Robert Boyd; CIA-trained Air Force mechanic

| December 16, 2015


One of our ninjas sent us a four-year-old story of this Robert Boyd fellow who was the subject of a Memorial Day feature in a local news story. Boyd claimed that he had been trained as a mechanic for C-130 Hercules aircraft, but then the CIA saw what a great mechanic he was, that they trained him as a sniper and sent him to Vietnam to take out “high value” targets, and because he was so secret squirrel that they never put it in his records.

Officially, Boyd was never in Vietnam. But unofficially, the Puyallup resident had 173 kills (unconfirmed) including several targets he called “high value.”

“There is no record of my ever being in Vietnam,” he repeated, “so we can’t verify the kill count.”

But Boyd tells his story in his new book, “Codename Litefoot,” a title taken from his actual code name during the two tours of duty he never officially did in ‘Nam.

“A lot of different things happened in Vietnam that no one really knows about,” he said. “My book is full of them.”

Well, it didn’t take long for the local reporter to learn from real veterans that the story he was told was BS;

But after the story was published, enraged Vietnam veterans – both local and throughout the country – as well as concerned military experts and others familiar with and skeptical about Boyd’s past delivered a steady flow of emotional emails, online comments and phone calls.

Some responses were too nasty for print, others too sordid to explain. But they each made a substantial and persuasive point.

The man is a fake, they claim.


We found little to support Boyd’s claims of being a special ops sniper who worked under the cover of an airman mechanic who never turned a wrench while stationed in the Philippines during his ‘Nam missions. His military record indicates no special training or evidence of his covert duty.

Boyd’s explanation is simple and direct. His service record remains sealed, classified. Boyd said those documents are not even available to him, adding that even his public military records are incomplete, and don’t include all the aircraft training he received.

His service records indicate he received a small arms expert marksmanship ribbon and National Defense Service Medal, but nothing else.

Robert Boyd FOIA

Robert Boyd Assignments

Robert Boyd Training

Well, there you go, he had the National Defense Service Medal, so he’s telling the truth.

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  1. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Geez, if all these POGs were really super secret squirrel trained assassins one would think that the infantry’s job would be a hell of a lot easier because every mechanic at the airfield could be pressed into providing high cover with their sniper scopes from the airfield towers and treetops….

    I never saw any of these guys at the range though, there must be some super secret training base too. You know right next to the super secret records facility where they keep the “real” records of all of these low speed, high drag motherfuckers.

    • ionna says:

      Super Secret Sniper Crewdog? That’s a first lmao. Fucker probably couldn’t trouble shoot his way out of a fucking engine bay let alone expert shoot the VC

  2. Hondo says:

    Sounds like maybe this guy isn’t the only fake the reporter interviewed. From the 2nd linked article:

    “People don’t believe it, people don’t believe him,” said Terry Black Eagle, an Army master sergeant and code talker who claims his friend was in the Vietnam theater. “It hurts him because he served his country, and they won’t recognize him for that.”

    Unless Terry Black Eagle is Navajo and served in early Vietnam or Korea, I question that “code talker” part. The use of Navajo code talkers was discontinued early in Vietnam. The use of all other types of code talkers (several other languages were also used) appear to have been discontinued after World War II. And I’m pretty sure the Navajo code talkers were pretty much exclusively USMC – not Army.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Maybe it’s the same Terry Black Eagle???

      • Jarhead says:

        V O V… call on your consideration is still bullshit on behalf of the Terry Black Eagle listed in the story. He looks about as much Navajo as I look Chimpbanese. Keep in mind the one you brought up died only three years ago. This story claims the original Terry Black Eagle was making claims for his b. s. artist friend four years ago.

        My guess is the mechanic himself was a shit talker. They were commonly used by the AREVN…that being a sekrit squirrel unit known as the Army Republic of East Vietnam. They were located a little more than 200 miles east of Phu Bai. These were some really bad-ass dudes. No weapons carried with them in combat, NOPE not a one. They carried a tool chest with them and used vice grips, rubber mallets, chisels and crow bars to do their dirty deeds. Most were trained in the deadly art of Ho Che Min Kick ’em In the Chin. They were so secret that even they did not know they were sekrit operatives. Before leaving for any black opps, they were always told to be prepared to secure a bayonnet to their timing guages. Bad ass to the bone!!!

        • Hondo says:

          Jarhead, I think that photo on Black Eagle’s obit may be associated with the funeral home vice the deceased. It seems to show up numerous times on their Facebook page as the icon for whenever they comment.

        • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

          Yes I should have been clearer, there were some comments in the facebook that said he had cheated some folks out of thousands of dollars which would sort of lend itself to being a liar also….that’s what I intended with my response.

