William Batho is not a former POW

| May 2, 2016

William Bathos1

Another Pat found this GoFundMe tin cup for William Batho written by his wife to take up funds to get her husband to the Vietnam Wall next year. I fully support their effort. However, in the plea, she says that her husband was a POW during the Vietnam War. The DPAA disagrees;

Batho POW List

He was indeed a veteran of the Vietnam War, a lineman in B Co. of the 36th Signal Battalion for 13 months Aug 1968 – September 1969, but, no, he wasn’t a POW;

William Bathos FOIA

William Batho Assignments

So, yeah, give him as much money as you want, but know that you’re not giving to a POW.

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  1. Hondo says:

    For completeness, here are links to DPAA’s lists of personnel who DoD recognizes as SEA POWs.

    Escaped Custody and Returned to US Control:


    Otherwise Returned Alive:


    Consolidated List of MIA/POWs That Have Been Accounted For (Included KIA/BNR):


    Those Still Missing and Unaccounted For:


    The last name “Batho” does not appear on any of those lists.

  2. AnotherPat says:

    And what is sadder and ironic is a comment Batho’s wife made on her Facebook Site about the Go Fund Me site:

    “It hurts me to know that some people would use Go Fund Me for a scam. Our campaign is real. My veteran needs closure. His burdens are heavy and it’s time to lay down the load….God Bless Our Veterans.”


    Batho also states he was in “Cu Chi” Vietnam from Feb 68 to Sep 69 on the following site even though his records show a different time frame.


    So sad. Stolen Valor. “A Victimless Crime.”

    • Hondo says:

      He may well have been at Cu Chi, AnotherPat. A quick search indicates that the 36th Sig HQ was at Long Binh – but that it had elements in other places. I’ve seen other references elements of the 36th Sig’s parent HQ (1st Sig Bde) having elements at Cu Chi, but in an earlier time frame (1966-1967). By 1968, the 36th may have had elements there as well.

      Haven’t found a good history for the 36th, so can’t be sure. But it’s plausible.

      However, he certainly wasn’t there in Feb 1968. Wonder how many people he’s lied to by telling them he was in Vietnam for “TET”?

      • Another Pat says:

        Thanks, Hondo for the information. You’re pretty knowledgable about Military History, do you’re probably right.

        Was wondering about his comment about being in Cu Chi on the other site from Feb 68-Sep 69, thus the reason I put quotes around Cu Chi.

    • Jarhead says:

      Could it be the Mrs. needs closure to the botched lobotomy she might have had? Possible they left a few stitches out? Jeesh, Lady, at least go get your hair done at Wal Mart, where it’s bound to look halfway decent.

  3. OWB says:

    Can’t get overly upset about ones like this unless it is he himself claiming to have been a POW. Others often ascribe to us things which are not true and it is sometimes impossible to properly educate them.

    Several questions must be answered before my outrage meter pegs. Has HE ever claimed POW status? Is he capable of mental clarity? Meanwhile, I will attempt to honor his documented service without prejudice.

    • AnotherPat says:

      OWB, to be honest, don’t know if Batho ever claimed himself as being a POW.

      He did claim he was in Vietnam from Feb 68 to Sep 69..his records show August 68 to Sep 69.

      So it is either his wife who is making up the story or it could be Bill himself made up those stories to his wife…and if he did, then he made a claim of being a POW.

      He could possibly well have a mental disorder. Don’t know the reason as to why his wife on her Facebook page and her GO FUND ME site consistantly emphasize that her husband was a POW and needs closure.

      A recent contributor of the wife’s GFM site who is a TAH blogger made the comment about his donation and politely requested the POW info be taken off so that it would not dishonor Batho’s service. I agree with that comment.

      • spd0302 says:

        Whoever is managing the gofundme campaign has removed the comment you note above, but of course will keep the donation.

        • spd0302 says:

          Scratch my previous statement. Comment is still up.

          • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

            Comment is gone now…

            • AnotherPat says:

              Saw the same thing, nbc (please see my post below).

              2 new ones are up and waiting for those to go poof.

              Screen shot the last 2 comments.

              This is telling me guilt. Betsy, the wife, is the owner of the GFM site for Bill.

              Waiting to see if her Facebook comments about Bill are going to disappear as well. Screen shot those as well.

              • The Al says:

                Surprise, surprise! the comments about him not being a POW- including a link to this very thread- have magically disappeared from the GFM page……

                • AnotherPat says:

                  Wow, wonder why we all have the magical power that we can make those predictions? Claw made the same assessment as well.

      • OWB says:

        Please don’t misunderstand, AnotherPat – I don’t fault you at all for asking the questions. It’s the only way I know to clarify anything.

        A few months discrepancy about exactly when he was in country doesn’t bother me much either over 50 years later simply because at the moment I can’t tell you the exact date of my initial enlistment – it’s stored up there somewhere but a lot of things have been filed in the cerebral matter since then. However, it can also be indicative of something else if it is part of a negative pattern.

        • AnotherPat says:

          Understand completely where you are coming from, OWB…and your comment did not bother me at all.

          Heck, my brain storage matter has been overflowed as well…can’t remember where I put my durn glasses 5 minutes ago, but can remember what Santa Claus brought me years ago (Yes, Hondo, there IS a Santa…Ho-Ho-Ho).

          Hopefully Batho’s wife will read our TAH Blogger’s comment he posted on her GoFundMe Page (and he was kind to make the Donation); our Blogger included the site to this thread.

          And perhaps Batho’s wife will be here to comment about her husband just as Charles Jenkins children did a couple of months ago.

          Thank you again, OWB, for the feedback. As previously shared, have learn a lot by reading comments from others on TAH…and appreciate them all…and the humor…makes my day.


