Thomas Michael Good; phony Marine

| December 15, 2015

Thomas Good

Someone contacted us a few weeks ago about this Thomas Good fellow in Pittsburgh, PA, who is wandering around telling whoever will listen that he’s a former Marine, that he has a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star. That he led the invasion into Kuwait during the Gulf War, that he’s veteran of OIF. He sat down with a school kid and did an interview for the boy’s Veterans’ Day project, in which he told the child that he had been a Captain with a Recon unit and that he was wounded in his leg.

Well, the National Personnel Records Center and the Marine Corps would disagree with him;

Thomas Michael Good USMC FOIA

Nope not one minute in the Marine Corps. According to the person who contacted us, he uses his phony story to be a “veteran hire” for employers. Well, he’s not.


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  1. ChipNASA says:

    Fat Load Birkenstock Crocs wearing BDU from pre 2007 freak.


      Actually that was still an active uniform for the Navy Until 2012, when The Navy Changed over to NWU-II and NWU-III they had already been in the NWU-I started back in 2007 official change over 2009.

      The Type II & III did not come in service until 2012 so most of NECC and some NSW units were still in BDU’s. The BDU’s and DCU’s came off all books in 2012.

      • ChipNASA says:

        Nice to know. I had heard that some (few) Navy folks were still wearing the BDUs (wiki said 😀 ) after 2007 but it was command and unit specific.

        • NECCSEABEECPO says:

          Yep all Seabees, EOD and basically any ground sailor that supported NSW and NECC.

          The big thing was (unofficially) The Marines didn’t want anyone other than NSW in the type III. The CNO at the time bowed down to the Marines and when they rolled them out in 2012 Seabees and EOD and some other authorized units would wear the Type II woodland type Digital. That all changed when the new CNO came on in 2013. The type II and III are called organizational gear and should be turned in when detaching. Technically Controlled item.

      • The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

        December 1, 2011, I retired and NSW was still in BDU Woodland and in organizational transition.

        But what do I know …

        • NECCSEABEECPO says:

          Exactly Master Chief that is what I was saying. I didn’t get issued my Woodland Type II until right before deployment to Afghanistan Jan 2012. The CNO wanted us to wear them over there until NSW,SOCOM stepped in and said they should not deploy in NWU II. Know you what they did is had to go to DERMO and try to find DCU’s to send us out the door. The relieving units were all in type III desert the ones that USMC did not want us in. The teams working with ODA outfitted in Army Multi Cam.

          My statement about NSW deployed guy’s were changing into NWU III and operating in them in 2011-2012. Point being is the Navy was still in BDU up till Jan 2012 after Jan 31, 2012 that uniform was no longer an active uniform and not authorized. The NECC was highly effected by these changes also the restriction from the CNO at the time on the NWU III (NSW only that has now changed.

          • NECCSEABEECPO says:

            I believe the statement was up to 2012 when NWU II and NWU III”most NECC and some NSW units were in BDU’s until 2012″.

  2. Green Thumb says:

    No Good sack of shit.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Hmmm, BDU trousers with a black shirt w/USMC logo and flip flops, he also looks like he NEVER MET a jelly doughnut he didn’t like! Hey, he DOES look like a VERY highly trained and experienced Jeely Doughnut Assassin, I bet he could be as dangerous as ‘ol “Blobfish” to any block of cheese left laying around!

  4. Combat Historian says:

    “…he had been a Captain with a Recon unit…”

    Nahh, more like a jellybelly sack of over-ripe shit…

    • The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Nah, more like:

      “I was a regular bar fly in a crappy hick town bar that was 5 months behind in rent”.

      Notes: An accomplished bar fly typically operates on a zero based budget with no revenue stream.

      • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

        You forgot the statement about “having two baby mamma’s with 5 children that he doesn’t support”…

  5. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like this guy. He makes my story seem believable and helps me look height-weight proportional.

