Rick Wren; phony Marine

| January 12, 2016

Rick Wrenn

Someone sent us their work on this Rick Wren fellow. Lately, he’s been spelling his name Wrenn, reportedly to avoid back child support, I hear. But, he’s been telling folks that he retired from the Marine Corps with 20 years of service as a staff sergeant, that he’s a decorated Vietnam veteran with a couple of tours there as a door gunner. We shouldn’t look for his records because the CIA destroyed them when he started doing missions for them after he retired.

Some of his online social media profiles reflect the retired Marine thing;

Rick Wren profile

Rick Wren

Rick Wrenn RP profile

The National Personnel Records Center disagrees. In spite of the CIA’s attempts to destroy his records, they weren’t completely successful.

Rick Wren FOIA

He spent more time on the Delayed Entry Program than he did on active duty – about 2 and a half months. No Vietnam, no helicopters, no staff sergeant. But he did score the National Defense Service Medal.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Let me know when he ‘fesses up.

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    OOOH just a LITTLE BIT more Military Training than Giduck, is he a Black Belt Shovel Ninja as well? Some people say we sprang from the apes, he obviously didn’t jump very far at all! I’ve heard that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear but then again he doesn’t know the meaning of most of the words in the English Language! If he says he’s a self-made man then I say it’s great that he takes the blame for that big fuckup.

  3. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Wonder if he got that honorary rank? Does he fly a plane? We already know he’s a shitty parent.

    Again, SV is just the tip of the shit iceberg.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Another graduate of the Bernath School for Supporting Children.

      Probably kicked out of the USMC for chronic manginits or FTS.

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        From those who served back in the day, how fucking hard did you have to fuck up to get kicked off the Island in 1970 before finishing boot?

      • Claw says:

        I’ll take Chronic Bedwetter for a true Daily Double, Alex.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        My bet would be:

        1. Bedwetter
        2. Chronic WUSS
        3. Extreme dickstepper
        4. Said he was gay just to get thrown out
        5. The USMC quickly realized he was FUBAR and jettisoned him

        • Ron Glass says:

          When I was going thru the processing center at Basic training. This kid in front of me said I am Queer. I cant be here. The Sargent looked him in the eye, dropped his pants and said Prove it son. It was all over, He went in like the rest of us!!!

        • Reb says:

          He has a tooth…see?

  4. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Why do they always look like fucking morons and why is it always claims of honor while acting dishonorably in avoiding their financial responsibility to their children?

    Your kids did nothing wrong, no mater what you think of their mother or what she did to you. You don’t punish her by fucking your kids out of a financially stable upbringing.

    This useless fuck wants you and I to pay for his kids because he’s such an honorable man.

    Deadbeat dads piss me off more than con men getting a free deck…that’s just wood and time. A child is a life ruined when daddy is a shitbag and that costs all of us in this society the addition of a well balanced and productive member of society.

    This prick has time and money for “Rod Runs” and “Traveling Car Shows” he can pay his fucking child support.


  5. Dapandico says:

    Latrine door gunner while jacking off.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Just like Dan Bernath shooting penily launched catheter SCUD dick missiles everywhere and them failing to hit any targets.

  6. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Rick Wren.

    Ruh Roh Raggy…

  7. Climb to Glory says:

    For the types of “activities” I’m guessing this guy enjoys he has far too many windows on that van. Looking at this turd makes me think his kids are also his niece and nephew.

  8. Andy11M says:

    I noticed one of the images has the file name “dad_54”. I wonder who outed this phony?

    • Brown Neck Gaitor says:

      There is a Pinterest page for a Rickwrenn96 that has a younger man named Matt sitting the exact same black sedan with the same date stamp on it. Matt looks too old to be requiring CS, so maybe he has others…

  9. Green Thumb says:

    I bet he lives in that van.

  10. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    Come on guys, this is plausible.

