Steve Valcke; phony Vietnam veteran/phony POW

| December 22, 2015

Steve Valcke Macon GA Vietnam POWa

Someone sent us their work on this Steve Valcke fellow. He visited a Houston, Georgia-area school for a Veterans’ Day talk with the kids there according to the Macon Telegraph.


You can see in the picture that he’s wearing a Vietnam veteran T-shirt as well as a Vietnam veteran cap and the caption says that he’s Vietnam veteran and a POW. Not even close. He spent less than four weeks in the Air Force in 1974. He does have a National Defense Service Medal in his records, though, even though his enlisted service began the day after eligibility ended for the award – so yeah, he doesn’t even deserve that one except by clerical error.

Steven G. Valcke, Phony Vietnam POW 001

He couldn’t handle four weeks in Air Force Basic Training, I’m sure he would have held up real good in Vietnamese POW camp.

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  1. Steve Valcke; phony Vietnam veteran/phony POW | Military Phonies | December 22, 2015
  1. Hondo says:

    For completeness, here are links to DoD’s comprehensive Vietnam POW Escapee, Returnee, and Accounted-For lists:

    None of those lists includes the name “Valcke”. If his claim of being a Vietnam POW were true, he’d be on two of the three lists linked above. He’s not.

    Screw this LSoS bastard.

    • The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      The escapee list is an exclusive club, mostly very junior, quite young and smart to hatch their plan for escape early and often.

      The returnee list is tough to read … I can’t imagine the pain< suffering and loneliness.

      Turn on speakers and look at this!

      • The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

        And this one … But, before I go: A POS who claims to be a POW deserves only the worst of punishment and attention!

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He looks like the type one would use as a blueprint for building an idiot!

  3. Combat Historian says:

    He was lacking even for Lackland; the shame and humiliation of it all…

  4. Combat Historian says:

    I hope this douchebag is visited by the ghost of Robinson Risner on Christmas Eve…

  5. LocoLupus says:

    Ok, this sh!t has to stop. Is it not bad enough that the Vietnam Veterans got treated like sh!t and now POG wanna bes that could not handle AF Basic are claiming the worst thing that could happen to a Veteran!

    Just shakes me to the core that people are this ignorant.

  6. HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

    Visiting a school for a Veteran’s Day talk… dufus looks like a tickle monster looking for a kid to traumatize.

    I’m one that doesn’t go for doing the Veteran’s Day visits to schools for this reason…I know I’ll bump into one of these idiots and “politely” ask him to leave…

    • When I lived in Saint Anthony, Idaho, I used to really enjoy going to elementary and high schools with the local VFW and DAV members.

      I never looked like that bum.

      I wore a suit and tie, with all my medals properly arranged.

      I took along my guitar and my teddy bear, and the kids really loved it.

      I didn’t tell war stories.

      I just entertained the young’uns, and that was sufficient.

      • OldManchu says:

        The teddy bear thing is a little creepy though.

        • Why?

          The kids liked it.

          Besides, it was a Christmas gift from a girlfriend.

          I sang this song for the kids:

          • “TED E. BAIR”

            Words and Music by:

            VERSE # 1:
            He will face any dare
            Any time, anywhere.
            If there’s danger,
            He don’t care,
            Ted E. Bair!
            He’s a vet of Uncle Sam,
            Did his tour in Viet Nam.
            Now, he’s always
            Where I am,
            Ted E. Bair.

            VERSE # 2:
            I’m a man who stays alone
            And my mind’s a combat zone.
            But, I’m not left on my own.
            Ted E. Bair!
            When the night is long and hard,
            Ted E. Bair is standing guard.
            He’s my buddy
            And my pard,
            Ted E. Bair!

            He is always by my side
            With both eyes open wide.
            He don’t grumble, he don’t moan.
            He just keeps on keeping on.
            In any ill or any plight,
            Ted E. Bair can make it right!

            VERSE # 3:
            He is silent when I’m mad
            And says nothing when I’m bad.
            He’s the best friend, I have had,
            Ted E. Bair!
            When I’m sleeping in my car
            Or I’m singing in some bar,
            I know he’s not going far,
            Ted E. Bair!

            Ted E. Bair! My teddy bear!
            Always there, you teddy bear,
            So I know that you care,
            My teddy bear,
            Oh, Ted E. Bair!
            Ted E. Bair!

