Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces

| February 10, 2016

Jeff Belk Mugshot

Someone sent us this guy, Jeffrey Belk from Monroe. North Carolina. He claims to be a retired Special Forces Master Sergeant. At times, he says that he retired from Delta Force. He claims that he was injured in a number of IED explosions, several helicopter crashes and as a sniper, he has twelve confirmed kills. This is from a dating website;

Jeff Belk claims

And this is from VetsFriends;

Belk Vet Friends

The National Personnel Records Center disagrees with him just a little;

Jeff Belf FOIA

Yeah, six months in the Air Force, December 1989 – June 1990. He was indicted on burglary charges in January 1990, that’s probably what got him booted. The Air Force dodged a bullet when they booted him because I have a fairly large collection of charge sheets and mugshots of the things he’s done since he was discharged;

Jeff Belk

He tells employers that he retired from the Army in order to entice them to hire him. He tells police and judges that he’s a combat veteran suffering from PTSD in order to get preferential treatment in the courts. See down in the bottom right corner where, for once he’s a victim, but the report says that he claimed to the police to be an Army Veteran with an honorable discharge. Wrong on both counts;

Belk Police Report b

A Delta Force master Sergeant who doesn’t know where the safety is on an AR rifle.

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  1. Karly says:

    Aside from the obvious entertainment valve for some, I guarantee this blog has kept many people from falling for Jeffrey Belk’s bullshit. At the very least its a resource for those already caught in his web of threats lies and deceit. I applaud Jonn and others for giving the victims a voice that can be heard far and wide.