          • Thunderstixx says:

            My info overload occurred back in the 70’s…
            Not much else has been added since those days…
            At least nothing I can remember…

    • Dave Dash says:

      Being a disabled veteran from the Vietnam War myself I would as soon as I do that you would be entitled to full disability benefits. Coupled with Social Security and any other income they may have you should have more than enough money to cover the expenses to Washington DC.

  4. River Rat says:

    As for my two Dongs worth of my hard earned MPC: Since he and his enabler tried to scam us out of funds for the D.C. trip, I would say, “Xin Loi, my boy.”

  5. sfp2 says:

    Looks like he wants a second Free ride to Viet Nam, if I read the article right. If he has a PTSD service dog He should leave it home as they have been known to eat them. Not getting my MPC either

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    The Honor Flight people do take Vietnam vets to Washington, DC. It costs the vet nothing. I don’t understand why she hasn’t contacted them to make some kind of arrangements for a trip like that.

    And can we stop getting ‘service dogs’ involved in these things? If Mr. Batho cannot physically function without one, e.g., picking things up or alerting someone if he falls, fine. But this ‘service dog’ thing has rapidly morphed into nothing but a scam and an excuse to take your pooch into a restaurant with you.

    • Another Pat says:


      Agree. Was wondering the same.

      It could be Batho’s wife is unaware of the Honor Flight..or may know about it and is seeking donations to pay for her ticket to fly with Batho.

      Hopefully, she will read this on TAH and explain all of this on TAH or her Facebook.

    • Used to be Stillserving says:

      Well said! The whole service dog situation is out of control. Service dogs should be for physical issues only. Not mental issues

      • IDC SARC says:

        I can’t say that I agree. Any beneficial therapeutic modality should be considered if it’s bona fide.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          I have service cats, SARC. I provide them with a lot of service and they are completely ungrateful for it.

          • Pinto Nag says:

            Dogs have owners — cats have staff. And they will never let you forget it, either.

            • Bill M says:

              And how!

            • BigJohn says:

              I am on the staff of 3 cats. One, I swear is a reincarnated Marine. He patrols the hall half the night and calls his own cadence. Meow Meow Meow, meowmeowmeow etc.

          • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

            I have one, Eric, who morphs into the Egyptian Cat God Rootintootintuttifrutti on Wednesday and Saturday mornings (the days he gets sea food from cans). I am woke up by the tapping on my chin by a orange and white paw, accompanied by meowing – at 0530!

            • Jarhead says:

              In this a man’s site, it pleases me greatly to see other cat lovers out there. Where we live, it is a given to hate cats so one will fit in with others. That hate extends to thinking nothing of tossing a burlap bag of cats and/or tiny kittens into the river.

              Years ago when living in Tennessee, an epitome came to my mind. At the time I saw it, it had truth, and still does today. That being, MOST men who are wife beaters absolutely HATE cats. The obvious reason being…cats can not be controlled. Other side of that coin is..SOME men who hate cats are absolutely wife beaters. Wives can be controlled with a beating; while cats can NOT. Correlation: wife beaters are often cat haters; while cat haters are normally wife beaters. Think about this and voice your opinion as you reflect on any men who beat on their wives. There is absolutely one occasional flaw in this line of thinking…that being, ALL men who hate cats are absolutely NOT wife beaters.

              We have three cats, all of whom have US trained. Lest I forget and run out of tuna flavored cat food, try to feed them something else just to humor them, they look at me with those piercing eyes and say, “Get your ass back in the house and bring us what we want. How many times do we have to go through this, and how many times do we have to tell you..Get in there NOW!” “Don’t forget the offerings such as dead mice, snakes, birds, etc. we leave as offerings right at the back door for you often!”
              A long time ago when I lived in Nashville, we had two cats that stayed inside all the time as they were de-clawed. HONESTLY they would no doubt grunt and groan for hours holding their next s___t, just waiting for me to come home so they could smell up the house just as we sat down to eat.

              Sure, they give love in purring when THEY are ready to be petted. After all, it’s a privilege to pet them, according to their way of thinking.

              You know, now that I think of it, that may be the problem with William and wife Betsy. You don’t suppose they both have fur balls down their throats do you?

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            I get something like this.


          • IDC SARC says:

            I have a cat that was born in a box next to my couch…fekker thinks ahmm his daddy. More like a dog than a cat in his mannerisms and need to be with me constantly.

            I’ve had dogs, but currently I’m just not home enough to have one, unless he learns to use a litter box.

    • Pinto Nag says:

      People use the term ‘service dog’ incorrectly. The proper term for this man’s dog would probably be ‘companion animal.’ But since service dogs are allowed in, say, the post office while companion animals are not, voila! Companion animal becomes service dog.

    • rgr769 says:

      How do you get in touch with these Honor Flight people. I would like a free ride to DC so I could get me some “closure.” My “service dog” would like a vacay, too. Also how does this guy get four service stars on his VN Service Medal (according to the FOIA response)? I only have two stars and I did 15 months in country. Wasn’t it one star for each six months of service?

      • Hondo says:

        Negative. While it’s name is the “Vietnam Service Medal”, the VSM is a campaign medal. On campaign medals, they’re campaign stars vice service stars. One is worn for each designated campaign during which the individual served in the AOR. One day of service in the designated AOR during any designated campaign qualifies the individual for the associated campaign star.

        A list of recognized RVN campaigns may be found here:


        This guy was in-country in the RVN from 17 July 1968 to either 8, 18, or 28 Aug 1969 (could be any of the 3, since the latter date is shifted left and the 1st digit may have been cut off).

        Looks to me like he was present for all or part of 4 campaigns: Vietnam Counteroffensive Phases V and VI, Tet 69 Counteroffensive, and Vietnam Summer-Fall 69. That means he qualifies for 4 campaign stars.