            • Jarhead says:

              JRM…You appear to be what most would write off as a harmless older
              fellow….and not want to offend you. I don’t know if anyone else thinks or agrees with this…but you need HELP!

  7. Martinjmpr says:

    Another fake POW. These guys really come out of the woodwork around the holidays, don’t they?

    “POW” and “sniper” are the first things that cause my BS detector to go off, mainly because from what I can tell, real POWs and real snipers seldom talk about it.

  8. sfp2 says:

    Cane,head cover,shirt,sun glasses,goatee thingy on face good start.But no service dog,medals, at least a three row ribbon bar? Damm He makes us nam posers look bad.

  9. GDContractor says:

    Did you guys see his complete name? It’s Steve Gerard Marcel Lauren Valcke. I bet that was fun taking all those names to basic training.

    Facebook page says he is originally from Menen, Belgium. Apparently he likes Harley Davidson motorcycles, go figure.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I doubt sincerely that this fine upstanding citizen could have made it past the first 10 days at Bainbridge RTC(W). I’ll be he keeps his hands in his pockets most of the time, when no one is looking.

  11. Hondo says:

    Is it just me, or does this guy look like Inspector Clouseau’s idiot cousin?

  12. AnotherPat says:

    Does he even “qualify” to be recognized as a Vietnam ERA Veteran? AND the National Defense Service Medal? Motorcycles? Interesting he is posing holding on to a cane. This guy was born in 1955, yet looks so much older than the other Veteran in the picture. Why, oh, why do all these Vietnam “POWs” seem to have long hair, bandanas on their heads,blah, blah, blah..So once again, a news Media fell for a story without checking…and those kids will probably believe that he is the real deal…and that Vietnam POWs look like him. Steve, wherever you are, YOU NEED TO MAN UP AND CONFESS YOU ARE ONE BIG LIAR.

  13. clamsgotlegs says:

    Love the cane too, nice touch. Is he is getting VA benefits for any POW PTSD? Did the school tape his talk? FOIA time.

    • Climb to Glory says:

      Oh, no doubt. I’m guessing 100% disability. Another lying sack of shit bum. If I had a kid at that school I’d be pissed they let that lying hobo anywhere near children.

      • Pinto Nag says:

        With as many times as this has happened, you’d think somebody would start asking to see paperwork before the planned event.

  14. FatCircles0311 says:

    Getting real tired of these fucking chumps that allow these asshats to live out their delusions. Seriously I’m more mad at the people that refuse to do any background on these jackoffs at this stage.

    Fuck you lazy jerks.

  15. The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    A good film!

  16. Green Thumb says:

    And he is around kids.

  17. Haywire Angel says:

    I hope this info gets sent to the paper who did the story. Because of these guys, I take a second look at folks walking around with these hats/shirts on. It’s too bad they have to crap all over the true veterans.

    • GDContractor says:

      Comments are still open on that article. I see someone left a comment there. Also the email address for the author is at the top of the article.

    • Peter the Bubblehead says:

      I often wear submarine-related or my OIF ballcap when outdoors, and my Sub Vets chapter encourages us to wear our windbreaker jackets with the big US Submarine Veterans emblem on the back specifically to draw attention and try and recruit new members. Sub Vets is one of the best kept secrets in the Veteran’s community. So just wearing hats or jackets with military designation or insignia on them is not necessarily a red flag to me.

  18. AskAMarine says:

    For those who are interested, the Veterans Day Honor Ceremony took place on 6 November 2015 at the David Perdue Elementary School located near Warner Robins Air Force Base, GA. Below is their Facebook link. One can click on the Photos or Photo Album to find pictures for that day or scroll down to 6 November. There are several pics of Steve and sadly, the school posted about the “POW”.


      Shit that ass hat did it in my home town. There are so many retires and Vets in that town it is hard to tell who is who. I don’t go to VFW or Legion some many guy’s full of shit around.

