Joel Paul Pittman; phony Marine

| December 24, 2015


Someone sent us this fellow, Joel Pittman, who claimed to have been a Marine for twenty years. He was a member of the now-defunct Motorcycle Club, Talons Riding Club in Kyle, Texas. He claimed to his “brothers” that he was a Marine First Sergeant, earned a Purple Heart, and a Combat Action Ribbon;

Joel Pittman1


Yeah, well, the National Personnel Records Center says “Who?”

Joel Paul Pittman FOIA

The “limited information” that they searched for his records on was his social security number. But he knew that when he applied for VA benefits and they responded;






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  1. Tom Huxton says:

    But we have not seen the tats.

    They all love the photo ops with sunglasses, patches and dangling jingly metal devices. Once they have photos to “prove” their credibility, they are off doing speeches and joining the vets drinking clubs.

    I get really tired of these guys.

    • TheBitchExWife says:

      I am sad to say that stupid me bought him a tattoo of Chesty the bulldog with USMC underneath it. I also bought him the fallen warrior memorial tattoo. Trust me when I say I am more than pissed off.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Nearly everyone gets conned at some point or another in their lives, and I’m no exception. Forgive yourself and tell us more about his past antics!

  2. Marine_7002 says:

    Another motorcycle-clubbin’ vest-wearin’ stone-cold phony. At least he didn’t go 110% over-the-top with ALL of his claims…he’s wearing a Sharpshooter rifle qualification badge (nice of him to not claim an Expert badge. /Sarc/

    WTF is that name “Whisper” on the back of his vest? A nickname? Call sign? No Marine First Sergeant (or Sergeant Major, for that matter) would have responded to anything but their rank and last name. Anything else (including “Whisper”) would have earned the Marine doing that a verbal (and perhaps physical also) horse-whipping.

    • Green Thumb says:

      That probably was his call sign.

      His ass “whispered” when punched with a meat rod.

      What a fucking clown.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Dude also looks like his parents were brother and sister.


        • Jarhead says:

          Hey Green thumb, easy now. I met his parents a while back and they seemed like pretty good dudes.

          • TheBitchExWife says:

            When we met in 2007 he had told me that his parents had died but in 2012 he got a phone call and said his mother had a stroke. I was like WTF? He told me that his mother was a hoarder ( which l found out was true when l met her) so l was willing to forgive that lie because he sounded ashamed of her. Again…… love makes blind but that was the first time l started to wonder about things. And from that day forward the lies just came to the surface more and more. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE FUN OF HIS MOTHER BEING A HOARDER. SHE WAS A VERY SWEET LADY AND IS NOW DECEASED. LET’S PLEASE LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS. THANKS GUYS.

            • Jarhead says:

              TBEW….we don’t make a habit of dissing mothers on this site. It’s just unfortunate that she was impregnated by a baboon once in her life. Think of the positive side…at least she didn’t hoard candy ass children! Only one would not make her a child hoarder. Don’t you know she suffered a great deal of her life knowing her full-of-shit son had spent his life lying and manipulating? That HAS to be embarrassing to a mother. I’m no shrink by any stretch of the imagination, but consider her son’s disgrace may have contributed to her condition. From all of us at TAH, Merry Christmas to you. Yours could be a lot worse and probably was at times.

            • Weekend Warrior in Texas says:

              Did you ever find out where he was for the twenty years that he was supposed to be in the USMC? I always wondered about that with other posers too. I mean if one moves to a completely new town after having been in prison for twenty years, it would not be that far fetched for people that do not know this person to buy into a history of bullshit. Not everybody is skeptical.

              • TheBitchExWife says:

                In Jail or in trouble with the law are a few things. I also have info from two exes who were with him during the 10/20 years ( he keeps changing how long he’s been in). The total years for when he was with the exes is 6 yrs. So to answer your question, Yes I know where he was for most of the time and it was definitively not the USMC. One of the exes told me that she tried to warn me about him before we got married but he intercepted her letter to me.

      • TheBitchExWife says:

        Whisper was his road name in the club. He told me that he got that name because he was a sniper and all you hear is a whisper and then you’re dead.

        • Marine_7002 says:

          TBEW – thanks for letting us know that (we see that he’s not very creative with nicknames).

          Feel free to tell your POS ex that he’s now fully exposed in the TAH Hall of Shame. The internet is forever!

