Dennis Allen Blount; phony Special Forces warrior

| January 29, 2016


Someone sent us their work on this Dennis Allen Blount fellow. He’s a Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputy in Milledgeville, Georgia. He told everyone in the department that he was a “green beret”. He has a Special Forces novelty license plate on his truck and a SF/sniper decal on the rear window. When questioned about his service, he couldn’t talk about it, you know even though he was wearing a SF tie tack and he was wearing a Special Forces ring and he has that tattoo on his forearm in the picture above. So some of the locals got suspicious.

Well, in the tradition of Flemron Dickey, he was a cook at 10th Special Forces. It looks like he washed out of the Ranger Indoctrination Program. His records also record that he has a trip to Iraq, a parachute badge and he earned a Combat Action Badge, but, nope, no special forces training;

Dennis Blount FOIA

Dennis Blount Assignments

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  1. Black Bart says:

    Tattoo = Legit.

  2. IDC SARC says:

    well, once ya get the tattoo you’re pretty much committed to rockin’ the lie, I guess.

  3. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Another idiot with honorable service fucking it up over a pretense.

    Aren’t our LEOs supposed to be held to a somewhat higher standard when it comes to their ability to honestly recount past events?

    Mr. Blount will no doubt find out that Karma unfortunately makes her own rules and enforces them rather mercilessly at times.

    • MT FAO says:

      It’s called the Brady rule. Once it’s on record that you have lied in an official role, it has to be reported as part of discovery in any case you are involved in as law enforcement. It effectively means you are no longer a reliable witness for testimony for court and at least out here, it means you get fired.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Not only that, any case he’s made an arrest on could be called into question by a Defense Attorney and get convictions overturned.

      • BoomerSooner_OU says:

        This doesn’t really fall under the Brady rule. It would be more consistent with the Giglio rule which applies more specifically with law enforcement credibility. However, even in this case I’m not sure any prosecution will be forced to “Giglio” the officer based on a number of factors. First, the officer’s statement must be thoroughly examined. Even though he washed out of Ranger school, he technically did receive special forces training. Did he claim he was a Ranger and Green Beret specifically? If he wore a green beret during his time with the 10th Special Forces he could technically claim he wore a green beret and served with the special forces. The implication is obvious and misleading, but Giglio doesn’t cover wrong assumptions by the public. The decals on the truck are of no consequence because it is an implication, not a statement of fact. He could just as easily claim he was a fan and supported those causes, the same with the tattoo.

        • MTFAO says:

          Point taken. The only beret he would have been authorized to wear is the maroon beret being in an airborne unit. Green is reserved for graduates of SFQC.

          Aside from that, similar embellishments about service got a guy fired from my agency a few years ago. Boss figured it wasn’t worth the risk given the integrity required for the job.

          • IDC SARC says:

            They don’t get the beret now until they finish Robin Sage. (As far as I know)I train guys that are past SFQC and in their 18X phase of training…they don’t wear Green Berets yet. It’s been that way for many years now.

            • MT FAO says:

              May have my terms mixed up. Point is only qualified SF wear the green beret, and rightly so. That is a tough course.

              • IDC SARC says:

                No worries…you’re right is is a long and demanding process. I must admit I was wrong when I wrote my comment. I was thinking of SFAS…not SFQC. Special Forces Assessment and Selection…is the initial entry, and I was thinking that’s what you meant. The whole multiphase process is as you said SFQC. There are 6 phases and I’m an instructor at a phase 4(IV) MOS producing school. From Phase IV they go to Robin Sage (Phase V)and Regimental formation when they get their berets is Phase VI. My apologies for incorrectly correcting you.