      • MrBill says:

        Sounds like he may have had an “interesting” life. I found a 2005 criminal case in Oregon, captioned “State vs. Terry Blackeagle, aka Ray Long, aka Leroy Wallace”. All it said is that the case was affirmed without a written opinion, so I couldn’t tell the nature of the charge.

      • Claw says:

        There are some very interesting obituaries posted up from that Threadgill Memorial funeral home, especially from the year 2012.

        Seems like almost every man from that part of Oregon who served in Vietnam did a minimum of three, if not several, tours in RVN.

        Of course, you have to understand what a “tour” means to members of the LDS church. Our meaning of a “tour” is different from their meaning.

        But when you read an obituary that says he served three tours as a Private, earning several medals along the way, to include the Vietnam Service Medal, you kind of catch on to what is meant by tour.

  3. ChipNASA says:

    ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDD Another one who, I suspect, will take his bullshit stories to his grave.
    /what a fucking clown.

  4. Stacy0311 says:

    If all of these secret squirrel asshats had really served in Vietnam, we’d all be PCSing to Vietnam like we did in post war Germany….

  5. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like this guy. He’s got just shy of double the kills as Gunny Hathcock and no one has heard of him. No one had heard of me either as a lawyer turned Spetsnaz commando trainer. My records show that I was in Colorado building my cover story that included making people believe that I get winded cutting my steak.

    Little did my neighbors know that I am the Real Fake American Hero(tm) photoshopped into every Afghan hillside photo and traveling to the same places in the Sudan that females missionaries travel to.

    That said, I’d still rather protect my Russian allies than protect US soldiers. Keep paying me for security seminars anyhow, suckers!


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  6. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Another “Call of Booty – Anal Buttsekks Warrior” (Sekrit Skwirrl Sniper download)… records must be classified as “Secret Honey Badger”.

    Gnarled old turd….

  7. streetsweeper says:

    You’re not going to believe this shit but…There I was mowing Top’s prize mean mother green lawn and reaching for the rake when *bam*! the CIA swoops in, all kinds of weapons drawn and said “Son? You are so damn good with that there lawn mower, you are coming with us”. Hadda think about it for a few minutes, then I toll ’em…”Y’all do not know Top, I do and I do know he’ll kick my ass if this doesn’t get done”. Next thing I know, I’m being lifted offa my combat boot laden feet and tossed into one of those black heleocopters. And there was Robert “By Gawd” Boyd sitting on the seat beside me, telling me how much sekrit fun we was gonna be havin…

  8. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    I suppose his spotter was code-named “Thunderbolt”…

    • Formally known as JR says:

      Like this guy needs a spotter, he was a lone wolf saving us from communism one kill at a time

    • PFM says:

      Yeah, I was thinking he either was a fan of the movie or really liked “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” 🙂 .

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    He was so super-secret-squirrel doing crazy if-I-tell-you-I-have-to-kill-you shit that there’s no record whatsoever, and he’ll tell you all about it. Uh-huh. Sure. Seems legit.

    I’m certainly no expert in the alleged subject matter, but the application of a modicum of common sense has me screaming “bullshit” on this loser.

    I remember reading something online about Christopher Lee (AKA Saruman, Count Dooku, etc), whose British military records showed him attached to the SAS during 1944-45, and didn’t brag about it, use it for personal gain, or be a douche like this. Supposedly, when asked about any secret-squirrel shit he may or may not have done to the nazis, (and his records indicated that he was involved in some classified operations) he would just reply, “Can you keep a secret? Good! So can I!” The only time he seems to have ever said anything about it was during the filming of “The Lord of the Rings,” when his character gets backstabbed by Brad Dourif. He disliked the sound effect Peter Jackson used, saying, “Trust me, I know what it sounds like when you stab a man in the back.”

  10. ChipNASA says:

    Instant B.S. check for these sooper sekret squirrels.

    Just ask them for the unclassified L.E.S. everyone who works for any branch of the government has to receive.

    • Claw says:

      Chip, Only problem with that is their LES’s always show NPD (No Pay Due) in the end-of-month section and has a negative number entry in the Leave Earned portion.

      Yep, as it should be. No pay or leave earned on behalf of fictitious service as a sooper sekrit C-130 mechanic/CIA sniper.

      • Claw says:

        Strike the above comment from the record.

        Had a brain fart and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. One of those senior moments where you stop and say “Now why did I come into this room?”

        Sorry, Chip.

      • PFM says:

        He was so secret he worked on the engines while they flew to minimize the number of personnel that saw him.

