Joseph Anthony Rice; Josephine County Commissioner candidate, phony wounded veteran

| May 11, 2016

Joseph Rice OK

Last year, we talked a little bit about this Joe Rice fellow. He is an Oathkeeper, in fact he’s the head honcho of the Josephine County, Oregon chapter. My first contact with him was when he sent me a bunch of irrelevant and possibly forged documents in order defend Daryld “Gil” Gilbertson in the days before the election in 2014 when it looked like our post about him would defeat him in an election for county sheriff. Of course, it did.

I asked the nameless sender of that email to identify himself, so I could get a FOIA done on him and of course, he ceased contact. A Google search of the email address led me to Rice – so true to my word, I did a FOIA on Rice. In my search for Rice, I found that he had been listed on the old POW Network site as a liar about his military service. He had claimed that he was a POW of Saddam Hussein when he was shot down twice in the first Gulf War.

Joe Rice

I found a military bio that he wrote in the 90s (the internet is forever, by the way);

Joe Rice Bio

He claims that he was deployed to Desert Storm, except that he’d been out of the military for three years when Desert Storm happened, so, no service medals for Desert Storm, no Purple Hearts, no POW Medal.

Joseph Rice FOIA

I’ve been told that he used to display POW license plates on his vehicle. Oregon requires a DD214 for both POW and Purple Heart plates;

Oregon Special plates

Well, I was reminded about Rice today when The Guardian did a glowing piece about him – he’s running for Josephine County Commissioner this year.

Joseph Rice’s manner is a long way from militia stereotypes. The Patriot Movement leader does not present as a crazed gun nut, nor as a blowhard white supremacist. He’s genial, folksy, and matter-of-fact in laying out his views. But talk to him for long enough, and time and again the Patriot Movement leader returns to what really drives him: land.

Rice is running for Josephine county commissioner in south-west Oregon, and believes that the federal government’s current role in land management is illegitimate and even tyrannical.

His campaign is well-advertised around the county and appears well-organised. His growing experience in organising Patriot groups and community watch organisations has polished his skills in retail politics. He’s clearly done a lot of work to make himself politically palatable to conservative rural voters.

Yeah, I hope the author, Jason Wilson, an Australian living in Josephine County, according to his bio, didn’t drool too much during the tongue-bath he gave Rice.

Wilson Tweet

Since we wrote about him last year, Rice has been involved in a protest at Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon which was similar to the Malheur occupation earlier this year, in which he also had a hand. For Wilson to say that “Rice’s manner is a long way from militia stereotypes” is to ignore his involvement in all of the militia activities in that area over the last year.

Before that, he made a name for himself by being involved in a crash in August, 2008, of a Sikorsky S-61N tail number N725JH (also known as IRON44) owned by Carson Helicopter, Inc., Rice’s employer for three years which, oddly enough, isn’t listed on his LinkedIn profile.

That crash in Oregon killed a pilot, a Forest Service safety inspector and seven firefighters. It was alleged, but not proven, that Rice, Carson’s Director of Operations, had altered the power chart for that aircraft, causing the crew to miscalculate the weight capability of the helicopter and leading directly to the crash. Three people went to jail for that miscalculation, and I guess that was enough to satisfy the federal prosecutors so they stopped the investigation before they checked to see who had replaced the chart in Carson’s computer. It’s also been rumored that Rice turned state’s evidence in the IRON44 investigation to avoid prosecution. One of the folks who went to jail, Steve Metheny, Vice President of the CHI’s west coast office Grants Pass, Oregon, seemed convinced that it was Rice’s fault in statements to investigators.

Rice was fired by Carson before the accident because he falsified a marriage license to Carson and it looks like he wanted revenge for the firing – it was Steve Metheny who fired him. That’s in keeping with Rice’s character.

In July 2012, the FAA fined Rice’s company, Warthog Aviation, LLC $50,000 for falsifying records that he filed with the government agency;

Warthog Bizpedia

Warthog fine FAA

Warthog fine

So, it’s not hard to believe that there’s a forged DD214 out there – falsifying records seems to be Rice’s favorite thing.

If I were a voter in Josephine County, Oregon, I’d certainly be more cautious about voting for Rice as County Commissioner. There are a lot of rumors flying around the county about him and his illegal activities, none of which I’d feel comfortable printing here, but folks should ask their neighbors about Rice before they vote in his favor.

