Keith Mitchell; phony Marine

| June 16, 2016

Keith Mitchell

The folks at Military Phony sent us their work on this Keith Mitchell fellow who has been making claims that he was a Marine Corps combat engineer, 1371 (Marine MOS) stationed with 1st Engineers at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, 2005 – 2010.

Keith Mitchell claims

Keith Mitchell claims2

Yeah, well, no. The Marine Corps has never heard of him;

Keith Mitchell FOIA

Keith Mitchell FOIA2

And his fiance isn’t happy that he lied to her, too;

Woman scorned

Keith Mitchell2

He’s only 29 years old, so there’s still time for him to join up and deploy if he wants it that bad.

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He looks like a meat gazer as well.

  2. Bobo says:

    Not a Recon Sniper? Go big or go home.

  3. Claw says:

    Zippy the Pinhead Blake’s idiot one quarter brother from another mother?

  4. Chip says:

    This one pisses me off. My father was a Marine Combat Engineer in Vietnam.

    • HMC Ret says:

      A friend, Mike Peddle, KIA 5JUL70. Combat engineer. RIP, brother. You are gone but not forgotten.

    • Mark Lauer says:

      And this guy put himself on the wrong coast.

      1st Combat Engineers are at PENDLETON. 1st Division.

  5. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    First dead giveaway:

    Marines do NOT do “duck lips.” Only 14 year old girls and Chair Force does that.

    (ducks and hides)

  6. IDC SARC says:

    I’ve been called out on FB as a poser for the same reason though, expressing the opinions of a veteran, but not having pictures of me in uniform on my FB page. I don’t have an I love me wall at home or work either…why is that wrong? lol

    • Chip says:

      Same here. I rarely mention my service. I don’t wear hats. To me it is a personal matter and I pick and choose when to discuss it. I come from a family of combat veterans so it is a common thing for me not anything unique. I had some pics up on FB and my family asked me to take them down due to the nature of their positions which could make both myself and them a target. If anyone has a issue with me I am more than happy to mail them a copy of my DD-214 but with my social # blacked out of course. 🙂

      • IDC SARC says:

        Yeah, D0D employees were advised to scrub their pages, but I didn’t really have anything to scrub at the time. I only use my FB page as a means for immediate family to IM me if they need to and so I can post on stupid pages and news stories.

        • Chip says:

          I used FB mostly to get back in touch with some of my service buddies. Now I use it to talk to most people in my life. Yet, me and my brothers rarely discuss our service. During the month prior the 25 year anniversary of Desert Storm we did discuss it a lot particularly on a picture of all of us at a pub in Germany. Prior to that very little. From the end of Desert Storm til about 20 years later I never discussed it at all. Civilians who never served do not understand so why waste my time? Now my cousin was a Recon Marine and then he joined the Army and worked for the AWG and he had some awesome pictures. I posting/shared some of them but then he requested that I don’t discuss his service. So I do not and took them down immediately.

      • Mark RM1 USN ret says:

        Chip, Soumi (Finland for all y’all non Scandahoovians) took it to the Soviets during the Winter War. To this day, Russia would have to think twice before pulling some shit with the Finn’s. ?

        • Chip says:

          They did well in the Continuation War. Look at the final three battles. They preserved Finland as a independent nation.

      • jason says:

        some things, like politics and such, you should use a “dummy” account, if you don’t already.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      It’s not. My “I love me” wall consists of three things: my Qualified in Submarines certificate, my Shellback certificate, and my college diploma.

      Hell, I don’t even know where my medals/ribbons or fish are anymore.

      • Chip says:

        I found mine in a small box around four or five years ago. I also found my letters of commendation for Desert Storm and exceeding published Army standards at the Air Assault school. I do not have a Chip “G.I. Joe I am awesome” display as well.

        • HMC Ret says:

          My ‘I Love Me Wall’ is a retirement shadowbox from 1991. I dust around it occasionally; it hasn’t been off the shelf in 25 years. No kidding. I have no uniform parts other than hard and soft CPO covers. Got ribbons here and there. Went through a cleaning phase recently and threw out all the attaboy letters. Don’t mean much anymore. I don’t talk veteran stuff unless pigeonholed in public. And then the only way they know is if I pull out my ID for a military discount or they see the stuff on the car window. I don’t bring it up.

          • Chip says:

            I have veteran’s plates. No stickers. I did at one time but thought why advertise? Enough others do it. I’m more proud of my ancestors who served and some of them were from Finland and served in the Winter War and the Continuation war. Then I have ancestors who were from the Soviet Union and some of them were kia fighting Nazi Germany.

        • OldManchu says:

          Chip were you by any chance in 101st? If so, by any chance 3/502?

          • Chip says:

            Yes. I was in a split artillery brigade C 5/8 FA. We were the onlt 155mm battery on base. We had two ARTEPs a year. One would be at Ft Campbell and the other at Ft, Bragg where our sister batteries were stationed.

