Joe Teti drops lawsuit

| June 27, 2016

Joe Teti

We haven’t talked about Joe Teti recently. We first wrote about him about three years ago when we were curious about his career after his co-star on Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival, David Canterbury, was canned for lying about his military career. I guess that post influenced some people to dig further into Teti’s background than I wanted to go and they found that he had not been forthcoming in regards to his training. So, for some reason, Teti decided to sue folks in North Carolina who were saying these things about him. I guess discovery before the lawsuit started going badly for him, so he dropped his lawsuit last month, withdrawing with prejudice;

Teti withdraws with prejudice cropped

At issue, apparently, was his qualification and training for the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course. Here’s the certificate that he used to prove his graduation from that school;

Teti SFCDQC Diploma 1 Forged

Notice the signature for the Commandant of the school, James A. Guest. Major General Guest says that he wasn’t the commandant of the school in 1983, so he couldn’t have signed the diploma;

General Guest Sworn Affidavit NOT SWC CDR on 1983 Teti Diploma date CCC

And, oh, yeah, his academic results;

Army Computer Systems ATRRS says Teti FAILED SFCDQC OCT 1983 CLEAN

And JFKSWCS responds;

SWC Says Teti Failed Combat Diver OCT 1983

The altered USMC DD214;

Teti USMC DD214 with SFCDQC 03 Oct 1983 forged

So we send our warm regards to all of the folks who triumphed in this case and we hope this is a good example for folks who think that they can sue their way through life. Discovery can be an absolute bitch.

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  1. Hondo says:

    “. . . we hope this is a good example for folks who think that they can sue their way through life. Discovery can be an absolute bitch.”

    Yep. And since my understanding is that depositions given during discovery are given under oath, while trying to bluff your way through remains an option . . . it’s not a particularly good one.

  2. GR_ATC says:

    It’s like my grandmother always said, “If you tell the truth all the time, then you ain’t got to worry about someone catching you in a lie.”

  3. Hondo says:

    FWIW: then COL Guest was 5th Special Forces Group Commander from December 1982 to June 1985. He didn’t become Director of Special Forces School until after he’d left 5th SFGA.

    Yeah, I’d question that certificate too.

    • Tony180a says:

      That’s fucking awesome. Col Guest was the 5th SFGA Cdr when I arrived at group. Teti thought he had all his bases covered when in reality his ass was flapping in the wind the whole time.

  4. Dave Hardin says:

    Little Joey Teti, the fake Beirut non swimming Force RECON wash out. Ya, I got a special love for this little dwarf.

    He likes to threaten people, you know the way any little dwarf does, the punk.

    You know he washed out of scuba school the week after the bombing in Beirut and a week before the invasion of Granada. Yep, failed, flunked, was skimmed out of the pool with the rest of the turds and trash.

    PHUK EWE Teti, you embellishing sack of shit. I have been waiting for you to show up in my back yard at night, coward. I guess women are an easy target, little son of bitch.

    Oh, ya…I dont like you much Teti.

  5. Green Thumb says:

    He dropped his lawsuit now he will drop his drawers.

    Teti the Turd.

    Maybe he could land a gig on Nickelodeon or something….

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Why does he wear hats that make him look like a pinhead?

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    It appears, at least from what’s posted here, that only Hawke was dropped from the suit. There were other defendants, namely Davenport and the Special Forces Association.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      It’s my understanding that they were all dropped from the suit. Hawke sent me the screenshot, and I’m sure his was the only one he had access to.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Its not about Teti anymore, it appears his lawyer has a little money left to burn up before its all over.

        You know, doing the right thing and all, when the insurance money dries up…so does his lawyer.

        • Scotty says:

          His insurance company can pay for the attorney fees of those dismissed from the case early too. All of this was brought on by Teti’s forged documents and lies.

  8. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    If the suit goes forward, 5 will get you 10 Hawke volunteers to testify for the other defendants. That would be interesting.

    • Hondo says:

      I’m curious, 2/17 – what would prevent the other defendants from (1) introducing Teti’s “certificate” and (2) MG Guest’s affidavit as well?

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Nothing whatsoever if it’s material to their case. I never read the claims so I don’t know what Titty alleged. Jonn wrote that each defendant was dismissed but that he has only Hawke’s dismissal. So, that’s that. Done. Dead. Ain’t ever coming back. That. as you know, is the magic of the “with prejudice” condition

        • 2/17 Air Cav says:

          I had better correct that last comment of mine. Jonn wrote that it his understanding that all defendants were dropped. I would guess as much but the only way to know with certainty w/o asking the others is to access the NC judicial info website, if that state has one.

      • MrBill says:

        If those documents were produced during discovery, all parties to the suit should have received them, regardless of which party’s request they were produced in response to. So any party should be able to use them.

        • Hawke says:

          That is correct, Mr. Bill. All parties had access to the same records. Also, there were 2 other Defendants in this case, both also ran Stolen Valor type websites. They were dropped for lack of jurisdiction. The Special Forces Folks chose to fight. I was a resident of TX and voluntarily gave my jurisdiction to stay in the fight.

          There is alot more to be said about this case, insurance and lawyers, as some folks mention here. But for now, the main thing is that Teti did lie, alot. He got called out for it. But in truth, he still has not been held accountable for it, in my opinion.

          Thank you.

  9. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Imagine that. Some other sue-happy folks need to pay attention.

  10. Sparks says:

    I always loved that photo of Teti. I always imagined he was saying, “No…listen the hell up! I said ONE order of pork stir fried noodles, 3 star, with NO FUCKING WATER CHESTNUTS! And NO pork fried rice this time! Listen, I’m a killing machine and I’ve killed your kind before to don’t fuck up my order again! What kind of catering service is the network hiring now! Got that! Out!”

  11. Hawke says:

    Folks, that lawsuit is closed.
    Teti had a USMC DD-214 with the SFUWO OCT 83 on it.
    He joined the Army with that forged DD-214.

    One said SFUWO, the old name,
    the other said SFCDQC, the newer name of the school.

