George H. Margolis; a lifetime of phoniness

| December 19, 2015


There’s a fellow out there by the name of George H. Margolis who is one of those folks who will take his stolen valor to the grave. He was a Democrat candidate for Congress in 1982 and 1986 in Simi Valley, California, according to the LA Times in a 1987 article. I guess that back in those days, the LA Times didn’t mind looking into the claims of Democrat candidates. He was convicted of acquiring disabled license plates. he was barred from entering El Segundo Air Force Base because he had been passing himself off as an Air Force colonel complete with identity documents;

Margolis’ claims that he was a high-ranking, decorated and totally disabled veteran are only the latest in a series of incidents involving bogus or inflated credentials, according to an Air Force spokesman. In the past, both USC and Pennsylvania State University, which Margolis claimed he attended, reported that they had no record of him. And U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston denied that Margolis had served as his adviser, as Margolis claimed.

Paul Sewell, Air Force chief of media relations for the western United States, said Margolis had turned up so often on military bases carrying phony military identification as a high-ranking officer between 1974 and 1986 that his case “would seem to be a terminal nightmare.”

“He’s a man with a very smooth personality, very easy to like, very easy to believe, and he found some flaws in the system that allowed him to get hold of blank documents to apply for various forms of identification,” Sewell said. “I think he could have conned some people into inadvertently helping him out.”

Yep, they’re all sociopaths – they believe their lies, that makes it easier to convince others.

Margolis’ actual military record was modest in contrast with his claims, Sewell said. He was a private in the Army between Oct. 22, 1952, and June 11, 1954, records show. He handled supplies and did not see any action in the Korean War, Sewell said. Margolis never served in the Air Force and is not considered a military retiree, military records show.

He does have a disability related to his military service, according to the Veterans Administration. He receives $69 a month from the VA, though a VA spokesman declined to provide more specific information.

Yeah, I’d check into that, too. Anyway, someone sent us the photo at the top of the page of the sticker that Margolis displays on his car. The picture was taken yesterday in California. I can’t find a picture of him anywhere, so he’s been successful at avoiding that new-fangled intenet thingie. But, according to the person who sent the picture of his sticker says that the Office of Special investigations has been made aware of his continued malfeasance.

Our friends found a really old picture of Margolis;

George Henry Margolis - Candidate 1

ADDED 1/13/2016; Well, someone went and got his records for us;

George Margolis FOIA

George Margolis Assignments

George Margolis Assignments2

George Margolis Training

He was a real fast-burner – In nine years of service (some in the Army, Army Reserve and the Air Force) he shot up to the rank of E-2, the Air Force divested themselves of him in less than three weeks. And no awards. Almost a colonel.

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    Since he spends so much time on military bases, I can see All-Points Logistics bringing him on board in the future (if not already)either in the sales/contract procurement department.

    As I said, he might already be on board and was in the process of negotiating a contract.

    Who knows?

  2. Dapandico says:

    Miramar is still issuing the DOD stickers?

  3. Hondo says:

    “Rockin’ the lie” for 40+ years. Impressive.

    From the photo of the sticker, the year (the “18”) is a different size and a different shade than the month (the “12”). I’d guess the 18 sticker may well be one he procured and stuck over/attached in place of an expired one.

    I hope someone has sent this info to the base authorities at MCAS Miramar. They probably would like to know that someone appears to have unauthorized access to their installation and is impersonating a retired officer.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      The dude is one of the ORIGINAL “Call of Booty – Anal Buttsekks Warrior” beta testers… he was picked to make sure that the gameplay was “realistic” enough for other to use.

      Gnarled old fossilized sheep turd…

  4. GDContractor says:

    Dude claimed Purple Heart Medal back in 1986.

    Long overdue cunt punt needed, aisle 6 please.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Dude was a process server… and used the now-famous legal ploy known as “The Bernathian Gambit” when interacting with those that question his claims.

      Dude needs a cunt-punt through the goalposts of life

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    There was another one of these chameleons a while back, someone who had people convinced that he was an upper-echelon Army(?) ossifer. And he’d been doing that for years, too. Don’t remember his name, but he carried a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.

    We should get these two together for drinks.

    • Claw says:

      Ex, That was Michael Douglas McDowell.

      26 May 2013 was his phoniness exposure date here on TAH.

    • desert says:

      I was stationed at Miramar from late 1960 to 1963 when it was NAS Miramar and the top gun school…

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        Um, hate to bust your bubble, but while Miramar was open, “Top Gun” wasn’t established until 1969.

        Lots of planes there in the early 60’s? Yup. Maverick and Goose? Uh, nope.

  6. nousdefions says:

    All that you need to know, “He was a Democrat candidate for Congress”.

    Guilty => Stolen Valor
    Guilty => Attempted Theft (my money = taxes)
    Guilty => Theft (oxygen)

  7. streetsweeper says:

    Okay, that does it. I want my medals for “Lawn Mowing”, “Raking”, “Sweeping” and because I was the only one that was able to keep the 1SGT from parking in the CO’s lane,”Line Painting”.

    Make ’em expert size, please.

  8. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Here’s another article from the LA Dog Trainer (Times) on Georgie-boi:

    “Margolis, 56, has been charged by the Ventura County district attorney’s office with fraudulently claiming he is a 100% disabled veteran to obtain license plates meant for handicapped drivers and avoid paying automobile registration fees. The infraction is a misdemeanor; penalties can include a brief jail sentence and three years’ probation.”

    “He has also been barred from the Los Angeles Air Force Station in El Segundo, where he worked as a volunteer, after military investigators say they discovered that he was posing as an Air Force colonel and had obtained corresponding military identification. He used this identification to gain membership in Southern California officers’ clubs, military authorities said.”

    “Margolis had membership cards in that club, in the Orange County Chapter of the Retired Officers Assn., the Officers’ Club at the Naval Construction Battalion Center at Point Hueneme and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He was neither an officer nor a recipient of a Purple Heart for being wounded in battle, military officials said.”

    Fucking assclown… Bernath’s buttbrother…

  9. Climb to Glory says:

    Looks like a fucking stump jumper.

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SOMEWHERE there is a tree that has been working like hell to produce the oxygen that this slug snot-blooded loser of a bedwetting wino nut sack-ogling bucket of roach shit has been stealing for quite some time, and he owes it a HUGE apology!!

  11. Jarhead says:

    So typical of most politicians…the sociopath label. And we continue to fall for it. Seems to me we recently had the same M. O. from someone who claimed to be a SGM. Damned crazy unpredictable Marines are too hard-headed to accept a person’s word any more. However, I see some GREAT stands from those who served in other branches on here. This Can Be Hell if a phony tries to pull one.