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  1. Roh-Dog says:

    Shot down twice in 100 hours…?!? That takes, um, balls? A special kind of stupid? A deft pen to fill out the SIR’s?

    FFS man, with those DD214 vitae why lie?

    • OWB says:

      Naw – he pretty much proves that only an overactive imagination is required. That and a willingness to produce forged documents to support that imagination.

      Imagining things is not illegal, and can be a healthy pursuit. Forgery is a criminal offense.

  2. Sapper3307 says:

    Bernath and Rice need to go on flight together.

  3. charles w says:

    That crash in Oregon killed a pilot and six firefighters
    Hell is not enough for this asshole.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Assclown/gerbil felcher is gonna get a permanent room with the owner of The Barbed Cock of Satan (with patented Gorilla Fist action) for his part in those deaths.

      Bet you that “Gil” Gilbertson is going to “endorse” him for office.

      • K. Marshall says:

        well Gil has a history of lying about his military experience as well. They do flock together…..

    • Mark says:

      Amen to that. If I ever see this jackass I’ll have to remind him about that and his BS story about being a POW. What an embarrassment to my town and state.

  4. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I have to keep this short while there is a lull in the microwave bursts. Jonn is part of the international conspiracy formed to discredit this fine fellow and to cause him to lose the election. And as soon as Jonn and his co-conspirators stop directing those microwaves into my head, I will provide the proof.

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    What? Another OathKeeper who’s nothing more than a giant fucking liar and perhaps even someone who helped kill 7 people through his lies?

    Color me shocked…I mean OathKeepers are supposed to fine upstanding citizens right? It seems however they attract an awful lot of lying dipshits to their cause…and then those lying dipshits keep perpetrating their fraud to cover for each other.

    If one of my family member died in that crash and I discovered it was this asshole’s lies that got him killed. I’d either be free and clear in Venezuela right now, or serving time but there’s no way this motherfucker would walk away clean.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    This guy has all sorts of nasty things going on in his background. He also seems to be a spiteful creature who gets on the revenge train and doesn’t get off until he wants to. The more exposure he gets for being a thug, the better.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Joseph A. Rice looks and smells about as clean as ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Oathkeepers, eh? Sounds like an outstanding group that’s picky about its membership. /SARC

    • Green Thumb says:


      This tool is a MASSIVE steaming pile of Phil Monkress.

      And I love the connection to Sherriff Shitbag.

      Must be some of those mine tailings in the water….

    • Jarhead says:

      Yep API, Oathkeepers….the only organization in the world that does not know or care how to:

      Vet A Vet

  8. SFC D says:

    Oathkeepers rank right up there with the citizen-led border security types in my neighborhood, and there’s a lot of overlap between the two. Major shitbaggery all around.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Little Bernath’s with guns = Oathkeepers

    • Martinjmpr says:

      I dunno, morons who couldn’t have made it through the first week of basic training and are now strutting around like hardcore “Oper8rs” with their Oakleys and store-bought shemagh’s are always good for a laugh or two.

      But then again maybe I have that luxury because they’re not in MY neighborhood. 😉

  9. OWB says:

    Almost all of us posting opinions here took the oath at least once. There was no expiration date on that oath. Most of us don’t need a club to remind us of the oath that we took, and we certainly don’t need a bunch of thugs, criminals and other low lifes telling us what the oath means.

    It’s seared upon my rain, I tell ya!

  10. ex-OS2 says:


  11. 3E9 says:


  12. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Fucker alters records that gets 7 innocent people killed and this fucker can sleep at night?

    Not in a just world, he doesn’t.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Karma hits back sooner or later, and she ain’t nice when she’s in a bad mood.?

    • Hondo says:

      SEA: in a just world, if he’s actually guilty (the allegation wasn’t proven) he’d already be doing the eternal dirtnap.

    • Toni says:

      I knew he was dirty from the first interaction and propaganda fell from his lips like flies landing on feces.

  13. Sparks says:


  14. Bill says:

    But—– “he’s genial, folksy, and matter of fact–“.

  15. Thomas Huxton says:

    “retail politics” eh? Yeh, that makes some kind of sense.

    Bubba and Leroy need to take him for a long helo ride and teach the hero how to autorotate.