  11. Peter the Bubblehead says:

    The first time I met face-to-face the husband of a good friend of mine and while showing him the ‘Love Me Wall’ I had displayed in my home at the time, he started telling me about all the Black-Ops Top Secret missions he was involved with during Nam and how there are no official public records for what he did and, sine he was technically not even active duty military he was never awarded the ribbons and medals all the other guys over there got. I quickly and quietly changed the subject and suggested we all go out and have dinner rather than start what I figured would have become a loud argument about what BS he was trying to pass off on me.

    • streetsweeper says:

      Good call, Peter.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      You’re braver than I am with that one Peter.
      I would have told him to go piss up a rope and cancelled the dinner because I couldn’t stand to hear someone sit there and lie like a rug…
      If he lies about that, you know he lies about everything else.

  12. Marine_7002 says:

    I thought this worthless turd sounded vaguely familiar, so I went to the Amazon reviews, and sho’ ’nuff, I’d written this:


    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful

    1.0 out of 5 stars Another wannabe…

    Format: Paperback

    He’s a fake and a fraud. For the straight scoop on him, go to his entry at the page…[…]and scroll down to “Boyd, Robert A.”. There is a link at his entry that shows he was a C-130 mechanic in the Air Force, and after 3 years of service was discharged as an E-1. That in itself speaks volumes about the nature of his service. The fact that the farthest west he got was the Philippines is further testimony to his deceitfulness.


    The scumbag couldn’t even hold any rank in three years in the Air Force. That says volumes about the character of his service. Wonder if it was a General or OTH.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    I have no doubt that one day this clown will be in charge of the All-Points Logistics (Merritt Island, FL) motor pool and vehicle maintenance department.


  14. David says:

    Reminds me of a local lad who claimed he was pulled straight out of Basic at Ft. Dix and sent directly to sniper school, and did missions all over the world. Cuz he was such an impressive marksman, y’see. Also claimed he kept his sniper rifle when he ETSed…

  15. Combat Historian says:

    I was the Command Historian for the great Earth Expeditionary Force that defeated the Vegan/Orion Invasion Fleet near Alpha Centauri, but I can’t really talk about it because my service record remains sealed, classified. Those documents are not even available to me…///

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Classification level – Honey Badger

    • Peter the Bubblehead says:

      I remember that invasion! They were going to report it on the Network News, but Dan Rather got hold of it first and they figured no one was going to believe him anyway. I took out three Vegans bare-handed myself! (Or where they vegetarians? I always mix that up!) But no matter how much I begged, they wouldn’t include that in my service record.

  16. Ex-Garbage Gun Shooter says:

    Why all the hate? Haven’t you been keeping up with the news? It ain’t their fault. Be nice. Climate change, combined with the side effects (hypoxia, myopia, etc.) caused by having their heads inserted deeply (film at 11) in their anal orifices has caused these people’s brains to shrink and wither up much much faster than normal. Rest assured, it is a temporary condition that will cease to be a problem once climate change is under control.

    • Bernie Hackett, Jr. says:

      The famous rectocranial inversion! Grooving on the echoes.
      The more bizarre the tale, the likelier his “records” are top sekrit/sealed by the prez.
      Surprised he didn’t try option 2, burned up in the fire at St. Louis.

  17. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    TALK ABOUT some Weapons Grade BULLSHIT! Next he’ll be telling people that he invented the M666 Plasma Burst Gun that I used as an Apollo Mission Door Gunner. Let’s see, sooperdooperseekrit klaffisified seekrit records that don’t exist, I wonder how soon he’ll start screeching that he gots himself a lawer loaded and ready to sue?

  18. The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    This guy is so deep, dark and secretive … I think what he was saying was:

    “I am not authorized to discuss my military service record. It has been sealed by the President and it is held in a high security vault beneath the Library of Congress. The training I received is so vast that I can no longer remember many of the dates, locations and purpose of such training. The list is held by the CIA, in a lead lined steamer trunk, buried under the LZ at Langley. The LZ is now named ‘LZ Litefoot’. I qual’d as a sniper at a little known USMC sniper range called ‘ALPHA DOG of HAMBURGER HILL VIPER KILL SQUAD’. It was a short range, only 500 yards, so for the 1000 yard qual day we would shoot twice, add the score and divide by two, then multiply by two and finally divide by 1000, multiplied by the number of rounds shot. I always scored A+. With respect to my officially unconfirmed and recorded kills, there were 173, however the CIA originally credited me to 174. The 174th was rescinded when it was learned that the original target COL TU FUKS of the Northern Viet Nam Army, had a conjoined brother, yet they shared a common liver and heart. Therefore, one kill only for Siamese twins. Additional information about my post military career as a DoD contractor in Afgantistand will be in my new book entitled, ‘SNAKE BATTALION: FURY OF DEATH HELECOPTER SIDE GUNNER’.

