Eric Vasconselles is not an Army captain with 25 years of service

| July 17, 2016

Eric VasConselles 7-23-99 Army Dress Blues Photo

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Eric Vasconselles. For some reason or other, some folks are under the impression that he is an Army Captain with 25 years of service and that he served in the war against terror.

VasConselles Rally Point

Being the helpful person I am, I’m here to clear all of that up.

The confusion comes where Eric is actually a Captain in the New Mexico State Guard (NOT to be confused with the New Mexico National Guard). The State Guard is a voluntary organization, which is a good thing, because Eric doesn’t qualify for the National Guard. He was in the Army once, briefly. Not in the manner he likes to depict in the photo above, but he was in the Army;

Eric William Vasconselles FOIA

Vasconselles DD214

Eric William Vasconselles Asignments2

Eric William Vasconselles Assignments

On that DD214 above, on the complete copy that I have, it looks like he had seven months of “bad time” which means he was a deserter – that’s why he wasn’t available for a signature. Also the separation code is KFS, which means; For the good of the service, in lieu of a court martial. The discharge was issued under conditions other than honorable. That’s why he won’t go to the VA.

Notice that the rank is E-1, not the staff sergeant rank he’s wearing in the picture. The DD214 doesn’t say anything about his ARCOM, his Southwest Asia Service Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the jump wings or the Air Assault Badge. I think I see a star on his National Defense Service Medal, too. He didn’t liberate Kuwait, either.

I’m told that picture was taken at his wedding in 1999, so he must’ve been prouder of his service two years after he went AWOL.

ADDED 7-27-2016: Some pictures I just got of Eric Vasconselles wearing an 82d Airborne Division combat patch and Ranger tab that he didn’t earn while playing Army with the New Mexico State Guard;

Eric Vasconselles 82nd Airborne Combat Patch

Eric Vasconselles Airborne and Air Assault Badges

Eric Vasconselles Combat Patch Front

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  1. IDC SARC says:


  2. Sapper3307 says:

    Entered service in 1994 kind of off hard to liberate Kuwait in 1991.

  3. Claw says:

    Yep, couldn’t hit shit with a rifle, but was an expert grenade chucker.

    Gotta love the entry on the 2-1 for A Battery, PCF. (Personnel Control Facility) and the statement of going AWOL to avoid deployment.

    Another waste of a uniform.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Just shy of 2 years and E1 Pay Grade, I bet he was an expert daisy and dandelion picker on the PT Field!

  5. sj says:

    “State Guard” again. Suspicious that they are a haven for pretenders. Chevy and the Texas State Guard comes to mind.

    Also a time when the VA State Guard made a presentation to a group I was in extolling how we could wear Army uniforms and rank was pretty much our choosing. Alas, they had not researched and didn’t know that 90% of us were active/retired. It didn’t go well.

    • C2Show says:

      Yep state guard seems suspicious for wannabes and posers. First thing I thought was Chevy when state guard popped up. Seems like a haven for these guys to go live a big lie.

      • Eden says:

        Nope. I don’t know about other state guards, but the Texas State Guard (TXSG) now enforces the requirement for SF-180s for all prior-service applicants (Chevy was a catalyst for that enforcement). And no one gets to pick their rank. Prior-service enter the TXSG with their last-held federal rank. Non-prior service enlist as E2 (E4 with 60+ hours of college credit) unless they’re qualified, state-licensed medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, or chaplains.

        As soon as the TXSG found out what Chevy was up to, he was booted so fast it made his head spin.

  6. Instinct says:

    And he’s scrubbed his facebook clean.


  7. Club Manager says:

    Is that not a Cav hat he is wearing. So if he ain’t Cav, he is shit. I can live with that.

  8. Propsguy says:

    Jesus, what is with the wearing of all your shit when you get out? Or , wearing stuff that is NOT your shit?

    I don’t have any of my stuff left and I got out only 5 years ago.

    Well , except the pants. ACU cutoffs are awesome.