        • rgr769 says:

          Thanks for the info. I probably knew they were campaign stars 41 years ago when I was still on AD. My DD214 and Form 66 just say VietNam Service Medal or “VSM.”

          • Hondo says:

            Not surprising. Often campaign dates are declared well after the fact. Those appropriate for your tour might not have been declared prior to your ETS.

      • Claw says:

        “One star for each six months of service?”

        Nope, it all depends on how many campaigns were conducted during the time frames each individual spent over there.

        I’ll pass the torch over to Hondo. He can give you the full run down.

        • Claw says:

          Oops, too late. Hondo’s already here.

        • Hondo says:

          Just did. (smile)

          • Claw says:

            Yep, I see by the comment post times that we were neck and neck to getting there.

            By the original list of campaigns I was authorized three BSS’s (and that’s what is reflected on my Retirement DD214, but by the 2010 revised list, that number should really only be two.

            But if you think I’m gonna request a DD215 to have the number reduced, it ain’t gonna happen.

            But maybe I should. My DD214 still owes me another AAM that got lost somewhere in the paper mill. Naw, it’s been almost 25 years since retirement. I’ll just let things rest.

            • LiRight says:

              It wasn’t until maybe 3-4 years ago (from my discharge in 1968) that I realized that my CIB and Bronze Star with “V” was not included on my DD-214, so I ordered a DD-215…….and am glad I did. Not for anyone’s satisfaction but mine.

              The DD-215 only took a couple of weeks to receive.

              • AnotherPat says:

                That’s good news to hear, LiRight.

                You’re legit and have your DD215 to support you.

                Hope Frank is reading this and feels ashamed for his BS, forgeries and childish, unnecessary lawsuits.

                That is wishful thinking on my part. That man will probably go to his grave believing he earned a PH and a BSM w/Valor and will have it engraved on his headstone.

            • AnotherPat says:

              Well, you can always contact Frank…bet he can whip up a great AAM for you, Claw, with fancy lettering and a one page lengthy citation. Or two pages. But you will have to go to an Induction Center to pick it up.

              And please, when you get it, please don’t let your Basement flood.

              Whatever became of that crazy man anyway?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Here’s the info about the Honor Flight group.


  7. Another Pat says:

    I reread Batho’s wife GFM site and it sounds as if Batho wants to make a trip to Vietnam with other Vietnam Veterans in January 2017 instead of D.C.

  8. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    WTF is this, anyway? They live in Lenoir, TN. That’s 500 miles from The Wall. Cripes. And they need to beg money to get there? It’s a long walk but an 8-hr drive. With a motel, we’re talking a few hundred round trip. Give me a break.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Okay. I see. He wants to go to Vietnam. I suggest he try the internet. It’s the next best thing to being there.

      • LiRight says:

        Is it just me? But I’d have absolutely no interest in going back to Viet Nam.


        • Twist says:

          I have to agree with you on this one. I know if someone offered me an all expenses paid trip to Iraq I would decline even if the country was stable.

        • Claw says:

          Nope, not just you.

          I also have absolutely no desire to return to that area.

          Not when the half life of discarded Ham&MF’ers and Fresca is 500 years.

        • Perry Gaskill says:

          I love the smell of nuoc mam in the morning, it reminds me of a really bad hangover…

        • akpual says:


        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          One go around in that shit hole was enough for me. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing it again! Besides the place I flew out of, Phu Loi, was converted to a reeducation center when the North took over. It’s off limits to everyone to this day.

        • rgr769 says:

          Just the plane ride would be miserable unless you could afford 1st class. I can live without ever experiencing the heat & humidity again, let alone the smells.

          • Claw says:

            Yep, every time the wind blows hard enough from the west to carry the wonderful aroma of the dairy feed lots my way, I’m reminded of Phu Bai.

            • LiRight says:

              Just a personal choice but I wear no hats or patches declaring me a Viet Nam Veteran….the only thing I got was a pretty nice NYS License Plate stating: “Purple Heart – Combat Wounded” and then I saw an offer on amazon.com for a license plate holder that could be personalized…I swear the first thing that came to mind and I did order it for about $10 was:
              “I still call it… SAIGON.”

              I actually got emotional when I received it in the mail.

              Thank God there’s a site like this one where I can write stuff like this.

              Thanks, Jonn!

            • 20thEB67 says:

              Nope. I have NO desire to return. It took way too many years to get that nasty aroma out of my nose to want to experience it again! I have a couple of buds that went back. Twice, no less, and they said the stink is no longer there.

              3/17 Air Cav : What year were you @ Phu Loi? Self, 1967.

              • LiRight says:

                Nov. 66 to late May 68 – spent some time in Chu Chi (25th ID) hospital before being sent to St. Albans Naval Hosp., Queens, NY.

                Tet 68 sucked!!!!

                Writing about this shit sucks more.

              • 3/17 Air Cav says:

                20ThEB67……Phu Loi, 1971 May thru Oct. also was at Dian, Tay Ninh, Phuoc Vinh.

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    OR THIS…
    Bida Saigon
    Address: 8078 Kingston Pike, #165 & 167, Knoxville, TN 37919
    Phone:(865) 694-5999
    Hours: Open today · 10AM–10PM

  10. Claw says:

    No, Bill, don’t go back. Whatever you do, don’t go back.

    There’s a couple of mamma-sans over there just waiting to find you so they can collect that 47 years of hooch maid back pay you owe them.

    Oh, yeah, now you remember running off back to the land of the big PX and not paying your hooch maid bill.

    Your buddies told you before you left that Karma would bite you in the ass sooner or later if you gypped old mamma-san.

    Well, it’s later Bill. BOHICA and AMF.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      There is a group of Vietnam vets that go there to provide medical and dental care to people who don’t live in the cities, but out in the bush in farming country. They’re always looking for volunteers.