                • Tony180a says:

                  Q course has come a long way from Phase I, II, III. There are 2 NCO’s that worked in the 5th SFG(A) mess hall that I will never forget. One worked at the mess hall at Mott Lake (SOT course). Super sharp NCO that we actually worked into one of the classes and he kicked ass!(he went on to become a Bde CSM) The other worked at the 5th SFG(A) mess hall once we moved to Ft Campbell. He was a motivated hard charger that wanted to go to the SFQC. Bn CSM let him train with an ODA for a few weeks (he still worked at the mess hall) and he went to Ranger School and graduated (Honor Grad). Continued working in the mess hall and training with that same ODA until he left for the SFQC. He was the Honor Grad for his SFQC class as well. These guys didn’t embellish their records for gain and it pisses me off when guys like this Turd Blount does.

                • MT FAO says:

                  No worries about the correction and my hat off to you. The instructing has to be just as hard if not harder than the course.

        • Smitty says:

          Failing at RIP is not Ranger training. RIP is a program you must pass to get into Ranger bat and receive Ranger training. He in no way can claim Ranger training from that, only that his skills were analyzed and came up short of the requirement to become a Ranger.

          SF support does not entitle you to claim SF status. Can someone clarify for me what hat SF support wear? It’s been a minute since I got out, but I thought they wore the SF patch but a maroon beret. To anyone looking into military service, the claim of being a green beret means having earned the long tab.

          • Ncat says:

            The maroon beret was worn by support since 1993. I believe it still is. The patch was/is also worn but with Airborne tab only.

            • SidneyBroadshead says:

              They used to have non-USSF support personnel wear the Green Beret. They just wore it with a rectangular “candy stripe” version of the Group’s flash. Only qualified personnel got to wear the full Group flash. There’s a picture of an SF Group’s chaplain wearing the beret with a “candy stripe” behind his officer’s rank insignia.

  4. sj says:

    What is “Surplus SLDR”?

    • IDC SARC says:

      I saw that too…figured it was surplus soldier…someone assigned in excess of the manning document or some such situation. Of course, I was guessing, so I’m probably wrong.

      • IDC SARC says:

        ..a quick round of Bing fu supports what I assumed.

      • Pineywoods NCO says:

        Exactly what it means. “Surplus SLDR” refers to an individual who is assigned and there is no available slot to assign him or her to. It is to the responsibility of the unit command team and S-1 to resolve this as quickly as possible.

        Many times, command team has too much on the plate to recognize the issue.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      A fancy term for goldbrick?

    • Claw says:

      sj, what happened is the computer left out the O at the end of SLDRO.

      It stands for Surplus Spoon Licking Dining Room Orderly.

      Smile!! Where’s my SOS and Coffee?

    • D says:

      It’s an eMILPO code meaning that they didn’t have a slot for him on the MTOE or someone else is filling the existing one. Leave a soldier in surplus too long and your higher G1 or HRC could do an intrapost move or PCS him.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        It’s also how some units foist their trash on other outfits slated for deployment.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Well, he can tell everyone at the welfare office (I’m guessing he will be ineligible for unemployment benies) that the Bad Boss fired him because the Bad Boss hates Green Berets. Like he wrote, “Merry Christmas.”

  6. IDC SARC says:

    Kinda ironic that he has a christian cross on the other forearm…..way to completely ignore christian ethics and advertise it.

  7. Kevin Farrell says:

    I was just on the Sheriff’s Dept website and I don’t see his name under badge numbers! Wonder if he got canned already?

    • Fjardeson says:

      I wouldn’t bet against it… small Sheriff’s departments are merciless on liars… 🙂

      • 3E9 says:

        And at most you serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff and can be dismissed without cause at any time. Bye Dipshit

        • Kevin Farrell says:

          Hey guys, I just spoke with the Sheriff of Baldwin County and he has not been employed there in over 5 years. He voluntarily left, was not terminated.

  8. OCCD says:

    At every agency I worked for, lying would get you fired faster than anything else. Once you get caught lying, your credibility is garbage. He should be a “former” deputy.