    Even with the roadkill I wear on my head, I rock a better coif than he does though…


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  6. Old Trooper says:

    This fucker needs, no, begs for a throat punch.

  7. OWB says:

    Have never met a morbidly obese veteran who advertised. The only ones (obese vets) I know have serious health issues and don’t generally display items claiming veteran status because of their weight.

    Of course, I only know a small fraction of the vets running around, so it’s certainly possible for my perception to be quite incorrect.

    • The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:



      USAF C-130 Pilot Chev’ Formage’ Le Twat has repeatedly and openly expressed his overweightlieness and his uncanny ability to maintain his ever expanding stature and girth in uniform (and a growing list of ex’s as well).

      So, sorry in this case you have committed a mistake of wronglieness and I gasp with Christmas cheer and pleasure in your general direction.

  8. Pinto Nag says:

    It looks like the only thing he ever recon’d was an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet line.

  9. OldManchu says:

    He might have been wounded in his dirty leg when he hooked up with some skank who believed his war hero stories and fell for his awesome marineness presence.

  10. Thunderstixx says:

    Another sh*&bag on the wall of porta potty shame.
    These pukes make me sick, as sick as ovomit makes me…
    They are right in league with his dumba$$..
    And that is pretty damn sick…

  11. Bobo says:

    Well, that scared the crap out of me. I do know a Tom Good who lives in PA and is, in fact, a former Marine.

  12. Skippy says:

    Damn it’s been raining Shitbags this week

  13. The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    You guys are so studip!

    What he meant to say is, “I am a marine mammal”.

    Google it!

    He is probably a ‘sperm whale’.

    Yeah … That is it!

    Sperm Whale … female.

  14. Skippy says:

    well I’ll say one thing for sure, if I was still in, I would have loved having a few of these top secret
    combat warriors or back ops masters, hang with me for a week on my last easy trip to the sand box. 1000,00 bucks says not a single one of these fruit cakes would make it 48 hour before they would tap out

  15. Dave Hardin says:

    I would love to read that kids interview for the Veterans’ Day project.

    Why are they always a pig eyed piece of shit?

  16. FatCircles0311 says:

    With so many fake gets out there I’m beginning to doubt my own existence.

  17. W2 says:

    Dude looks like he had to eat a family of eskimos to achieve that body type. Lying to kids earns him the special shitbag award; his prize should be a million bazillion kicks square in the beanbag.

  18. Green Thumb says:

    Dude looks tired.

    I imagine he is “queefed out”.

    No Good Meatgazer.

  19. Thunderstixx says:

    If not for that well placed semicolon that title would be a big mess.
    Kudos to you Jonn, I’m certain you saw that too.

  20. Jarhead says:

    Hmmmmm, let me see if I got this right. Now Good was Bad, and became Very Bad. If Good was Bad from the gitgo, how did Bad Good know Very Bad? It just so happened that Good’s cousin Pretty Bad knew and avoided Very Bad. Then we learn cousin Awfully Bad had taught Good to become Very Bad in spite of Pretty Bad’s Kinda Good attitude. The moral of the story is if Good had not become Very Bad, Pretty Good would have remained distant from Awfully Bad and eventually become Real Good.
    Time for me to hit the sack. You people are confusing the hell out of me! I don’t know Who’s bad and Who’s Good anymore. Haven’t heard from Never bad or Always Good in weeks know.

    • Claw says:

      Well, I don’t know if he’s good or bad. All I know is he looks like one of those individuals we used to catch about o-dark-thirty out in the farrowing shed trying to plant a few new bacon seeds.

      Yep, I said it. Pig forkers are the worst.

  21. Jarhead says:

    CHANGE…….As Always. Change to Never Bad and know to now. Like I said, you people have confused me.

  22. LocoLupus says:

    Where is he being held? Pitt is 2 hours from me and I will take time to get him.

  23. Defensor Fortis says:

    Moobs AND Mandals…. Jesus