  19. Poetrooper says:


    Macon Telegraph
    Bailey, Don President and publisher (478) 744-4290

    Robertson, Rebecca Assistant to the Publisher (478) 744-4291

    Marshall, Sherrie Executive Editor (478) 744-4340

  20. Jarhead says:

    Time to come clean. It bothers the hell out of me seeing all the people who wear ANYTHING that says, “I served in Viet Nam and CRAVE public recognition.” That would include anywhere, any day of the week, and even in PTSD group monthly meetings. It’s fucking over, you ain’t no fucking hero, nobody really gives a shit, it’s history, what the fuck is wrong with you that you have to wear your history for the public to see every day? Do you think the public is going to make you out to be the hero you always wanted to be? Do you think that makes you out to be somebody special?
    On and on I could go with this rant. It’s no wonder so many who see this every day on every street think they can get away fooling the public with their POSER game.
    Wake the fuck up. It’s over. We are home. You ain’t gettin’ shit for what you did 45 years ago. Look around, do you see as many wearing crap from the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc? There’s just something about the RVN war which the public allows to perpetuate life and feel sorry for those who have suffered any difficulty in life and need someone/something to blame their misfortune on and seek pity.
    Now I know this is going to piss off some who want to be recognized every damned day of the week. Fuckin’ get over it bro. Life is for living TODAY, not for wallowing in sorrow for something that happened to a hell of a lot more guys than yourself. Take your teddy and your guitar and go visit a mental institution where you will fit right in. Don’t embarrass the hell out of the rest of us, no matter how you justify your need for attention. We are no longer kids. We are men. Fuckin’ act like it and grow up!

    • Peter the Bubblehead says:

      Some of us don’t wear militaria because we crave glory and praise, but simply because we are proud of what we did, and on occasion someone who never served will notice my hat or my jacket and ask me about what I did and it affords me the opportunity to educate someone on a subject they did not have a prior opportunity to learn about.
      Just because you choose not to wear anything that speaks of your service to this nation, don’t belittle those of us who do for not other reason than we’re proud of what we did – especially when so many other capable people chose NOT to do it.

      • Jarhead says:

        Peter…..Completely understood by me. Don’t mean to belittle those who are proud of what we did, but from your post I seriously doubt if you are one of those I refer to. I’m talking about those who wear so much shit EVERY day that you would think they just got out of the bush. For those who avoided going to war by any means possible, that’s a whole different ball game.
        One thing though, we have different opinions on educating the public. Mine is…educators have that responsibility.

    • The problem we’re dealing with is imposters wearing unauthorized insignia, not genuine military veterans who are properly attired on appropriate occasions.

      Army Regulation 670-1:30-6 authorizes wear of medals and decorations on civilian clothing.

      Appropriate patriotic occasions for wear of medals on civilian clothes are:

      Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, (for me) the Army’s Birthday, (for you) the Marine Corps’ birthday, Independence Day, Patriot’s Day (i.e., 19 April), Constitution Day (17 September), Bill of Rights Day (15 December), Thanksgiving Day, (for Scottish descendants) National Tartan Day, when attending a military funeral, when attending a veterans organization function, or any other day or event which is patriotic, military, and/or respectful.

  21. AnotherPat says:

    This is not about the caps worn by folks specifying Branch of Service, Wars, Conflicts, etc. etc. while in Civilian Attire:

    I thought that former members of the US Army based on AR 670-1, 23-6 can only wear their medals/ribbons on civilian attire for Military occasions/ceremonies only.

    I have personally seen folks and questioned in my mind as to why they go to Elementary/Middle/High Schools/Colleges/Nursing Homes, go thru Airports, etc. not for a Military occasion (Veterans Day/Memorial Day) to talk or stroll thru airports…and wear civilian attire with medals/ribbons.

    Have seen other wear full dress uniform (not on Active Duty) with medals/ribbons and do the same thing…wear them to events that have nothing to do with the Military.

    Am I missing something?

    • Jarhead says:

      Another Pat….You see exactly what I am talking about. Hell, years ago when I lived in Nashville, at a large boat marina where divers like myself occasionally recovered things dropped in the water….there was some clown who at least once weekly would show up to his boat in his dress whites (Navy) complete with attache case in hand.
      Oh yeh, he was the cock of the walk. Always wondered about his true service.

  22. AnotherPat says:

    Peter the Bubblehead and Jarhead and John Robert Mallernee:

    I understand where everyone is coming from and am not on this blog to judge why folks wear what they wear, whether it be a T-Shirt, hat, medals/ribbons on civilian attire, etc. etc.

