Frazier Glenn Miller the Green Beret racist

| December 23, 2015


About a year and a half ago, Frazier Glenn Miller (AKA Frazier Glenn Cross) murdered three Jewish people in Kansas. On August 31, 2015, he was found guilty of one count of capital murder, three counts of attempted murder along with assault and weapons charges. On September 8th, the jury recommended the death penalty and on November 10th, the judge sentenced him to death.

The media likes to refer to Miller as a Green Beret, so we’ve been waiting for his FOIA since he committed the murder. Finally we have it – yes, not all FOIAs get back to us in 30 days. It turns out that Miller/Cross was a Green Beret like Flemron Dickey was a Green Beret. Miller/Cross was an admin clerk – he began his career in 1959 as an infantryman, but three years later he went to Special Forces units as a Specialist (E-4) and spent the rest of his time in the Army as an admin clerk and a supervisor of admin clerks at Special Forces and Civil Affairs units.

He did get out of the Army in 1979 as a Master Sergeant – according to Wiki, the Army put him out for distributing racist literature. Wiki also says that Miller was present at the Greensboro Massacre in 1979 when some KKK folks murdered some communists in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Miller/Cross did do two tours of Vietnam, but, again, as an admin clerk, not as a special forces soldier. He earned a Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam as a clerk – for merit, not valor. He was technically a “Green Beret” because he wore a green beret daily, but not in the way that most of us understand the phrase. He had no special combat or field craft training from the Army, other than a couple of language courses.

Frazier Miller FOIA

Frazier Miller Assignments1

Frazier Miller Assignments2

So, if any of you have editorial permissions at Wikipedia, I hope you’d edit that entry to reflect his military records for us. ADDED: Someone already edited the Wiki entry. Thanks!

ADDED AGAIN: SFA says that he was a full-flash SF trooper, but how he got it makes me wonder about these guys. There’s no training listed in his 2-1, so, apparently, he got it by serving as an admin clerk in a Special Forces unit in Vietnam. Apparently, when he got kicked out of the Army (rumors are that he was recruiting from active duty soldiers for his little band of racists), they stripped him of his qualification (that he wasn’t trained for anyway) – so there’s the whole story. He was still just a clerk for his whole time in Special Forces. Do what you will with that information.

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  1. Mark Lauer says:

    A creature like this is more than just a black eye to those of us who served Honorably. He is a sickening stench that we need to clean out of our uniforms at the end of the day.
    God damn this piece of shit to hell.

    • Pinto Nag says:

      Nobody likes to see their good name
      besmirched, but know this: NO thinking person is going to let this scum affect their view of YOUR honorable service. What he became after he took off the uniform is HIS shame, NOT yours.

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    May the day he was born be erased from the calendar.

  3. Carlton G Long says:

    I didn’t move to Greensboro until I was well into adulthood, but 1979 is still a sore subject ’round these parts.

    Regarding this fellow…now that he’s had his fair trial, warm up Old Sparky and give this man a seat.

    • Old Trooper says:

      Yep. Time for this dickless wonder to ride the lightning.

    • Lazarus Long says:

      The shootings at Greensboro were different. I remember watching them on tv. The CPUSA organized the rally with radical blacks,and they were out in the streets yelling and screaming about “killing whitey” and about how “the KKK is afraid of us”.

      When you do things like that and are foolish enough to invite people like that to show up and prove they aren’t afraid of you,don’t be surprised when they show up.

      Since IMHO the one thing that communists and fascists like the retard in this article share is the only good one is a dead one.

      I stood up and cheered when the KKK showed up and started shooting the communists,and I loved watching those big-mouthed cowardly punks running for their worthless lives.

      I also loved the fact that those KKK goobers were being filmed,and WERE going to end up dead or in jail for the rest of their worthless lives.

      I still see what happened in Greensboro as a win-win for society. A “taking out the trash” twofer.

      As for the current idiot,he is even worse because he murdered innocent people that weren’t causing him any harm,and I hope he gets the death sentence.

      As I wrote earlier,I have no use for Communists OR Nazi’s,and any day one of either group dies is a good day.

  4. sapper3307 says:

    If Glenn is a green beret because he wore one that means that ThESler%pmanCmeth (Meth) is definitely one also.

  5. Hondo says:

    May he receive precisely what he deserves: the “personal attention” of Satan for all eternity.

  6. Don H. says:

    So where’s his candy stripe, then? I must say, I like USASOC’s current policy, where you can only where a Green Beret if you’re tabbed; if he were in an SF Group nowadays, he’d be wearing a maroon beret.

  7. Don H. says:

    Ooohhhhh . . . you left out the part about being First Sergeant of the WAC Company at Fort Bragg . . .

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Some of these people are simply attention whores. They need their own clubhouse. Weekly visits with a shrink wouldn’t hurt, either.

    But then there is that small percentage like this thing from below the pond scum level – this one and cheeseblob mcfisheater – who are really in need of their own planet – some place where they can damage everything but the predators are bigger and meaner than they are.

    And they just keep popping up, over and over.