      But I don’t think that’s what he wants to do.

  11. Jarhead says:

    Every single post on this issue shows a kindness that I somehow missed in God’s character distribution to me. Call me the T A H reprobate, but I got a different look at this. The husband for starters, no I don’t see where he himself has made the POW claim. But I’m going to guess before the day some Sherlock smarter than me is going to uncover the truth and expose him. If not, has he encouraged his wife by being the facilitator to go for it? What kind of respect does that earn a man? Common sense would reflect that had he actually been a POW, then he’d absolutely be receiving some bennies, PTSD compensation if nothing else.
    Since I’m all in, now the wife’s last name is Batho. Is that anything kin to a crack ho? By that I mean will she take a bath with a dude for money? Or quite possibly, does she shoot up with dirty bathwater. Careful, even dirty bathwater will still make your teeth rot.
    Lady, call me a degenerate a—-hole if you want, but your shit is raggedy. You ain’t gettin’ diddley from me, except grief and a demand for explanation to questions now and soon-to-be-later posted on this site.
    Truthfully, I’d love to be able to share this with every living former RVN P O W.
    Finally, I want to know if this character carries canine condoms with him when Fido travels with him.

    • AnotherPat says:


      You’re brutal.

      And I love it!!!

      You’re better than Don Rickles…and could probably outtalk Bill O’Reilly…

      You should be a writer for a comedy show such as “All in the Family”.

      Or the Speaker at an event for roasting someone. You could win.

      The reason I said “could” is Ex-PH2 and Dave Hardin are pretty good as well when expressing their views.

      Come to think about it, all on TAH have that special talent with articulating their thoughts. That special way with words. Shoot from the hip. Tell it as it is.

      Don Shipley has that gift as well.

      Well done, Ladies and Gentlemen.

      Well done.

      • Jarhead says:

        Thanks Pat…as of recent I have taken a pleasure to read your well-thought posts. In ALL honesty I can agree with ONLY one thing you mentioned above. That being, ALL on T A H have a special knack for posting interesting and humorous thoughts; not to mention the intellectual depth and obvious knowledge when it comes to detailed detective work. It is the entire thought process of all combined T A H posts that make this one hell of a club to be allowed to post in. If we ever set our mind to it, we could en masse be a hell of a book and movie screen play producer. Ex, Dave Hardin, A P I, and a few others caught my eye and inspired me way back. In my case it’s the rambling of a warped 70 year old mind. There are others I could mention, but inevitably I’d forget some one. Much obliged. S/F

  12. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    His FB page says that he is a retired educator. Pickford HS in Michigan, which is where he is originally from. There is no POW claim on the page and it’s quite vanilla. There is a a photo, one that appears on the Beggar’s Page but that’s it. Maybe this is all wifey’s doing. I don’t know. I just loathe the Beggar’s Pages.

    • Jarhead says:

      2/17…This is far off subject but a good time to bring it up. Do you ever think the amount of info some people post on their F B page leads to identity theft sooner or later?

      • Mick says:

        Jarhead and 2/17 Air Cav:

        Pardon me for sticking my beak in here, but yes, the amount and type of personal info that some people post to FB can and does often lead to identity theft, as well as other nasty things such as home burglary and enabling stalkers.

        For example, people who openly brag about when and where they’re going on vacation are setting themselves up to be hit by burglars while they’re away. Similarly, people who post info that helps those who would do them harm (e.g. a stalker) establish patterns of movement are setting themselves up for a physical attack while they’re out and about.

        In my opinion, way too many people get carried away with the whole “look at me” aspect of FB that leads them to post everything that they think, see, experience, etc., and they end up putting themselves at high risk for any number of adverse consequences without ever even realizing it.

        • 2/17 Air Cav says:

          I am not on FB or any other social network. I’m one of what Jonn calls the antisocial types here. I I will, however, access pages that do not require a sign-on. I agree with Mick that people post waaaaay too much info on FB and elsewhere. It’s a scammer’s dream come true. Where else can you learn what someone’s interests are, where he went to school, what he likes to buy, and so on. Then you add in the references to family, pets, cars, job, whether they drink, drug, are straight or crooked, not to mention angry stuff where much is spilled, and damn near all of the work is done for you. After that, it’s just a small matter of befriending someone and payday nears.

  13. AnotherPat says:

    Ok, I am breaking a ROE, but just had to share this.

    Do you all remember this guy, Ronnie Arthur Carter and his furnace and his Go Fund Me Site?



    Don’t think his campaigner and friend, Skip Whitmore of New Hampshire is aware that he was scammed.


    And SURPRISE! Found Washington State Court Records on the same Ronnie Arthur Carter. Think there may be a 2013 Bench Warrant out for him from Washington State.

    2013: The time he supposedly went was caught in the Moore City OK tornado…

    Wanted to bring this here instead of renewing an old thread.

    If interested, the Washington Court Case Site is:


    After you accept, type in Ronnie Carter and the secret code.

    Click on this:

    Carter, Ronnie A
    DEFENDANT S27 Pierce Co Superior 12-1-00722-7 Available 03-01-2012

    It’s the same guy.


  14. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Vietnam will put on its best face for all visitors and tourists, including Americans who were there during the war. But behind the niceties, the government is ruthless. It is, of course, communist. It imprisons those who oppose it, those who speak or write against the state, and it does so by authority of its constitution. There is no aspect of life in Vietnam that is not under state control: none. It was so when Clinton decided to normalize relations with Vietnam and it is so today. So, go if you want. The communists will accept your American Express card and do so happily.