    • Hayabusa says:

      When I left active duty, I left my Class As hanging in a wall locker at Ft. Benning, with all ribbons and badges still attached. LOL. I did keep a couple pairs of BDUs so I can give them to my kid as souvenirs when he gets older. But I have never worn any sort of uniform item since leaving active duty.

      • I have 2 old pickle suit field jackets with liners, all stripes, personal & command patches removed
        1 is the original issued in BMT and I wore for 4&1/2 years on the flightline, its all sun faded a little tattered on the sleeve ends with shadows from reflector tape & patch stuff..rank, command, squadron, name & service stuff that was required.
        The other one was issued to me 1 year before I got out and is still new looking.
        You know in hindsight they should’ve stayed with the pickle suit…cheap yet efficient

        • BTW that stuff still fits me 40 years later, but I only wear them for chores around the house or if I decide to go hiking in the cooler weather
          I never got the why you would want to wear the uniform if you’re not on duty thing, especially years after discharging?????
          IF you have this desire to show you spent some time in one of the services…buy a T-shirt or a ball cap with a logo, and festoon it with a unit pin, but I wouldn’t put medals. but I don’t recommend the vest either, to much association with the fakes amongst the legit
          It does seem those who wear the full uniform not on active/reserve duty usually wear the uniforms incorrectly
          Most of these guys seemed to have had a low drag troubled service & they are usually the embellishers & fakers that do the Audie Murphy hero dress up gig and strut the malls & halls & social media websites of America, ever notice that ?

          • AZtoVA says:

            I got a couple extra permetherin-infused ACU pants just before I got out, for working in the yard. Deer ticks are hellacious in this part of VA.

        • SFC D says:

          I was in our local surplus store here in my corner of AZ (yes, we only have 1 surplus store, we’re that small) and on the rack is an OD green field jacket, CW2 rank, US Army and Nametapes intact, Army Aviator wings, and a PERSHING patch on the left. Almost bought it just because I know it’s carrying some stories.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Wearing stuff you didn’t earn?

      Weak ago. Empty, useless life. No real accomplishments. Not even good at telling stories of any king, just a bad hobby called being a lying asshole.

      I hope that answers that nearly unanswerable question.

    • AskaMarine says:

      Agree. Or even wearing medals/ribbons/badges, legit or non-legit, on apperal other than the US Uniform (such as Tuxedoes, nice Dress Suits) to NON-US Military events. Especially the Stetson if one is not Cav. Or Flight Wings, Airborne Wings, Air Assault Badge, Pathfinder, RANGER TAB, SEAL TRIDENT, etc.etc.As shared, these folks possibly have low-self esteem. Just my two cents.

      Foodchain said I’m just jealous since I can’t fit in my uniforms anymore. Just had to remind the CoC of our Homestead that I had no interest in wearing the uniform anymore and am holding on for future generations to keep (unless they sell it on EBay..?

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      I kept my “poopy suits”, and that’s it.

      Everything else went to Goodwill. That was before I knew better. Now I’d just burn them or stuff them in the attic so idiots like him never got their hands on them.

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I got all kinds of stuff in running this guy’s name, from his being a deputy sheriff for a short while in Torrance Co., NM, to being listed as a swimming instructor w/o classes at NM U, to being a captain in the unarmed NM Defense Forces, to his owning a dojo in NM, on to his writing a letter to Mikey Weinstein (Linked below) regarding the horrible religious discrimination he sufffered at the hands of the US Army. Crazy, crazy, crazy stuff.

    Page down and you will see his letter.

    I don’t know what the hell to think. My head is ready to ‘splode.

    • Instinct says:

      Attention whore of the Bernath variety?

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Were it not for the none-too-common name which is made rarer by the middle initial, W, I would swear this guy was three or four different people. But the same name, replete with MI of W or William keep coming up.

    • 42A Combat Clerk says:

      that is one very strange website, filled with chronic vagitis sufferers.

  10. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    High drag, low speed, super dooper shitbag!

    Eric Vasconelles – enjoy your Stolen Valor fame, BYTCH!

