Aaron Paul Olson; phony Navy veteran

| January 9, 2016

Aaron Olson3

Someone sent us their work on this Aaron Paul Olson of Venus, Texas who runs a couple of construction businesses in the Arlington, Texas area. He tells folks that he’s a Navy SEAL (of course) and that all of his work in the Navy was secret, according to people who have known him. His business names change periodically, apparently because he’s a bad businessman. For example, here’s a review of one of the businesses, MD Mobile Marine;

I’m a construction contractor and heard this guy talking about being a Navy Seal. He said he was a DOD contractor and claimed to have a lot of gear from the government. He goes around wearing a Navy Veteran hat and says he was in the Navy. I started to look into him and his business name, but he doesn’t exist except for references to scams and fraud. Most of the businesses appear to be in his wife’s name and the name of John Stewart. He does live at XXX, Venus, TX 76084. Background check reveals that he is 37 and born on XX/XX/1975. He has numerous criminal history alerts show up. I have confirmation from Navy Seal Don Shipley that this guy is a fraud, feel free to call and verify with him yourself at 757-572-XXXX. If he is defrauding people and claiming to be a service member, he could possibly be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act. Additionally, his wife claims to be a doctor or surgeon, but doesn’t appear to have a medical license. Contact authorities on him.

We went back for two FOIAs and the National Personnel Records Center said “Who?” twice;

Aaron Olson FOIA

Aaron Olson

Aaron Olson1

Aaron Olson2

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  1. Joe Mama says:

    No, you got it all wrong. He meant he once ATE a Navy SEAL.

  2. Skysoldier4life says:

    Hysterical. No Navy SEAL would let themselves go that quickly unless they lost both their legs. Disgusting fat pig. I’ve had E8’s ten years older then him who smoked 2 packs a day look better and still run and call cadence without skipping a beat.

    Not big on Navy heraldry- when you’ve got gold leaf on the navy hat like that, that meant a command position, correct?

  3. Perry Gaskill says:

    I’m gonna go with “Proof That Jabba The Hutt Was Not An Only Child” for $200, Alex…

  4. sj says:

    Can’t wait to hear what the TAH ladies have to say about photo #2.

  5. James Tomberlin says:

    I think they left out the part where he attempted to become a seal.He just couldn’t master balancing that ball on his nose.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    You know, we all gain some weight as we get older. It’s an unfortunate part of life, and gravity doesn’t help, either.

    But it appears that this was an attempt on his part to become one of those seriously Sekrit Squirrel critters, a W.A.L.R.U.S.

    One scam after another with him, if I read that quoted part correctly. Well, he’s going to get piled on, isn’t he?

    And his wife says she’s a doctor? I’d look into that, too.

  7. OldManchu says:

    Wtf is he doing to that canine in that one picture?


    Why the hell would I hire a SEAL to build my shit when all they do is brake shit and blow shit up. No disrespect to my Navy Killer brothers. Fucking dumb ass

    • sj says:


    • mr. sharkman says:

      This is very true. I almost wound up on a terrorism watch list once from trying to help a nephew complete a LEGO set.

      It had some parts that looked like they could belong to a weapon kit. What the F more do you want from me?

      • NECCSEABEECPO says:

        Yeah, Let the Seabees do it brother we got it. If he used Seabee he might get more work. I happy he didn’t because Everyone want’s to be a SEAL give me a brake. Much respect brother…

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        Wonder how close Marcus is to this clown.

        IIRC, he’s been retired for almost a decade, and he’s in better shape than I ever was.

        And I ran marathons, fer Chrissakes.

  9. GDContractor says:

    I bet this shithead is about 30 miles East of Arlington right now, trying to get work from the tornado damage in Rowlett. Looks like a storm chaser.

  10. CA_SGT says:

    How much you want to bet the hamster in his lap is his service dog for his classified PTS. The dog’s training records are probably also so secret squirrel the government disavows all knowledge.

  11. GDContractor says:

    Boy that MD Mobile Marine link above is a treasure trove of trailer park intel. 21 pages worth. Olson appears to concentrate on ripping people off that can’t spell or form a coherent sentence. Maybe we should warn Wickre about this guy…

  12. Mark Lauer says:

    No, no, no….he said he was a Navy WALRUS.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      He looks more like a Manatee to me!

