Stephen Henry Lang; phony wounded veteran

| June 30, 2016

Stephen Henry Lang

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office tell us about their encounter with this Stephen Henry Lang fellow. he was arrested in February, but they just posted the story today;

The Pasco Sheriff’s Economic Crimes Unit has arrested Stephen Henry Lang, age 23, for uttering a forged instrument. He was arrested on 02/07/2016.

The defendant did misrepresent himself as a veteran of the U.S. Army and holder of a Purple Heart. He showed one employer his Purple Heart tag that he fraudulently obtained from the Florida DHSMV (This requires the presentation of a DD-214 Form). He did this to gain sympathy from his prospective employer,Tranquility Pools, and thereby get the job and material gain.

On 04/30/2016 the defendant did utter and publish, as true, a counterfeit DD-214 military discharge document to the owner of Bella Pools in order to better his chances at employment.

Post Miranda the defendant stated he fabricated the DD-214 document from a download he had taken off of Google. The defendant was arrested on both charges and transported to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center.

Nice bust. Thanks, guys.

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  1. Mick says:

    OK, so who was it on Team TAH that pissed off the Stolen Valor gods again?

    Here we are on the eve of a long 4th of July holiday weekend, and we’re being overrun by a flood of phonies.

    Blow the claymores and fire the FPF.

  2. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. B Woodman says:

    Ya, lot of good that phony Dd214 did him. And he needs to shave that quoranimal beard before he’s mistaken for a muzzie, with doubly dire consequences.

  4. Sandman says:

    Love the ‘grunt Style’ t-shirt with veteran written on it for the booking photo. Irony, and karma in one picture!

  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I like the “Paddled Puppy” look in his eyes in that pic, is that his mugshot? He seems to be thinking “OH SHIT, I’m gonna be Bubba & Thor’s wife again!”

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    If more of these fakers find themselves getting the wrong kind of attention, instead of what they wanted, perhaps at some point, they’ll stop. What? I can dream, can’t I?

    But people like this are the reason I don’t have THAT license plate or any of THAT bling on my car, and never will. I don’t need it.

    • MSG Eric says:

      I still have my DoD decals on the window of my truck. But, they’ve been expired for quite a few years. I know plenty of people who have shit all over their POV’s.

      I do keep my Patrol Cap hanging on my 4WD stick though too. Mostly for if I get pulled over that’ll be the first thing the cop sees looking into my cab.

    • Peter the Bubblehead says:

      I have my Vet plates and a few stickers on my baxk window (when the hard top is installed) but that’s mainly because my Jeep is a parade vehicle that tows our submarine float in between 6 and 12 parades a year.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    He looks all sad and shit.


    • MSG Eric says:

      Not as sad as he’ll look after his first cockmeat Sammich.

      • Hack Stone says:

        That ship sailed long ago. He is on his third round of getting his cockmeat sammich card punched six times.

  8. Grimmy says:

    Detained to the Land o’ Lakes?

    I bet the skeeters are a terror in the summer.

    • Hack Stone says:

      He can use that Land O’ Lakes butter to lube up his brown rose when he presents his ass to his cell mate.

  9. 1610desig says:

    Land o lakes…appropriate given the “can” loads of whipped cream that will be shooting down his gullet..

  10. streetsweeper says:

    Looks like a Pound Puppy.

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Somebody gave a shit and acted accordingly. Nice job, Pasco County.

  12. Hack Stone says:

    Will this jeopardize his internship at All Points Logistics?

  13. Sparks says:

    Good for Pasco County! By the way, I didn’t know we had an Amish Army Battalion.


  14. HoneyBadger says:

    Was he ever actually in the military Jonn?

    • NavyEODguy says:

      According to local news, WFLA, the local SO called the Army & Air Force. Both stated he had never been in the military.

      Also has a record for fraud, writing worthless checks.

  15. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Hope he had a nice into to the boys in the lockup. I’m sure that Thor, Bubba, Julio and Mr. “Tiny” made him feel at home before the first anal dilation therapy session….

  16. Eden says:

    Splash, out! BZ to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.

  17. ex-OS2 says:


  18. Skippy says:

    Enjoy Bubba
    Dumb Ass !!!!!
    You’ve earned it
    BHWHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Steven Henry lang says:

    This is bulls hit I will sew you all for lible.

  20. Steven Henry lang says:

    U will regert this I promise all off u this is not at warning this is theit.

    • 42A Combat Clerk says:

      First post on here, I just couldn’t let this go. “U will REGERT this” cmon man regert really?

  21. Steven Henry lang says:

    I havethis all saved on my cup and I am been contacted my laywer.