  11. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    C’mon…don’t get on the guy for cavalry blue for his wedding. You know how expensive a tux is to rent. He’s had this ‘costume’ hanging in his closet, and he was just waiting for the right opportunity to bust it out.

    Seriously though; I want to know why nobody that knows him questions his service. My Dad wouldn’t allow me to strut around wearing gear he knew I didn’t earn. I know all the guys from my high school/neighborhood that served included one who was killed (
    and I’ll be damned if I’d allow such a shameful display to occur in my presence where someone is parading around like some phony peacock. Don’t dishonor all the brave men and women that serve/served this country because you’re some non-hacker that didn’t pack the gear. I’d certainly let everyone know at that wedding that he was just some poser.

    • Vasconselles is a fraud says:

      His dad Harold May is just as bad. A 500 pound pig that threats you if you talk about his son. Needless to say the threats are always over telephone will his number blocked. The only number we were able to get was 575 202 XXXX his name is Harold May.

  12. Just An Old Dog says:

    Shitbag. Fucking State Guards … do any of them have any sort of vetting system?

    • berniehackett says:

      Old, I was in the Maryland Defense Force. When you applied, they ran a background check on you.We had a couple of private detectives on the staff, and they usually weeded out the chaff.
      That said, like any volunteer organization, you had a wide range of folks, some of whom were like the folks that pop up here, posing or rocking the lie. They usually either dropped out or stepped on their crank in a fairly big way. Or were “disappeared”.

    • Eden says:

      The Texas State Guard does.

  13. 1610desig says:

    I’m thinking despite that impressive wedding outfit, he still couldn’t get laid…even by a dude

    • A Proud Infidel®­™ says:

      He couldn’t get laid in a Womens’ Prison even with a $100 bill taped to his forehead and an ounce of cocaine in his hand!

    • Starbux says:

      Oh did get laid and 5 kids later has a disaster for a life. His ex-wife is a nut job, not a trophy.

  14. NormanS says:

    At least California avoids the confusion. We don’t have a, “State Guard”; is is called, “State Military Reserve”, or “SMR” for short; as placed on their left-side name tapes. A couple of ARNG units I was in, shared armory space with them. We called them, “Smurfs”.

  15. AskaMarine says:


    Another Low-Self Esteem “Look At Me” individual claiming to be a Cav Soldier as well as wearing a Stetson and medals/ribbons he was not entitled to include Airborne Wings and the Air Assault Badge.

    Never ends. But it always catches up with them one way or another.

  16. HMC Ret says:

    I can’t tell if that thing under his ribbon rack is a corsage or massive bird shit. Well, he shit on himself so he may as well give a bird a chance to do the same. Pal I see a whooooole bunch of google in your future. Welcome to your new disgraced life.

  17. Green Thumb says:

    Dude has probably had 25 years working balls.


  18. 20thEB67 says:

    Eric Vasconselles=
    Phony bag O shit

  19. Cake14N says:

    Here is the contact information for the commanders of the New Mexico State Guard:

    Civilian leadership:Governor Susana Martinez
    Governor of the State of New Mexico
    (505) 476-2200

    State military leadership:
    Brigadier General Andrew Salas
    Adjutant General of New Mexico

    Brigadier General David Torres
    Commanding Officer, New Mexico State Guard
    (505) 474-1210

    NM State Guard Webpage:

    PLEASE!!! Call, write, be vocal about these turds.


    • Starbux says:

      The state AG is facebook friends with him.

      • eric vasconselles stolen valor says:

        The state AG is corrupt. The entire Las Cruces armory quit because of him. He is telling the Governor that the unit is fully active and providing false sign ins.

  20. ex-OS2 says:


  21. Planet Ord says:

    That middle row of ribbons is on backwards. The ASR should be all the way to the right and the AAM should be on the left. If he’s going to wear it, at least wear it right. Why do people go through so much trouble to put on a military uniform and all the stuff that goes on it, but fail to read AR 670-1?

  22. Starbux says:

    So I knew this guy 16 years ago. I figured something was off. His career stories did not make sense. I knew of the unfavorable discharge. The timing did not add up for all of the things he claimed. He told me he went to Somalia and Bosnia after Desert Storm. He claimed being a drill sergeant as well.