    Jan 10, arrives at PI, earns NDSM
    Jan 11, haircut and uniform issue. Senio Drill Sgt realizes he is shit hot.
    Jan 12, transfer orders cut for the ‘Nam (man!)
    Jan 13-14, in transit
    Jan 15-March 15, promoted to SSG (meritorious)
    Mar 15, returned to PI to give lessons learned
    Mar 16, DIs jealous that he outranks some after only 2 months of service
    Mar 17, railroaded by DIs, records of awards and promotions expunged
    Mar 18-23, ran out of “my beloved corps” by vindictive DIs.

  11. Jarhead says:

    Damn!!! As an old Tennessee boy I know what I’m having for lunch today!

  12. Combat Historian says:

    Another boot camp dropout with delusions of grandeur…(sigh)…

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I bet he head delusions of adequacy as well.

    • Airdale USN says:

      There is no time requirement for the medal’s issuance, meaning that someone who joins the military for simply a few days, and then receives an entry level discharge, would technically be entitled to the NDSM; in practice, however, military clerks will not add the NDSM on a DD Form 214 if the service member performed duty for less than 90 days from the completion of their initial entry training. This accounts for the medal’s omission from a large number of “uncharacterized” and “entry level” separation documents. Veterans who have this medal so omitted may apply to the military service departments to have the NDSM added to records via a DD Form 215. So it shouldn’t have been on his DD-214.

  13. Jeremy Wren says:

    This is my “Sperm Donor”…. He’s been saying this shit my whole life. He goes to VFWs and churches asking for food and donations to a “War Hero”… He is a bully and a liar. I haven’t talked to him in years and in those missing years I joined the military, served my country and am now a Disabled Vet and VA Chapter 31 Student at UC. I did what he never had the balls to do… And it pisses me off that this fat bastard steals OUR story as his own!

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      I’m sorry you had to experience that as a youth. It looks like you have overcame it and did well for yourself.

      • Jeremy Wren says:

        Thanks, I have. I will graduate next year with my BSW from the University of Cincinnati. The VA has it’s problems but they have been SO WONDERFUL to me.

        Just pisses me off that he has gotten away with it for sooooo Long! These people are doing a wonderful job at this website and hopefully his frebbie and handout days are over.

        • ChipNASA says:

          Good for you Jeremy. Thanks for serving and Bless You.

          • Jeremy Wren says:

            Thanks… 🙂

            And he never had open heart surgery like that other post he wrote… Just another lie to get sympathy.

        • Dave Hardin says:

          Thanks for stepping up, I often wonder in these cases why the family lets them get away with their bullshit.

          Semper Fi Bro.

        • Hondo says:

          Jeremy: whoever other than this LSoS helped raise you did a damn good job. Thanks for stepping up and doing the right thing here.

          Thanks for serving. I’m guessing you’ll do just fine from here on. Both your head and heart seem to be in the right place.

          • Jeremy Wren says:

            Thanks! My mother was a STRONG woman to put up with 3 boys all by herself. She did great!

            • Jarhead says:

              Jeremy….Congratulations for surviving the living hell or being raised for at least some time by a damned low-life piece of shit. Hope your time served was in the Corps, but whichever, you still did what your sperm donor never did. Two questions, for different reasons. Does Daddy Dearest live in Dandridge or Whitesburg? He deserves some publicity and is going to get it.
              The other question might be too personal, and I understand that. How is it that your brother who posted on this site is living in his van?
              And for a final piece to the puzzle, with your mother being deceased, exactly who is trying to get back child support out of him?
              There’s a few of us who are going to be on him like stink on s__t.

              • Jeremy Wren says:

                Lol… he lives in Whitesburg on stagecoach rd. My brother fled early in the morning after somehow convincing Rick to put the van in his name. AND while all 4 of Ricks kids are grown. The CS issue started 30 years ago in Alabama. And they never stop trying to collect even after the kids are grown. My mother is not deceased but my half brother’s mom passed. He’s the one living in that van.

                • Reb says:

                  Tell your mom to keep hassling CS. I got $1,500 a month starting in 2008. CS ORDERED 1986. IT ADDED UP PLUS INTEREST AND GARNISH HIS SS?

