Micheal J. Breitha; phony Vietnam Veteran

| August 18, 2016

Yesterday, in the Pueblo Chieftain, our buddy, Doug Sterner mentioned that the US Census reports that 12 million people claim to be Vietnam veterans. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs says that 9,087,000 Military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam Era. Aug. 5, 1964 – May 7, 1975. 3,403,100 (Including 514,300 Offshore) personnel served in the Southeast Asia Theater (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Flight Crews based in Thailand, and sailors in adjacent South China Sea Waters.) 2,594,000 Personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam. Jan. 1, 1965 – Mar. 28, 1973. Everyone wants to be a Vietnam veteran, I guess. Here’s another one;

Micheal J. Breitha, from Hawaii, claims that he’s an Air Force Vietnam veteran who trained at Ranger School and at Quantico. He also claims that he smuggled some Viet Cong out of Vietnam – don’t ask me how. I guess a couple would fit in your dufflebag. You don’t want to read all of his Bullshit (he comments under the screen name Lucidade) – I’m sure it consumed a number of my brain cells, but I still have lots;

I got to Vietnam in my 2nd Year (of my four year enlistment), in 1964 (After my Basic Training at Lackland, my time in Georgia (Ranger Forward Command) and 3 Months wasted in Quantico VA. My Service was Extended: My two years “Inactive Reserve” but I got out after the Battle of Hue (The Tet Offensive), where I lost all my teeth, my jaw was broken in 4 places and dent still exist in my lower spine.


The Mokuhau if Vietnam followed me around. The same was true in Thailand, Laos and North Vietnam. (And we (most of us) do not play Quid Pro Quo. The only moment we know is “Now.”

Of course, I didn’t know that all of my Childhood Experiences were “Ole Hat Crap.” And it was a Mokuhau named, Thranh Van Dinh (a very sneaky Gook) who stole my documents and tattooed my Given and Sur Name and the Telephone Number of my Birth Mother in Hawaii (on 14 other Members of our Crew in Vietnam.

They came here on their own. I went to find them in 1974. They had already stolen a 20 ft boat and were headed to “A more peaceful Place”. They were Attacked by the Thai and Cambodians), 8 of them arrived (alive in the Philippine Island), just in time for “Thanksgiving day 1974”.

Today, they live with their Families (a Very Traditional Buddhist Life Style) as if they were “Normal Humans” who were not F(word deleted) up because of Hormonal Stress. Our Thranh is a very Devoted Father and Husband Man. Our Brother Timote changed his name to mine, and became a Roman Catholic (Really sick crap). Micheal Dinh still doesn’t understand that I am a Roaming Catholic, not a Roman Catholic.

Yeah, no. He was a cook. He was a cook in Idaho, in Okinawa and in Hawaii, but there were no trips to Vietnam and no Viet Cong to smuggle out. No Tet Offensive in Okinawa – if his teeth fell out, it’s because he didn’t brush them. His broken jaw may have occurred when he told that story too many times.

Michael Breitha FOIA

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Hey, Hawaii is JUST LIKE Vietnam; after all, they filmed “Tour of Duty” there; anyone can make a mistake, especially a posering turd blossom who writes like he’s high on pakalolo all day long…

  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He’s a deepender, nutty as a fruitcake.

  3. SKYJUMPER says:

    I think I just became drain bamaged reading his comments. God, what an idiot.

    I might have to consume mass quantities of freshly ground/brewed coffee just to get my head back to normal (or at least what passes for normal for me). 😉

    Also, we never called them “gooks”. My platoon/team (Cacti Blue, 4th Inf. Div) in the Central Highlands called them “little people” or NVA. We had respect for their fighting abilities and never took them lightly.

    Oh yeah, what a phuck-tard!!

    • USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

      In one of his rambling comments, he wrote this:

      “Unfortunately: [sic] When I completed my Training in Georgia, the Military discovered that I had ‘Brain Damage'”.

      Yep. I bet they did.


