Paul Andrew Brunst; phony SEAL

| May 20, 2016


Someone sent us their work on the fellow in Cincinnati, Ohio by the name of Paul Andrew Brunst. Last month, Don Shipley talked to him on the phone, so you know where this is going. Here’s an excerpt from his resume;

Paul Brunst resume

Apparently, he’s been throwing around a DD214 that’s completely illegitimate.

Paul Brunst forged DD214

Don says that he has a couple of those to prove that he’s a SEAL. He also has a SEAL buddy, Jeff Smythe, who will email you and tell he’s legit;

brunst_2016-05-17 (2)-1

Don says that this Smythe person isn’t a SEAL either.

Did I mention that there’s a tattoo involved? There’s a tattoo involved;

Paul Brunst tattoo

Well, here’s the truth according to the Navy;

Paul Brunst Actual DD2214

Paul Brunst Assignments

He was a submariner, a missile tech and an E-4, he was discharged after 4 years – not an O-3 SEAL. When Don talks to him, he can’t even name one person in his team that he claims that he commanded, not even his senior NCO – he claims all of that shit fell out of his head when he sustained a cranial injury of some sort.

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    • Lionhardt says:


      • ex-OS2 says:

        Suck a fat one!

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        So PAUL ANDREW BRUNST, you still working balls, tickling taints, working manholes and tonging crusty hobo fart boxes while telling people of your seekrit skwirrl missions as a seal? Keep on sucking that dick, boy, because you’ve earned the title of…


  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Paul Andrew Brunst, still a sniveling snot-nosed DILDOHEAD.