Morgan Werlitz; phony Special Forces Ranger

| July 15, 2016

Morgan Joseph Werlitz (3)

This fellow, Morgan Joseph Werlitz, applied to join a group of Special Forces veterans in the Florida panhandle. They doubted his Special Forces and Ranger creds and went to our friends at Green Beret Posers Exposed and they came to us.

Werlitz FB

Looking around the internet, he’s made the claims several times. Like on LinkedIn;

Werlitz LinkedIn

At VetFriends;

Werlitz VetFriends

The National Personnel Records Center disagrees with his version of his career;

Werlitz FOIA

It looks like his career was spent in the National Guard and the Army Reserves. Somehow he got a deployment to Desert Storm and earned a Combat Infantryman Badge, but then he got tossed as a private a few years later. He’s been busy, since, though,

Werlitz Mugshot

But, no, no special forces training, no Ranger training, not even Basic Airborne Course – a prerequisite for those assignments.

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    3 years and gets pushed out as a PVT, he stepped on his dick somewhere! WTF is it with some of these posers and embellishers, they have to throw it all out at once like these Pokemon nuts having to “catch ’em all”!

    • Hondo says:

      Closer to 6 years total USAR/ARNG service, API.

      And given that he was awarded an ARCOM, presumably for Desert Storm, I’m guessing that whatever “interesting” stuff happened that resulted in him getting out as an E1 happened during his last tour on active duty in 1996.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        OK, I stand corrected on his time in service but his E1 rank still says “Dickstepper/dirtbag” to me!

        • Hondo says:

          Yep. I’m thinking court-martial or Field Grade 15 followed by Chapter 13 separation.

          • 42A Combat Clerk says:

            My experience working for the S1 of a Guard Battalion leads me to guess he wasn’t too fond of showing up for drill, or being found/contacted by his unit. Leading to an Unsat Participation Discharge under OTH circumstances, with Admin reduction to E-1.

            • Hondo says:

              Entirely possible if the periods listed on the NA 13164 are not periods of active duty. However, if they’re periods of active duty (which is more likely) I don’t think so.

              His total military obligation would be 8 years beginning on date of enlistment and running continuously through his date of discharge. Any USAR/ARNG service would be continuous service vice being broken into the short periods shown above. Since that’s not the case, I’m guessing the above are periods of extended active duty – probably for IET, Gulf War I, and a third contingency support tour during which he stepped on his crank.

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              Yeah, I’ve seen that happen to some less-than-stellar types to say the least.

            • JimV says:

              I never once missed a drill. I enjoyed my drill weekends.

              AD: 7 years
              USAR: 19 years

  2. IDC SARC says:

    he’s got more phony SF shite plastered on his FB page than any real GB I’ve ever met.

    …lets see how long before he starts deleting

    • mr. sharkman says:

      Also, every other facebook update is about PTSD.

      ‘Feel sorry for me!’

      Said no SF Soldier, ever.

  3. Sandman says:

    But,,but,,he has a vest!

    • and a black leather one at that, with patches to verify the legitimacy of his fairy tales of bravery &”killin’ skills” above & beyond those of a normal troop……should’ve been happy about what he did do and not screwed up when he was there.

  4. Mick says:

    C’mon now; he’s got the obligatory poser leather vest complete with all of the phony bling accoutrements, so he must be legit.


    • Jeff Drummond says:

      Also has the groomed “I’m a tough guy beard and hair style”; aka “I’m a fag”. I guess I dated my self; I meant “I’m LGBT”.

  5. sj says:

    Florida. Again.

    • Hondo says:

      Yep. But this time, from the panhandle – and from a location not terribly far from Camp Rudder.

      Wonder if he knows any of the cadre there – and if so, if they know the truth about the guy?

      • Right here in the town nearest to me. I am on this. I know where the Black vest wearing poser types drink their cheap beer, and what nights they do it. I have reached out to friends to find him too.

      • Along with Camp Rudder, Hondo, the nearest military unit to Crestview is the 7th Special Forces Group, even nearer than the 6th Rangers. This is going to be fun.

        • HMC Ret says:

          Get Some, Frankie! I am, however, leaning toward legit for the above mentioned reasons. Leather Vest … Check. POW/MIA Patch … Check. Caught the PTSD … Check. FB page about his many heroic adventures … Check. E1 after only about three years … Check. What’s not to like? Bwhaaaa

          The Panhandle of Florida is not the best place to claim Ranger status. No place is, but around the Panhandle? Nooooo

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            That’s about as brilliant as falsely claiming to be a Ranger while in Columbus, GA or Phenix City, AL.