  9. Ex-Garbage Gun Shooter says:

    This one hits home with me. My sole regret about my military service is that I never thanked the cook for keeping my tummy full with darn good chow and all the while without ever once giving me the trots. Being a cook may not be the most glamorous job in the military but they were importan and they were certainly appreciated by this “turd chaser”.

    • Peter the Bubblehead says:

      We had a Supply Officer Comment Box at the entrance of crew’s mess aboard my boat, and at one point someone made the observation that the only time anyone filled out a comment card was to complain about something, so after that the entire crew made a point of leaving a compliment if the meal was particularly outstanding in some way. The MS’s started feeling more appreciated after that, and I think they were getting more compliments than complaints for the rest of my tour.

      • Tony180a says:

        Best military chow I’ve ever had was aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast. Spent a few months TDY aboard that fine vessel. I shit you not, the first dinner meal when we left St Petersburg was Maine Lobster! I was actually asked by one of the FS tech’s if I wanted my lobster cracked?? My response was get the fuck out of here in disbelief!! I was an E-7 at the time and ate in the Chiefs Mess which was an education unto itself. Make no mistake… The CPO’s RAN that boat from the Chiefs Mess!! I actually got sick of prime rib, jumbo shrimp, lobster and other delicacies.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Amen to that. I never saw cooks get so inventive 75 days into a run. Not everything worked, but a good cook was a morale boost that was off the charts.

  10. Skippy says:

    Death From The DEFAC…..


    Again Be Proud Of Your Service And MOS
    Why Is That So Hard ?????

  11. nousdefions says:

    He was(is) a jailor. He’s in a picture at:

    Note to BCSO, when you scrub a website, please be thorough…..

  12. IDC SARC says:

    Helloooooooooo Nurse!

  13. faboutlaws says:

    Maybe he should have had a fry pan tattooed on his arm instead.


    It looks like GA is the new FL for 2016. 3 this year and 1 at the end of last year. WTF..

    • martinjmpr says:

      Maybe the FL ecosystem no longer supports posers so they’re moving north. You know, the great Poser Migration of 2016.

      • NECCSEABEECPO says:

        Ya, Don Shipley has stated before that GA was # 1 in his book for fake SEAL’s and behind that was Texas. Plus GA has a high number of VET’s so they can try to blend in until they take their story to the public then it blows up in their face like it should.

  15. sj says:

    Wonder if he has reached out to Sticky Bums yet?

  16. Punisher2 says:

    guess he can say he has been chopped

  17. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    What did he call himself, “The U.S. Army’s Deadliest Egg Slapper”? I’m sure his gene pool could really use some CHLORINE!

  18. Chris Hernandez says:

    I’m a police recruiter and an OIF/OEF vet. In one recent week I caught two applicants lying about combat experience. One claimed to have been Air Force special operations. The scary thing is, police recruiters without a military background won’t see the red flags and don’t know to dig into their claims.

    • MT FAO says:

      When I applied to law enforcement in Wyoming and Montana, I had to supply all my military documentation and evals going back at least ten years. Thier background checks were more detailed than my last clearance review in the military.

      • Chris Hernandez says:

        We require a DD-214, not evals. The issue is that recruiters don’t recognize contradictions between what the applicants say and what’s on their 214; 214 says 88M, applicant says “I was kicking in doors in Afghanistan”, officer looks at 214 and sees “honorable discharge”, and moves the applicant through.

        • Skippy says:

          I almost agree with you Chris but I’ve been in two units that had 88Ms and 92s and other MOSs tasked to do door kicking and Route Clearence duty and QRF duty now how much
          of the special duty was depending on how undermanned we where obviously 10th group didn’t have these issues. I was a 19D was Re MOSd a 88M and put on Route Clearance
          then transferred to TAC Op’s because our the NCOIC had a medical issue that kept him from flying
          just saying

          • Green Thumb says:

            Any time you move from point A to point B it can be considered route clearance.