    Phonies, Yes. Those who served, no.

    Just as Jarhead states, I have seen too many folks wear ribbons/medals on civilian clothes that are at occasions/events that have nothing to do with the Military. Absolutely nothing.

    John Robert: If you read AR 670-1, 23-6 again, you will note that it states that medals/ribbons can be worn on civilian attire at formal occasions of ceremony and social functions of a military nature.

    When you read Chapter 23-1, it defines what “occasions of ceremony” means and it states that the occasion is of military character at which a uniform is more appropriate than civilian clothing…and that the occasion is composed largely or entirely of current or honorably discharged veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. And again, I am sure Chapter 23-1 is talking about wearing a military uniform versus civilian clothing.

    Thus the reason I question why folks go thru Airports with Civilian attire with ribbons/medals even if they just came from a military event (they can take their jacket off or am I missing something) or go to Schools/Nursing Homes, other events that have nothing to do with military events…so have to admit I am questioning out of respect the wear of medals/ribbons on civilian clothes on some of your events you mention that don’t fit AR 670-1.

    • Just because an Army regulation specifies one thing, does not necessarily preclude other things that are unmentioned or implied.

      I prefer observing the spirit of the regulation, which is to do whatever is patriotic, respectful, and appropriate.

      There’s no reason for concealing military insignia and/or decorations by removing a coat when traveling to or from an event.

      When properly attired, and when exhibiting proper conduct in public, a decorated military veteran can present a positive influence on those with whom they come in contact, i.e., reinforcing the public’s feelings of patriotism and respect.

      Of course, it’s all up to the individual military veteran, and what their intentions are.

      As stated, I like to observe the spirit of the regulation.

  23. Dennis - not chevy says:

    What bothers me about the whole affair is, if you’re invited to speak somewhere about something honor your host by dressing appropriately. By all that’s holy, if one is to address a group of children, don’t dress as though you’re about to try to hit them up for spare change.
    This Valcke looks like the K Street hero who will trade a war story for booze money. Were I the school principal, I would have never allowed him in.
    Each one of these phonies reinforces the belief that veterans are damaged goods. Oh, the poor bunny, he has to use a cane. So do I on occasion. Several years ago, I was injured in an accident. I retired from active duty long before the accident. People just assume I got blown up during the war. The truth is, and I tell everyone: I was attacked by a stray dog.
    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but to those hosts I stress, ask for proof of service.

  24. AnotherPat says:

    I saw some pictures of him on Facebook AFTER the school event….AFTER…and guess what…NO CANE.

    What an example to set for these young kids.

    BTW, he is not the ONLY guy who is doing this stuff with other kids. Have another person who I am pretty sure is not telling the truth about his military “career” (not POW) who is going around doing the same stuff…and fooling folks…

  25. AnotherPat says:

    John Robert Mallernee:

    With all due respect, I enjoy reading your comments on TAH and listening to your music…and thank you for serving our country.

    Maybe I am reading or misinterpreting what you wrote…just wondering…What is your definition of “observing the spirit of the regulation?”

    • Observing the spirit of AR 670-1:23-6 is being respectful and patriotic in a military manner, whether or not it’s an officially designated military occasion.

      For instance, when attending a patriotic event on Independence Day, et cetera.

      Independence Day is not specified in AR 670:23-6, but it’s certainly in the spirit of that regulation.

      Also, because Scottish clans are historically military units, it’s appropriate to wear military decorations when attired in full, formal Highland regalia.

      Many years ago, the founder of a Viet Nam veterans organization, Captain David Christian, urged Viet Nam veterans to wear their medals precisely because of how we were treated when we returned from the war, an opinion with which I am in total agreement.

      Further, veterans have a responsibility to set an example for young soldiers, or young recruits, especially during war.

      We saw an example of that being done when Britain went to war with Argentina in the Falkland Islands, as the older British veterans showed their support by parading with their medals on their civilian clothing, as the young British soldiers were boarding ships to sail to the Falkland Islands.

      Are you old enough to remember the Falkland Islands War?

      If so, you would have seen that on television.

      When I go to church, I wear a miniature riband rack and miniature wings on the lapel of my suit coat.

      I even have a riband rack and wings on my Santa Claus suit, because after all, Kris Kringle WAS a Korporal!