  9. rb325th says:

    Hope he dies a slow and painful death, not for his fakery but for his being evil incarnate. Screw him, and those like him. Well maybe a little added pain for besmirching the Honor of the US Army.

  10. D says:

    Jonn: After reviewing the Wiki editing history, the new information is being reverted as this hasn’t been run by what the Wiki community considers third party verification. If you can get one of your news contacts to run a story with the new information or have HRC or USASOC PAO make a statement, that should meet the criteria for inclusion. I used to edit Wiki, so I’m very familiar with their rules (albeit, some of them are a little too rigid at times).

    • Hondo says:

      Out of curiosity: why wouldn’t a scanned PDF copy of an official government response to a FOIA request qualify as a “third-party verification”? Such a document is an official declaration of the records custodian regarding the information contained therein.

      • D says:

        See here:

        Wiki gets a hard time for stuff that shows up there, but it has bots, admins, and regular editors that police the site fairly well. My guess is that this specific editor is probably indicating that TAH is a self-published blog. You and I (and a whole host of others) know what his records say, but until it’s printed by an acceptable source as they define it, it doesn’t pass Wiki muster. I’m sure there is a media organization somewhere that will run this story.

    • Bobo says:

      Or you can just remove any mention of the Special Forces from the Wikipedia site (done). Apparently some hippie chick with nothing better to do has decided that the link to this page, complete with the images of the FOIA results, are “unsourced or poorly sourced material” and is unreliable.

      • Hondo says:

        I can understand that to a point, Bobo. Extracts from a larger reply – such are posted above – can be taken out of context or questioned.

        However, if the entire FOIA reply, with only name and address of recipient redacted, were posted that would seem to me to qualify as a legitimate source. At that point, you have a summary from the official custodian of a government record concerning the contents of same. That seems to me to be an “independent 3rd party verification”.

  11. Martinjmpr says:

    No SQI of “S” = never went through the Q course.

    The SQI is the 5th character in the MOS. His was 71L (this is his actual Military Occupational Specialty or MOS), Skill level 5 (Master Sergeant) and the 5th character was “P” for “parachutist” meaning he was airborne qualified and assigned to a jumping billet.

    If he had actually attended the Q course at that time (before the 18-series MOS’s were created) his MOS would have shown as 71L5S, where “S” stands for “Special Forces Qualified.”

    • Hondo says:

      Careful. I believe the column on his record of assignments showing MOS is his Duty MOS – not his Primary MOS. If I recall correctly, that column shows the MOS required by the MTOE slot the individual occupies, not the PMOS of the individual filling it.

      He held a number of positions during his career in the 71L MOS. Some of them appear to be coded to require SQI P, some to require S, and some no code (last position the number 0).

    • Hondo says:

      FWIW: I agree with you about the “no SFQC”, but for a different reason. He doesn’t have that school (or any local equivalent) listed on his record of military education. He also has no CIB from his service in Vietnam. So unless this racist bastard “fine individual” conned his chain-of-command into declaring him “unable or not required” to attend a SF qual course while serving in Vietnam and also conned them into awarding him the “S” identifier, it would appear he doesn’t rate the “long tab”.

      (See Para 8-49e, AR 600-8-22, for details of Vietnam wartime alternate criteria.)

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      There is some discussion in the SF community about this now. He may have been awarded the “S” just because he was in an SF unit in Vietnam, which may or may not have been standard at the time. Others are saying that SFQC training wasn’t annotated on records at the time. I’m waiting for everyone to get their story straight. But I’m fairly confident that he had no training.

    • David Warlick says:

      @Martinjmpr Your information seems accurate. In 1967, I went to Combat Engineering school as an E-2 and in 1968 to Radio school as an E-3. After exiting SF training and soon becoming a Sergeant E-5, I had two MOS: 12B4S Combat Engineer and 05B4S Radio Operator.

      • Hondo says:

        True – but those were your PMOS (Primary MOS) and SMOS (Secondary MOS). Depending on your duty assignment and unit, one of them may or may not have been your DMOS (duty MOS).

        An individual’s DMOS is defined by the MTOE/MTDA position against which that individual is assigned. It is not always a MOS for which the individual is school-trained or otherwise qualified.

        I’m pretty sure that it’s the DMOS – not the individual’s PMOS or SMOS – that is reflected in the record of assignments. In this guy’s case, that’s pretty obvious: in a 1 year period (Aug 1970 to Aug 1971), this tool served in various assignments – and those assignments had DMOS of 71L4S, 71L4P, and 71L40. I’m guessing his PMOS didn’t change twice during that time frame.

        • Claw says:

          Yep, it’s the DMOS listed on the 2-1, and sometimes there can be quite a disparity between PMOS and DMOS.

          Take me for example. When I returned from RVN with a school awarded PMOS of 67N20 (UH-1 Helicopter Repairman) I was sent to an Air Defense Artillery unit. No helicopters obviously. My PMOS was vastly over strength for the whole Army, but warm bodies were needed elsewhere other than Aviation units.

