S Byron Rodriguez; Canadian fake

| February 15, 2016


One of our friends from the United States’ hat send us their research on this fellow, S Byron Rodriguez, who claims that he is a wounded warrior of the Canadian Forces. According to our friends, he was legitimately in Afghanistan twice with the Canadian Army, but as is usually the case, that wasn’t enough. Rodriguez claims that he was there three times. he claims that he was a paratrooper, but there is no record of him attending the training, but our friend says that he has the tattoo, so it’s legit. Tattoos are tougher than the actual training. Everyone wants to be a paratrooper until it’s time to do paratrooper stuff.

Rodriguez has the “Sacrifice Medal”, the Canadian equivalent of a Purple Heart, because someone threw a rock at him and , he says that his nose was “partially amputated”.

During one assignment in 2008, Rodriguez was injured when a large rock was thrown towards his vehicle and hit him in the face. It ripped into his nose and broke it.

“I had half my nose amputated and received 22 stitches to close the cut around one nostril,” Rodriguez said.

He used his own hands to reset his nose. Then he insisted on carrying on with the mission.

Rodriguez received a Sacrifice Medal, the highest commendation given to a reservist, for his decision to delay his medical attention for five hours to allow other soldiers to be brought to safety.

When he did get medical attention, the attending medic used a computer to learn how to stitch his nose back together, Rodriguez said.

From our friend, because Canadian awards are outside my area of expertise;

“Lord” Byron says he, had his nose “ampuated”, received a GSW to his leg, and contracted Taliban “cooties” which rendered him unemployable in medical laboratories! He has also claimed to be a member of the Spanish Royal Family, is a multi-millionaire, attended UCLA on a baskeball scholarship, owns a luxury yacht, earned a Phd in Psychology, represented Canada as an Olympic athlete. So, why is he working in the public works department of a small city in the Prairies? Not surprisingly, and mirroring what occurs with some regularity in the US, he has surfaced as the Vice President of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 70 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

The significant holes in his military records could be due to a series of long overlooked, administrative errors or, you can come to your own conclusion. However, his weak apology, and willingly coughing up the unearned medals and insignia has convinced me that he’s just another lying sack of shit!

Sacrifice Medal – Legitimately awarded (US equivalent is the Purple Heart)
General Campaign Star (South West Asia) with 1 rotation bar – Legit
Canadian Peace Keeping Service Medal – No entitlement
United Nations Force in Cyprus Medal – No entitlement
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal – Legit
Canadian Forces Decoration – Legit
Claims service in Bosnia – No record
Claims service in Cyprus – No record
Wound Stripe – No record
Qualified Military Parachutist – No record
Member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment – No record but, he has the tattoos!
Qualified CQB instructor – No record

He was busted in a Canadian forum;


And that caused him to make this very weak apology;


And he turned over some of the medals that he didn’t deserve – the Peacekeeping Medal, jump wings, a service stripe and the United Nations Force in Cyprus Medal ;


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  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SO he claims to have been everything BUT the Mayor and the Dog catcher? What a HOSER, eh?

    He can go do this:

  2. Hack Stone says:

    But the question remains, are his buns sticky?

  3. Hondo says:

    Hmm. A Canadian guy who served during wartime, deployed and saw combat, was wounded – and then had to embellish his service to try and be some kind of “Great Canadian Hero”.

    I wonder if he wears purple tiger stripes AnD tYpEs ReAlLy BiZaRrElY – lIkE tHiS, eH?

  4. punisher says:

    He was putting his “nose” in places it did not belong.

  5. Jarhead says:

    Assuming the comment about him having cooties is true, the answer is simple; at least to RVN vets. Send him to live in some RVN village, sit on the front porch of his thatched roof house, and let his mama squat down behind him and pick the cooties out of his hair. Immediately after picking each cootie, eating it! Yep, other RVN vets will attest to seeing that.

  6. Green Thumb says:


  7. K.A.Callaghan says:

    His comment about having cooties stems from a news piece that was done about him where in he claimed that he was unable to work in his field of employment (medical lab technician) because his potential employers felt that because of his exposure to the Taliban, he posed a potential threat of contamination or sorts…because as all of you well know up here in Canada, we cannot afford sterile lab equipment and PPE like disposable gowns, masks et al, we simply rely on the frigid air to freeze all of the airborne bacteria into submission!

  8. 20thEB67 says:

    Loser, eh?

  9. Just An Old Dog says:

    His rock to the face story sounds weird as well. Probably hit a bump in the road and frenck-kissed the windshield.