    Both said OCT 1983,
    but the dates were slightly different-
    03 and 15 OCT.

    That second diploma,
    also had General Guest’s signature.

    They even found a GENERAL DISCHARGE from 19th SFGA UT NG, but these were protected documents as Teti knew he had troubles and so, we can not post them.

    The USMC DD-214 with SFUWO OCT 1983 is not protected. It has been posted in other places.

    The fact is, Teti failed SFCDQC in OCT 1983.

    Yet, he had 2 Diplomas and a DD-214 with them
    He used those to join the Army and sue the SFA.

    But the SWC School said very plainly-
    Teti failed that SFCDQC in OCT 83.

    They said he was given an HVC or
    HONOR CODE VIOLATION for that lie
    when he attempted to attend the Dive Supervisor.

    They also said, he did pass Navy Diver in 84,
    but that was not a combat diver school

    The ATRRS computer also said Teti failed OCT 83.
    The witnesses said Teti failed in OCT 83.

    (This website has those records, too, if they chose to post)

    Yet, despite all these statements, Teti swore in his lawsuit and in his answers to interrogatories, that he had passed that exact school on those exact dates and referenced these 2 forged documents as his proof.

    Teti stuck to his false statements until the General came forward and proved, those documents were not legitimate. Only then, did Teti withdraw his wrongful and frivolous lawsuit.

    Now, Cody Lundin is suing Discovery for letting Teti make death threats to the crews and their families.
    That is a published fact.

    We’re suing them for similar issues and we have all the subpoenaed emails and Teti admissions on video.

    We aim to fight for right and truth by proof.

    We never asked for this fight, Teti stalked us and paid folks to stalk us and now we have the proof of that, too.

    Folks can believe whatever they want.
    The facts are there to see, if they care to look.

    Thanks and best.
    MH sends

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Semper Fi bro. Good work, stick with it.

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Congrats, Hawke. I can only imagine the conversation Titty had with his atty.

        “Joe, you’re fucked.”


        “Did you hear me, Joe? Fucked. F.U.C.K.E.D Help yourself to the Kleenex.”

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      And the good guys win one.

      Good on ya. Sir!

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Here’s another happy thought. Maybe Titty’s lawyer did not take the case on a contingency basis–but a flat rate or, better, hourly.

    • Nicki says:

      Dayum! He’s a bigger turd than previously anticipated!

    • Graybeard says:

      Keep fighting! Don’t let the jerk walk away from a fight he started, beat his tail down.

    • Skippy says:

      GREAT JOB standing by the truth and not backing down, wish these shows would stop parading around attention whores and do there homework first….

    • Jay says:

      Damm. Mess with the bull and you get the horns. Good work Hawke.

    • OWB says:

      Well done, all! Thanks for hanging in there, continuing the fight and your promise to not let it drop with his withdrawal.

      We can hope that subsequent perjury charges will appear soon. Would love to see that. (I’ll supply the popcorn for everybody when that happens.)

  12. CB Senior says:

    Lack of Adaptability. WOW what a kick in the nuts for a SF type. Is that not kind of a KEY ONE component of being a SF type, and his Instructors flat out told him you do not have it.


  13. thebesig says:

    “Lack of adaptability”. Perhaps he had little to no aptitude for the skillsets for the combat diver course, or he consistently demonstrated poor judgement when it came to the skillsets for the course, or he simply could not adapt to the other people and their common “culture”, or “all of the above”.

    I could imagine him not having people skills then. I could also imagine his arrogant ways driving his actions with regards to the tasks required during the course, as well as with his interactions with the other people in the course and his interactions with the cadre. He probably got butt-hurt when he received legitimate criticism, and he “got back” in a “passive aggressive way”.

    Here’s an exaggeration of how others may have seen his self aggrandizing schemes:

    Cadre: You put this piece in your mouth this way in order to breath more smoothly…

    Joe Teti: It would be better for our mission if we stuck this cow patty in our mouths… *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH….*

    It had to be Joe Teti’s way, and it had to conform to his arrogant view of the world and himself. To hell with how things are supposed to be done in the course, and to hell what others thought about his creating a hostile learning environment.

    As we could see, he still hasn’t learned from the disasters that resulted from his previous arrogance driven lapses in judgements.

  14. clamsgotlegs says:

    Hypothetical question:

    So IF Teti was part of the Discovery Channel military show/competition(?)where three men died in a helicopter crash, then might Teti’s credentials be used by the families suing Discovery for the deaths of their family members? As in the argument being that falsified credentials could hypothetically have contributed to an unsafe working environment or something like that?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Why, how very clever of you, clams!

      I won’t tell anyone.

    • Hawke says:

      Discovery already settled the 4 wrongful death lawsuits to the tune of about $50 Million.
      Therefore, the victims’ families can not use this new information. But Cody and I will.

      If this site permits, here is a link to an article about the settlement. Discovery admits, the name of the show here, LONE OPERATOR, Teti’s current business.

      We have Teti on video saying, he pitched the show, based on his TOP SECRET Training and Teti says he was the producer and host of that show. And that Discovery never even asked for his records- he stated that 3 times.

      Now, 3 men are dead, and alot of folks lives have been damaged, SF reputation tarnished and the legal fall out, still continues- and all have one connection, a liar in the center of it all, in my humble opinion.

    • Poetrooper says:

      And the parent company, Discovery Communications, has some very deep pockets, with revenues of $6.5 billion in 2015. You know their risk managers had to have them heavily insured for a show like Teti’s.

      With those falsified credentials being in the public domain, about the only thing left for Discovery to say to those families is, “Where do you want the checks sent?”

      • Poetrooper says:

        Sorry, Hawke’s comment posted after I started my comment and went to get a cup of coffee before finishing it. My bad.

  15. Andy11M says:

    Dropped for honor code violation? Wow. Just shocking. /sarc

  16. ChipNASA says:

    Go Cry Titty Baby.
    Piss Drinking bitch.