    • Jarhead says:

      2/17…Careful you don’t elevate the blood pressure for Ex-PH2’s poodle penis.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, no. If I want to visit Indochine, I can find plenty of pictures at an online website by gear testers who travel everywhere and get paid for it. The most recent visit involved a visit to Vietnam as it is today, without even a nod to the wars that were waged there over centuries.

  15. UpNorth says:

    He’s never looked at the GFM page his wife put up? Never saw that she’d “mistakenly” told the world he was a POW, and told her to correct her mistake? Yeah, I totally believe that bullshit.

    • Hondo says:

      Yeah, that’s why I’m having a bit of trouble with giving him a pass too. I’m not buying him being unaware of his wife’s GFM page.

      Three options for how his wife got the info about him being a POW:

      1. He fed her a line of BS.
      2. Someone else told her he was a POW.
      3. She made it up.

      Unless he’s mentally incompetent, he’s IMO culpable in case 1. In case 3, unless he’s either mentally incompetent or incredibly naive, he’s culpable for not correcting her by now. And if it’s 3, the question of how that other individual who told his wife he was a POW got that idea comes into play – with Batho as the most likely source.

      I’m guessing Batho here fed his wifey (or someone else, who passed it on to her) a line of BS about his being a POW in Vietnam a long time ago – and he’s never told her it was bull. But I could be wrong.

      I’ll “cut him some slack” if he’s got mental issues. But that’s about the only way I’ll give him a pass.

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        I am not giving him a pass but neither am I banging the gavel. I just can’t find his prints on anything. It’s not impossible that he is unaware of the wife’s Beggar Page post. If you asked my wife just to find the GFM page, she would probably begin looking under G in the paper yellow pages.

        • Hondo says:

          It is indeed theoretically possible that he may well be unaware that his wife is lying about his being a “Vietnam POW” on her GFM page. It is also possible that his wife made up his “Vietnam POW” past out of whole cloth, and that he never led her to believe that was the case.

          Now: would you like to give odds on both of those being true?

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        Or… it could be one of those twisted marriage dynamics in which he wasn’t told at all:

        WIFE: Hi, honey. Guess what? I just got us a free trip to Viet Nam.

        BATHO: Viet Nam? Are you out of your ditzy mind? I’d rather be caged with angry raccoons. Why didn’t you get Maui?

  16. AnotherPat says:


    Oh, no..

    Just checked Batho’s Go Fund Me Site.

    Our Blogger’s comment was deleted.

    A new one is up (about a couple of minutes ago) which states “Bill was NOT a POW.”

    Probably will disappear as well.

    Batho’s Wife is the Owner of the site. It looks as if she or possibly Husband took down the previous comment. Won’t be surprise if the new comment gets deleted.

    Waiting for the Bathos to come here and provide feedback.

    • Claw says:

      Yep, as of now, those new comments have also been wiped.

      Seems pretty shitty to accept the donations and then wipe out the accompanying comments.

      • AnotherPat says:

        Saw the same thing, Claw.

        I don’t think Go Fund Me folks are deleting those comments as proven by another Phony Vietnam POW GFM site posted here a while back for Ronnie Carter needing a new furnace.

        Carter was called out as being a Phony and the TAH Blog Site was embedded in those comments. They are still on the Internet.

        Betsy is the owner and the administrator of her GFM site, so she is deleting the comments.

        Too much of a coincidence that her FACEBOOK pleas for Bill match her GFM Site.

        Oh, did I mention that she talks about Jesus and her Christianity faith on her Facebook?

        Betsy is GUILTY as demonstrated by the deletes. Just waiting for her to scrub her Facebook accounts about poor ole Bill.

        Disgusting. And BTW, Betsy, congratulations on making it on GOOGLE Number 1 page.

        Last:Betsy is intentionly defraiding others by deleting the truth about Bill. Because why else would comments about Bill being a POW be deleted?

        Time to report her GFM Site as a Fraud as well as contacting her Church and the Veterans Organization in Knoxville, TN, the one she makes mention of.

        She said she has been with this man for 30 years. No telling how long he has been telling his lies.

        Waiting for Betsy and Bill to come here. They have alot of explaining to do.

  17. Bill M says:

    Only one comment on this: How likely is it that the wife came up with the POW statement on her own? Is it not more likely that he’s been rockin’ the lie that he was a POW and she’s just been repeating what she’s been told? That was my first thought on this when I read it. Nothing to base it on as I haven’t looked at either Facebook page or the GFM page.

    • AnotherPat says:


      Her GFM page is public. No need for a password.

      When going to her site, one has to keep loading the update comments to see other pictures of Bill and her comments about him being a POW and Bill needing closure.

      Her GFM site matches everything she has posted on her FB Account asking for donations with the same reason: Bill was a POW and needs closure…she even mentions “POW Camp”.

      • Claw says:

        On nine of the 23 updates she has put on the Rattlemycup, it is stated he was a POW.

        Expect to see it go full CYA protocol mode in 3…2..1.

      • Jarhead says:

        Either he was at Camp Cu Chi Monga, or he was in RVN with a Hootchi Cu Chi moma. Not givin’ squat until I have an answer!

  18. MCPO NYC USN Ret. aka Son of Ó hEochaidh says:

    Argh … You people are so gullable!

    What he meant to say was:

    “I am a former magician and ‘Elmer Fudd’ impersonator that specialized in children’s birthday parties”.

  19. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “Why did I make it home when so many others didn’t[?]”

    Well, it could have been divine intervention. It could have been that others were in combat and Bill wasn’t. It could have been luck. The one thing that is absolutely certain, Betsy, is that Bill will not obtain the answer to that question by spending thousands of dollars of others’ money by going to Vietnam. At the rate the donations are coming in, I’d say it’s time to try WalMart greeter for that extra cash.