                  • Jeremy Wren says:

                    Oh yeah.. they don’t relent if and when they can find him. They will collect. We didn’t have a lot but my mom worked her ass off to provide for us. We never went hungry. But yeah… I hope that happens with her. She deserves the back pay for raising us alone. But we were much better of without this ass clown in our lives.

                    • disgruntled veteran says:

                      I just contacted the AL. CSE as a tipster and she wrote back that she can’t discuss or disclose to 3rd party’s. I responded as I’m not asking for information or anything. I’m giving a tip and if you have a problem with that then delete it and keep searching. Stupid people!!

              • disgruntled veteran says:

                I’ve already started! These kinds of pieces of shit get to me and I can’t hold back! I’m the type that says “let me at that son of a bitch”. I’m so gonna have fun with this fuckhead!!

                • Jarhead says:

                  D V…you sound like me. I didn’t grow up in the most wonderful household and it has carried with me throughout life. Your attitude and mine must have something in common to feel that strong. Like to put it out of my mind and forget it at this age, but stories like this bring too many bad memories to mind. But I do have to admit, mine was not in the LEAST as bad as these brothers and sisters.

                  • disgruntled veteran says:

                    You’re absolutely right JH.. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these people to have to go through life fakin and lying to embellishing shit like this to make a name for themselves. Don’t they know or haven’t they heard that rising to fame such as this POS the fall can be much harder! This one’s caught my attn. and if attn. he is seeking, attn. he will get!

    • Reb says:

      Hey kiddo…no worries. Your the good apple that fell far from the tree and may BUDDHA BLESS and KEEP you STRONG… I HONOR YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE…

    • OWB says:

      Good for you, Jeremy.

    • CWORet says:

      Damn. Looks like the apple sailed far away from the tree. It takes balls to come on this site and admit something like that. Sounds like you have the situation well in hand. Good luck, and SemperFi!

  14. Dave Hardin says:

    He retired as a SSgt? This guy is not even trying. Bottom feeding POS.

    Hey Ricky…Phuk Ewe

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      Retiring as SSgt is possible, but unless they had an extremely tight MOS or danced on their dick, unlikely.
      One give away is he took the nick name “Sarge”.
      Call anyone in the Corps “Sarge” and you will both be going to sickbay so they can get his boot out of your ass.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Agreed, I actually know a couple that retired as SSgt with 20. Lets just say both had issues.

        These posers usually have some issue with their service that they are trying to over compensate for. At least some of the people near and dear to this idiot had the balls to come forward.

    • Claw says:

      Yeah, this turd really needs to take a lesson from Robert “Maggot” Danny Hay is to how to decorate the back window of his van and then be able to retire with only one month and some change as a Gunnery Sergeant.

      Wren did twice as much “service” as the “Maggot” and only got to retire as a SSGT?

      That’s some pretty weak sauce on the retired rank. PFFFT!!

  15. jonp says:

    I’m surprised at you guys. The CIA obviously destroyed the ORIGINAL records and substituted this fake to keep his actual missions super secret squirrel.

  16. IDC SARC says:

    Yeah lots of guys that engage in sooper sekret operations bedazzle their autos, it’s a fact.


  17. M. Wrenn says:

    I am one of Ricks “sons.” (The one referred to on his pintrest page.) There are 4 of us, and two other daughters born out of wedlock. While I grew up around him, he is more like he is my sperm donor, as he was abusive to both me and my mother. You don’t even have the full story here. Such as, he also states that he developed the star shoot system for all US naval destroyers prior to GPS coming online. He claims to have fought the Khmer rouge as a door gunner/chopper pilot.

    I grew hearing his “war stories.” I knew I had 3 brothers yes, but I was never allowed contact with them. I only recently learned that they were all lies. I must say it was a horrible shock.