            • Skippy says:

              Yeh we had two trans co. That where put on SECFOR All 88Ms
              All be it quite as hell route clearance sucked because especially around Rt Jackson because of swamps and that fucking midget and those kids trying to steal shit off of the whites by the gate


          • NECCSEABEECPO says:

            Yes I’m glad you went there. A lot of people don’t understand that in the height of Iraq their were a lot of personnel and MOS’s that had to step outside of their MOS and help get the job done. We had to conduct security escorts and help in route clearance. We also have are own capabilities to conduct route clearance if need be.

            Also the SOTF’s would do supply runs all the time and instead of using SOF guy’s they had support staff conducting the runs. I would say he went On one they took a hit and that is why a cook got a CAB.

            • Skippy says:

              but to the best of my knowledge Lol.. I’ve never seen a 42A do any of the above Lol.. NEVER !!!! LMAO !!!!!!
              and after 2007 I’ve never heard or seen a cook that claimed to kick in doors..
              and as far a the Midget goes I’m afraid if I say anything about the paint ball gun I may lose rank or more. but he was a pain in the ass ! ! ! !

              • SFC D says:

                I always carried a wrist rocket and a bag of marbles for certain “defensive” situations. A pick handle can be a great deterrent too, they’re pretty sure you won’t shoot, but you might use that pick handle repeatedly!

          • Chris Hernandez says:

            I understand that, and as a 19K I wound up in a humvee escorting convoys in Iraq (they called us TWATs, for Tanker Without A Tank). We had cooks and mechanics on missions with us as well. It’s not unbelievable a support soldier would be performing combat tasks, but when that claim comes up it at least needs to be verified.

            • Skippy says:

              I’ve Heard that before Lol… (TWAT) damn 11Bs 🙂
              in all honesty by the time I was was on my last trip over in 2009
              the Boom was pretty much over with. we had flakes that were CAB shopping
              and desperately doing anything they could to get one it was pretty sick shit
              I’d go on but no one here wants to hear it LOL…

              and yes if a 88M came in to my office with a Epic war story his app is in the trash LMFAO !!!!!!!

            • Skippy says:

              damn by the way just curious were you with 11ACR ???
              I have a battle with the same name doing close to the same line of work Lol…

              • Chris Hernandez says:

                Not 11ACR. I was USMC reserve and then an Army National Guard lifer. I deployed with 56th BCT, 36th ID to OIF 3, then was an HCT leader with 36th ID in OEF 9.

                Semper Reservist. 🙂

          • Yef says:

            Please. Rte clearance does not require door kicking.
            I am an 11B and if i had a buck for every time i have come across a POG claiming DKS door kicking status, i would be richer than the Trumpminator.

            Their stories always flap when i ask WHY were they kicking doors.

            • Eden says:

              But. . .but. . .but. . .that’s what they ALWAYS do in Call of Duty!

            • Skippy says:

              yef. I’m only talking from my own experience. that’s always my trick question for people Lol.. when they speak about Rt Clearance and the south ent. the Fucking midget LMFAO !!!!! I swear he has been there forever, when I was with 2cr in Germany a lot of the regiment had been with 25ID they had been up in Mosul when they had they chow hall bombing my 1st Sargent said they had cooks kicking in doors in the 2005-2006 time period, I’m quoting what he said
              I knew one of our cooks who was a 11B and reclassed as a 92series aka Cook
              had been put on the detail. but as NECCSEABEECPO stated above everybody was doing stuff they where not trained for..

              • Skippy says:

                25ID before being reflagged 2SCR guess I didn’t Wright that in properly

              • Green Thumb says:

                Maybe, maybe not,

                For an individual to toe the line coming from a soft shoe MOS takes, shall we say, a readjustment period.

                If not, people get killed.

                I somewhat get it with the USMC due to the “rifle first” mentality of its MTOW and repurpose, if needed, but other branches, not so sure.

                This comment is not one of disrespect, just common sense.