            • OldManchu says:

              155’s cool. I’ll remember to talk loudly if we ever speak in person. Joking.

              My lifelong best friend through ended up in the 101st from 1989 to 1992. He was a TOW gunner in D Co. 3/502 and is a Desert Storm veteran like you. Unlikely yall knew each other but still pretty cool finding out yall chewed some of the same dirt. I visited him Ft. Campbell in 1991 for a week when I was on leave from Ft. Ord.
              Take care and welcome home.

            • OldManchu says:

              Chip – I also meant to mention, did you know that one of the biggest stolen valor busts of the past decade was on a guy who was 11B in 3/502nd? If you haven’t seen it, go to the search bar of This Aint Hell and type in Brian Culp. I went to Junior High and High School with this turd. Was actually pretty close friends with him. He served in Desert Storm and had a fine military record. I run into him in 2000 and he told me he went on to go to the Ranger regiment and that he was wounded in the battle of Mogadishu. Then 8 or so years later he ends up being busted for stolen valor. What a dick.

              • Chip says:

                I served in Desert Storm with the 2nd Armored Div(FWD) out of Garlstedt, Germany with C 4/3 FA as part of Task Force 1-41. We saved Jonn’s ass a few times. 🙂

              • Chip says:

                OldManchu I looked up Brian Culp and it does not mention his service with the 101st but still a interesting read. By the way, my real name is Don.

                • OldManchu says:

                  Hi Don I’m Kevin. Sorry about my assumption that you were 101st during Desert Storm. I guess that’s over simplicity on my part as a “one enlistment wonder” as I like to call it. Yep Culp was 101st. I wouldn’t believe but for the fact he was in the same battalion as my best buddy and I had some beers with him when I visited Campbell. I’m sure Jonn enjoyed the 155’s bringing the big booms. I was an 81 mortar maggot in 7th Infantry. Enjoyed the chat and look forward to more later. Small world.

                  • Chip says:

                    I did just one 4 year enlistment. My body would not endured a career. I had hurt both my knee and back.

                    • jarhead says:

                      Thanks to each and every one of you who related your history and “I Luv Me” walls. When I came home from a total total of 32 months (two trips) in RVN, I really did not want to discuss it. Nothing more agitated me than people trying to ask, “What was it like over there?” How was I to tell them in words they’d never understand? Why did I want to even consider reliving shit I was trying to put out of my mind? Discussions about bad times brought too many bad memories. All I wanted to do was put it out of my mind. It wasn’t until eleven years later I found solitude and no noise in my daily chosen profession for 16 years in all. Diving for freshwater mussel shells in peace and quiet every day on the bottom of the Tennessee River. Nobody to fuck with me except curious fish…the small ones were fairly curious in shallow water, running back and forth across the reflection on my mask. If you’re curious, the money was unbelievable, the risk was always fairly strong, all full-time divers stayed in superb physical condition wearing at leas 18 pounds of weight during the summer, and up to 75 pounds during Winter’s often strong current. Divers had the dough, women loved us, and life was a party.
                      BTW, the shells were shipped to Japan where they were cut up into pieces, tumbled on metal plates until they were round, inserted int oysters; and coated with nacre by the oysters; eventually became cultured pearls. Everyone pretty much left me alone, thought I was crazy (imagine that!).
                      It was difficult to maintain a steady interest in contact with other USMC 1811 tankers as the years passed. Ours was a matter of tankers being transferred from tank to tank, for whatever reason, lessening long term friendships. Turnover in tanks was very common. Three platoons per company, often going three different directions temporarily attached to different grunt units. Out in the field for a month or so, come back to the rear and everything was different. People rotated that you knew, but you tended to lose contact with them all of a sudden. The overpowering wish to forget a lot of the bad crippled the drive to make contact later after being in civvie life for so long. Sure do miss some of those who were important to me but have lost contact over the years. One dear friend who went the whole route with me,,,boot camp, I T R, tank school and off to RVN lost touch with me. On my return trip for the final nine months I wrote him and received a letter back “in-country” saying he was mot a member of the tank company i had contacted. Throughout the years I tried every way possible to locate him where he grew up, nobody had a clue who I was talking about. Can’t say for certain, but it was ten years or more back when I finally found that he had been KIA on his second trip. It’s just damned difficult to want to dredge up old stories, good or bad,, when you still don’t want to discuss them. Thank you to all who posted the above. I know and understand what makes us all this Band of Brothers who find pleasure in the anonymity of discussion without going deep into the pain we occasionally endured. Our attempt to destroy phony POSERS with each of trying to out do the others with finesse or plain damned insults to the posers keeps me amused.
                      Yesterday I turned a friend named David on to the site and today I KNOW he is reading and welcome. Former Military Police Investigator has had the same responses from a Lowe’s employee I will SURELY out sooner or later. From Canada and claims the M O H. Knew he was another Mr. FUllashit the minute I met him. His first comments, “Yeh, I saw a LOT (with emphasis on the word LOT) of combat in RVN.” Co worker David has also been a recipient of his war stories, as well as the occasional cold shoulder when asking too many probing details. Money says we will get him on here before the year ends.
                      This site has and is a saving grace to me when it comes to being able to release pent up humor. Especially since a bunch of freaks like you allow me to ramble.