    He used “PTSD” and “Marine Killer Training” to justify hitting my mother with a frying pan so hard that she was knocked out, then convinced her and everyone else that she did it to herself for attention, and he bullied me into backing his story out of fear. He repeatedly used the same excuses to justify hitting me, throwing me to the floor, etc. He threatened the life of my fiance as well. The week before I finally packed up and left, he said to me “I swear to god boy if you don’t stop being such a faggot I am going to fuck your face up so bad that no one will ever recognize you, and because I’m a vet, I’ll just say PTSD and they’ll let me off.”

    Until very recently, he flew a Marine Corp flag outside his bedroom window and had Marine corp emblems on his Escalade and his Deville, as well on his yellow bass boat, which is not pictured.

    I only would like to point out that the van pictured is no longer his, as it was in my mother’s name when she passed away summer of 2014. It is now in MY name and I’ve removed all of the Marine corp decals from it. I don’t live in the same state as him, I’m well over 1000 miles away from him in fact. I am not trying to defend him, far from it, but I would like it known that if you DO see the van in question, IT’S NOT HIS, it’s mine and currently its my home as I try to earn money to get an apartment.

    • Marine_7002 says:

      Thank you for visiting us, Mr. Wrenn. My sympathies to you for what you endured, you sound like you managed to become a normal, regular person despite what you went through.

      If you browse through this blog, you’ll see that Jonn (the blog’s owner) has said many times…Stolen Valor is merely the tip of the iceberg, an SV thief often has other baggage they’re carrying (none of it good).

      Feel free to tell him about his new-found fame on TAH. If he comes here and spouts any bullshit, he’ll get more than a few appropriate responses, among them the fact that the Internet (and his shameful actions) remembers EVERYthing.

      Good luck to you and your family.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Mr Wrenn,

      I wish you well in life. I am sorry, I am sorry that the people who knew he was a liar did not step up and put an end to his bullshit years ago.

      I am sure that I am not the only one here that wishes they could have been there for you. You have grown up to be a good man. Be well, I am proud of you for stepping up.

      From a United States Marine

      Semper Fi

    • Jeremy Wren says:

      Well said Bro… I’m so thankful you got out of there alive!

      • Jeremy Wren says:

        And don’t worry… these guys will take great care of our Sperm Donor. He won’t get another free meal or tell another billshit story again.

  18. disgruntled veteran says:

    If I may ask. There’s two of his boys here and one spells his name with 1 n and the other with 2 n’s. Can I ask what’s up with that? I mean it’s curiousity. TBH both sound like intelligent kids to get away from the worthless no good for nothing trash. Sorry you guys had to put up with this POS and your mother (god bless her soul) had to as well!

    • Jeremy Wren says:

      My dad’s birth name is Wren. He changed it to Wrenn to throw off the CS police and out of hatred towards his father.

      • Jarhead says:

        Jeremy…about that CS thing. That is probably going to be his downfall. Watch to see that he does not change his address quickly once he realizes his notoriety on this site. Will get back with you on the matter by 7:00 pm (EST) tomorrow. May have a question or two that we have to go through Jonn for obvious reasons.

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        Ok, thanks for that Jeremy!

  19. Jeremy Wren says:

    My Bro is living in that van because my dad was threatening his life and saying he was going to use “PTSD” as a defense. 1. He doesn’t have PTSD. 2. He is evil. I’ve giving as much money to his gofundme as I can but until I graduate I’m only living on my VA check. So if you guys can help him… Please do. He would rather live in a van than stay at Ricks how. That proves how evil this guy is.

  20. Jarhead says:

    Jeremy….those who post on this site absolutely are willing to help a good cause. You have to understand that these days most anyone is a bit skeptical to just unload bucks for such a short explanation. If your Bro. is looking for work and trying to better his life in a legitimate manner, but finding it hard to do…that’s a different story. A heart of gold is an unspoken character reference to post here. But we have all seen so many that did not earn their dues. Not to reflect poorly on your brother, so don’t take it personal. All of us realize the importance of Brotherhood, be it blood or military service. Have you given any thought to him moving in with you and trying to find a job in your area? The only certainty here is the fact that if he remains near his father, chances are his life will replicate Daddy Dearest.