  17. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Maybe this will be the final time I get to use this. If so, I would hate to miss the opportunity:

    ‘I don’t often drink piss but, when I do, I like to drink my own.’

  18. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hell I forget. ‘Stay thirsty my friends.’

    On the other hand, one has to have friends for that line to be valid. I think I’ll just stand pat on the first comment.

  19. Bighead Tom says:

    FYI regarding his assignments in 19th Group. His duty MOS is listed as 18 series and only means he was assigned to that slot, not necessarily his PMOS.

    • Hawke says:

      Brother, I have always defended the truth about Teti whenever I saw someone didn’t know, and I will do so, all my days, as is my way. Sad to say, Teti did make it through 18B course. (Mind you, he was wearing a scuba bubble and telling everyone he was a force recon combat diver, which would have undoubtedly had an impact on the cadres’ minds whenever they had to make a judgement call on him.)

      But he had a track record for being able to pass some good schools. He did pass Recon school, even though he was not FORCE recon qualified and got transferred out of 2nd Force Recon immediately after he failed SFCDQC in 83 and was sent to 3rd Marine Division.

      He did pass 18B, although, he was kicked out of all 3 SF units.

      He did make it through the OGA Contractor course even though they fired him, and he threatened to sue them, too.

      Bottom line, Teti can pass some schools, but lied about alot of others- like SERE, Delta, Sniper, et al. But he never seemed able to pass the muster when it came to operating with the others who always seemed to call him out, and send him packing. Anyone can have a bod go at a unit or with a commander, but he had it with every unit, he served with. That speaks volumes, in my opinion.

      Be well

      • AW1Ed says:

        Really, SERE? That was in the pipeline for Naval Aircrew, and mandatory for us rotor head types. I got to go to PRONA* in March, Brrrrr…

        And yes, I STILL have my cert, so I won’t have to go back.

        *Peoples Republic of North America, a small enclave in Maine’s Rangeley Mountains.

        • Eden says:

          Anyone who was subject to being in a military aircraft outside CONUS on a regular basis had to go through SERE training, at least when I was on AD.

          • AW1Ed says:

            Way back when, Navy TACAIR and we fling wing fliers were required to attend, as the jet jocks could get shot down, and we had to try to rescue them. Other platforms (Maritime Patrol, trash haulers, etc) were “encouraged” to have one or two crew members per aircraft SERE qualified, but the training was mandatory for higher risk personnel.
            Good times!

            • Hawke says:

              Yes, there are a few levels of SERE:

              LEVEL A is basically what everyone gets in basic,
              and an on-line correspondence course is another.

              LEVEL B- Is primarily reserved for Air Crews,
              but a few others can go.

              LEVEL-C is primarily SOF, and other high risk folks.

              Many branches now have their own SERE-C since SOCOM came on line.

              The key here is that around 9/11, SERE-C became a mandatory part
              of the Special Forces Qualification course pipeline.

              When Teti went through, it was not a requirement.
              He never attended.
              But he sure stated it here- (1:30 minutes into video)

              He did have it on a Resume.
              And when Teti’s 20 years of Special ops
              and 10 years of combat was called into question
              Discovery said Teti gave them his bona fides
              that established his credentials in the survival world.

              Judging by his resume with SERE-C on it,
              Teti’s introduction show claiming SERE-C
              and Discovery’s claims Teti gave them Survival credentials-
              It would certainly seem some one willing to lie about combat diver
              would be willing to lie about SERE school, too.
              But that’s just me.

              Anyway, as I have learned the hard way, liars lie.
              There is usually no end to their lies.
              And they’ll lie harder to cover their lies
              and lie more about those who would expose their lies.

              This is my block of instruction on SERE-C and Teti’s claims regarding it.
              Judge for yourselves.
              But for sure, he got a job on a Survival Show
              making claims about SERE and Discovery confirmed it.

              Some call that Stolen Valor- lying about military credentials
              for personal gain and profit. I tend to agree with those folks.

              • Tony180a says:


              • SGT Fon says:

                and all i have is my little ol’ JEST certificate… That what i get for being not so special forces i guess….

                but in a bind i can still make rain gear out of bannana leaves and catch a monkey with a coconut and a 1 Peso (RP) coin, what more does a man need to know in life?

              • mr. sharkman says:

                I remember the first time a colleague sent me the video where Teti was talking about SERE.

                Instant red flag #4 for me at that point: He refers to SERE as “Survival, ESCAPE, Resistance, EVASION”.

                It might not seem like a big deal to some, but because of some specific tendencies when it comes to military classes, instruction, etc. and due to phases within a given course – that slip-up made me question if he’d ever attended any SERE course.

                Another red flag was his threats against the families of former teammates.

                Every guy in SOF has known guys who wound up screwing up bad, sometimes repeatedly, and being forced to leave.

                While they may not have all immediately owned the screw ups (some do), threatening the family of one of the guys is beyond the pale and the total opposite of a key personality trait found in SOF.

                If Teti was a true Brother, anything needing to be settled non-verbally would have been hashed out face-to-face if necessary, 1 on 1.

                Disclaimer: at first, I did not have any suspicions re: Teti as far as stolen valor goes, just poor judgement (part of working on the spooky side of things entails not being able to talk about it, public sector resumes be damned). I even emailed SFC Lilyea and explained my POV in detail. I consider OGA contractors specifically hired to KP&BTS and who wind up doing so ‘combat veterans’.

                Teti exploited a gray area in a most cynical manner, and in doing so pissed on the graves of some very special American warriors, guys who will most likely never be known to the public but served the USA in a most hazardous capacity.

                Hats of to my Army SF brothers-from-another-mother (service) who stood tall to make certain this POS was exposed to the light of the truth.

                And Capt. ‘Hawke’ is spot on regarding Teti’s undetected false claims and their impact during SF training. SFAS = Special Forces Assessment and Selection, focus on assessment and selection. Instructors/cadre would absolutely take someone being a fully qual’d FR Marine into account.

                • Hawke says:

                  yes, exactly-

                  imagine my surprise,
                  when teti had told me and my wife,
                  he had never attended sere,
                  and that he’d never even
                  rubbed 2 sticks together for fire,

                  then to see his first show
                  spouting lies about sere,
                  when i did go to sere-
                  (a very emotional school for those who attended)

                  and i had been teaching survival for 15 yrs,
                  i was floored, when teti’s first show started with sere lies
                  to say the least.

                  that began my journey into the liar’s web of lies.

                  the 3 men dying is what steeled my resolve to fight for truth,
                  no matter the cost, and there is so much more to this sickness,
                  than i will disclose here, but the cost has been great.

                  none the less, i would have done nothing differently.

                  besides, i never had a choice,
                  when he started attacking me
                  and my family, and yes, he did that,
                  my wife was targeted, as well as my son,
                  then it was simply a matter of holding the line
                  speaking the truth, until enough came forward
                  he could no longer get away with it,

                  at least, not with the those lies
                  it’s not done tho’, we still suffer attacks
                  and we’re still fighting a battle
                  and the battle grounds have changed
                  the war has not.

                  i seem to be his obsession
                  according to my friends who deal in bad guys all the time
                  so, it is like guerrilla warfare
                  since i am a dyed in the wool green beret by nature
                  i will fight the long fight-

                  in this kind of warfare,
                  he who believes longest and strongest-

                  and i believe in doing the right thing
                  no matter what, so, i will.

                  thanks for all those who helped in the fight
                  who still help and those who tracked it, got it
                  and get it now.
                  time for family.
                  be well

                  and john- thank you
                  the folks who take point on fighting stolen valor
                  take alot of heat from the liars they expose
                  i, for one, am thankful for their efforts

                  • mr. sharkman says:

                    ‘when he started attacking me
                    and my family, and yes, he did that,
                    my wife was targeted, as well as my son,’

                    When I heard of this the first time, I had to shake my head in amazement.

                    It was like stalker boy truly did not understand The Brotherhood and the kind of guys it attracts. As in even if the target whose family was threatened opted to keep a cool head, some of his brothers just might react like a rabid kodiak bear when they heard about it.

                    And we all know that rabid kodiak bears sometimes cause solo car crashes in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico on a dark and stormy night.

                    Stalker boy not getting who he was dealing with even though he’d spent time with them started to make more sense when I heard about him bitching out on the op in Haiti. I seem to recall a really good SF dude from 3d Group winding up KIA down there. If stalker boy isn’t haunted by his cowardice, he should be.

                    Hope all this BS is over and done for you and your family Capt. Have a few dozen cold ones for the 4th, you earned them (again).

            • AW2 to CPT says:

              When I went through the pipeline in ’82 all aircrew went through SERE. I went to NASNI/Warner Springs between AW “A” school and the VP RAG at Moffett.

        • Tony180a says:

          Hawke is referring to SERENA level C.

  20. E-6 type, 1 ea says:

    This is pretty much all you need to know about Joe Teti

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      I like that he swished it around in his mouth before swallowing. Now, I wonder if he’s hungry…

      • Martinjmpr says:

        Wait…so HE’S the guy drving the truck with the vanity license plate that reads “PDRINKR?” 😀

        • Green Thumb says:

          Why do you think Cody left?

          I get he had no shoes, but common sense is sometimes a hard thing to learn.

          Cody was probably thinking as much of a weirdo, lair, maetgazer and burn out that he (Teti) was, Teti running his suck proved that he far was something worse.

          Speaking of which, I can only imagine we will be seeing Cody on some cooking show or Dancing with the Stars or some shit….

          • Martinjmpr says:

            Nothing says “survival expert” like a nose ring.

            He could probably McGyver that shit into a bear trap or a water filter or something. Totally legit.

  21. Skippy says:

    So my three diver certs that I have on the civi side is more then tittty have ever had what a shock ?
    The level four school I was a fail on my first go through talk about a Bitch of a school.
    On the sad side because of all the hardware I get to carry around now I can’t dive
    Can I get my money back ?????

  22. Martinjmpr says:

    I wonder if a US attorney would be interested in pursuing forgery charges against Teti since he apparently submitted falsified documents to the court in support of his suit?

    Reading through 18 U.S.C now, 18 U.S.C. Section 498 makes it a federal crime to alter or forge a DD-214 (or to even be in possession of same) but there’s got to be something in there regarding the use of a forged document in a court proceeding – just not finding it. Hondo? You MUST know this?

    I think 18 U.S.C Section 498 is a misdemeanor (not more than 1 year in prison) but I would be shocked if submitting forged documents to a Federal court is not a felony.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      OK, 18 U.S.C Section 1621 is the Perjury statute – assuming that when Teti introduced his documents into the court records he had to certify, in some manner, under penalty of perjury, that the documents were correct to the best of his knowledge, that may be enough. Perjury is a felony

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Probably not but a retired general may be able to make a call or two and generate some interest.

      • Hondo says:

        I think those only apply to “courts of the United States” – e.g., Federal proceedings. I believe Teti’s suit was in NC court.

        However, MG Guest spent a fair chunk of his career at Fort Bragg. He may still know some people in Cumberland County and/or NC prosecutors’ offices who’d be interested in “having a little talk” with ol’ Joey-boi about the matter.

    • clamsgotlegs says:

      The feds would probably love a case of “hoist by his own petard”.

      Perhaps a case with a forged federal document(s), perjury, stolen valor/tangible benefit, fraud and the like?

      Just sayin’

    • Hondo says:

      Yeah, 18 USC 498 indeed specifies a misdemeanor. Unfortunately.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        For some reason I thought there was a Federal statute that made it a felony to alter any document issued by a Federal agency and to present that document as genuine, but my (as yet somewhat cursory) search of Federal law has failed to turn it up.

        I was under the impression Teti’s suit was in Federal court or had been removed by the Defendants to Federal court. I presume NC has a broader forgery and/or perjury statute but I don’t know what it is.

        • Hondo says:

          Looks like you might be right – I thought the above indicated NC state court, but it’s ambiguous and other accounts indicate the court was Federal. If so, Teti could have “some ‘splainin’ to do” to Federal authorities.

          I thought much the same about Federal forgery too. But when I checked recently trying to find a general “you can’t forge Federal documents” statute, I couldn’t find one either other than 18 USC 498 (discharge certificates). Federal forgery statutes otherwise seem to be focused generally on financial instruments and/or documents otherwise used for financial gain when making Federal claims.

          • Pigmy Puncher says:

            Federal forgery statutes otherwise seem to be focused generally on financial instruments and/or documents otherwise used for financial gain when making Federal claims. – You mean like getting a TV Show for financial gain based on those forged documents?

  23. B Woodman says:

    Time for the multiple counter suits, for court costs, lawyer costs, slander, libel, and other related “damages”.
    Yeah, I hope you saved a few of your paychecks against this contingency. But then again, the way you’ve been behaving, I doubt it.

  24. AW2 to CPT says:

    Judging by that pleading alone it is not clear that the case has been dropped completely. That dismissal names defendant Hawke only. Unless a similar document (or a dismissal pursuant to summary judgment, etc) has also been filed, the case could still be viable against the other two defendants.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      I guess you’re all about yourself. Try reading earlier comments. You’ll learn something. Also, learn what a pleading is. Or not. It’s up to you. Taking a paralegal correspondence course, captain?

      • AW2 to CPT says:

        WTF are you going on about? I simply stated that BASED UPON THAT FILING ALONE and UNLESS THE OTHERS HAD BEEN DISMISSED SEPARATELY the case COULD be still continuing against the other two named defendants. The implication was that the posted document dismissed the case in it’s entirety. You’re correct in that it’s not technically a “pleading” since it’s not a complaint or answer, but many lawyers informally refer to most documents filed with the court as “pleadings”. I’ve been litigating cases in state and federal courts for 15 years. As for your “all about yourself comment” I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

        • 2/17 Air Cav says:

          I’ll spell it out for you. Before you posted your comment, there were a half dozen or so others going to the to the issue of whether Hawke alone or all defendants were dismissed from Titty’s lawsuit. Either you didn’t read any of them or you were commenting just to comment. My guess is that you did not read them. It is my experience that most lawyers suck in the sense that they are all about themselves. Thus, your disregard for the comments of others is consistent with my experience. Still, I was uncertain whether you were just mimicking lawyerly brilliance or not. Your misuse of the term pleading signaled that you probably were. You say otherwise and I accept that inasmuch as most lawyers—again, to my experience– can’t bring themselves to admit error or shortcoming. They are, as I said, all about themselves.Did I mention that I dislike lawyers, generally?

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            I wouldn’t say that I don’t like lawyers myself, it’s just that I feel that a lot of them should be beaten and lynched at least four times a day.

          • AW2 to CPT says:

            No, I didn’t read every comment, I was simply commenting on the article itself. And, as you pointed out I did use “pleading” and probably shouldn’t have. Most people don’t like lawyers until they need one. Truth is they don’t usually like them either. I’ve corresponded with Mr. Lilyea outside of the site a couple of times so I suppose he could vouch that I’m a lawyer. I have no problem admitting when I screw the pooch. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

  25. streetsweeper says:

    Karma is a real bitch.

  26. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SO THEN wishing that Teti would Go Fuck Himself was a waste of time, HE DID IT HIMSELF without any coaching as he has in the past.

    I LOVE reading news like this and I award FIVE COCONUTS to whoever found it and passed it on!!! 😀

  27. kaf says:

    He’s that guy I would run into who, when you’d ask him his name, would look at you, hesitate, and say, “They call me Silverback”. Or “Dynamite”. Or some other stupid shit.

    Even though, mind you, we’re on a FOB surrounded by a battalion of Marines and he was pretty much just a gate guard whose main job, as far as I could tell, was to keep everybody else out of the CIA booze stash.

    That fucking guy.

    • Green Thumb says:

      More like “Meatback” or “Assmite”.

      Teti = Turd.

    • mr. sharkman says:

      Pro-tip: When the dude has a nasty scar under his nose and says ‘They call me Faceplant’, he’s probably legit and an okay guy.

      Trust me on this one. 🙂

  28. GDContractor says:

    Look for an upcoming special sale “Buy one Joe Teti survival knife, and get a second Joe Teti survival knife for half price”. Get ’em while they’re hot!

    //Joe what happened? Seems like yesterday you were drinking piss and swapping lies…

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      That was sooooooo last year!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, before long, he can bottle that stuff and sell it as vintage JT, except that most likely, no one will want it except someone trying to graduate boot camp early.

  29. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I’m certain that this IS NOT the last we’ll hear about Teti, I’m sure he’ll do more to gracefully fuck himself yet even more and I’m all stocked up on beer, nachos, and pretzels.

  30. Hawke says:

    hey fellas, please,
    no fightin’ on account of the ass clown,
    he ain’t worth it,
    and lord knows,
    there has been enough fighting
    on his account.

    there are a few dummies,
    who supported this guy against the brotherhood,
    which never made any dang sense to me anyway-

    like sharkman said-
    if a bro calls you out,
    you settle it by proving your claims
    or owning your mistakes
    and making your apologies,

    this is the true warrior way,
    and no special ops owns it,
    it is the gift any man gives himself,
    when he chooses the path of honor- period.

    so to my dumb-ass way of thinkin’,
    the minute he levied a law suit,
    he showed his guilt.

    it simply took alot of tax payer
    time and dime to prove it.

    but then, this is the guy
    that took all that military training
    at tax payers expense
    and then bailed at 9/11
    to hide in vegas and
    profit off his brothers
    and the war while not serving in it
    like he was on call to do.

    that means, he sure wasn’t bothered
    about the cost of this case,
    to cover his lies, ha!

    anyway, stolen valor is a hard thing for honest folks
    and especially when it comes pretending to be a great hero
    and publicly trying to shame those he’s profiting off

    ok, sorry i write too much,
    i’ll own it, ha!
    be well and have a good summmer

    • OAE CPO USN Ret says:

      “be well and have a good summmer”

      If Wittgenfeld and Bernath would get their ass handed to them in court, then we could have a GREAT summer.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Have some patience, Chief.

      • Hawke says:

        sorry, hit report, meant reply!
        that witt-gen-head jerk
        did some real ugly stuff a while back, and joined forces with turdi, so we ended up saving all that vile stuff they posted. whomever is fighting that battle still, let me know, i will share what we saved.
        crazy story that it all is.

  31. Daisy Cutter says:

    by Joe Teti

    When survival fans fade and reruns cease to be;

    Some have drank the Kool-Aid while others drank the pee.

    Don’t sue me and don’t judge me;

    To each his own don’t you see?

    Water’s overrated, wine and beer too;

    Give me a tall glass of my own, over any Mountain Dew.

    (satire brought to you by the “Poet that Don’t Knowit”)

  32. Dave Hardin says:

    Teti is full of shit. Always has been and always will be.

    Teti was in Force Recon for a short period. Second Force RECON, 2nd FSSG, CLNC.

    Any Marine, regardless of MOS and go to Force RECON. Some, as in Teti’s case go directly from boot camp to Force RECON. RECON needs Pvt’s too.

    He went to basic RECON school at Little Creek. That was the only school he made it through. After the basic school, Marines are sent to a variety of schools while attached to Force RECON.

    Teti failed the fist school he was sent to, Scuba School. The Army and other branches have all kinds of wonderful “Special” killer names for that school. Marines just called it Scuba School. He failed.

    Once you fail a primary school in Force RECON you are out. Done. Finished. Your ass is sent to another unit that is NOT Force RECON. I am sure there are some exceptions to that rule, there always are. Medical injury or emergency leave for example. Teti was a pain in the ass. A needy little shit that nobody wanted to deal with.

    He was in Force RECON long enough to fail his first school while there. Thats it. Nothing follows in his time at Force RECON. He failed and they booted his little ass out.

    He lied, he told my lies, he manipulated, distorted, and twisted information to make his career more than it was.

    There is no requirement for SERE or any other school to have “been” in a Force RECON unit.

    Calling yourself a Force RECON Marine implies that you finished at least Scuba and/or Jump schools but not necessarily both.

    There are countless other schools Marines attached to Force RECON go through over time. At a minimum the first school Teti would have probably done that taught survival skills to any extent would have been Mountain Warfare School.

    He didn’t go to any school like that. He failed, and was booted out. Begged his way into a division RECON unit later and had problems there as well. Division or “Battalion” RECON has a different mission than Force RECON.

    TETI is a liar. He used a resume claiming service in BEIRUT. For the record, there were no Force RECON Marines in Beirut. Division RECON suffered huge loses on 23 Oct 83 in Beirut.

    HQ Platoon that was the largest platoon there was reduced to a handful Marines. The Marines that came to relieve the remaining survivors had to stop on their way to take care of Granada first.

    Unlike the movie, Marines did not go home after Heartbreak ridge, they went immediately to Beirut.

    Teti lied. Period. Teti knows I know he lied. Teti know I can prove he lied. Teti pissed all over his EGA. He dishonored himself and anyone else that earned an EGA.

    I was with the Command element while Teti was with 2nd Force RECON. I probably ran into the little shit stain. Teti is a blowhard with a bad temper. He only has a temper around people who let him get away with it.

    He managed to get an opportunity to make some money in the entertainment industry…and he blew it. Just like he blew most every other opportunity he ever had.

    Hey, Joey…Phuk Ewe

    • mr. sharkman says:

      Falsely claiming to be a ‘Beirut Marine’.

      All I can say is ‘sucks to be him in the afterlife’.

      Also – way to nail his lying carcass to the wall, Marine Hardin.

    • mr. sharkman says:

      One other thing you may want to check out, just for amusement and/or curiosity. I mean, you already buried him headless and hand-less, figuratively speaking.

      You mention he went through recon training (BRC, right? Assuming they called it that back then) at the creek.

      Well I was looking on his facebook page last night at his pictures and he’s got a group photo of him and some (future) real deals sporting LAR-Vs and jetfins and the pic is supposedly him doing ‘combat diver’ in ‘Coronado’ (yes, I know 🙂 ).

      Go take a look at his facebook pics if you’ve got some time to waste and are maybe looking for a little laughter.

  33. Hawke says:

    hooyah, dave!

    in case anyone doubts what we say,
    here is teti claiming to be force recon:

    here is teti claiming to be combat diver:

    and exactly right, teti’s own usmc 2-1 from foia
    shows ars pass, sfuwo- fail

    straight and immediate re-assignment
    out of 2nd FR to 3rd mardiv

    and no other schools like airborne, sere, et al
    does show navy diver

    but swc already said,
    that is not combat diver

    regs say, usn diver can not even
    support a combat dive without base commander letter of exception, so they dang sure can’t serve on sf combat diver team or LEGALLY collect combat diver pay.

    i got 2 other sf medic brothers, both were recon marines with navy diver, and neither were allowed to be on the combat diver team, not even in the guard
    that is how stringently they enforce that rule

    so, some one lied, 100% and knew it
    and they lied to every sf man with whom they ever worked, served or met… food for thought.

    • mr. sharkman says:

      When he listed the OGA-related courses he claimed to have attended, it was cause for some laughter with a certain group of guys.

      In a couple of cases on that list, due to the specific course names he used, it was obvious that he’d see a reference to the course somewhere but had never actually attended it.

      Not long thereafter some guys made some inquiries as to if he’d ever been granted access to a couple of (ahem) ‘controlled areas’ which would have been mandatory for some of the courses he claimed.

      I’m certain you won’t be shocked that said inquired found no record of him ever being at/in said areas.

      Thank the secret gods for that, because you know he would have run his c0ckholster about it in detail and probably drawn a map in one of his videos.