          • TheBitchExWife says:

            First of all thank you for your service Marine_7002. I have no intention of ever talking to my POS ex again. I don’t make a habit of talking to sissies who pretend to have balls of steel like the REAL Marines have.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Welcome to TAH TBEW, I’m sure you have other good stories about his asshatery and other stunts, FEEL FREE to share more!! 😀 It honestly intrigues me as to what kind of crap critters like him tell.

        • Marine Warrior says:

          Merry Christmas Lady. Wonder how he knew you only hear a whisper….Like someone told him this? You know, like he was down filling sandbags, heard this whisper and boom he was dead. LOL

          • TheBitchExWife says:

            That was funny. Lol Merry Christmas to you too. Mine just got a lot merrier thanks to Jonny :). I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      It’s what the boys at the local “Blue Oyster Club” call him during the “Careless Whisper Tango Nights” on Thursday’s.

      As for his records, did you let them now that your classification was “Top Sekrit Honee Badger” level???

    • Reb says:

      NO MEMBER OF HEMPHILL, TX BAND OF BROTHERS MC is a veteran…gone now but not forgiven or forgotten

    • Marine Warrior says:

      LMBO funny you say horse-whippin. Whisper is my horses name…..

  3. IDC SARC says:

    At least he was modest enough to omit his numerous exploits as a Recon Sniper Jedi Spaceshuttle Motorcyclist

  4. OldManchu says:

    WW2 Kamakazi pilot?

  5. CB Senior says:

    John you have it all wrong. His records are just like his teeth, missing and all f***ed up.
    Honest mistake.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    It’s time these valiant soldiers were mustered out to form their very own battalion, isn’t it? They can meet on Friday nights, tell each their sea stories galore, natter on about their imaginary awards, and when the call to duty comes, vanish like snow in the sun in July.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    HERE WE GO AGAIN with another specimen of what I would use as a blueprint if i had to build an idiot from scratch! Maybe he’ll come out and say he’s a self-made man, it would be nice of him to take the blame.

  8. Just An Old Dog says:

    Doesn’t help his cae that he is wearing the non-subdued Army rank insignia either.

  9. TheBitchExWife says:

    This POS is my ex-husband. I have to apologize to all of you REAL VETERANS for not catching on to his BS for a long time. Love does make blind. He always said that his records were lost when I tried to get his DD 214 I want to thank ” This ain’t hell” for helping me expose this sack of shit.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      It’s all good, ease up on yourself, nearly everyone gets conned at some time or another, feel free to share more about his past fakery and antics with us. Many times talking and venting about something helps one heal and go on.

      • TheBitchExWife says:

        I could fill a book with all the stuff ( not just being a phony Marine). My marriage to would make a real good script for a Lifetime Movie. It’s pretty sad when after eight years the only thing he didn’t lie about was his name, SSN and DOB. If l ever decide to write a book l will send you all a free copy. Lol

        • thebesig says:

          You ought to get with fedupexwifeofdhc, on the Dennis Howard Chevalier threads. She also said that she could write a book detailing a phony’s nonsense. You guys could collaborate and coauthor a book. :mrgreen:

    • Jarhead says:

      TBEW….Totally agree with API. Smooth talkers who practice their lies on other gullible bikers easily charm women who don’t dare question a man’s word. That’s one thing all TAH posters learn sooner or later. That being, a LOT of bikers talk a LOT of shit and make the legitimate bikers look like fools. Never been a biker, but don’t have any general dislike for those that act civilized. But I will have to admit many times I’ve wondered about the bikers who travel long distances for funerals of fallen vets. They are indeed impressive, but after a while seeing so many phonies on bikes, it finally soaks in that their vetting is as bad as Vietnam Veterans of America and a few other organizations. Hopefully when one is exposed as a veteran biker fraud, exorcism follows in a big way.

  10. OWB says:

    The VA actually denied benefits to a phony?

    Well, that’s one.

  11. Skippy says:

    amazing how many of these frauds in this day and age try to pull this crap off… remember people always verify ! !
    it’s easy google the name or call and e-mail any number of groups out
    here that will do it….

  12. C2Show says:

    You know you never served but yet you apply for VA claims and have NPRC do a check? What was this moron planning to do? Take the letters and forge them into records saying they found him in the database?

    • TheBitchExWife says:

      I send the request letter to the VA because I thought at the time that he was the real deal. I had no reason to doubt him at the time. He had told me that his records had been lost.

      • C2Show says:

        Ah that explains. Yeah he a real fucking idiot. How long did you stay with this dude?