    • Jeremy Wren says:

      Oh yeah.. totally get that. And he will make it one way or the other. I wish he could move in with me but I live in a dorm house at school and only have a tiny bedroom. But he drove for 4 days to get away from him. He started a gofundme and once he got gas money to leave he did. But either way he’ll be fine. He’s a survivor. I just don’t like him living in a van.

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        What part of the country is he living in??

        • Jeremy Wren says:

          It’s west… far west. I can’t give any details without asking him first. He might not even wanted me to say anything. But he’s my little brother and I wish I knew how to help more. But I just don’t. I live in ohio. So I’m very far away.

          • Jeremy Wren says:

            He grew up believin Ricks lies… I’m the one that broke the news to him back in july. He saved up til a few weeks before Christmas and then left and never looked back.

            • disgruntled veteran says:

              oh no you don’t have to give details I understand. Just thought maybe if he was in my part of the country I’d seek him out and help him out! I’m in the Midwest, northern part! I know the big brother thing and I’m sure you’re watching out for him! stay in contact with him if you can.

  21. Jeremy Wren says:

    Thank you for everyones help on exposing Rick. This SV needs to stop on now I know it will. I’m off to bed I have school in a few hours. But thanks for all you guys do!

  22. Jarhead says:

    Jeremy….hopefully this does not keep you up all night worrying about something that may or may not change your status in life. Tomorrow will do fine. But I do have a question or two. If your brother is living in his van, how does he post on this site? If he can give some credible information on what he’s trying to do to straighten out his life, them probably more than a few of us are willing to help. But the fact that he’s living in a van has some concern. We older dudes know from experience those who grew up in really dysfunctional homes have a propensity to continue that lifestyle as an adult. You obviously have broken that chain and I say, “Congratulations”. Please extend a personal opinion as to what your brother’s life position is. I’ll help anyone who is TRYING. Truthfully, and don’t take this wrong, but too many of the GoFundMe people are looking for a handout to get them to the next rest stop. That’s the world we live in today, nothing else meant by it. Get to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

    • Jeremy Wren says:

      All good points. I don’t want to lose focus on the mission here… I don’t worry about him. I know he’ll be fine. He just moved out less than a month ago. So I know he will make it.

    • M. Wrenn says:

      I’m not searching for a handout or anything. We live in my van because the job I was told over the phone I had locked up fell through due to a change in management that happened after I started my 2500 mile drive across country and I wasn’t informed until I showed up for the first day and to my surprise there was no job there. The backup plan was to temporarily live with my fiancé’s parents, but after they thought about it, they decided that they didn’t want to risk “the neighbors finding out” that we were engaged because they “might talk.”
      I’m not here to look for charity. My fiancé and I are working hard to move north to the Nevada area on our own. Because of my father’s ways, I don’t have very many good job references, because he had a nasty tendency to send emails to my managers pretending to be me to get me fired because he didn’t like that I was going into fast food management or retail management because “he didn’t fight in Vietnam for some kid of his to be gay and sell video games.”
      When he was contacted by a member of another stolen valor group, he denied ever trying to use stolen valor. He said the marine corp. emblems on his Cadillacs and the marine corp. flag he used as a curtain that was visible through his window, plus the wolves head tattoo he got, and all the former marine corp. clothes and hats he wore were only to “honor the sacrifice” that members of the Marine corp. had made. No mention was made by him as to why he used “sgt.grits” and “sgt.catfish” as an e-mail for nearly a decade, nor why he had me start the “Sgt Catfish Jigs and Rigs” facebook page, which I have recently taken down.
      Once again, I am not searching for handouts, if someone wanted to extend a hand I wouldn’t say no, but I am NOT on this website looking for things to my gofundme page. I’ve posted to facebook and other pages about that, this is about stopping my father abusing the names of the Marines to do things and get away with it. In the months leading up to my escape from that “home,” I provided my brother first hand testimony of the things my father was doing. Getting free meals at restaurants for being a vet who “lost his ID” or “had ID stolen in wallet.” Using it to seduce women into having sex with a former Marine, using his “service” to go on loud public anti-gay rants and say in private that gays should be shot. Using his “vets” status to try and get grants to study bible studies at the University of Tennessee. The list goes on and on.
      And as to your concerns as to me posting here while living in my van, the reason I am able to post these comments is because I am at the public library using the computers. I come here each day to check email and search for jobs, as well as to stay in contact easier with Jeremy.