  26. GDContractor says:

    Earlier today while exiting Central Expressway at the Forest Ln. exit (Dallas, TX), I noticed a genuine hero panhandling for spare change. He was wearing a black T-Shirt that said “Vietnam Veteran” on it, and he was wearing a ball cap that said something about the Bronze Star Medal. If I see him tomorrow, I am going to go out of my way to thank him for his heroism. Unless one of you dickweeds miscreants beats me to it.

  27. AnotherPat says:

    John Robert Mallernee:

    To quote your comment: “Further, veterans have a responsibility to set an example for young soldiers, or young recruits, especially during war.”

    Yes, we have the responsibility as veterans to set the example…and you are not setting an example by using AR 670-1 to suit your needs and personality or justify what you do.

    Have no interest in what the Brits did or do.. and the last time I looked, Scottish clans are not a United States Military organization.

    So why don’t we just take other Army Regulations…and ignore them for our own purpose, for our own “spirit”…to suit our own needs whatever they may be.

    I know the meaning of “Choose your battles wisely.” So be yourself…and set the example as you see it.

    Merry Christmas, John Robert Mallernee.

  28. Skippy says:

    As I’m writing this I’m sitting at DEERS at D-M AFB here is cloudy Arizona. And a fellow vet sitting next to me saw this post and started to laugh. He said you had to try really hard back then to get thrown out of the Air Force back then I guess he was a DI in Texas during this time.. All I can say about this shit sack is anyone claiming to be a POW and wasn’t has to be the lowest form of life known to mankind…..
    NEXT !!!!!!!!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I’ve always been under the impression that one had to be a Grade AAA dickstomper in order to be kicked out of the U.S. Military anytime from the late sixties until the Reagan era began when they started taking out the trash.

  29. AskAMarine says:

    Don’t think this dude and his family have a clue that he is having his “15 minutes of fame” on the Internet.

    Went to their Facebooks…normally, when individuals such as these are caught, they immediately go on the defensive mode or shut down their Facebook account.

    Don’t know if I am allowed to post their account, but one can Google his name and it will pop up (that is how I found him).

    HO,HO,HO, Steve…you will be getting a bag of coal this year as your gift from Santa, because you were naughty and not nice to all the REAL Vietnam POWs as well as Veterans and innocent School Children.

    • 20thEB67 says:

      This shitheels has doubled down on his FB page. Still making his assertions about Vietnam vet status, POW, etal.

      • AskaMarine says:


        Noticed the same thing. Don’t think this guy has a clue that he has been exposed as a Phony.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Booted out after 4 weeks at basic… wonder why:

      1. Bedwetter
      2. Sleepwalker
      3. Umbilical cord did not stretch long enough from Mommy to Texas
      4. Teh gehy
      5. Other

  30. Jarhead says:

    For who-knows-what reason this phony has set me off today. Tried to call the Sun News that printed the article and picture, but it is impossible to speak to a live human at that newspaper. Now I know why the titty bars all have written on the outside………..LIVE nude girls.
    If you are as pissed as I am about this POS, please call the ONLY hope I believe we have of exposing this POS. Television station WMAZ in Macon. Phone number is (478) 752-6397. Phone call to a person in the news room sounded promising as he DID serve in the military, and seemed genuinely interested in the story. The ONLY way we can impress on the media folks how incensed we are over such phonies is to call and talk to someone at the station. PLEASE, let us make an example out of this POSER. PLEASE call and bombard the station with your thoughts. Keep in mind the insult to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Time-wise, they are on EST should you not be able to contact them before they close today. Just once I would love to see a media outlet be hammered into researching a story like this and report that they were overwhelmed with calls. NONE of us seek any recognition, but ALL of us would hopefully love to expose this Con Man.

  31. AskaMarine says:

    Thanks, Jar, for the phone number. Will give them a call as well. Hopefully, they will do something. I may be wrong, but I think the School he spoke at does not have any interest. Still believe Valcke does not have a clue he has been exposed as a Phony based on what he has posted on his Facebook about Vietnam Vets. Also, am still checking on the Phony Ed Richards to see if Scharwz has found any new info on Richards. And of course, my favorite: Killam.