                Point being, would you take a few “replacements” that have not seen the business end of a barrel in quite some time and insert them into your stack without training, refreshers and unit sigh off?

                I think not.

                • Green Thumb says:

                  And as unit engaged in that type of forward and kinetic action will have a backfill (think flow drill). Bringing in outside support such as a soft shoe into the mission would not happen without train up and repetition.

                  Low intensity patrols, maybe. Stacks and door knocking with a purpose (primary or reaction), well, I have never seen it.

                • Skippy says:

                  Green Thumb. I agree totally as far as what I was saying about kicking in doors I’m talking about OIF 03-06 I’ve read the SIRs served with plenty of good soliders that were Detailed out in the early part of the conflict now was that going on in the later part
                  Hell No it wasn’t and believe me I’ve heard more B.S. story’s then I can remember, especially after I was Cassvacd to Germany and then Bethesda or the new Walter Reed the stank was Really Bad up at Madigan at Lewis right before they retired my crazy ass, Lol… the story’s I heard are going to be tomorrow’s Stolen Valor Cases and crazy ass embellisers LMFAO ,,,,,
                  I was consuled three times for calling turds out for lying out of their ass. but in 2013 cadre didn’t seem to give a shit about integrity
                  they were all freaking out about some lying ass turd filing a congressional on them.. I agree with every thing you have said

  19. OldManchu says:

    From Legit Service to Loser Piece of Shit in 4.7 seconds!!!

  20. GoldenDragons says:

    A cook with a CAB huh? I’m sure “that one time a mortar kinda hit near us.” was super intense. POG.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    Flipping burgers on the front line.

    By the looks of the tool, I imagine he likes his meat well-done.

    This tool also has that “semi-tough” look about him.


  22. MrBill says:

    If he just said he had a tour in Iraq, a CAB and a parachute badge, most civilians would think he was a real badass. I guess he didn’t think he was badass enough.

    • Hondo says:

      Yep. Yet another case of p!ssing all over honorable wartime service by trying to make people think he was some kind of “Great American Hero”.

      Sad. Just freaking sad.

  23. Combat Historian says:

    Since this dude actually served in a war zone and earned a CAB, I consider his career to be twice that of Flemron Dickeys’s, so would that make him a Flemron-Squared or a Half-Dickey ?

  24. Carlton G. Long says:

    It’s so ironic that in the movie Under Siege, the SEAL/hero is posing as a cook.

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    I figured it out. He wore a green barrette. He just misspelled it.

    I still can’t figure out what is wrong with being a cook. We have wannabe chefs all over the place, going to culinary arts schools so that they can start overpriced restaurants and get a Michelin star.

    So just what the bleedin’ bloody prairie dog is wrong with being a cook?

  26. pablo says:

    I’m a spaceship door gunner and that doesn’t show in my dd-214 blame the s1 office those Bastards!!!

  27. CAARNG 68W says:

    As the days go by, I’m becoming less and less surprised how many of these guys are cops

  28. Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

    So one TAH’s Facebook commenters is taking TAH to task…

    “Michael Tarvin – Children, have a little self respect and read the docs and the write up before you call shitbag….. this is a fucking misfire and a disappointment from This Ain’t Hell….. do better guys.”

    • Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

      Just for the record… dropping out of RIP qualifies you for nothing!

      While Dennis Blount may have been assigned to a SF unit he is not a “green beret.”

      Mr. Tarvin please get a grip… this guy does not need the benefit of the doubt. He does need a haircut though!

    • Bobo says:

      From the SSG’s post on his FB page: “The cooks at Ranger Battalion wore the same beret and the same duty patch the grunts did, figure (sic) it was the same game for the SF cooks too.”

      He’s wrong. Guys who cook in the SF groups are cooks. The 18 series guys were the beret, the cooks cook, and they don’t claim to be Special Forces soldiers.

      • IDC SARC says:

        Yep…been a long time since non SF grads wore the beret just for being in the Unit.