      • ChipNASA says:

        You’re doing good “Brother” Wrenn.
        Don’t let the past discourage you.
        Don’t let your father’s actions haunt you.
        I had the same thing and had to “Divorce” a family member and it’s too bad because they will never get to see or meet their grandchildren.
        Press on and carry on and know that many of us if not directly, indirectly support you and are working towards the same end goal, Stopping Rick and his shenanigans.
        Stay Strong.

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        Here’s why he’s called Sgt. Catfish, he’s fishing for women on his bullshit lies. Oh don’t worry, I’m the type that’ll call this piece of shit out!!

        • Jarhead says:

          Dis….Man, you hit a home run for a link to this story. The son who goes by the name “M” says his father uses his make believe military experience “to seduce women into having sex”. Damn, your video shows he REALLY knows how to score That’s an absolute “TEN” riding behind him on the tractor if I’ve ever seen a 10. BTW, she’s a “Ten” on a scale of one to 100,000! Maybe he digs women rasslers. Thanks for digging that up and sharing.
          He’s no Sgt Catfish; maybe a Private Minnow. But he’s gonna feel like a Sucker one we are done with him.

          • disgruntled veteran says:

            Hey JH, I tried commenting and getting all information I could from that chirpler site including wanting to meet the asshole and such. I joined the site but I couldn’t find his profile after doing so. stupid site but none the less I got and updated picture. I’ve been doing some real digging on this shit for brains. His Pinterest shit has got all kinds of my comments all over his pictures. Oh I’m not done with this asshole!!

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        I have a question for you Matt Wrenn! Do you also go by the name Mathis Scott Wrenn? I’ve been doing extensive research on this guy and have come up with some pretty interesting information. I’m not gonna post that address you left but here’s what I know. Did you know you’re co owner of that piece of property that you left? What I found it says you are! Here’s food for thought, run this asshole thru the mill and start legal proceedings against his ass! Notify child support enforcement of his where abouts if you are due that support! They’ll go after him for that support and garnish anything he has for property and assets. If that property is indeed yours or half of then you would be entitled to ALL of it and I would start proceedings on that as well! They may just turn it over to you. hard to say but either way, I wouldn’t walk away from this letting this asshole win, I myself would make this bastard pay for everything that he’s done!!

        • Jeremy Wren says:

          I found that out too. He had no idea he owned that. Seems like he got evict Rick and take it. But I don’t know. Not sure why Rick would put his name on it.

          • disgruntled veteran says:

            LOL, it’s simple why Rick put his name on it. This fool knows people are looking for him as he’s probably has creditors looking for him. he probably bought that property on Matt’s credit cuz he didn’t have any! BTW this is where I found it if in fact this is the place.

        • Jarhead says:

          That’s better advice than I gave you Matt. There’s your ticket to freedom from childhood hell. But you have to initiate it on your own. As I posted below, the child support, with your mother being deceased, might be a tough sell. But what Dis gave you, NOW is the time to take action on your own and make yourself and other family members proud of you. It’s in your court now. If I were you, the first words out of my mouth would be, “Thank you Dis, you’ve given me a new reason to stand up and fight.”

          • Jarhead says:

            Now that I think about it, the NEED for Matt to get on with it NOW is because if Daddy Dearest has not (or decides to not) remained current with property taxes, the property would likely go up for auction. The old man is not gonna give a shit, but don’t you see Matt that your credit will be affected for several years if property taxes are not paid?
            One thing I have to bring up. On that video Dis. found, how does the old man afford a new or recent Escalade as well as a fairly new looking riding mower and a boat?