  16. Jarhead says:

    Well lookie here. So Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon is looking for some attention and Internet fame. That we CAN do, as referenced to Fritch. So if I understand the facts presented, Joe Rice of Josephine County. Oregon is a Poser, a Pathological Liar, a snitch (course, everybody loves snitches), among other things. Is this the same Joe rice of Josephine County, Oregon who lied about having been shot down twice in the first gulf War? While it’s on my mind, is this the same Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon who lied about being a prisoner of Saddam Hussein? Don’t guess this is the same Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon who claimed to have served in Desert Storm…..even though he had been out of the military three years before Desert Storm took place. And to think this POS named Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon is running for County Commissioner in Josephine County, Oregon. The same Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon that has a 100% phony POW license plate!!! Surely Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon knows people look at the Internet every day.
    Damn you 2/17 A C…stop channeling those microwave bursts from your head to mine. Otherwise I’m going to sic baaaaadddaaaasss Joe Rice from Josephine County, Oregon on you! He will shove a chopper up your ass and make you smile while he speeds up the rotors.

  17. ex-OS2 says:

    Yep, one in the same, Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon, the phony cocksucker.

  18. SFC D says:

    Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon, is not a phony cocksucker. He’s a real cocksucker.

    • ex-OS2 says:

      My bad, Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon, the phony AND cocksucker.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Joe Rice of Josephine County, Oregon is a real deal felitator of the Barbed Cock of Satan! His seekrit oathkeeper name is “fluffer”

  19. Bobo says:

    I’m not an aviation type, but looking at his military bio posted on his campaign site and the FOIA results has me asking some questions. First, his FOIA indicates enlisted service as an enlisted observer in a CAV aviation unit, but there’s no mention of it on his bio. Also, according to the bio, he spent from Sep 1984 until Jul 1997 as a warrant officer, but the FOIA shows him as a discharged WO-1. That seems like a very long time to go without a promotion.

    His Aug 1988 end of service with the 164th AVN Co in the MA ARNG coincides with the 9/9/1988 discharge at Otis ANGB (Cape Cod). If the bio is factual, it looks like transferred to the ME ARNG to an air ambulance MEDEVAC unit and then a ME ARNG AVN Co. and picked up some schools along the way. What is strange is the end of his service with the AA MEDEVAC unit in Sep 1990 is the same time that he started (and apparently didn’t complete) the Aeromedical Evacuation Officers Course, which I believe is a requirement to be a AA pilot. BTW, the 112th MED (AA) was around until 2006, so his move wasn’t based on a change in the unit.

    I guess that there is a chance that the records person at the NPRC didn’t get the ME ARNG records, but he didn’t do much of anything in Desert Storm.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      A quick stab at some of this. Based on the FOIA document:

      It appears he did make it through 67V school and got his crewmember wings.
      The Warrant Officer part could be that he completed WOC training through his Reserve or Guard unit which can take a little longer than the “traditional” route, and then had to wait a fairly long time for a flight school slot. That he obviously failed as proven by the lack of Aviator (pilot) wings on his paperwork.

      He’s still a first class piece of infected monkey shit however…

  20. mr. sharkman says:

    You have to love a phony, valor stealing (TF 160? Really?) scumbag rocking an Archangel Michael patch.

    He either doesn’t believe or he’s got no clue.

    Archangels don’t like scumbags, and they are generally tasked with wrecking people/places/things.

  21. Jarhead says:

    At the top of the page where outside comments are posted, some Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger claims the info on this Fried Rice is a matter of three crazed (sic) people on a witch hunt. Right, Toto….where’s that damned witch? Altogether now, Patsy Cline’s “Craaazy, Crazy About Those Posers”.

    • r0gu3patri0t says:

      I saw that comment. I guess it would be fairly easy for ole Joe to produce a DD214 and put this speculation to rest.

  22. Mark (Retired RM1 USN) says:

    This steamy pile of ? just lost his bid for Josephine County Commissioner. Glad to see the locals do have
    Some common sense

  23. Fact Checker says:

    You’d think Joey would rush to defend himself with corrective facts to shut vic the pedophile up once and for all. Yet he has done nothing – I wonder why? Hell, I’ve stolen so much from vic, and all he does is run to the playground to drool over another little girl…