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Navy SQUEAL…as in “squeal like a pig”! Looks like Chevy Cheesedick brother from another mother. Be he loves stories about SWEADEN and snarfing down seven pound blocks of cheese.

      • Pineywoods NCO says:


        You beat me to it. But instead of brother, I was going to suggest he was a graduate of the Chevalier School for the Advancement of Bulls***ing, Dennis Chevalier, (fake) Ph.D, cheesemaster.

        Classes include:

        – BS 101 :Enticing ladies without using your head.
        – BS 301: Lying through your teeth
        – CE 401: Eating cheese in mass quantities.
        – BS 441: Hiding fraud.
        – BS 442: Showing the world what you don’t know.
        – BS 499: Attracting the attention of Don Shipley and TAH.

  13. D says:

    If this was written recently by MD Mobile Marine, the math is off. You can’t be 37 and born in 1975–only in 2012/2013 can that be true.

  14. Thunderstixx says:

    I got a live one here…
    From Twitter, this guy has got his name up and trust me, no way in hell was he one of the best…
    You’ve been warned…

    • spd0302 says:

      WHAT THE FUCK!!!

      Here I am quietly sitting next to my wife in a ski lodge proudly waiting for my daughter’s ski race to start. I have some time to kill so I think “let me head over to TAH for some light reading…”
      And what do I do, I clicked your link. Good Lord, that image will never go away!

  15. Reb says:

    SOB! Recognized by my daughter. We got out the pictures from a mini vacation. It’s him 100%. He’s the Seal that’s tossing the red ball on his nose to Bernasty….two seals in one show…

  16. Green Thumb says:

    This turd just reeks of awesomesauce!

    He also gets my vote for the Chevy look alike contest.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion that martini glass in the background contributes to some of the problem.

  17. Skippy says:

    well here is something you don’t see often someone someone play pretending to be a navy seal.
    Hmmmmmm NOT !!!!!!


  18. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Sharkman, did you ever run into a SEAL that would fail the “rope and choke” by at least 15 percent?

    Yeah, didn’t think so.


      Probably BY 20 % over BF…. THAT WOULD BE 22 total of 42 % is about right…Probably 50 on body mass..

  19. The Commentor' Formerly Known as MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    He could be a US Navy whale based on the size of the belly he is caring for.

  20. Reb says:

    His outtie is bigger then our trampoline and the belly? Call search and rescue…lost some kids in there…what a nasty ?

  21. Green Thumb says:

    Turds like this is why birth control was invented.

    They actually should put his face on the side of a package.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Happiness would be walking down the dairy aisle and seeing his pic on the side of milk cartons!

  22. Jarhead says:

    Another case of someone who wears a Navy cover every day of his life to instigate the anticipated discussion…..”Gosh, were you in the Navy”. be it a cap, a shirt, phony ribbons and badges……beware of those seeking attention to their supposed military background. There are of course, a few who wear their emotions on their sleeves and something else military elsewhere on their body to get people asking. By design, POSERS know what works best for them individually and ride it for all it’s worth.
    Sorry Folks, this is another phony SEAL who earns this oft-repeated joke.

  23. anon says:

    Ret. Sr. Chief Don Shipley said every Navy Seal carries over 1,000 imposters on their back!!! Maybe w/ the wife impersonating an MD or Surgeon…civilian authorities might purures that tip.

  24. W2 says:

    Wow, two navy poser lard asses in one week that are fatter than the GMC that was the royal baby when I crossed the line. There’s a whole bunch of squids around the world thanking the lord these two fat bags of donuts were not shellbacks with a fetish for greasing up their fat tub of guts and rubbing slimy wogs faces in their blobs of blubber. Oh, the horror, the horror of it all.

  25. Combat Historian says:

    If this turd was a SEAL, then I am the ghost of Samuel Eliot Morison…

  26. JohnE says:

    Why? Why? WHY??!! Please, Jonn…I know its your blog, but I call TAH new rule. All posers must be fully clothed. No more posers posing shirtless…first the fat guy in Oregon, now this fat fuck. He looks like a naked mole rat…