        • TheBitchExWife says:

          Oops l accidently reported your post. Sorry.
          I was with him for a total of eight years. One of them trying to get divorced from the sack of shit. The more l dug the more lies l discovered. During that year l befriended this dumas on FB under a fake ID. The things he posted about his PTSD made me want to throw up…… in his face of course. :). He couldn’t even keep his MOS straight. One day he was a sniper , the next he was a mortar man. He tells everyone he has two gunshot wounds from Desert Storm ( yes he has scars but maybe from someone shooting his ass for ripping them off). He also tells people that he can’t have kids because one off the bullets traveled from his lower back to the front and messed things up. The first time

          • TheBitchExWife says:

            Oops. The first time l heard that story from a friend l almost pissed my panties 🙂 from laughing so hard. I told her that the so called bullet was actually a scalpel. Thinking back now l wish the doc would’ve cut his balls off too since he is a sissy.

      • Jarhead says:

        You know, TBEW, you’d have been better off marrying a vibrator.

        • Jarhead says:

          Hang in there Lady….the folks at TAH will do everything possible to at least get you to laugh through a testy holiday.

          • TheBitchExWife says:

            No worries jarhead ,l have gotten the best present a girl can get when Jonn called his fake ass out today. THANK YOU JONN, l am so glad that you were one of the very few people who believed me when l said that he is a fake.

        • TheBitchExWife says:

          I am married to one now and l love it. He doesn’t tell lies and is always willing. Best of all l don’t have to cook dinner for him but dang the price of batteries. 🙂

  13. 3E9 says:

    Merry Christmas dipshit. Now I’m waiting for the “my records are classified” or a fake 214 from this assclown.

    • TheBitchExWife says:

      Yep that’s him but that’s not all.

      • TheBitchExWife says:

        I ran a background check on him after I caught on to him. He could use his wrap sheet as a roll of toilet paper since he is so full of shit. He was either in jail or in trouble with the law during the time he claims to have been in the USMC. Last time I checked the USMC did not do correspondence courses 🙂 The only combat action this phony has ever seen was when he played SOCCOM and Medal of Honor.

  14. Jarhead says:

    AskAMarine….Funny how we think alike and start searching for this candy ass. No luck on AnyWho or White Pages either. First and easiest next move is to hope his ex-wife sees this again and gives us the name of the city he lives in and hopefully even at least a street address. Put that under “Need to know” information so I can figure out which media to start calling.

    • AskAMarine says:


      Great minds think alike.

      Happy to see she has been posting here.

      Am guessing this POS probably does not care that he has been caught considering one of the offenses posted on Mugshots was stealing a vehicle. Probably was illegally riding a motorcycle as well.

      Definitely falls into the category that another village has lost an idiot.

      Yep, he needs to get another 15 minutes of fame…in a newspaper/TV via paper and internet.

      • TheBitchExWife says:

        Hey guys.I will post more info tomorrow during the day. Sorry l can’t do it right now but l am at work……. and it is too freaking much to write

      • TheBitchExWife says:

        The village may have lost an idiot but it is so much easier to breath now because before there was so much BS in the air it was nauseating. BTW He does have a MC license.

    • TheBitchExWife says:

      The Eastland Telegram would be the one to call, they also own the surrounding newspapers. I was planning on doing that this week but it would probably not hurt to have more than one person call. They should know who the Pittman’s are if it’s an older reporter. His mom was known around Eastland because she owned the RV park “Chock-a-block” ( now closed to the public) on county road 464 of highway 2214, right across from the public boat ramp. His official address is there but he is an OTR truck driver, so he is all over the country. I already called the company and gave them the 411 on him. I also contacted a TV station in his area.

      • JohnE says:

        Slow down, I’m going for popcorn…don’t want to miss anything important…

        • TheBitchExWife says:

          lmao. Bring me some please.

          • Irish0311 says:

            I have just read all the comments and I am so sorry that you (TBEW) were dooped by this cock-nozzle!! Hope you are doing much better and your new marriage is in Full swing 🙂

            • TBEW says:

              Sorry I just decided to read the comments again and saw yours. Well, to be honest I am not sure I will ever trust another guy. You have to remember that I was very much in love with him and this all came as a shock to me when I finally realized what kind of person he was. I felt like my world had just gotten turned upside down. It is now 2 years since he ran like a weasel after I told him to his face that he was full of shit. I have yet to date. I have some serious trust issues.
              I appreciate your concern and if you ever come near Austin TX maybe we can grab a beer. 🙂