  19. 3E9 says:

    With all that training and someone forgot to have him sign a non disclosure agreement.

  20. TheCloser says:

    “1965: In his efforts to avoid direct combat in Vietnam, a seventeen-year-old boy joins the US Air Force to become an aircraft mechanic, his lifelong dream. His upbringing, however, having been trained as a highly competitive match shootist is just what the CIA is looking for. At the boys first permanent duty station, he is mentally and physically tortured and abused by his commanding officer and his henchmen. His problems follow him to the Philippines, where he is offered a choice: living with the threat of death by his new commanding officers, or going into combat as a top-secret, covert, CIA-directed, scout-sniper.”

    He didn’t realize how tough the Air Force was… Junior enlisted being tortured by Commanding Officers and their henchman… the humanity!

    • Hack Stone says:

      I was tortured too. By the Career Planner.

    • Claw says:

      If you had been at Bitburg, Germany in 1974 (as I was) and listened to the Airmen there bitching, moaning and whining, you would have thought the 1965 Squadron Commanding Officer and his henchmen had been promoted transferred from Clark AB to Bitburg AB and were now the Air Base Commander and Squadron Commanders henchmen.

      Heard lots of I’m hating this Air Force crap conversations at the EM/NCO Club on the weekends. So funny.

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        Claw, when I had been at LZ English about two weeks, a friend and I took a jeep one day to Qui Nhon to get our pay records straightened out at brigade finance. Since it was getting late on the way back, we decided to spend the night at the Phu Tai airbase just off QL-1. It was a nice place. Good food, clean sheets, mowed lawns, and a half-way decent driving range.

        We’re out whacking a bucket of balls, and although it’s kinda hard working on your slice when F-4s are going to after-burner in the background, I remember thinking this was … different.

        So anytime I hear about an Air Force CO being mean to his troops, I can’t help but wonder: What did he do, take away their nine-irons?

        • Claw says:

          Perry, you probably would then not be surprised at some of the whining I heard.

          The soft serve ice cream machine at the mess hall broke down, (and just like the Navy, sh*t gets real when that happens) the lousy conditions of the lanes at the bowling alley, (so much so that a new bowling alley was built while I was there from 74-77) the severe over work load by adding an hour to each end of their 9 to 5 schedule while the air base was undergoing the transition from F-4s to F-15s, the lack of seating for the Saturday home football games, and the biggest whine of all was when the hot butter machine for the popcorn broke down at the movie theater and didn’t get replaced for two weeks.

          And always whining about the DM to Dollar exchange rate, although most of the time it was anywhere from DM 3.60 to DM 3.80 to the Dollar. They didn’t know how good they had it then as the rates 10 years later were half that.

          But as they say, if a troop ain’t bitchin, he(or she) ain’t happy.

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            I remember taking my mid-tour leave in country when I was in Korea in the early 90’s and spent most of it at Osan AB which was Shangri-la compared to life in 2ID (It felt good just to get away from the DMZ for a while!) and it seemed like every Airmess I talked to in their on-base clubs bawled about how bad they had it there. I spent a few minutes describing life in the 2ID to them and I guess they discovered they didn’t have it so bad (Hell, their chow halls were nicer than many restaurants I’ve eaten in!).

            • Tony180a says:

              During one of my rotations to “The Rock” Ali AL Salem Airbase, Kuwait during mid 90’s the Air Force purchased a Zodiac above ground inflatable pool, then built a deck around it. I think it had 4 swimming lanes. More importantly several female Air Force personnel would lay out on the deck tanning in bikinis…. Ah the good old days.

    • Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

      Ah yes “His upbringing, however, having been trained as a highly competitive match shootist…”

      Audie Murphy you ain’t!


  21. Hack Stone says:

    Two Words: Honorary Sniper.

  22. sj says:

    “claimed that he had been trained as a mechanic for C-130 Hercules aircraft, ”

    Was he a mechanic on Chevy’s C130 Compass Call?

  23. Formally known as JR says:

    That cheek to buttstock weld is questionable

  24. Guard Bum says:

    Say…..wasnt his CIA handler COL Flagg? His shit was so secret even he didnt know what he knew.

  25. Sorensen25 says:

    Let the record show that the CIA is an intelligence agency, not a military arm of the government. A mechanic wouldn’t be recruited to do anything for them for the same reason an infantrymen wouldn’t – those jobs have nothing to do with intelligence. Anybody who claims or believes otherwise simply watched too many movies.

  26. John Simpson says:

    I wrote the original debunking of this moron’s claims and you can still read a lot of my comments on this guy’s Amazon pages. And no, he never did sue me.

    Here is the in-depth review I did of his book available for free download