            • disgruntled veteran says:

              Like to know how you got to see that vid. I’ve tried everything to post on his page and view other shit he has and it won’t let me. I’ve joined the site and everything, now I say fuck it. I’ll find some more shit on him!!

              • Jarhead says:

                Counting this as post number one, go back five posts to your own. It probably just never let you know know your posting of the video worked. Good work man. Your ability to dig and find far exceedes mine.

                • Jarhead says:

                  Change that to eleven. Sorry bout that.

                  • Jarhead says:

                    Dis. After taking another look at the video, a question was answered for me when at the top of the video is listed his likes, to include Conservative Black Women. That told me who the young girl was, of mixed race.
                    That says a lot to me, now knowing both the brothers are likely mixed race. As in most cases, they suffer the greatest wounds growing up. Either way, I”d not liked to have been in their shoes. There’s probably a LOT more suffering to this story than we know or need to know.

                    • disgruntled veteran says:

                      No there not of mixed race, I’ve seen pictures of them and now know who they are. Papa does like Black women I’ve noticed on his pinterest. LOL, he’s got a pin up of a black gal where he says that’s his woman, “look but if you touch I’ll break your fingers” I commented “I’ll breed the bitch and you won’t do shit bitch” Can’t wait for him to see it! LMFAO!!

                    • disgruntled veteran says:

                      I’ve found more pics of him and I’ll tell ya what, this is one sawed off ugly little trolling bastard to say the least! If you’re on pinterest, go look him up and you’ll see!! LOL!! Sorry kids!!

                  • disgruntled veteran says:

                    oh I found it JH, still shows there is nothing there! ehh, to hell with it!!
                    But I will say further that daddy dearest has a pretty good size motorhome as well. Matt should have persuaded papa scammer to put that in his name! LOL!!

                • disgruntled veteran says:

                  I’ve given up on that damn page but thanks for that JH. I’ll take your word for it. I’ve found pretty much what’s here, then I posted some pictures over on TAH’s FB page on this subject! BTW, I have a little bit of skip tracing skills! 🙂

                  • Jarhead says:

                    The final word should probably come from Jeremy when he sees your post. Either he or his brother should ask in private for the correct address. Then, if the living mother goes after him, those two brothers will have everything in the world to be happy about. That’s really the final click in all this. Sure would surprise me if neither motivated the ex to go after him so they can turn their lives around.
                    You’ve done as much for them as the total sum of all other friends etc. from the day each was born. I just hope they have the gumption to follow through. In addition to surprise, add disappoint. As they are hopefully thinking, God bless you for all you have done. S/F

                    • Jarhead says:

                      Let’s see if this works for your video. See if you can get to your video by grabbing on to this link


                    • disgruntled veteran says:

                      No it didn’t JH, shows an ad then when it’s done shows 0 for any kind of vid. oh well. To add to your comment, I hope they follow thru with it as well, I’m also coming up with real estate pictures as well with a trailer house parked on it so I’m thinking this was recently purchased by him. map of it shows a newer mod home on the property now! Either way I hope they pass this info off to the surviving mother and have her take him to the cleaners and make him live in a card board box!!

  23. Craig Payne says:

    Real V-Vet here And I would just like to say

    Vietnam Veteran

  24. Jarhead says:

    Craig Payne,,,,if you know something we don’t, then please share it. Willing to help anyone in need, but you are making me stop and wonder. Unless you have different info, I’ll go forward with my offer to him.