        I’m cadre on Bragg. I have Unit PT gear that has an SF crest/Green beret and the Yarborough knife, but that doesn’t mean ahmma run out and get a tattoo. FFS

    • IDC SARC says:

      Children?….FFS. I got a lot of respect for EOD, so ahmma consider that choice of wording a misfire and just let it roll.


      • Hondo says:

        Yeah, that’s kinda a hoot. Many TAH readers are literally old enough to have kids that are E6s in the military.

        • Silentium Est Aureum says:

          Who you calling old?

        • IDC SARC says:

          None of us getting any younger, that’s for sure. I’ve already had a number of barrel chested freedom fighters come through my little piece of the pipeline with a name I recognized only to have them tell me, “oh yeah, he’s my dad.”

          • Hondo says:

            Yeah. It’s kinda disconcerting when the O4s and E7s start looking young, isn’t it?

            • IDC SARC says:

              Oh yeah….that’s definitely a weird feeling. It’s kinda hard for me to not laugh about it during the more formal occasions and introductions.

        • OWB says:

          Some of us are old enough to have grandchildren who are E6’s in the military…or nearing retirement age themselves.

          • IDC SARC says:

            OWB…Actually have any 3rd generation troops? That would be pretty awesome. Neither of my snotlickers opted to serve.

            • OWB says:

              No kids myself, but a grand nephew is serving. Had the older grand nephew served, he would be closing in on retirement.

              Historically, we’ve occasionally had multiple generations serving simultaneously in my family. My Dad retired a bit early and I enlisted a bit late, so there was a gap there for us.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          My son is a Zoomie E-6 couldn’t be prouder! He’s been in 13 years on his way to 20.

  29. jonp says:

    careful guys and gals. Casey Ryback was “just a cook”

  30. Jarhead says:

    SO here’s my chance to get an answer from any who served in the Army. Without going into detail, a group which I attend monthly recently had what I believed was BULLSHIT ARTIST from the git go show up. His story would never have been considered legitimate had he served in the Corps. His claim, “I was the ONLY one in my (Army) boot camp platoon that became an E-5 immediately out of boot camp”. Hard for many of us present to believe, especially when he remarked something about getting into a fight with some small short-stature D. I. Is there ANYONE who served in the Army who can say this dude had any possibility of telling a truthful story as that?

    • Bobo says:

      I’m trying to rack my brain to figure out a way that someone could graduate from basic as an E-5. I honestly can’t. Even with a college degree, or an enlistment with a follow on assignment to OCS, the best that you can do is to walk out the door as an E-4. There is also the PLDC requirement that is problematic. So, off the top of my head I’d say NFW, but maybe one of the recruiters here knows some secret path to E-5.

    • Skippy says:

      Jarhead. we had three or Four E-4s in basic that where going to OCS in February 2006 at the DLI or DLA at the presidio in Monterey Ca. claiming after basic they where going to getE-5 Pay don’t know about the rank but our drills verified the story’s to us that the pay and rank in OCS was normal

      • Skippy says:

        stuck my foot in my mouth the drills said pay not rank until they went to OCS
        Pay at DLI OR DLA what ever it’s called now Lol

        • Jarhead says:

          Skippy….just so I understand this before I go make an ass out of myself. Would I be correct in assuming these E-4s had already been in a while and were not fresh recruits as this poser claimed?

          FYI, I am making copies of all these comments AFTER removing the NAME and time sent….prior to taking them with me to our next meeting. If anyone prefers I do not include theirs, don’t hesitate to say so. Being realistic, if he wants to visit this site he will probably be able to figure out the sender’s screen name and time sent. Really I don’t see him as smart enough to do anything about it, in spite of reading these words written by myself. I don’t give a FRA!