    • Cacti35 says:

      Charlie Co. 2 battalion 35th.

      • SKYJUMPER says:


        1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 2/35th


        Pleiku & Ane Khe area

        They dropped the “P” off my MOS when they wrote up my orders making me the only Airborne grunt in a leg unit.

        Got ALL kinds of shit about that! 🙂

      • Green Thumb says:




    • Jon The Mechanic says:

      You may have suffered brain damage, but I lost enough brain cells that I now consider voting for Donald Trump or Hillary to be an idea that warrants further consideration.

      Not enough to actually do it, but enough to think about it some more.

  4. 68W58 says:

    Since he was a cook, maybe the teeth falling out and the broken jaw can be explained by having eaten his own cooking.

  5. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    12 million Vietnam vets. I believe that. There’s 100,000 Beirut Marines already…

  6. Boonie Jarvis says:

    The ghosts of the Islands Gods are driving him to bigger and greater things. Roll another one and you might make a half assed story teller.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You’d think if he’s going to talk about the Nam, he’d know at least two of the dân tộc thiểu số, wouldn’t you? Gee, even I know about the Montagnard, Hmong, Muong, etc.

      Mokuhau is a park in Hawaii as well as the name of a housing development. Did this doofus actually think no one would catch that?

  7. Dave Hardin says:

    Quantico is just ate up with Airmen running around. The Ranger school at Quantico is very very hard to get into, unless you are an Airman.

    Much respect to Doug Sterner for all the work he does.

  8. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

    You people don’t get it!

    The remaining 2,913,000 who served in Vietnam (the ones the VA didn’t count) are the ones who had super secret high speed, low drag missions and MOS’s. They were all the “Spec Ops” types that we read about here and elsewhere. Their jobs and missions are classified, but they talk about their exploits here all the time.

    This guy is just one of them.

    Get with the program!

  9. 26Limabeans says:

    Another wannabe Ranger. When the hell is somebody going to claim to be Signal Corps?
    Nothing wrong with being a cook either. I always had respect for the cooks. They fed us and a lot of them came back dead or wounded just like every other group. But these turds that never set foot in theater really piss me off.

    • MSGT_RET says:

      I never see anyone claiming to be a USAF Communications type or a USN Quartermaster either. I guess my career fields weren’t glamorous enough. I’m feeling so hurt.

    • Wilted Willy says:

      Hey Lima, I was Signal Corps, our motto was, We won’t fight and you can’t make us! If we can’t fix it, Fuck it! I loved the Signal Corps!!

    • sj says:

      I was Signal Corps. Really. No shit. Want to hear about all the valorous things I did in the Dominican Republic and VN? It won’t take long. I can’t talk about the secret dangerous stuff at Forts Monmouth and Gordon though.

    • SFC D says:

      Signal here too (26Q, 31Q, 31M, 31R, 31W, 25W. Big Army kept changing the numbers but not the job). We do it till our Gigaherz!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Hey, wait a minute! John Mallernee has NEVER claimed to be anything other than what he was, a radio repairman. Not everyone is a prc, y’know.

    • JimV says:

      I was Signal. 19 years. ASA/INSCOM for 7 years.

  10. PhukYoCouch says:

    WARNING: Don’t read his drivel under the Lucidade account name. It is a meandering gobstopper of idiocy and should have a PSA made to ward people off talking to such a moron. Damn, it will give you a headache.

  11. Hondo says:

    At the time, this guy probably thought, “I won the lottery – Idaho, Guam Okinawa, and Hawaii instead of Vietnam!”

    Now that when his grandkids ask him what he did during Vietnam and he’s got to either lie through his teeth or tell them the culinary equivalent of, “Well, son – I shoveled sh!t in Louisiana,” he wants to claim serving there. What a surprise.

    • Hondo says:

      Oh, and before I forget, Breitha: this little highly NSFW and around kids, clergy, or prudes video clip is on behalf of a late friend of mine who DID serve in Vietnam.