    • K.A.Callaghan says:

      Naw the rock thing happened while he was outside the wire with a patrol, it was witnessed, some kid come out and hucked a rock at the shithead and got him in the snout, but there is a considerable amount of difference between his depiction to the media of having his nose “partially amputated” and what was actually an Avulsion injury which is merely the act of the impact causing the nostril to tear away from the cheek flesh, one might think that being this guy was a medic he might actually KNOW the DIFFERENCE betwixt the 2! But hey, it sounds so much better for the news crews to say partially amputated versus nostril tear don’t it!

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        They actually gave him the Canadian Equivalent of a Purple Heart for THAT?.
        Id be embarassed to admit that, unless I shot the litlle bastard dead right after.
        In my opinion its the equivalent of getting cut by a bar girl.

          • K.A.Callaghan says:

            M9erC, lots of things make you go “Hmmmmmmm” I know theres a pile of things that make me go “Hmmmmmmmmm” shake my head and roll my eyes.

            • SailorJeff says:

              So, I was there. The rock/brick hit him in the face along the edge of his ballistic glasses and basically cut a flap in his nose. They were just outside the gate of the PRT at Camp Nathan Smith. They turned around, came back to the camp, and the actual MD gave him 20+ stitches.

              • K.A.Callaghan says:

                So you mean his rendition of events that he gave to the local newspaper is greatly exaggerated and somewhat inaccurate, because we distinctly remember reading his claim that he was stitched up by a medic who had to read how to do it from a medical book! LOL Yeah…too bad whoever hucked that projectile didn’t use a bigger rock, it might have knocked some sense into him!

            • SailorJeff says:

              No Sacrifice Medal was awarded because he was not hospitalized.

        • Hondo says:

          Think that’s bad? I know of one case of a US soldier getting wounded while in the latrine during a rocket attack. Reputedly he was seated at the time.

          Yeah, it qualified.

  10. W2 says:

    For the love of God, why does there have to be so many pathological assholes in the world?

  11. AW1Ed says:

    “They amputated my nose!”

    “Your nose?”

    “I got better.”

  12. Roger in Republic says:

    If he lost half of his nose, it must have grown back! Of course a liars nose would.

  13. thebesig says:

    What!? The bloke couldn’t be satisfied with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. 🙄 Some people will never be satisfied. 🙄

  14. Uncle Fester says:

    I have to weigh in on this. He was on tour with us in FOB Masum Ghar in 2010. He was a crew commander on a vehicle who was not to touch a patient due to his incompetance. Yes he is a Liar who when searched had a lot of other people’s kit. He was immediatly sent back to KAF. Due to legal procedures no warrant charges were dropped. Then this piece of shit was returned to Canada. Not completing his tour. Does not surprise me that he is making up stories. All the real soldiers / Medics were not sad to see him leave. He might have had the case dropped due to procedural error we all know he was a thief.

    • K.A.Callaghan says:

      So Unk, yer saying not only is he a prolific liar but he’s a rag picking thief too! Why am I NOT surprised!

  15. David says:

    for someone who had part of their nose amputated, that honker he’s got sure grew back pretty well and seems to be bigger than anything previous could have been. If only my circumcision had gone as well..

  16. Your mom says:

    What!? Ppl lie?!

  17. Your mom says:

    Lol tho to the dudes who served with him n calling him out. Fucking Muppet comment lol gd on ya for calling liar out. Liars r funny tho

  18. Rikk says:

    Ok…..first of all, Byron is a peice of shit.He did get injured by a rock, thrown by a kid. He did look fairly hideous after(see Elephant seal) and got a shit load of stitches…no amputation I’m afraid. Sailor Jeff is a bit off the truth though…It did happen in K.C, but about 10 minutes from CNS……and nobody “turned around”…..I know this because I was driving the Bison !!! He did carry on and finish the misson…only because we made him and called him a pussy…so I might of guilted him a bit……he did get a commendation and sacrafice medal for the incident…although I have no idea why ??!!! All he did was lay in the back and bleed…
    Being a CAR member I would quiz him on jumping and he did have some para knowledge, but I could find no record of him or anybody that knew of him in the Borne.
    He has sticky fingers…at one point in that tour I had to stop my medic from killing him cause Byron stole from him…he is a crappy medic in my opinon and I saw little”skill” in anything he did.
    To the ladies who think he’s a great guy…he ain’t…it’s part of the act.
    I’ve heard a few stories he’s told about his nose injury to other people through the years…none of which were true…
    My final take on “Lord Byron” is he’s a poser, a liar and for the most part…..a fraud.I should be mad at him….and I was….now I only pity him…for he is but a speck of a man.