          • Skippy says:

            they hadn’t even gone to OCS yet they where doing BCT at fort Sill one of them was at Meps with me and swore in twice this was back in 2005-2006 I still remember the name of one of of them he had a F)($: Ego from hell Lol…
            and to be honest my memory is a little fuzzy two where going to fort Sam and the others where to DLI or DLA E-4s and they had Not gone to OCS I Know the NG get away with a lot of crazy shit when it comes to folks wearing E-5 or a patch that says OCS before they even go to school. and they get the pay of a E-5 also I have a friend I’m going to show this thread to that know a lot more about how they do it because my head would spin every time I saw it

          • Skippy says:

            jarhead about CSM on the other thread im going to e-mail Jonn some info it’s my old unit I’ll post a little on that thread also

          • Bobo says:

            When I went through, officer candidates attending OCS were paid at the E6 pay rate, but were not E6’s, they were officer candidates. If they were dropped or withdrew, they reverted back to their original paygrade. Later there was a program where, at least, ARNG soldiers could enlist for OCS if they met the basic requirements for commissioning. They came into the service as E-4s and went to OCS after completing basic. Again, they were paid as E-6s while at OCS, but would revert to E-4 if they withdrew or were dropped from the program. Again, note that receiving E-6 pay doesn’t make them NCOs or SSGs.

            • Skippy says:

              Bingo Bobo you have it E-6 and not 5 my memory is way off. absolutely crazy it seems the number F I V E is stuck in my brain LMAO…
              A buddy from BCT reading this thread was saying 6 and my damn brain is stuck on 5…

  31. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Jarhead……..not a chance in hell! The story is total bullshit! Gets in a fight with his DI, then gets rewarded with E-5 stripes. No way no how. No one gets E-5 out of basic training. If he called it boot camp that’s just another bullshit sign. In the Army, it’s called basic, not boot camp.

    • Tony180a says:

      He is without a doubt a lying sack of shit! E-5 out of basic my ass! His make believe fight with the DI would have resulted in an ass kicking of biblical proportions as the other DI’sseparated and restrained him. Those DI’s would have been thicker than lawyers in hell on his ass!!!

    • Jarhead says:

      Just as I had figured, thanks to help from y’all. Discussed this immediately after our last gathering when the new guy (older, like the rest of us) ran his mouth. Three or four of us looked at each other and rolled our eyes. “What is said in here stays in here”, so I am obliged to not identify anything about the monthly meeting. Any of y’all can figure it out on your own. Just can not live with this lying POS and his bullshit story. Absolutely MUST confront this poser in February. Could not believe someone like that would try to bullshit his way with other older “been there” regulars who attend. Your help and comments are the only motivators I need to confirm the suspicion of others and myself. I’m gonna go out on a limb and speculate this dude’s going to end up outed on this site. Pisses me off to no end. Your confirmation just forces me to call his hand. Never ever heard such bullshit from anyone like this… any group or any organization. More to follow. Much obliged. S/F

    • Claw says:

      Nope, not even the *Shake&Bake Spec5* that was available in the late 60’s/early 70’s for Army Aviation MOS’s allowed someone to be promoted to E-5 immediately after graduating Basic Training.

      The Shake&Bake promotion to E-5 didn’t come until about the seventh month of service after completing the *Charm School* portion of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Eustis, VA.

      In the end, that four (or more?) year enlistment option/program proved to be a total flop and I believe it was discontinued in 1973.

  32. fibmcgee1 says:

    Cooks: some good, some bad.

    When I was at Ft. Sill, when steak night arrived, you had to get to the mess hall early because they would magically run out of steaks about 2/3 in. Turns out that they were selling the steaks to restaurants in Lawton.

    I think CID investigated and those resposible were perpwalked out to barbwire city.