    • Akpual says:

      He can’t lie through his teeth. He ain’t got none. Reading his gibberish made me dizzy.

  12. Claw says:

    12 million Vietnam Vets ? Yeah, I can believe that. Hell, I’ve got nine of them riding on my back alone.

    Then here comes Numbah 10 GI to add to the load. I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut and a can of Ham&MF’rs that he’s no lightweight either. After all, you can never trust a skinny spoon.

    Hey, Cookie, where’s my SOS? Dumbass.

  13. ex-OS2 says:


    • Claw says:

      Here , let me fix it for ya.

      Toothless Cocksucker.

      Even better. No fear of getting nipped.

      That guarantees membership in the DRG as the pivot man.

  14. 3E9 says:

    I knew an Airman who went to Ranger school. Oh wait, no he didn’t but he said he did on several occasions and that’s why we threw his ass out of the AF.
    I see this dipshit managed to rocket to A1C in his four years, very impressive. What a clown.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    My recruiter lied to me. He said I could go to Vietnam if I asked for it. All I ever did was run a Movieola and watch dumbasses on EMI run a floor buffer. (Whine!)

  16. SFC D says:

    Mt. Home looks almost like Viet Nam, maybe he’s just geographically challenged.

  17. This weeks has been a week of airman embellishing and bovine manure flakey fake airman

    Maybe they had too much prop wash and searched for flight line for too long without finding any , but lost their minds and pride in the process

    WTF did he do ? to be discharged after 4 years as an A1C-E3
    Everywhere I went I always made a friend on the serving line in the chow hall, especially for midnite chow, used to load up and eat about 3 different types of breakfast meals every nite after working swings,an omlete, French toast,pancakes SoS some sausage or bacon since we didn’t get a dinner break.I myself always avoided the dinner chow, it seemed to always be some sort of mystery meat, but AF breakfast and lunch were always for the most part outstanding, we had this guy his name was Krebs, who was a midnite chow server at “The Heath” who really looked out for us swing shift troops, good guy kept us from going hungry since we usually would go 12+ hours between lunch and mids chow

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      My guess would be that he did not practice proper sanitation procedures and maybe sneezed on the mac & cheese. Cooks are not supposed to be slobs, but he might have been. He may have even lost a tooth in the mashed potatoes and someone found it and went apeshit over it.

    • Bill M says:

      One of my favorite memories of Grand Forks AFB (last duty assignment) was staff breakfasts on Sat morning after missile crew departure. I always got scrambled eggs with SOS on top, bacon, grits and coffee. True breakfast of champions. I think we got more done at those informal breakfasts than at any of the other meetings all week.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Hmmm… I don’t cook like that in the summer – too humid – but in the winter, I fix two eggs on toasted shredded wheat biscuits, nice crispy bacon, raisin toast, hash browns w/onions and hot tea. Or pancakes and bacon and sausage. Stokin’ the furnace, y’know.

        • jarhead says:

          Ex…can you answer this for me? Was or is it true that some cooks on Navel Vessels have used the same pan for years on end without cleaning it, but cooked great foods in it that were known for their good taste?
          My last trip to RVN, we were on a battalion landing team, spending time going up and down the coast making generally uneventful landings. Some times stayed on shore a while, but ALWAYS missed that chow on that ship. To we Marines, it was like home cooking. Not a one of us EVER complained how we were being fed on that ship. Evenings we’d get wasted and lay on some net contraption hanging over the rear of the ship. Regardless, most of us were land lovers and craved being on the shore. One thing in particular I remember. As a T C, if you wanted your .50 caliber mounted on top of your cupola, for a case of C rations they would take care of you and weld it on so very professionally. A case of “C’s” for that always brought a laugh to us. Twelve old meals in boxes and they already ate like a king! Truly the good old days!

  18. The popularity of being a Viet Nam veteran began after the hostages were returned from Iran amidst parades and presents honoring them as heroes, causing Viet Nam veterans to question, “Where was MY parade?”

