Dustin Caraway; phony soldier

| August 3, 2016


The folks at Military Phony send us their work on this fellow, Dustin Lynn Caraway, who tells folks that he was a medic in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell and that he deployed to the Global War on Terror. Notice the picture above where he wears jump wings and a Combat Field Medic Badge on his cowboy hat.

Not according to the National Personnel Records Center. He was at Fort Knox, Kentucky for three months. He probably finished Basic Training and then for some reason he was out and on the street.

Caraway FOIA

It could have been for medical reasons, but looking at his criminal records at Military Phony, probably not.



From his pretend heart attack;

Caraway heart Attack

From his pretend bout with cancer and GoFundMe;

Caraway Cancer

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  1. ex-OS2 says:

    Fatty fat fuck, the lying cocksucker must have spent his honeymoon at the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

    Possibly a reduced charge for a DWI or he just blocked a highway with his fat fucking ass.


  2. Green Thumb says:


    Repeat as necessary.

    • Blinx64 says:

      Well that’s fuckin’ odd. I mean, good on him. Look, she seems like a better person than I am. I just couldn’t forgive lies that big. For goodness sake, cancer?

      • Bill says:

        Are you serious? After finding out everything? I know love is supposed to be blind, but damn. This fucker has no honor, he is stealing the valor of those who truly earned it, and milking sympathy from anyone willing to listen to his cancer story and she’s staying?! I don’t understand that. I can’t even fathom it. I would say the love of a good woman might be his only saving grace, but in choosing to stay, she either believes his lies or supports his actions, neither scenario lends itself toward proving she is a good woman. Per the Golden Rule, this fucker will meet karma before too much longer, it saddens me to see that she is willing to go down with the ship.

      • ex-OS2 says:

        She is standing by her man because his cock-sucking business behind dumpsters at the Cactus Canyon must be doing very well.

  3. Eden says:

    Why does this dweeb remind me of Bunny-boi?

  4. M. Kuhn says:

    Not sure how to go about this but they applied for a rental unit yesterday and had a ” service dog” with them he claims is for PTSD from service related PTSD. Sure glad I googled his name now.