    • GDContractor says:

      Don’t forget this super-duty dipshit.
      I was supposed to get a line on a reporter at the Dallas News but I have not, yet. I guess I will bring it up again with my contact. Bales is a lying turd that fooled a lot of folks.

      • Jarhead says:

        GDC….same here for my efforts. Tried to contact his church via email and phone call. No response from either. Kinda wasted my time being PC and nice about it. I could understand the no interest had I said the words on my mind. As in, “This low-down piece of shit ingratiating himself on some gullible M. F. ought to be taken out behind the parsonage and have his head bashed in with empty wine bottles from communion”. I even went so far as to send Jonn a copy of an email I sent to some newspaper guy who genuinely seemed interested during a phone conversation. So very few veterans in the media; why, I have no idea.
        This dude here will hopefully find a different interest from the media..ESPECIALLY if a bunch of us from TAH let him know how we feel. Seems to me his first name was Randall.

  32. 20thEB67 says:


    Got it. Thanks. I will be on a first name basis with WMAZ folks by the end of the week, and will remain so until this prick goes down.
    As a FNG here, I`m not aware of SOP. Should I light up his FB page?

    • GDContractor says:

      I don’t claim to know what the SOP is, but you might want to consider at what level you want to maintain your anonymity. There are folks here who have been inconvenienced to varying degrees by frivolous lawsuits and restraining orders, etc. If you do use your real name on Facebook when dealing with one of these jackasses, my advice would be to do it in a way that does not track back to what you might post here. Free advice… probably what it’s worth.

      • 20thEB67 says:

        Thank you, GDContractor. No need for me to let my anger and frustration in dealing with these liars to put myself and/or family in jeopardy.

    • AskaMarine says:

      20thEB67: Welcome to TAH. Lots and lots of great folks here. Thanks for inquiring about guidance on confronting/approaching those who either lie or embellish their military experience/background. GDContractor is correct in proceeding with caution on using your real name. Too many frivious/unnecessary/BS lawsuits have been initiated by those who were caught with their lies. Sad, isn’t it. Thanks for coming up with the initiative.

    • Hondo says:

      The FAQ (see the banner near the top of the site) might also be worth your time, since you’re new.


  33. Twist says:

    Scrolling through this thread made me wonder, has anyone heard anything from JRM lately?

  34. Green Thumb says:

    This turd reminds me of one of those creatures from Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed”.

  35. 20thEB67 says:

    Turd was fired by Home Depot after working there for 11 years. According to him, on a new posting on FB, he was canned because of some picture he was tagged in but I have another theory: Somebody dropped a dime on poor Stevie. Sucks to be him. Gee, I sure hope he doesn`t lose that spiffy new trailer house.

    • MrBill says:

      I checked that out – it wasn’t him, it was someone else whose photo he shared. I still don’t see any evidence on his Facebook page that he’s even aware he’s been outed.

  36. 20thEB67 says:

    He seems oblivious, no lie MrBill. So, he was not the one that lost the Home Depot job?

  37. AskaMarine says:

    Valcke still seems to imply that he is a Vietnam Veteran on his Facebook, so again, don’t think he has a clue that he has been exposed as a Phony.

    20thEB67, as MrBill stated, don’t think the Home Depot guy is him.

  38. AskaMarine says:

    YES, there is a God!

    26 January 2016 Macon, GA Newspaper story about Steve Valkce and Lester Black exposed as Military Phonies:

  39. Retired USAF says:

    I saw this back in November and e-mailed the author of the original article. I provided a link to the PMSEA data base and informed the individual this guy was not a POW. After nothing for about a week I submitted a Letter to the Editor of the Macon Telegraph.

    On 27 Nov I got an e-mail reponse from Mr Richardson of The Telegraph saying the picture and caption were provided by the School System. He said they’d contact the school system after the Thanksgiving holiday and also check into it. Two months later we get the article today.

    I’m kind of wondering why the retired military school board members didn’t throw the BS flag about the Delta Force rescue since Delta didn’t come about until 1980 as a result of the Tehran Embassy siezure.

  40. Cynthia Valcke says:

    Do you ever think about what happens to me his wife and my grandkids . I don’t need this to happen. This is not his grandkids and kids they are mine . I worked all my life to do the right thing. Please I beg you not to do this . I had no ideal about all of this .He has never really talked about this to me. It would hurt them so much. Please I will make sure it never happens again. please

    • C2Show says:

      I think its too late Mrs. Valcke. Do you still love your husband?