          • Tanner1018 says:

            Why do all of these guys look alike? They all wear their hair on the longer side. They all have rough looking faces. And of course the obligatory black leather vest. If they drive trucks the back window has all the usual decals such as SF and Ranger. My
            husband is retired SF and he doesn’t have half of the patches on his vest and none of the decals on his truck.

    • HT3 '83-'87 says:

      The Florida Connection…ughhh! My adopted home state is really on bad run of full-blow douchebaggery… make it stop!

      You’ve got to think these guys think those groups are full of phonies like themselves because a phony knows he’s going to be outed in a heartbeat, right? Maybe he figured that if I “can’t walk the walk” so maybe I’ll just “talk the talk”…and get a vest…it’s a must.

      • Mark RM1 USN ret says:

        Oh, here in the Beeeever State, we also have our squadron of douche nuggetry here as well. The Malhure Wildlife refuge cluster F$ck and of course, POW wannabe Joseph Rice.

  6. Hayabusa says:

    Florida. Motorcycle vest.

    It’s almost like there’s a pattern to these things.

    • Green Thumb says:


      Its called All-Points Logistics.

      The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress set the bar pretty high and these turds will stop at nothing to be “Phildoesque”.

  7. Robert says:

    I have watched The Green Berets (movie) numerous times. I’ve watched youtube videos on SF. I think I’m pretty close to being one myself. I do need to get a vest, grow my hair long. Just look dirty and I’m in.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Just make sure you use too much conditioner on your hair and don’t rinse it thoroughly, so you get that greased-back biker hog-rider look. After a while, it’ll collect enough grease from your own hair to smell like a garbage dump.

    • IDC SARC says:

      ok…just don’t pull a john wayne and jump from the plane without hooking up your static line.

      • Tony180a says:

        You caught that lol

      • Hondo says:

        Wouldn’t that be either a HARO or LARO (High/Low Altitude Reserve Only) jump? (smile)

        • Tony180a says:

          Hondo that would be about as much fun as actually having to get extracted via Fulton (STAR) system.

          • IDC SARC says:

            I dunno for sure, but I suspect there was a Johnny Cash Album and a lot of alcohol involved when designing the STAR System.

            • Tony180a says:

              I’ve never seen it used on an actual person. Bright Star 85 we used a sand bag dummy for Fulton extractions Had a few guys volunteer but Group Cdr would not sign off or so the rumor went.

              • IDC SARC says:

                “Had a few guys volunteer”

                More ballz than

                • Tony180a says:

                  SARC, Only scenario I’d use that rig is if someone had me at gunpoint forcing me to remarry my ex-wife! Under those circumstances it’s an acceptable risk!

                  • IDC SARC says:

                    OK…well, granted there are

                  • jarhead says:

                    Tony, my man….You wouldn’t say that if your ex had been the same one I was married to for two hellashus years! Avoiding her again…hell, I’da dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood and pranced through a pedophile reunion!
                    One of these days if ever we have time and space to discuss evil ex’s….I’d start by explaining how mine once locked me in the bathroom, hoping to go through and clean the cash out of my jeans. The dumbass witch had no idea I saw it coming and took the cash into the bathroom when I went to shave. Hid it WELL just before taking a shower. Of course I locked the door from the inside when she decided to continue digging INSIDE once I was in the shower.
                    Betcha there’s some experiences out there better than mine. Some of us are way out there to begin with; that’s why we married the wild ones.

                    • Tony180a says:

                      Jarhead hope all is well. My dad pleaded,”son don’t do it”. My reply,”Dad, you’re just old fashioned, we’re in love, we know what we’re doing”. Wish I had listened to the old man.

                • Hondo says:

                  Well, it was reputedly used at one time. These guys were scheduled to use it, but the mission didn’t exactly turn out as planned:


              • nousdefions says:

                Chief, I remember that. Do you still have that “papyrus certificate” from the Egyptians?

                • Tony180a says:

                  Nousdefions yes I still have that Papyrus certificate. I remember the Egyptian Jumpmasters literally throwing the Egyptian jumpers that had 2nd thoughts out of the plane. They may have hesitated

                  • Tony180a says:

                    Damn it big fingers on a cell phone = gobble de goop!