          So this outfit turned me into a 76S Motor Pool Repair Parts Clerk. After working/OJT for six months I was awarded 76S as a SMOS. Six months after that the Army swapped the SMOS with my PMOS and I was then lined up and matched PMOS with the DMOS that had been on my 2-1 for the past year.

          I then carried a 76 series PMOS and a 67N SMOS for the next 18 years until I retired.

          I spent my last three years as an SFC 76Y40 slotted to a MSG 76Z50 slot and that’s how it was listed on my 2-1 and the NCOER’s that I received.

          I think the DMOS listed on the 2-1 was a “one under or two over” deal and was all dependent on the MTOE duty slots.

  12. Tony180a says:

    I remember hearing about this asshole when I went through the Q course. He was the leader of the White Patriot Party (WPP). They operated in some of the same training areas (Pisgah and Uwahrrie National Forest) used by the Special Warfare Training Center. Rot in hell!

  13. Skippy says:

    this thing is a true SHITSTAIN !!!!!!
    enjoy El Dorado Super Max and the chair

  14. Perry Gaskill says:

    The language qualifier is apparently a double entry for a single 16-week Spanish course starting 740211. About enough time to learn to order a plate of huevos rancheros.

  15. JohnE says:

    From the Wiki. “…details of his time as an informant were revealed, including an incident where Miller was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with a black cross-dressed male prostitute in a vehicle.”


  16. mike says:

    I wonder if the discrepancy in his records might be explained by him working in admin back in the days of paper records? Before my time so I’m not even sure it’s possible but we’ve heard about people modifying their hand carried records haven’t we?

  17. Hondo says:

    As Jonn notes in his update above, apparently the “S” identifier made its way into this racist bastard’s records. (He also apparently had his SF qual revoked before he left service, too.) So on paper at least, he was indeed at one time “SF”.

    My guess is that it’s very likely we have a “paper flash” individual here. That is, we have a person who didn’t go through normal SF training (or didn’t have a minimum of 120 days of wartime combat service with a SF ODA or special detachment and who also earned a CIB or CMB during the assignment) but who nonetheless managed to wrangle SF status on paper.

    For the benefit of our younger readers: the modern SFQC and the “long tab” did not always exist. Prior to creation of CMF 18 and the SF tab (both mid-1980s creations), the “S” ASI identifier was awarded to enlisted personnel who were SF-qualified. (Can’t remember with certainty what was used to show officer SF qualification.)

    For service during and before Vietnam, the Army also recognizes a number of different ways that an individual could acquire SF qualification that do not require SFQC attendance/equivalent training. For the period 1954-1973, those alternative methods of SF qualification were as follows (from AR 600-8-22, para 8-49.e – emphasis added on the one I’d guess is applicable here):

    e. The SF Tab may be awarded retroactively to all personnel who performed the following wartime service.
    (1) From 1942 through 1973. Served with a Special Forces unit during wartime and were either unable to or not required to attend a formal program of instruction but were awarded SQI “S”, “3”, or “5G” by competent authority.
    (2) Prior to 1954. [omitted – the tool served his entire career after 1954].
    (3) From 1954 through 1975. Any company grade officer or enlisted member awarded the CIB or CMB while serving for at least 120 consecutive days in one of the following type organizations:
    (a) SF Operational detachment-A (A–Team).
    (b) Mobile Strike Force.
    (c) SF Reconnaissance Team.
    (d) SF Special Project Unit.

    He has no CIB, so (3) above is out. Since (2) doesn’t apply, that leaves (1).

    I’m not sure when the Army started recognizing these alternative ways of SF qualification – but I’d guess it was during or immediately after Vietnam. I’d also guess that’s when this guy made sure the “S” qualifier was in his records if it wasn’t already there.

    I suppose it’s also possible he went through an “authorized unit administered SF training program”(para 8-49.a). If so, I’d expect that to show up in his records of training – but if it was local program it’s possible it might not. Alternatively, he also could have forged a set of orders and put them in his own records. He was in a position to do that – many times over – and would have likely had the requisite skills.

    Again: my guess is that he conned his chain-of-command into declaring him “training not required” and got himself awarded the “S” identifier by stroke of pen. But based on his conduct and duty positions I wouldn’t rule out forged orders either, and it’s also at least theoretically possible he did attend a unit SF training program.

    • Celtic thunder says:

      Hondo I agree with you. I was on staff at DARPERCEN during the change over to 18CMF. And worked the SF Branch. Your correct there were way to many that I reviewed there 201’s for tab qual, many were not able to qual for there tab. Hondo you may know me? SFA # A505 Check the Martha Rey chapter There are also pic’s of me and Maggie at the FS Museum. By the way we called those people Paper flash qual’d! I worked the enlisted side of the house.

      • Hondo says:

        Doubtful, but theoretically possible. I’d have to see a roster of the chapter to say – and I’m not positive that my memory is good enough these days to say for sure even then.

  18. J says:

    on the wiki page unfortunately it mentions he served in SF in vietnam and that same information is also found in the references for the article