      • AskaMarine says:

        Why is it always someone else speaking for the person who did not tell the truth? Unless Cynthia Valcke is really Steve Valcke. Similiar to the 1st SEAC of the JCS covering up for a Phony Vietnam POW..and then mysteriously going quiet.

  41. AskaMarine says:

    Cynthia Valcke: Your husband, Steve, should of thought of all of this “Do you ever think what happens to me his wife…” You had no idea he went to a school and shared that he was a Vietnam Vet AND a POW? And he has never talked to you about it, to you, the wife? Suggestion so we know this is you: Perhaps both you and Steve can post on your Facebook Acoounts that Steve did not tell the truth…that he made up the story snd explain why. Also, an apology to the school post on their Facebook account and an apology here. Let everyone know, social media and word of mouth, that Steve lied. And quit wearing Vietnam Vet T Shirts or thinking Steve is a Vietnam Era Vet…because he is NOT. Confession is good for the soul.

  42. Green Thumb says:

    Fuck this dude.

    Fake POWs are one of the lowest forms of life.

  43. AskaMarine says:

    One last thing, Mrs. Valcke and then I will get off my Soapbox.

    Highly recommend you read this great article posted here on TAH “How to Be A Good Phony Soldier”:

    You may recognize Mr. Valcke.

  44. cynthia says:

    You know never thought much about it .My childrens dad was V.N vet. Aurthur Lee Cromer He has passed .You can check it out .He never talked much about it either . So how many of you were. He draws no pay nor did my passed husband. We have only been married for 8 years .So threats to My children and I dont matter to you just as long as you get what you want.That makes you feel better.Yes I Love my Husband our lives was not based on that.So I really dont know what else to say to prove to you that I did not know.

    • AskaMarine says:

      Who is threatning you and your children? Is your husband going to admit to everyone that he did not tell the truth? Why are YOU speaking for him? Can he not speak for himself? He lied, not only to the school and the two gentleman, but also to the newspaper when asked about his “service”. Don’t see any remorse from either of you. Your husband was not even a Vietnam Veteran. An apology is owed to the real Vietnam POWs and their families as well as all who did served during that time period. Is your husband going to admit he lied and apologize?

      • Green Thumb says:

        No one is threatening the children.

        Just another commonly-used poser supporter excuse to shift the blame and play the victim.

        This woman strikes me as an idiot.

        • AskaMarine says:

          It’s probably Steve Valcke writing instead of the Mrs. As previously stated, no remorse from either of them. No apologies from Steve. No admission from Steve of lying. It’s “feel sorry for me/us” routine. Amen Green Thumb. Amen. What an example to set for those grandkids.

    • Eden says:

      Cynthia, most of us here are veterans, many of whom saw combat. We don’t threaten harm to families, although posers and their friends and family members who come here to defend them can expect to be verbally humiliated. If anyone is actually threatening harm to you, it’s not one of us.

      I will warn you that in too many instances to count, claiming false awards and service is only the tip of the iceberg, and soon other, more serious crimes come to light, such as embezzlement, assault, murder, and even spousal abuse.

      If you truly did not know that your husband has been falsely claiming valor, I suggest you have a “come to Jesus” talk with him, and take steps to protect yourself and your children and grandchildren in case the above warning turns out to apply to your husband.

    • The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      If anyone is threatening your family, immediately go to law enforcement, file a complaint, fully explain the details and provide evidence.

      In addition, have the investigating law enforcement official visit this site to obtain background information with respect to the subject.

      I am fairly certain that law enforcement will figure it out quickly!

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Sound like you need to a “come to Jesus” talk with hubby and open his eyes. He’s a liar, as shown by the document above – couldn’t make it out of Air Force Basic Training. Maybe you need to talk to him about other “questionable” claims he may have made to you in the past while your at it – Stolen Valor is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to other lies or crimes.

      Don’t blame people here for his lies, he’s been telling them well before he met you. This and other sites expose people like your husband.

      As for “threats against you and your children”, call the local authorities and give them the info on this website about your husband.

  45. AskaMarine says:

    That’s TWO today…first this and now Charles Jenkins, the other Phony Vietnam POW.