    I remember about that time seeing a comic strip in a newspaper depicting two guys playing tennis, and one of the tennis players was a lawyer who wondered if he should question his manhood because he avoided serving in Viet Nam.

  19. Skippy says:

    Odd to say this but I remember my uncle skip saying there was way more Vietnam vets now then there was 20 years ago, he said this about 15 years ago or so now it makes sense after reading this

  20. Mark Lauer says:

    That was like reading a Mike Hammer story; if Mike had been on a bad flashback to his time in Korea.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    A truly “Phildoesque” dude.

    One too many broken eggs gave him the PTSD. They sound like mortars, you know?

    • Claw says:

      Not to mention the ever present danger of taking a shell fragment to the eye.

      That’s how Old Ferret Face got a PH.

  22. Perry Gaskill says:

    “Lucidade” is the Latin translation for “Full Potato”…

  23. jarhead says:

    When I got to the second, and short, paragraph of his rambling….and read the sentence, “Men have a penis”; that’s when I knew this was one strange cat. What an understatement.

  24. JimV says:

    Yummy. That good Air Force chow. Actually, I have eaten a number of times at Travis AFB during the holidays. It wasn’t bad.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Best chow I ever ate was at the Navy Camp Tien Sha.

      • Hack Stone says:

        If you happen to be in the National Capital Region, hit up the Navy chow hall on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Right across the street from WHCA, behind the gym. Great chow at a cheap price. I haven’t been there for a few years, but when I worked on Bolling, I ate there frequently. A lot of Boy Scout troops would swing by to feed the kids while doing the tourist thing.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          2nd that. Every time I stood duty at NPC across from the Admin building, I had dinner there. Sometimes went there for lunch, too. Really good food.

      • HMC Ret says:

        Best chow was Bethesda. Hundreds of senior officers, including flags, floating in and out. Chow had to be good.
        Didn’t much care for 3rd Med Hansen chow.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          August 17th 1970′ my first meal in the Army. Arrived at Ft. Lewis. Dark thirty. The fare consisted of burnt black chicken. I don’t remember what was served with it. Prob. Just as well. Ah, the good ole days, how I miss them!

  25. aGrimm says:

    “…12 million people claim to be Vietnam veterans. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs says that 9,087,000 Military personnel served…”
    This is why the 22 suicides per day meme is a crock of manure. The study from which the meme is derived analyzed self-reported data from family and friends who undoubtedly embellished a suicide’s service, made it up from whole cloth, or had been bamboozled by the suicide. The authors of the study admit that there is no way to determine the veracity of the claim to being a veteran, yet they took all claims of service in the study. The disparity between the census bureau and the DoD’s numbers clearly demonstrate that there are a lot of fake claims.

    Michael’s initials are MJB. Like the coffee, he should be ground up and canned. I suspect he drinks something other than coffee: MD 20-20 maybe?

  26. Green Thumb says:

    What a Spoon!

  27. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Hey… give Micheal J. Breitha a break. He served under a guy by the name of “Rice Paddy Daddy” while he was in “the shit” (Puntang Province, in the sleepy little village of Ho Le Fuk)… the local kid that did his laundry and was his guide on patrol was Lon Duc Dong, and he made a shitload of the local soup for him (Cream of Sum Yun Guy). Bet you he has an authentic pair of Ho Chi Minh sandals (stolen from the hut that Ho slept in)!

    Probably rode around with Bobbie Glen Davis on those sooper dooper sekrit skwirrl missions in Vietnam!

    Another fucking assclown…

  28. 20thEB67 says:

    This is one seriously fucked up individual. Reading his screed sorta reminded me of the response to:

    “Did you, or did you not send or receive classified documents through an unsecure email server, Secretary Clinton?”

  29. C2Show says:

    He must be friends with that one Hawaiian phony who lives in SD… Akiko or something like that. Guy who told 100 lies in 12 minutes.

    • Green Thumb says:

      I remember that turd.

      He commanded a platoon of killer attack dolphins or some shit like that.

      Fucking nutcase.