                  • nousdefions says:

                    It’s kinda hazy, but I think the Egyptian jump commands were:
                    “Stand up”
                    “Hook Up”

                    Oh, I remember all the dust (sand) that came of the Egyptian ‘chutes when they opened. I still thankful we jumped our ‘chutes.

                    • Tony180a says:

                      Yes, their chutes looked like someone had dumped a bucket of sand inside the silk before packing. Those fuckers (Egyptians) were so gung ho singing and chanting loading the plane and even on take off….Until they opened the doors of the aircraft and some of them started moving to the front of the aircraft. I swear the Egyptian jumpmasters would hook up their static lines and drag them to the door and throw them out!

                    • nousdefions says:

                      Yep, they seem to turn into cyclopses when the doors opened!

                • Tony180a says:

                  Cairo West lmao good times. I seem to remember being rationed 2 Budwiesers a night.

    • HMC Ret says:

      Yeah, you need to look as if you just crawled from a shitcan. Greasy, smelly, dirty, etc. Also, you will need to make eye contact and not be the first to break eye contact. If you break first, others will know you are a poser. Oh, and a chain on your vest with a pocket watch or whatever the hell they have on those things is also a requirement. What DO they have on those chains? Anyone know?

  8. sb says:

    I’ve never been to SF training or Ranger school. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Select last night.

  9. JimV says:

    Discharged as a Pvt? Wonder how he did that? Court martial?

    I see a number of veterans (?) wearing these vests covered with patches. I think it looks kind of TACKY. IMHO.

  10. Graybeard says:

    I think his “Special Forces” training relates to getting between some poor girls knees.

    He stepped on it to be booted as an E1, for sure. But I bet he’s been dipping it whenever he can ever afterward.

  11. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Dipshits seem to be popping up like some sad whack-a-mole game lately…

    Why is it always with the vest and the wannabe tough guy biker look? The assault with a deadly weapons charge is a nice touch…nothing says I’m a shitbag like an E1 discharge and an assault charge.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, he does seem to have some sort of personality disorder akin to aggressively disagreeing with people he runs into… or turtles… or alligators.

    Seems like someone to avoid at all costs.

  13. Old 1SG, US Army (retired) says:

    Mullet haircut — check

    ‘stache and goatee — check

    leather vest with POW/MIA patch — check

    lives in Florida — check

    discharge as private — check

    He’s definitely legit, and a candidate for employment at All-Points Logistics!

  14. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    He needs to meet up with DullASS, and then they could go bowling.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Or swap stories about how they learned to love cockmeat sammiches and were the property of Thor, Julio, Bubba and Mr. “Tiny” while in the local poundthemintheass jail.

  15. lily says:

    Maybe he did a long range patrol to the local titty bar since he didn’t own a car?

  16. ex-OS2 says:


  17. Sparks says:

    Off topic question for Admin. As of this morning, each time I go to any thread on TAH I am getting a new pop up ad. That’s cool if it is a new policy, just wanted to know if it is the way it is or is it on my end perhaps. Thank you very much.

  18. Green Thumb says:

    When I saw this loser I thought of excess buttsweat.


  19. B Woodman says:

    Living in Flori-DUH!, I wonder if he knows BerNasty.

  20. 20thEB67 says:

    Enjoy your new-found fame, Morgan Werlitz; phony Special Forces Ranger. You earned it. You own it.


  21. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Another real deal, rump riding, taint tickling, ballsack working, special feces warrior.

  22. Roy McClellan says:

    I’d take a closer look at that CIB he supposedly has, as well. The document shows him getting mobilized into Active Service on 7-31-1990. That was about a week before Iraq even invaded Kuwait.

    They mobilized some reserve/ ARNG units as part of the overall war effort, and the logistics and signal ones eventually made it into theater, but the only combat arms units that were mobilized from the Reserve Component were round-out brigades for the Active force, and those units were so poorly managed and led at the company level and higher that they never made it out of the NTC, much less into theater.

    I’d be willing to bet that he somehow schemed to get that CIB into his records.

  23. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I wish my ex-wife on Morgan Werlitz.

  24. Bobo says:

    Trying to join an SF group on faked credentials. He’s got no brains and some balls.

  25. I see that he commented, using the facebook link, sometime this afternoon, (7/16/16). He denies one thing but doesn’t explain the Linkedin or the Vet friends claims:
    Morgan Werlitz ·
    Crestview, Florida
    Yeah this is Morgan were i never tried to join a special forces veterans group in North Florida