      • Hawke says:

        yeah, i know he did some stuff, i know the guys who trained him, and they knew he was fired, before he did. so there is some legit to it.

        however, teti also told my nanny,
        he caught saddam hussein…

        teti told my british tv exec,
        of some top secret assassinations he did… yeah, it’s like that.

        anyway, back to the combat diver pic-
        remember, teti passed usmc arc, little creek.
        he then went to 3rd mardiv, oki,
        and they sent him to usn diver,
        hawaii, 1984

        he joined the army with combat diver on that marine dd-214 and they put him on an sf combat diver team.

        the 10th grp dive locker supe was there when they kicked teti out of div.sup school with HCV in 93.

        the 19th grp dive locker supe was there when UT NG did their annual dive re-cert. teti had no proof he was qualified, they asked for his records, he never gave them. the supe didn’t want to let teti do the diver re-cert, but the team only had one shot a year, so they took him-

        he was afraid of the dark, didn’t know his gear, got hurt, and when asked for records, he had none, they sent him packing and some gear went missing….

        the BC, later to become the GRP CDR, told me he’d have stripped his tab, revoked his clearance and barred his re-enlistment if he had any idea teti would simply leave them and join out CA NG unit. but it never occurred to him after giving teti a general discharge, that he’d just slip into our unit like he did.

        point in this tome of a post?
        just cause homeez have a photo,
        doesn’t mean a thing.
        heck, i can put on a doc smock and take a snap, doesn’t make me an M.D., unless you got to teti university, where the paper work is easy, hehe!

        but the guys from haiti said his conduct was anything but brave, in fact, it was cowardly by any measure, surprising me greatly.

        and the folks from the oga, didn’t have anything good to say, but that was never my thing, so, i can only go by what i’ve been told by venerated s.f. guys who were there.

        all in all, suffice it to say, he had a few good schools, and had no reason to lie, but he did.

        and when you dig, his history is full of shameful conduct, which, at least, make his lies make sense.

        but suing everyone for calling out your lies, means you bought your own lies,
        and sorry to not be “p.c.”,
        but that is just retarded-
        or, is it really, mental illness?
        i’ve been accused openly, by teti,
        of being diagnosed by a number of psychologists, he says are just fans who called him randomly, and told him i was mentally ill…

        given he has consistently accused me of exactly what he has done, was doing, or has been done to him, it does make me wonder…

        regarding the law suit, there are 3 things i can not release- protected military records
        you know about those here.

        financial records- which i never cared about but that ain’t a story of riches, more like mooches….
        and medical records…
        suffice it to say, some folks, quite simply, ain’t right in the head.

        that’s all i gotta say about all this.

        y’all said some funny stuff, and i love the humor, hell, we’re all gonna be dead one day, gotta laugh while ya can and some of this is so stupid, you gotta laugh.

  34. mr. sharkman says:

    ‘he was afraid of the dark’


    For the uninitiated, a combat diver being afraid of the dark is like a stripper being afraid of being ‘scantily clad’.

  35. Mark says:

    Glad to see brother Myke relieved of all of Teti’s bull shit… This clown lied to my face while burying my brother and Hawke’s brother, Mike Donatelli… Teti, if you are reading this, I will find you… you sick fucking piece of shit.

  36. Hawke says:

    Me and my Family would like to thank John and his page, for being part of the fight for truth.

    He and Mark took alot of flack for standing up to this liar and they get beat on all the time by the many fakes they expose. It’s a tough, needed, and thankless job, but I, for one, appreciate what they do.

    All the best and Salute!
    MH sends

  37. Spook says:

    The thing that gets me is that in this day and age it is practically impossible to spout lies and not have the truth come to light (you gotta love the internet).

    I served in the British Army as a combat engineer in the Royal Engineers and spent my last 10yrs as a Bomb Disposal Engineer and Royal Engineer (High Risk) Search Team member. I have had friends that didn’t come home and it still happens now.

    It is bad enough to falsify any credentials/qualifications/experiences when you’re a civvi, but for anyone that HAS served to do so is about the very worst thing you could do and to do it purely for financial gain is worse still.

    I agree with Hawke (I do enjoy your shows mate) that there is something mentally wrong with these “people”, they must have some seriously low self worth. In the UK military we call them Walts (ref. Walter Mitty) and I have a serious problem with them wearing any qualification or decoration that wasn’t earned, especially when others have died either trying for or in gaining the same.

    I was not SF, not even close but will happily tear apart any fuckwit that thinks they can gain even as much as a beer from someone for effectively using dead men’s deeds for their own benefit.

    Stay safe lads.

    • Spook says:

      And I know some aspects of this have been flogged to death on here, but is producing falsified documents to ANY court as your proof/evidence not the same as perjury??? In which case it wouldn’t matter if there is a federal crime for falsifying a federal document, he would still have commited a felony.

      • Hawke says:

        yeah brother, there are all kinds of laws broken here, but i ain’t a cop or a fed or a super secret squirrel, just a retired green beret officer and legit combat vet. i think it’s all way wrong, but hey, i got sued for calling the chump what he was, a liar, ha!
        be well over there and thanks!

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:


        Good luck getting a prosecutor here to pursue a perjury charge.

        One of our more popular frauds, Dan Bernath, has lied many, many times in depositions and under oath, and to my knowledge, not once has he even faced so much as a warning, let alone been charged with or convicted of such.

        Like Stolen Valor charges, it’s nice that they’re on the books, but good luck getting a prosecutor to actually pursue it, as there are too many other “sexier” cases to pursue, those which they’ll point to come reelection time.

  38. jarhead says:

    For some time Dual Survival was an occasional show of interest to me; that is until I tired of paying $75/mo. to Dish in April of last year. For a while I communicated with them regarding re-hooking the service, in addition to discussing same with Direct. Each talked fast out of both sides of their mouth to where it was an conflict of interest with common sense. After probably four months of withdrawal, we settled in to what has become normal without Dish, and find ourselves doing much better than getting pissed over as many as THIRTEEN commercials in a row once on Fox News. If it’s of interest to any of you, there are a LOT of full-length movies that can be found on the Internet.