  7. Combat Historian says:

    keith mitchell, phony vet, go fuck yourself…

  8. B Woodman says:

    What is it about “duck lips”? Gah! Definitely the sign of a REAL jarhead with a left hand thread (NOT).

  9. Hack Stone says:

    Back in December 2015, I was down at Camp Lejeune on “bidness”, and we had to take a trip out to Courthouse Bay so that the GySgt travling with me could replace his list military ID. Anyway, we were out by the Combat Engineer School, and my IPhone picked up a WIFI signal named “Get Off My Fucking Grass”, or something very similar. I wish that I thought of capturing a picture of it.

    As to (see what I did there?) this guy, he must rack up a lot of mileage on his car if he was stationed at Camp Lejeune but assigned to 1st Combat Engineers.

  10. Sparks says:

    Queer bait!

  11. GR_ATC says:

    I have Part-Time Ninja as my occupation in Facebook, even though I never completed (or started) training. Can I start carrying throwing stars and Katanas in uniform?

  12. HMC Ret says:

    Welcome to stardom, dingus.

    As far as Ninjas, I’m in the annual Ninja parade. Since Ninjas are to be stealthy and invisible if possible, we all just stay home.

  13. Chip says:

    His old lady still has not taken down the “my man is a Marine” posts. She still must be proud.

    • Green Thumb says:

      On on her way out the door with her new boyfriend and just did not have the time…


    • jarhead says:

      Yeh, the damned LOSER. Without going into detail, this 71 year old REAL marine could steal his wife and dog for the reasons all of you know. I’d show his woman some real duck lips and rhyme them with an activity she MOST LIKELY does NOT get enough of from her eunuch Marine. A big hand for Fido and he’d be licking my heels.

  14. Skippy says:

    Well per my better half she says he’s a PEDRO-CREEPO
    I say SHIT BAG..
    Get a life looser

  15. Eden says:

    I’m not one for posting photos on FB at all, especially not of myself. My family does, though, and I get tagged a lot. After a while, I quietly remove the tags (although I do download the photos). Don’t have references to my military service on my page, either (except for photos others have posted and tagged). I’m just not “out there” about anything in my life. No stickers on my car, “veteran” clothing, etc. If pressed, I could name a dozen or so in my friends list with whom I’ve served, but I don’t talk about it much with strangers unless they happen to see my ID card or something.

  16. ex-OS2 says:


  17. Green Thumb says:

    I bet Fudruckers is proud!

  18. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    “Fluffing” Keith Mitchell… hope the missus kicks your deadbeat Stolen Valor ass to the curb, assclown.

    You’re GOOGLE pimp slap famous, dickweed! Deal with it…

  19. jarhead says:

    ANY Marine who sees a phony claiming to have served in the USMC gets pissed, same as any SEAL, Ranger, or any other former service member given the same circumstances. The link to Military Phony was all one needs to dig a little deeper. A woman named Samantha Morgan had responded on the M P site and appeared to be upset that she had been deceived by this POSER. Understandably, somebody wrote asking why she still had her “Marine” proud on her F B page. She had not commented, so I emailed her and asked her to call me. She did call immediately and I have to defend her. As she said, she’s not real socially oriented when it comes to F B and does not always check her F B page, nor make changes to it. But she did admit she’s HOT about being deceived by this loser. No doubt in my mind she’ll be out of this clown’s life. For what it’s worth, the phone conversation led to the clown’s current home city, which is Ft. Mills, S. C. Might even be more interesting to check his apparent police record, judging from the phone call.
    How many times have I read comments “Stolen Valor is usually just the tip of the ice burg”? ABSOLUTELY falls in line again this time. Her email address can be found on Military Phony. If anyone wants her phone number, let me know. I’ll send it to CMFIC Jonn and he can give it to you.
    This is one less “I’ll sue you” threat Jonn won’t have to deal with. BTW, F__k you Keith Mitchell you lyin’ piece of shit, candy ass loser, criminal, no good S. O B., too much of a pussy to be a Marine. Bet your momma doesn’t know whether your daddy was a water buffalo or a chimpanzee.

  20. Sandman says:

    After going back and looking again, I think all you guys are 100% WRONG about this cat! He is NOT doing duck face! His teeth are pushed out from dick fluffing. DO NOT disgrace the majestic duck with this turdswallower again!

  21. Starbux says:

    I am not sure why but he has a face that I hate the shape of. I want to punch it so damn hard every time I see his pic.