  25. Jarhead says:

    O. K., this is for brothers Jeremy and brother “”M”. Today I went to our local Al. Dept. of Revenue, which handles food stamps, welfare checks, child care matters etc. The lady at the desk was respectful and direct to the point…as we all prefer. Due to privacy restrictions these days, they will not discuss even one word with anyone on a child support matter other than TWO Specific Persons. That being the father who is in arrears, and the mother. NOBODY else for NO reason. When I explained my reason for being there, to be honest with you, she said she found my story hard to believe as I related what Jeremy had shared. She said that even if the father had changed his name, the IRS would have been taking from his tax returns for several years now. The ONLY way he could have avoided that is if he had changed his social security number. That’s possible, but not probable.
    It ends up being a good news/bad news story. If “M’s” mother is deceased, likely the matter has no legs. However with Jeremy’s mother still being alive, according to the lady I spoke with, all the mother has to do is go to any Alabama Dept. of Revenue with the correct name and current address of Daddy Dearest. The lady also told me at the end of five years of the State searching for him, the mother would have been contacted and told the Dept of Revenue would no longer continue searching for “Daddy Deadbeat Dearest” unless the mother came forward with a new location for him. It’s up to her at this point.
    As for my help, if he is still a current recipient of a federal grant (A Pell grant would be his likely option, if any) and CURRENTLY attending U T, I still might be able to swing an old friend up that way to do some serious digging. Further, if he had ever written on Face Book or especially any public accessed site, that might be a good start for some of the gay crowd. You ought to be able to create that interest with your own research.
    “M” ….you and your brother have done about all you need to get the attention of ALL former service members on this site regarding your father. We ALL take this kind of garbage to heart, no matter what branch we have served. We are non-service branch defenders and would just as soon destroy a Coast Guard desk jockey as a hard core SEAL, if in fact their story is pure bull shit.
    Getting into your personal life is not my thing. Just too many loose ends flying around. God knows I had my share of demons growing up, but eventually I put all of them behind me rather than let them drag me down. Best wishes. S/F

    • Jeremy Wren says:

      I sent his new address. Hopefully that angle will work. Don’t really care about the money… but he needs to face the consequences. I’ll keep you posted on that angle. Thanks!

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        LOL,I did today myself, they told me they couldn’t give me any info.. I responded, not looking for any but just giving a tip, delete it if you want I don’t give a shit!!

        • Jarhead says:

          Jeremy….this is about as far as I can go and remain same. Read my post about going to Al. Dept of Human Resources. Neither you NOR your brother are going to be able to do anything. Get your MOTHER to do it.
          If she won’t take an interest and share with you and the other children, then you are simply out of luck.

          • disgruntled veteran says:

            Not so sure on that JH, the kids themselves may be able to initiate action as they aren’t a 3rd party, only one way to find out and that’s to try it!!

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        Here Jeremy, throw his ass to these wolves and let him get exposed further!!

  26. Jarhead says:

    Jeremy…let me understand this. You are referring to him as Rick; almost as if he’s not your real father. Kind of confuses me.
    Your question as to why he put the property in Matt’s name as well as his, might be that he forged Matt’s signature on loans for toys, using the property as collateral.

    • disgruntled veteran says:

      JH, I wouldn’t be calling this pile of shit father or dad, I’d fucking disown this bastard and make him pay the feedler for all the times he’s asked her to play! oh this is one sorry asshole whose on my shit list!!

  27. Jarhead says:

    Alright Matt…just one last question. You say you are living 1,000 miles away from your father. But earlier you mentioned that you had driven an apparent 2,500 miles to a job that never panned out. What am I missing here?

    • M. Wrenn says:

      Technically, speaking I said “over 1,000 miles.” I’m sorry for any confusion. I just don’t want him to have any idea of where I am if he came to this website.

      • disgruntled veteran says:

        oh puhlease let him come here! I’d love NOTHING more then to rip this assholes shit for brains right out his asshole! JH I’d disown this bastard also and call him by his first name. If I found out my ole man did this kind of shit, mark my words I’d be doing more then these kids are doing. I’d ground pound the son of a bitch!!

      • HammerSix says:

        Didn’t take much, but reading through this thread, I know what state you’re in. I admit, I went back and reviewed a couple details, and I can just about narrow it down to a few Counties.

  28. Green Thumb says:

    This dirtbag is making a serious push for selection day.

    What a low-life, dishonorable pile of shit.