  20. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    So, if the $4000 is not realized–and it sure doesn’t look like it will be–does Besty offer an alternate plan for the money collected? I mean, let’s say that she collects $2200, a good sum but well short of the 4Gs needed. What then? Does she get to use it for, oh, a new TV or a night out at a casino? Yep. Does that sound right to anyone?

    • AnotherPat says:

      Yep, sounds as if that could definitely happen.

      New TV. Or going to the Speedways near Lenoir, TN.

      Or they could fly to Texas and have a counseling session with Michael “Killer” Killam.

      Or go to Idaho and help Amber Dawn Brower with her beauty products and buy her new eyebrows.

      The list is endless.

      Personally, since Betsy cares so much for Vietnam Veterans/POWs, she should take the funds and donate it to the POWNETWORK or TAH. Or give the money back.

  21. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Here’s another thought. 5 will get you 10 that she would laugh at the suggestion that she stand out on the corner with a sign, begging for dollars. It would be just so–so icky. Well, Betsy, if that’s true, please know that the difference between that and what you are doing on GFM is that begging on the corner takes much more work and you actually have to be present to collect.

  22. AnotherPat says:

    Comment is back on Betsy’s GFW with this site (as of an hour ago).

    Let’s see how long it will take Betsy to delete that.

    Wow, what a great Christian Woman Betsy is.

    BTW, isn’t this considered a real violation via STOLEN VALOR, because of a Financial gain based on obtaining funds based on falsehood?

    Betsy, Bill or their supporters or enablers: Highly recommend you research and read about the updated STOLEN VALOR Law.

  23. Claw says:

    Just saw on the tin cup rattle page that the five bucks donation from the very first commenter was refunded and a new comment with a link to TAH is now an hour old.

    As I put on my Carnac hat and hold the envelope to my forehead, I predict within the next hour that new link comment will also disappear.

  24. Green Thumb says:


    I wonder how long they have been married?

    This has gotta suck for her.

    Victim-less crime.


    • Claw says:

      GT, They’ve been married for 30 years.

      And right on schedule she’s deleted the latest comment that had a TAH link.

      That was so very Christian of you, Betsy-Wetsy.

      • AnotherPat says:

        Yep, Claw, you are right.

        Need to check her Facebook to see if she scrubbed that as well.

        Great minds think alike. Thought of her as Betsy Wetsy as well with all her poor Bill stories.

        As pointed out before, “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

        Way to go, Betsy. If you are going to eliminate truth from your GFM, then eliminate your falsehoods statements about God, Jesus and our Vietnam Veterans.

        Practice what you preach, Betsy. And don’t you dare show up at another event honoring Veterans, let alone going to Church.

        You don’t care about our Vets. You only care about protecting yourself and Bill’s lies. Bill or Betsy, either one of you or both of you got caught.

        If that trip means so much to you, then come clean with your facts. Admit to others you lied or were deceived, but still want to make that expensive trip (that is, if that is what the money is for).

        In reality, you should both stay home and get professional counseling. Use the scammed money for that.

        Come clean, Mr and Mrs. Batho.

        Come Clean.

  25. CA_SGT says:

    For those who are curious, I was the first donation/comment that was deleted. I asked nicely and it saddens me that they took the same route as Amber. As such I have filed a fraud alert through gofundme and will be calling the Lenoir City Police Department (just like I did with Amber) tomorrow for theft by deception. Ambers gofundme was taken down and my money returned, I have little doubt it will be the same here

    Anyone curious on service dog law/ VA and DoD policies/ Service Dog training or how to get a Service dog can reply here with your question. I spent 4 years training service dogs at Walter Reed for Warrior Canine Connection and would consider myself an expert on the issue.

  26. CA_SGT says:

    I’ve given them one last chance. I have friends in the Loudon County Sheriff’s office and if they don’t remove the POW claim, I shall be contacting them to file theft by deception charges tomorrow.

    • ex-OS2 says:

      Come on Betsy Batho, this is a no brainer, take down the POW reference….

      Keep us posted CA_SGT!!

      • CA_SGT says:

        I was a peer support leader for Vet2Vet in East TN. I have a soft spot for East TN veterans and have reached out to Bill and his wife on Facebook as well. I pray one veteran actually listens for once and does the right thing.

        • ex-OS2 says:

          Perhaps they will own up. Bill needs to be proud of his actual service, that many refused to do. I am a Tennessee vet, more towards the middle.

    • AnotherPat says:

      Applauds and BIG Kudos to you, CA_SGT. Knew it was you as I recognized the name and cute dog picture you had on their Go Fund Me site.

      Thank You.

      Again, suspect this may be a violation of the STOLEN VALOR ACT since Betsy is benefiting financially from her lies.

      Also suspect Bill may be defrauding the VA. If so, hope he gets caught and pays the consenquences.

      The Lenoir, TN community needs to be aware of this as well.

      If they are true Christians as they state they are, they will do the right thing, that is, apologize to everyone, on Facebook, the GFM site and to the Vietnam Vets here at TAH as well as to the REAL Vietnam POWs.

      Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. Cowards. Both of them. Have NO respect for Bill’s service or Betsy’s Bible Preaching, Quoting Bible Verses, etc.

      • CA_SGT says:

        Lol, that dog is Valor. He’s my seizure alert dog and was trained for me by the same company I used to train dogs for. He’s quite a bit bigger now, that was the first pic I ever got of him right after he passed his initial tests to see if he had the right temperament for service dog training. He’s the main reason, I take it personally when I see fake service dogs either online or IRL.

        • AnotherPat says:

          Love his name!

          Thank you for sharing about him. Bet he is still cute as ever as well as a great dog for you.

          Thank you also for training dogs for the real folks that need them. And working for a valid company that trains them.

          Service Dogs are sadly being tied in with Stolen Valor because of folks lying about having a true service dogs or as you stated, illegal, invalid companies that arent licensed and only care for the money.

          Thank you again, CA for what you did for Betsy (donating) as well as posting the truth on their GFM. I remembered when you had the courage to do that on the Amber Brower site. Hope you get your money back as well and her site go down.

        • Jarhead says:

          CA….Admiration and envy is all I have for you in training dogs as you do. Darned sure got to be rewarding. If by any freak chance you live up in the area immediately north of Dallas, please advise. An old friend operates a kennel you’d fit right in with. Check out Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc. to see what I mean. Doggie visits to cheer up Veterans as well as old people in nursing homes is their special gift.

    • AnotherPat says:

      Just saw your recent post. Please screen shoot it to keep before Betsy takes it down.

      Thank you for telling her the truth!

  27. Claw says:


    Betsy-Wetsy posted Update #24 two minutes ago.

    Now she says he was just a POW escapee and they are closing down the Rattle My Cup.

    Get there fast before it disappears.

  28. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    No need, Claw. Here it is:

    “First thing this morning, We made a trip to the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department and spoke with a Detective in regards to the attacks on this Go Fund Me account. On the advice of the Detective I am posting this update. We have not lied and we have not done nothing wrong. Unfortunately not all military records correct. My husband served in Vietnam, was held against his will and sent home after he escaped. The military never recognized him as a POW and WE NEVER said they did. We know what happened and God knows what happened, and that’s all that matters. The Detective said nobody is required to give. It’s something you do from you own heart. The Detective said he would be glad to take the phone calls from our attackers, if they choose to call. But…. Because of the accusations, I am closing this Go Fund me Account and all money will be refunded. Our Friends, Family and those who know us, know my husbands story. God Willing we will get back to Vietnam for the Closure my husbands needs despite the attacks on this account. So choose to believe what you wish. We know the truth. God forgive you and God Bless you all.”

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Splash. OUT!

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      It’s still up…

      Betsy, your hubby lied to you… the proof is out there on the ‘net for all to see that he was never a POW. Both of you need to stop playing the POW card, he served honorably at a time when many refused to serve. Claiming to be a POW for sympathy or financial gain is BS, and you and your husband know it.

    • OWB says:

      A little Fruedian slip?

      “We have not done nothing wrong.” That right there literally means that they have indeed done something wrong. Very bad use of the English language, but perhaps the most factual statement made so far.

  29. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    We did not lie but we’re shutting down and heading for the hills anyway? I particularly liked this part: “My husband served in Vietnam, was held against his will and sent home after he escaped. The military never recognized him as a POW and WE NEVER said they did. We know what happened and God knows what happened, and that’s all that matters.” That is so full of stink, it’s hard to know where to begin. He was held against his will? Yeah, that’s what happens when you obey your draft notice. I let the rest of youse have at it. This is a scream.

    • Claw says:

      I’m betting that “held against his will” was that 24 hour lock-down period at Freedom Hill in DaNang we all went through just before you loaded on the airplane for return to CONUS.

      He probably got his ass handed to him in Spades or Pinochle while waiting and found out you were not allowed to wander around outside the lock-down area to let off steam.

      • Hondo says:

        I understand a guy also could be “held against his will” at the LBJ, Claw – and maybe a few other places in-country as well. Though the fact that this guy got out as a SP4 IMO would argue against that being the case.

        • Claw says:

          Yes, Sir. It was during that lock-down period, after visiting the Pee House of the August Moon and submitting a sample, that I had the chance to finally play some double deck Pinochle.

          Up until that point in my life, I had never played double deck. All we played back on the farm in Indiana was single deck and Euchre.

          But no, it doesn’t look like he spent any time at the LBJ. Especially when he was holding down a level 40 Duty MOS for the last 6 or 7 months of his tour.

  30. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I am starting a GFM page for funds to reattach Bill’s nuts. Somewhere over the course of his marriage, he seems to have lost them. It’s Betsy, Betsy, and Betsy, ever using the “we” this and “we” that. Where’s Bill?

    • spd0302 says:

      Was just thinking the same exact thing 2/17 Air Cav! Great minds and all that….
      I’d be sure to donate and share.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      He’s hiding behind her skirts. If he really wants to go to Vietnam, as I pointed out earlier there is a volunteer group of in-country vets who make an annual trip there to provide medical/dental care to back country people. They can do that.

      Here’s the link:


      If Bill really wants to go back there, he should do so with the purpose of doing something besides wander around Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and try to avoid getting fleeced by phony guides who will take him to tourist traps.

    • Jarhead says:

      2/17…very honorable for you to take on this task. You have inspired me to donate a box of staples. Please advise as to where they be sent.

  31. AnotherPat says:

    Well, at least Betsy Wetsy is following her GFM Title:

    CLOSURE for a Veteran.

    Looks more and more that poor ole Bill DID fabricate his story.

    So, Bill…WHEN were you captured? How LONG were you “held against your will”?

    WHERE were you captured?

    And why isn’t your name OFFICIALLY listed on the Database?

    Bet that he is illegally collecting VA benefits and possibly forged his DD214 for his benefits.

    Hey, Bill and Betsy…wanna meet some REAL Vietnam POWs? I know some of them. Send Jonn your email addresses so I can provide you their email address or Visa Versa so you can swap POW stories.

    God in Heaven. Another Charles Jenkins and Michael Killam.

    And I am throwing stones at you, Betsy. IMHO, you are not a “Christian”. You have not shown any sorrow for what you said or even used 3 simple statements: “I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

    Betsy, you have a serious Mental Problem called Denial. Similiar to Peter when Jesus was arrested. Remember that? Peter was trying to cover his behind..something you are doing now.

    Go read your Bible again and keep preaching about Jesus on your Facebook. Hypocrite.