    • Jarhead says:

      SO here’s the final refelections from me on my “Need To Be Outed Person”, and WIll Before It Is Over’ target. Meeting is next week. Two other important items he mentioned in this first visit with us. He was talking some basic shit and I interrupted him with the usual “What was your MOS.” Didn’t bat an eye when he told us tank turret repair man. Now this is after he told us about being scared of getting shot until around the 100th time bullets flew over his head. He then said after that he had no reservations about killing gooks, no fear. Digging in even deeper, I asked what he was doing out in the field and he told us he did a lot of different things while in RVN and was called on to go out in the field to serve in different capacities. Rather than make an ass out of myself with so little time left in the hour, I told him I was one of many in the room who had served in RVN..What I didn’t tell him was that my MOS in the Corps was 1811…tank crew man. Did not tell him mid way through my first tour which happened to be 23 months, I became a T C and stayed in that position throughout. Same for the second trip, another nine months before getting out. In the Corps at that time we were still using the M 48 A-3 tanks, which were supposedly handed down to the Corps from the Army. I came to know that thing from inside out. Can’t say for certain, but I believe the Army had moved up to the 51 series tanks by that time.
      This afternoon I called another former Marine friend of mine and asked his advice as to when to present all these facts to the guy. He was and is more level headed than me, and his advice to nail him just before we go behind closed doors for our meetings. This POSER claiming he got into a physical confrontation with his D I, may decide to get rowdy when faced with all that has been answered by interested parties, which I DEARLY respect and appreciate! A serial liar being brought into our meetings does not work out very well. To begin with, for most of us being loners by choice, a new guy is not always good. It takes them a while to understand thewe meetings are as much mentally rewarding speaking with others who have worn the T-Shirt……and knowing the last thing we have on our minds when we meet is conversation about events in RVN. Talking about how many gooks you killed is as uninteresting as talking about what’s between Shillery’s legs. When I offer this guy a $100 dollar bill against his ten dollars for him to prove what his claim that he immediately became an E-5 directly following completion of boot camp. Moving up to PFC was as easy as arriving at your unit in RVN after AIT, MOS school, and a trip home before heading across the water. I will share the results of the story at the end of next week. Before pushing him with facts this wee, I will first get his name, date and location of enlistment. Do not have any idea as to how to get his SS number, but might be able to fanagle his Service NUMBER from him. Is there anything else I can get out of him without pushing it any further? That is, numbers or whatever that would make a FOIA request to appear within reason.
      For the last time, I owe each of you that guided me on different approaches A Big Thank YOU. There will be witnesses to every story I write on it. There is DEFINITELY some free publicity. The report on the events happening will be posted on late Thursday of next Thursday; and you decide his fate at that

      • Bobo says:

        Hondo and Jonn are the experts, but take a look at the SF-180 on line. The goal should be to get as much of the information required in the first few blocks as you can. It would be even better if you can talk him into requesting a complete set of his own records through the SF-180 and having him sign the form, with the information sent directly to you from St. Louis.

        • Jarhead says:

          Bobo…taking your advice, for the first time ever I looked up SF-180. It looked to me as a request that was supposed to be made by either the veteran requesting info, or a next of kin. So I emailed the BOSS, and Jonn gave me directions to the information necessary for apparently a FOIA inquiry. Other than his S S #, he ought to be pretty easy to get the other info from. Big as his mouth is, he may even cough up the SS #. In my last post I put Thursday in there twice. It should have read “Thursday of next week”. Which it will be posted. Keep an eye out for it. This is another POSER destined for TAH in all his glory. S/F

  33. Jarhead says:

    Should anyone return to this story and look for an end to it, have patience. Jonn sent me a list of questions to ask, and I got answers to all except the S. S. number. Info is currently in Jonn’s hands and may take a while to process thoroughly to present the POSER. This week he changed (or should I say added to) his story by telling all of us he fought with the “infantry”. Funny thing, last month he claimed to have been a tank turret repairman. Even funnier, when I find myself in a bunch of RVN vets, we seldom use the word infantry. Normally the reference is to “grunts” and that is uttered with respect. There were some other inconsistencies this time, which I will go into when we expose this POSER who is DESTINED for TAH. S/F