benefits there as well.

    Will keep this site posted

    • Green Thumb says:

      Good luck.

      Step on this maggot.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Kenny just called me and says that wheels are in motion. I certainly hope so.

      • They are in motion John and if Kenny didnt catch this im sure Bob would still be scamming people. Im the sport shop owner that he took for a ride and im doing everything in my power to make sure he gets what he deserves. Im disqusted that anyone could do this to fellow Americans trying to help disabled Veterans.

  34. Neil Joseph Kenny says:

    As the plantiff in this matter, I would like to thank all who have expressed angst with regard to the subject of this matter.

    I urge ALL individuals who get that gut feeling that some one is a wannabe to follow that instinct and persue the matter.

    Yes, by all means vent your distain —– but be smart —- and persue the matter via all legal channels.

    Get as much publicity as possible to expose the vermin.

    If local news media has printed the fables these pathetic beings spew; then request that they print or screen a retraction along with a bonafide Veteran who actually served with Honor and pride.

    There is no dishonor in serving in the capacity that the military assigned one.

    There is serious dishonor in fabricating a false and pathetic resume of ones imagined heroics and stolen valor of those who have actually bore the brunt and the burden of the fight.

    Robert Guidi wants to be Now — that which he was not Then.

    This vermin also has an extensive criminal record of fraud and deceit.

    Robert Guidi is a pathetic individual who has no Honor whatsoever.

    He is an embarassment to himself, his spouse and his children.

    There is no sympathy granted to this thief and fraud and he should now reap the legal consequence of his actions.

    I shall be in court when the judgement is passed and hope that at the least a lien is placed upon any property he has any holding in till such time that the parties who he has defrauded are made whole.

    Perhaps a scarlet letter ‘D’, emblazed upon his chest would be a better symbol of who this individual really is; and not the Special Forces tatoo that he has adorned himself with.

    Yes, a bold letter ‘D’ for Dreck of which he is.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Neil Joseph Kenny

    • Tom Westfield says:

      I recently learned he was applying for Drug Court and immediately sent this letter to Prosecutor Knox:

      June 23, 2016
      Hon. Frederic M. Knapp
      Morris County Prosecutor
      County Administration Building
      Morristown, New Jersey 07963

      Dear Prosecutor Knapp:

      Robert J. Guidi, who was charged in January with theft by deception for allegedly misrepresenting himself as a “war hero” and receiving benefits and services as a result, and with violating the state’s Stolen Valor Act has indicated he will apply for admission to “Drug Court”. I urge you not to allow this, and strenuously oppose his entry. My reasons are as follows.

      First, I am a legitimate Vietnam veteran who speaks on behalf of all veterans who abhor this type of behavior. We are satisfied with our service, and have the value of our works diminished by the likes of Mr. Guidi. When we entered service, we had no say in where we were going to be sent, many to Vietnam, some to Cold War posts in Germany staring down Russian Troops, others to Adak, Alaska, and some to Florida’s sunny shores. To be certain, many of us just wound up there, in rear echelon or frontline positions. Our service was honorable, we did what we were asked, and came home to kick start our lives.

      Guidi’s problem is he likes to embellish things, tell stories about things that didn’t happen, in short to steal “our” valor. Tall tales about your war record have been found to be permissible by the US Supreme Court in the case of United States v. Alvarez. Merely telling lies about your military service is protected speech under the First Amendment, in getting services for himself based upon these statements is where the Guidi’s criminality occurred.

      I don’t know where the Drug Court plays into this, his lies had nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with basking in the limelight of someone who relished the attention given to himself as a result of his stories of false medals. By the way, there is no “Medal of Valor” listed in the Awards and Decorations of the Armed Forces of the United States. Mr. Guidi appears to have been cunning enough not to wear or display medals he did not receive, inasmuch as that would have been a Stolen Valor violation.

      “Fakes, phonies and wannabes” abound in all facets of our lives where heroic achievement is commonplace, police and law enforcement, firefighters, and citizen responders to extraordinary situations. Guidi’s actions besmirch the actions of true heroes, many who go unsung. The plethora of fake Viet vets stems from the fact that long ago that war was unpopular but now, in spite of that, recognition is being given to them now. So it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and say “I was this, or I won that”. When a benefit is available, it is even more imperative to screen these folks. Guidi got a deck and a bow, stuff he obviously wanted. He’s been in the Jail since January so I’d figure he’s pretty much “Cold Turkeyed” on his drugs, and shouldn’t be considered for drug court.

      I urge you to not agree to Drug Court. If he gets admitted, this “con man” will have achieved his goal.

      Thank you

      Thomas Westfield, Esq.
      USMC 1965-1969

  35. John A Braica says:

    I am the person who notified the FBI about Giidi nearly four months before he was arrested. After reading his biography for the Morris County award I recognized it to be pure bullshit and dropped a dime on him. Guidi has a rap sheet a mile long how the Morris County officials didn’t vet him before this award amazes me. You may contact me for more details if you wish I do have more info about this piece of shit.