    Meanwhile I’ve hardly if ever commented on the Joe Tetti story as it is mostly S F related, not much this old Marine can add. However, I did find this by accident and share it with you hoping it will be of interest.

    Sure shines a good light on Hawke, making the read interesting and worthwhile.

    Meanwhile, best wishes to each of you for enjoying this July 4th.

    • jarhead says:

      Those many full length movies mentioned…….a LOT of them are free.

    • Hawke says:

      thanks brother, never wanted this fight, but he drew first blood, ha! anyway, i think the force recon guys are now more than a little unhappy about him claiming to be one when he never was, but i don’t speak marine so, like you, i have to leave that one to the corps to sort, haha! be well and happy 4th back, takes all of us. saludos!

  39. KW says:

    Hawke this is KW (EL SAL.); just stumbled on this thread.
    This guy is like a turd stuck on your shoe and hard to get rid of. I’m glad I never ran into him. As a W7 I take great offense to his posing. It makes me wonder about his SFQC creds also.

    • Hawke says:

      hey brother man, danged long time! hope you’re well! yeah, it’s been an awful thing on the whole, all i ever did was trust a bro and help him when he was in need, then to get the knife in the back, i reckoned he didn’t figure i’d fight back and how hard i’d fight. he should’ve known, i am too stupid to back down, no matter what the cost.

      the real irony here is that, he had won, everything, all he had to do was stop, but he felt the need to destroy me and everyone that spoke against him.

      he forgot his own lies and believed his own bs, so, the combat diver lie was the self inflicted wound that finally started the hemorrhage, and when he sued the SFA he basically loaded the round in the chamber.

      took a while for the trigger squeeze, but there ya go. now, i gotta rebuild, as disco told everyone in tv, i was the liar and crazy one, we got those emails of them saying it. so, there ya go.

      anyway, drivin’ on and hope all’s well in your world!

  40. Green Thumb says:

    The only thing Teti the Turd drops are his drawers for a massive Phildo.

    What a fucking loser.

  41. Hawke and Joe both blow says:

    Haha, I hate to say it but after looking at the docs I have to believe Joe is a shmuck. I also must comment that Hawkes show was as fake as Joes military Docs. Why does it always cut away every time he starts his push plow fire? He pushes his plow, they focus on his face instead of showing the skills needed (the purpose of the show) then he lifts up a tinder bundle that has cole in it. Come on? Really? It can’t be for saving screen time, I’ve seen dozens of fat guys on YouTube, including myself, bust a cole into flame in under 2 minutes. So why wouldn’t they show it if he really had the skills. Watch the show on my 70″ suhd TV and you will notice TONS of fake @ss survival BS throughout Man,woman,wild. There is a folding table cover in Palms! It’s so ridiculously FAKE! Drink my pee, cook way to much coconut crab, stuff your belly while talking about how “tuff” real survival is. Then cry Medic! Because his wife ate too much food. Hawkes show was a fake as Joes military That show sucked, but not as much as Joe Teti lying. F-ck Joe, and the same goes for Hawkes s

    • No need to repeat! says:

      Weird? It cut off my parts of my comment, the end should say “same for Hawkes show!” Not Hawke. He has my respect, he served honorably and never lied. Just wanted to clarify my dislike for his show, NOT Hawke himself. Man, woman, wild honestly brought me to tears while laughing until my stomach hurt. But I don’t think that the show was meant to be hilarious…. Unless it was , than apologies. Honestly didn’t think my previous comment would make it passed the censor , lol. And again, I hope Joe Teti stays in that dark, dingy hole he crawled into recently and stays there. Semper Fi!

  42. K says:

    Hey Joe, some of us still love you. These people might be a tiny bit jealous. Thanks for all the amazing things you taught us. I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

    • Eden says:

      No one is jealous of a valor thief. Joe Teti is clearly a valor thief. I recommend that you question everything you think you “learned” from him.

      Oh, and congratulations for succeeding in reviving a dead thread and bringing even more Google fame to the valor thief, Joe Teti!

      • Mick says:

        Ah, yes. Another long-dormant thread has been resuscitated.

        All hands on Team TAH face outboard and stand by to repel Sockpuppets.

    • OWB says:

      “A tiny bit jealous?” Of what? He may be a liar, but he isn’t very good at it. Why would anyone be jealous of mediocrity much less failure?

      You want to admire the guy, go ahead, K. Your loss that you would waste your attention giving it to a proven liar, but you certainly are free to do so.

    • Frankie Cee says:

      “K” I think that either you share a bed with Joe Teti or you are Joe Teti; either way, thanks tons for refreshing this turd’s name at Goooooogle. Your comment is much appreciated.
      Jealous? In your dreams “K”, er, Joe.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Teti works balls.

      And the only thing Teti has dropped was to his knees….

  43. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    From Military Times February 2015:

    “I believe Joe is a sociopath [who] could be dangerous to those he believes have injured him,” writes Sgt. 1st Class Daniel McClain, Teti’s former team sergeant, in a letter to the Special Forces Association that is part of a formal response in an ongoing lawsuit.

    “I knew he would always be a problem,” writes Teti’s former executive officer, Lt. Col. William Sharp, in another letter, part of the SFA’s 50-page rebuttal to the lawsuit filed by Teti late last year.

    Sharp, now with U.S. Special Operations Command, writes that he was preparing paperwork to bar Teti from reenlisting, revoke his security clearance and strip him of his Special Forces tab, before Teti left the unit on his own.”

    I guess those men were jealous, too. And the Special Forces Association booted him–out of jealously no doubt. In fact, everyone is jealous of Joe Tits, especially when he chugs his own piss.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      If I remember correctly, only a handful of people have ever been expelled from the SFA so that makes Joe Teti have something in common with SoMeOnE familiar to TAH.

  44. Ex-PH2 says:

    Jealous, K? Of what?

    Teti’s a bad-tempered has-been with a desperate need to be the center of attention, no matter who gets hurt by it. That’s his public record. He throws things. He threatens people. He lies his ass off.

    So what is there to be jealous of, again, K?