    His story about the AWOL was that he got bit in the foot with a Brown Recluse and was on con leave. Supposedly a black E-7 was harassing him and trying to revoke his con leave. This prompted the desertion. After 7 months living in Texas, he opted to turn himself in at Ft Sill, OK. This is where he was promptly discharged with an Article 15 and a Reprimand. (His story, not mine)

    Thought I would throw some more background out.

    I have more info if people want.

    • John Rumple says:

      Yes I would like to know what you know about this POS. He screwed a lot of my buddies over.

    • Snotcrow says:

      I’d like more too.

      • Starbux says:

        Here it goes just a few tidbits that I recall him saying.

        – During desert storm he was stabbed in the leg with a knife or maybe a bayonet by an Iraqi. Showed me the location but there was no scar. Claimed it was a good skin graf job. Claimed he had a PH that was supposed to be awarded but the paper work got lost. (He never wore one on a uniform though.)

        – Attached to the units in Somalia during the black hawk being shot down.

        – As an MP he pulled over a General that was drunk. Was ordered by an MP Colonel to break the car window and arrest the general. (wouldn’t that have made some headlines??)

        – Was put in for a Bronze Star, cant remmber why it never went through. I believe it was for going toe to toe with an Iraqi tank and saving some guys life that was about to get ran over. He was supposed to get the MOH but was put in for a BS instead. I believe some “cheese dick” Lt was jealous and lost the paperwork.

        – As a drill instructor he had a “shitbag” named Renfrow that he smoked every night.

        – Oh yeah, he was selected to go to the Q course but decided to be a drill instructor instead.

        Thats about the extent of what I remember about him.

        His step father is a supposed Retired O-6 “Green Beret” and is supposedly a former CIA type. (So you know how valid that sounds, hmmmmmm)

        Ok that’s enough!

  23. Midnightguy says:

    By the look of the folded up photo, looks to me as though an ex may have provided it. Looks like someone threw that pic out with the trash. Maybe should have thrown him in the trash as well. Poser!

  24. Vasconselles is a fraud says:

    He is claiming that he went AWOL because a “Black” NCO was bullying him due to his race. The “Black”
    NCO supposedly also picked on a young jewish private and Vasconselles claims his PTSD from Iraq kicked in an he nearly killed the NCO with his Kung Fu fighting skills. And that he sought assistance from the Jewish Community, must was left to be a sacrificial lamb. Thus he went AWOL to clear his name. He still attempts to get the Jewish Community to buy his story.

    • Green Thumb says:


      This is some awesome shit.

      My best guess that the AWOL was his excuse for his biscuit soppin’ transgender bender.

  25. eric vasconselles stolen valor says:

    Be sure to write University of New Mexico and ask how they continue to hire a PE coach who they know his entire work history is false.

  26. eric vasconselles stolen valor says:

    Why is Vasconselles trying to make a school even all about him? “I am a Captain in the Guard and I set up training for my Soldiers on almost a daily basis”. What does that have to do with a School play?”I look forward to one day seeing you all become something great”. These children are already something great. They are the reason that real soldiers that did NOT go awol for. I look forward to one day seeing you, Vasconselles, becoming something great. Heck I would be happy just to get you to stop your stolen valur, much less be something great.

    • Starbux says:

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I read that. It’s almost as if he needs to say “hay look at me kids, I have accomplished something in my life finally.”

      Who signs a Facebook post or any social media post for that matter with an official signature block?

  27. Green Thumb says:

    Still a shitbag.

    Two-Hole Ranger.

  28. eric vasconselles stolen valor says:

    Eric Vasconselles in his Coaching Uniform at University of New Mexico. He used his false credentials to get hired.

    • Starbux says:

      He’s put on a few pounds since I knew him. Although still not as fat as his ex. I can’t imagine what she looks like now.

  29. eric vasconselles stolen valor says:

    He is now reviewing Karate Books

  30. ARMSTRONG says:


  31. Starbux says: