Roger Bailey; phony POW, phony Vietnam vet

| June 23, 2016

Roger Bailey2

A few months ago, this guy, Roger Bailey, made the mistake of introducing himself to Mary in Branson, MO, as a Vietnam Marine veteran, a former POW, sniper, scout who flew helicopters – I guess they kept him busy over there in Vietnam. He told her that he was held 4 yrs, 8 months by the North Vietnamese.

According to his Facebook profile, he’s also claiming to be a Major of Marines;

Roger Bailey Facebook

Well, we got his records and it doesn’t look like he was being completely honest about his military career;

Roger Bailey FOIA

Roger Bailey assignments

He had five months of service in the Marine Corps that didn’t begin until after Saigon fell. But he does have the POW Ponytail;


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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    That’s a lot of service time.
    Do we have a photo of hos shadow box?

    • Sapper3307 says:


    • desert says: in hell did he get a good conduct medal after 5 months? It took me 3 years! and has anyone ever heard of a Major being a scout or a sniper….this ignorant ph-ck needs his ass kicked!

  2. Guard Bum says:

    Fucker, took me two tries and 5 years to get my first GCM!

  3. Hondo says:

    For completeness,let me address this guy’s “Vietnam POW” claim in detail.

    1. Here are the lists of accounted for personnel who were taken POW or formally declared MIA in Vietnam. Collectively, they include all US personnel who returned/escaped captivity, or whose remains were returned or recovered:

    Only three individuals with the last name “Bailey” appear on these lists. The first is LTJG James William Bailey, USN. He was taken POW in North Vietnam on 28 June 1967 and released on 18 February 1973. The second is MAJ Lawrence Robert Bailey, US Army. He was lost in Laos on 23 March 1961; he was released on 15 August 1962. The last is Cpt. John Edward Bailey, USAF. He was lost in North Vietnam on 28 June 1967. Sadly, he did not return alive; his remains were repatriated in 1995 and were formally identified on 19 February 1999.

    None of these three individuals was in the USMC; none fought in Vietnam as a USMC sniper or helicopter pilot; and none of the three was held 4 ½ years (LTJG Bailey was held in excess of 5 ½ years, while MAJ Bailey was held just less than 17 months).

    2. Here’s the DPAA list of MIAs/POWs that remain unaccounted for from Vietnam.

    One individual with the last name “Bailey” remains unaccounted for from the Vietnam War: Sgt John Howard Bailey, USMC, from Docena, Alabama. Sgt Howard was KIA/Body Not Recovered in South Vietnam on 1 May 1967. So this tool didn’t escape later and return on his own without DoD’s knowledge – the names don’t match, and the only Marine still missing in Vietnam with the last name “Bailey” is known to have been KIA.

    3. These lists include both military and civilian personnel. So any “secret prisoner” or “I was a civilian so DoD doesn’t list me” claims are also bogus as hell.

    4. These lists include people held for as little as part of 1 day (captured and escaped on same day). So if he was ever declared MIA (which happens if someone in the military is taken POW and then held for 4 ½ years), he’d be on one of those lists.

    5. His FOIA reply above clearly shows he served after the Vietnam war had ended and never made it out of IET.

    Bottom line: official DoD records say that this guy apparently is nothing but a despicable LSoS. Fhaq’heem.

  4. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Hey, he got a GCM for 5 months service…wow!

    Lon Duc Dong was his houseboy in the ‘nam… Cream of Sum Yung Guy Soup was his fav.

    We better be careful with the comments… you know this may be a big screw-up over an “administrative error”.

    • Hondo says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s authorized (early award of 1st GCM) for those who are discharged for medical reasons if they have a clean slate. We’d have to look up the USMC reg of the day to know for sure if 5 mo service was enough time under those conditions, but apparently one is in his records or NRPC wouldn’t have listed it.

      If he had previous USMC or other service, that should indeed be listed in the summary of his service provided by NPRC above.

      • USMCMSgt(Ret) says:

        Unless something changed in the USMC Awards Manual, the required length of service for eligibility is 3 consecutive years. This guy had 5 months 20 days service.

        I’m hard pressed to believe the Corps made an exception for this guy, regardless of whether or not he was medically discharged from recruit training.

        • USMCMSgt(Ret) says:

          I stand corrected: SECNAVINST 1650.1_ reads “In addition, for the first award only, the MCGCM is authorized for individuals who are separated from the Naval Service for physical disability, as a result of wounds incurred in combat against an opposing armed force, or in the line of duty when such wounds resulted directly from action against the enemy, provided the conduct requirements are met.”

          (My apologies…)

          • Bobo says:

            But he has no wartime service from which he would have had wounds resultant directly from actions against an enemy.

            • Hondo says:

              Peacetime injuries in line of duty that result in a disqualification for further military service and a medical discharge or retirement also qualify. Army Reg says much the same, albeit in somewhat less ambiguous language. See para 4-5.d. of AR 600-8-22.

              (Edited to add: above I’m referring to criteria for the Army GCM. Criteria for other service GCMs may well be different.)

              • USMCMSgt(Ret) says:

                Ambiguous indeed.

                I read it as saying:

                “…the MCGCM is authorized for individuals who are separated from the Naval Service for physical disability (comma, pause for effect to introduce a different criteria)

                “…as a result of wounds incurred in combat against an opposing armed force (comma, pause for effect to introduce a different criteria)

                “…or in the line of duty when such wounds resulted directly from action against the enemy…”

                • Hondo says:

                  The Army reg spells it out a bit differently. In the Army reg, it’s clear that any injury resulting in a discharge for physical disability that wasn’t NLOD qualifies. The SECNAVINST isn’t, and given the precise wording of today’s SECNAVINST it’s not clear whether noncombat LOD injuries in fact qualify (finally found and read the pertinent paras in the 1650.1H).

                  However, we’d need to see the version effective in 1975 to know for sure. Criteria can change over time.

                  In any event, it’s likely moot. It’s apparently in his official records, so barring an investigation determining it fraudulent or erroneous those records are presumed to be accurate.

                  • Just An Old Dog says:

                    More than likely a clerical error. EVERY USMC DD214, in the awards block ends with Good Conduct Medal Commencement date YYMMDD. The day will be the day they entered service, the day they receieved the award or the day they recieved their last punative (disqualifying) action. Probably a fuck up on the part of the NRC transcribing the DD214 toi the FOIA form

                  • streetsweeper says:

                    In the US Army 1975, a RIF was on. If you were injured stateside or other oversea’s post (non-combat) your ass was simply discharged after your recovery period. Because Korea is considered a hot spot (armistice) it would be a different. IIRC.

        • CSM (Ret) Michael Salfai says:

          Army regs permit award of the GCM to an individual with less than 3 years service if final separation was by reason of physical disability incurred in line of duty.

  5. Hack Stone says:

    Going up to Mary and (falsely) claiming to be a POW is the equivalent of picking a fight with the biggest guy in the recreation yard on your first day of prison. Sure, odds are you will get your ass handed to you (in both situations), but if, and Thais a big if, you pull it off, you will become a legend.

  6. IDC SARC says:


  7. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Oklahoma…lemme guess…he likes sucking on toes, too?

    Dude might want to be real careful with those claims, considering the SV laws they have in OK these days.

  8. Chip says:

    At least he was well behave. Hahahaha. Hohohoho. Hehehe.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:


  10. I wonder if William Blake is his “Barracks Buddy”. Vinita isn’t that far from Willie boi. Probably got told by Willie, to not claim Lebanon Barracks Bombing as that was his personal glory.

  11. 26Limabeans says:

    Maybe he was taken prisoner right out of basic.
    It could happen.

  12. TDG says:

    Regarding the license plate, I believe the one pictured here is just the normal standard issue Oklahoma plate.

    • Skippy says:

      It is…… you hit the nail on the head I’ve seen that plate all over the place there Lol…

    • clamsgotlegs says:

      Agreed, this looks like the standard issue OK plate. However, there might be the tribal name in lettering at the top of the plate, which would make it a special issue plate. Can’t see that kind of detail in this pic.

    • clamsgotlegs says:

      That plate will have the Oklahoma slogan “Native America” not “Native American”.

      I can’t find any regulations on the website requiring proof of Native American status to get the plates that have the tribe names on them. Not that they don’t exist, just that I can’t find anything about it.

      What is more disturbing is that OK only requires proof for MOH, POW and KIA plates. All the other military plates do not require proof of service.

      Unless there is a better pic of the plate, I don’t think it should be included as evidence.


  13. Skippy says:

    Another wannabe be,,, Looking like Santa Clause….. what the hell is the world coming to Lol…

  14. Claw says:

    Reference the shopping cart photo, I do believe my old eyes see a mini Bronze Star pinned to the cap he’s wearing.

    • Hondo says:

      Maybe. When I expand it to max, I still can’t tell for sure if that’s white and blue or yellow near the center. If the latter, it might be a mini NDSM – which would be pretty sad, actually.

      • Claw says:

        The main reason I said the BSM was (at least to my eyes) the pendant appears to be a five pointed star and not round.

        YMMV for visual acuity./smile

        • Hondo says:

          Maybe. At larger expansion, the photo is so pixellated I can’t tell if the apparent points are actual or artifacts. And I don’t have software at my current location that can sharpen the image.

          You’re probably right, but I’m not yet positive. Need a better photo to be sure.

    • EDUSMCLEG says:

      Good eye! I definitely see points on the medal portion but a better picture would be needed to be sure.

  15. Chip says:

    He looks like Santa Claus and he earned a good conduct ribbon. That must be where he must of gotten the “he knows when you have been bad or good so be good for goodness sake” thing from.

  16. Sparks says:

    He did so much over there. Just like Rambo. “Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million dollar equipment! Back here, I can’t even hold a job… parkin’ cars!”

    Must be rough just driving a shopping cart now.


    • Green Thumb says:

      He was probably in the process of stealing that cart when the picture was take.


  17. 3E9 says:


  18. Green Thumb says:

    Dude has got some serious Phildo going on…

  19. ex-OS2 says:

    Fucking cocksucker.

  20. jarhead says:

    This comes to me from a source considered honest and full of ****, that means integrity to those who do not know.
    The guy was in fact captured by a group known as MaD..short for Midgets and Dwarfs Union. He was held captive because for years because he would send out paid thugs to go in bars on Christmas Eve and round up drunk little people. Then he’d work them to death (without any alcohol, btw) all night and not pay them. He dressed them up as elves and strapped them to his sleigh. Fat bastard made THEM go down the chimneys to drop off gifts….hell, he NEVER ever got his uniform dirty. To make matters worse, when the one-night little slaves brought back all the cookies and milk, Tub-O-Lard would woof all of them down without even sharing. Late on Christmas Day he’d get them all drunk back at his Headquarters and then have his thugs take them back to the bars they were rounded up in. He pulled this off for several years until finally one day one of his previous captives say him in a liquor store and tipped off some other short people. They met him outside and captured his fat bearded ass. Then they took him to a secret place and held him captive for all those years. The only reason they let him go was because he would eat so much and never shaved again. Weight got to 550 and his beard down to his knees. Who in their right mind would want to keep a fat bastard liar like that around? Every day he would tell war stories and reminisce about how he was a bad ass Marine and how he was going to kick all those little peoples’ ass. ‘Course the fat piece of lyin’ shit never did.
    When they finally let him loose, knowing they’d never get shit from him, they gave him a pair of Birkenstocks and a pair of shorts hanging below his knees so they could always identify him out in public.
    If you ever see a bunch of little people making fun of an old lyin’ hippie type shithead, you know you have seen just another Fake Ass Wannabee Never Will Be Marine who is forever full of shit… always be known as another Hellofaman.
    End of another Bullshit From the Jungle story.

  21. Claw says:

    Just another turd who took a page out of the Robert Danny Hay playbook.

    I’m really surprised his DD214 wasn’t played out on the rear window of that Lincoln Town Car.


  22. AW2 to CPT says:

    I did some quick math and I literally have more time in the shitter than this guy has in the service.

  23. Green Thumb says:

    A Major of Marines, huh?

    More like a Major of Shitbags.