    And Bill REALLY needs professinal help with his lies
    Who knows..he might have been put in a Stockade in Vietnam for a couple of days and received an Article 15.

    Have ZERO, ZERO respect for Bill’s service. He has dishonored our true Vietnam POWs as well as our other Vietnam Vets.

  32. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    AnotherPat. Bill’s service is fixed in time. It is history. He served and he served in VN. I am sure that you can respect that. What happened thereafter–presumably many years thereafter, is another matter entirely.

    • AnotherPat says:

      You’re a good man, 2/17 Air Cav and your thought process is better than mine.

      And am saying it out of sincerity and from the heart and not sarcasm.

      Bowe B served in Afghanistan. Robert Garwood served in Vietnam. Michael Killam served in Vietnam.

      Have Zero respect for them even though they served because of what they did.

      If Betsy or Bill shows any type of sorrow or apologizes, then my thought process will change.

      Thank you for your feedback. Will take it to heart.

  33. CA_SGT says:

    If they remove it, Im fine. Seems my promise to contact law enforcement struck a chord. No apology, but at least they won’t be scamming people there with their lies. Im calling Loudon Cty tomorrow regardless, if for nothing else than to correct their detective on the definition of “theft by deception” in the TN state code. Plus I alerted every veteran org in a 5 county radius if they rock the POW claim again.

  34. Jarhead says:

    Here’s my unsolicited opinion: If Bill has mental problems and is going to use that as his crutch, then why in the world would he be the person who will be served by returning to RVN? Makes no sense.
    Betsy Bug…did it ever occur to you that had Bad Bill actually been a POW and escaped, his SRB would have had it in big letters….along with his name added to former POW lists? Yep, I’m the cynic and rather than think your husband was a POW, seems to me he might have been (and probably still is) a POS. Let me talk to his dog, as he probably makes more sense than the two of you combined.
    At this point, with you making references to your Christian faith, it would appear HIGHLY unlikely that you are going to return the money to all who were snookered. “Couldn’t find their name and address” will likely be your excuse.
    You may have blown smoke up some detective’s rear end, but that won’t be the last of it by any means. You’ve grabbed the attention of too many who have made sacrifices, but do not seek recognition. And we DO take it personal when a fraud like you pulls one on a gullible public.
    Me, of ALL people, have no standing to judge you. But you WILL be judged sooner or later by someone FAR more important than we mere mortals.

    • AnotherPat says:

      We proved Bill was not captured, escaped or spent time in a POW camp.

      Bill and Betsy have NOT proved Bill wad captured, escaped or spent time in a POW camp.

      Betsy stated not all Military records are correct.

      That is what Bill probably told her.

      Easy fix. All Bill and Betsy have to do is submit documentation to the Army Board of Corrrctions.

      Or contact the National Personnel Records Center asking for Morning Reports for the Signal Unit he was with with dates and location of his capture.

      Hmmm..Betsy never did say how long he was held captive nor the date he was captured as well as the location of the POW Camp.

      And Bill is silent on all of this. Everything from Betsy but none from Bill.

      To the Bathos: Prove it and I will be the first to admit I was wrong and will apologize.

      Also, prove it to DPAA so that Bill can be acknowleged as being a POW and have that Closure.

    • Animal says:

      If he has mental problems specifically related to VN, VN is the last place he needs to go.

  35. OWB says:

    Just to be clear: Some of us will continue to respect Bill’s service in VN. Once done, honorable service is something that cannot be taken away by bad behavior down the road.

    That said, honorable service 50 years ago doesn’t excuse subsequent dishonorable behavior. Hondo has even schooled us on the circumstances which actually remove one’s previously earned veteran benefits.

    Careful what you ask for, Batho family. Looks like it is just a matter of time until my previous questions are answered, and probably not in a way which makes you look good.

    • Jarhead says:

      Granted, but until I see a D D 214, I have no reason to believe his service was honorable. You are absolutely correct OWB..it’s only a matter of time. No idea why people would go to the trouble they create these days for a few schekles; knowing the truth will rise one day.

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hmmm… I think it’s odd that Bill himself has not chimed in on this. It’s just Betsy. Does he even know what she’s been up to?

    • ex-OS2 says:

      Perhaps Betsy is actually Bill and Betsy has no idea what Bill is doing, Bill may need to pay off some gambling debt. Maybe Betsy is Betsy and Bill has no idea what Betsy is doing and Betsy is planning a girls trip to Costa Rica. Either way, they both suck ass….

  37. Bill M says:

    Just read through most of these again. These threads make fascinating reading (and a good for a few laughs also). One thing is certain to me. Unless you have a very thick hide or are completely oblivious, you DO NOT want to get on the wrong side of the people on this site. What ever you do, don’t get on the wrong side of Jarhead, Dave Hardin, A Proud Infidel, Claw, or any of the other guys. And for gosh sakes, if you get Ex-Ph2 or Pinto Nag pissed at you, you better run and hide if you value your hide at all.

    It would appear that the GoFundMe issue is resolved as the latest I’ve seen shows the tincan is being shutdown and the money refunded. Well done. That result confirms the bogus nature of the POW claim to my way of thinking.

  38. Eden says:

    The GoFundMe is gone. SPLASH, out!

    • Another Pat says:

      Big THANKS to Jonn for posting this, to Mary for her behind the scenes hard work, to CA_SGT for calling the Bathos out and last, to ALL on TAH who provided great comments, feedback and laughter.

      KUDOS!!! ??????

      Don’t ever mess with TAH Warriors.

      • ex-OS2 says:

        BZ to all! I hope Bill finds his closure but not at the expense of real POW’s.

    • spd0302 says:


    • spd0302 says:

      Hey Fucko, you find closure yet you shit sack?
      Go fuck yourself Batho.