Anthony Stefon Fludd; phony Ranger

| August 18, 2016

Anthony Fludd1a

Someone sent us their work on this Anthony Fludd fellow. He writes self help books. He also claims to be an Army Ranger and he claims that he retired from the Army;

Anthony Fludd claims

Anthony Fludd Bio

Well, close…he was a wheeled vehicle mechanic (which is almost like a Ranger, right?) in the Maryland National Guard and the Army Reserve for about six years. His only active duty time was for basic training and advanced individual training – there are no National Guard Ranger units.

Anthony Fludd

Anthony Fludd FOIA

Anthony Fludd FOIA Assignments

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  1. Just An Old Dog says:

    Sounds like he wants to run for office. I like how he crows up showing up early for everything for his kids, then throws in court.
    News Flash*******
    If you were such a great father your kids wouldn’t be showing up in court on a regular basis.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Could be they’re just a chip off the old block. That clown served six years and was discharged as an E-2? He should have been at least an E-4. I wonder if he was let go for being a shitbird.

      • Hondo says:

        Could be. All of his service was RC – and he was discharged as an E2 after 5 years 6 mo 7 days in the RC.

        If I had to guess, I’d guess that someone stopped showing up for drills and his unit finally got around to processing the paperwork to discharge him. I could be wrong, though.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Shitbird is an understatement.

      • Hack Stone says:

        A quick check of the Maryland Case Judicial page shows quite a few entries for Anthony Fludd Sr and Jr. Looks like Anthony Fludd Sr likes to stiff kids sports teams out of money, some domestic violence cases, and he had his pay garnished in a lawsuit by a bail bond company. He should move over to Montgomery County and sell software with that resume.

  2. Combat Historian says:

    Shit, nobody told me nuthin’ about the Reserve Component six-year retirement plan; goddamm Green Machine gypped me again…///

  3. IDC SARC says:

    D-Bag (I just don’t know what else to say)

    • ex-OS2 says:

      My go-to is:


      • IDC SARC says:

        ex OS-2: It is succinct and speaks volumes, especially to those of us that wore the uniform (I assume). I also lol, ever time I see it. Thank You.

      • David says:

        OS2- always an interesting term, such a pejorative when applied to a male, such a good thing in a female…

        • IDC SARC says:

          Which inevitable must lead us to drink whiskey and ponder the many uses of the word, fuck.

          Such utility in a mere 4 letters.

          • David says:

            Usable in one form or another as almost any grammatical part of speech.

            • Hondo says:

              The late George Carlin had a truly hilarious bit that included the word.

              It’s contained in this clip – which is indeed hilarious, but is also very much NSFW as well as not suitable for prudes, clergy, around children, or around those who are easily offended.

              RIP, George. We still miss ye.

              • IDC SARC says:

                I was too busy with skool work when I finally got home (read that, fell asleep on the couch and didn’t move until my alarm went off this morning)

                Finally watched this…I’m a big Carlin fan…so, thanks for bringing back a great one.

          • ex-OS2 says:

            Fuck is an awesome word that needs to be utilized frequently.

      • Yef says:

        SHARP complaint!!!111

    • Tony180a says:

      Escort this piece of shit to a rope corral and give him a simple task every Ranger could do in his sleep. Tie a prusik knot and an anchor line bowline. Fuck this asshole and you don’t get credit for doing what a parent is supposed to do.

      • IDC SARC says:

        Same for a Recon Marine…one of the first tasks is getting your sling rope, learning the double sheet bend, prusik, round the chest bowline, figure eight doubled for SPIE rigging, swiss seat, etc.

        As a “roper”…doom on you if you can’t demonstrate those on demand, cuz you’re gonna be weat and sandy.

        Don’t know those in your sleep…then wtf exactly DID you do at Recon again?!?

        • Chip says:

          I’m not sure I remember how to do a swiss seat after 20 years of not needing to do it. I was in the 101st.

          • IDC SARC says:

            That’s why I incorporate things like SPIE techniques, immediate action and surf passage into routine sexual encounters. Gotta keep those skills honed baybee!

            • Chip says:

              It’s actually easy to catch most of these guys. Ask them if they have ever heard of the term FRIES. There are all kinds of neat little tricks. For Special Forces posers ask them if they ever met the hottie Robin Sage. 🙂

              • IDC SARC says:

                Ask them about operations in Pineland

              • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

                RIght because a lot of those guys were already asking folks if they’d like to add fries to their orders…

                • Chip says:

                  LOL! They would not do these things if they were satisfied with their lives. The thing is most of America does not even pay attention to military matters these days. Very few really even care. They should pretend to be members of a boy band.

        • Jay says:

          I’m the Supply Chief at Recon….I can order you 550 cord from Servmart….And….that’s about it.

          • IDC SARC says:

            Without supply there would be nothing but a bunch of untrained guys gaggling around in their civvies waiting to become Marines…let alone anything beyond that.

        • Eden says:

          I’m out of practice, but even I can tie a double sheet bend and a one-handed bowline, with either hand. I’ll have to look up the others. I’m always interested in adding another knot to my repertoire.

      • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

        Yeah, the Ashley book of knots has a whole section on Mr. Prusik’s famous sliding hitch…thankfully since leaving the military I’ve needed to learn some different knots, cleat(clove) hitch, sheetbend, figure eight, double carrick bend, and using these last few has been a lot of fun as well.

  4. Club Manager says:

    Well growing up in Bed-Sty would be the same as Ranger training. Let’s face it, motor pools need Rangers to. Don’t believe me, is it not always a vehicle “leading the way”?

    RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!! God bless them.

  5. ChipNASA says:

    More like Elmer Fludd

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    A tiresome, unimaginative bore.

  7. 1610desig says:

    I’m impressed…he achieved phony all on his own without an affirmative action quota…

  8. And he reached the high exalted rank of E-2 ?
    WTFSMH seems he couldn’t turn a wrench properly let alone become a ranger

    • IDC SARC says:

      If you include the social media based self-esteem amplifying coefficient that makes him a Brigadier General.

      • Instinct says:

        Naw, his self-esteem awesome factor makes him a full five star General who also has to wear Feet Admiral shoulder boards because they don’t have a rank that goes up to the level of awesome he’s on!

        • Former EM1/SS says:

          In honor of this weeks earlier POS-6, Can we give him Fleet admiral shoulder boards with MCPON collar device?


    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Probably tried to explain to someone the difference between a metric and standard Phillips head screwdriver…

  9. JMW3CC says:

    Guess those NG and USAR two week summer training sessions constitute Ranger training. It’s rough living in those barracks for two weeks.

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He says he’s a squirrel and that if he gets run over crossing a street attempting to bring nuts to his squirrel family, that’s okay with him. There is no need for me to say anything more. Cripes.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Which brings us full circle to The Stunning Agency and their world famous drink, The Flaming Squirrel.

  11. Tallywhagger says:

    Gotta wonder why he finds that using an official Maryland government website, for his personal propaganda, is a good idea. The Circuit Court of Maryland for Montgomery County? Ah well, at least he isn’t holding out as The Supreme Clerk of the Righteous Folks’ Court for Ft. Myers.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Maybe he has lunch in the courthouse cafeteria with Psaul during Psaul’s many court appearances.

  12. Sparks says:

    He’s that parent who shows up early when the Bull Shit sessions start.

  13. SKYJUMPER says:

    C’mon guys, stop pickin’ on him!

    He was a wheeled vehicle mechanic Ranger!

    As proof, here is his license plate:

    And here are his tabs:

    Never judge lest ye be judged. 😉

  14. jarhead says:

    O. K. Elmer Fudd, so you are a Gorilla/Ape who is really a Rump Ranger. End of story.

    • jarhead says:

      BTW, Mr. rocket Sinetest… is Prince George’s County, NOT Prince Georges.

      While we are at it, it is the Prince George’s County Boys and Girls club. But you already knew that. Are you the dude who hands out soap in the boy’s shower…..the one who stands around the boys while they shower to see that nothing wrong happens? That’s the shower with the big waterproof sign that says, “If the attendant ever asks you to pick up the soap, PLEASE ignore him! Beware the Rump Ranger!”

      • AW1Ed says:

        AKA “Gorgeous Prince George’s” by some idiots touting the place. When DC gentrified a couple decades go, all the thugs and gang bangers were displaced to PG and Montgomery counties. Now, along with Baltimore County, these Dem strongholds run the state. I refuse to travel to any unarmed.

  15. My, My, My says:

    Either his peeps or he will be along shortly to brand everyone here


    for looking into his bullscat.

    • IDC SARC says:

      “Either his peeps or he will be along shortly to brand everyone here”

      I doubt they have the fortitude or navigational skills to get within two terrain features of this AO. We can hope though.

    • jarhead says:

      My guess is he will send Daffy Duck along with a TAH posse after Jonn. Then make Jonn hurt so bad that he will rat us all out! NOT!!!!!

  16. Green Thumb says:

    Low speed.

  17. Starbux says:

    It seems like there’s no love for being a wheeled vehicle mechanic

    • IDC SARC says:

      Love is a strong word, but if she swallows and has a diminished gag reflex, there’s a possibility over time, I suppose.

  18. Mayhem says:

    Maybe he meant he was a Forestry Ranger? I hear they are pretty hardcore.

  19. HMC Ret says:

    His book on Amazon has one review with one star. The review reveals he is a poser and references TAH.

    • USMCMSgt(Ret) says:

      Later today, that book on Amazon will have TWO reviews with one star…revealing he is a phony and references this place.

    • SKYJUMPER says:

      He now has TWO 1 star reviews! 😉

      • Helmethead33 says:

        Google This Rump Ranger. He’s entertaining. He’s got two books on Amazon. The other book is with a bunch of other liars or clueless people. Go Ask Your Dad.

        • PhukYoCouch says:

          Yep. Already logged in and created a discussion thread about the work done here, providing this thread’s link. F@ck this gamete-breathed goober gobbler.

  20. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    All that time and an E2, was he perpetually mediocre, a turbo dickstepper or a combination of the two? Booger-munching lying candyassed shitbird ought to be forced to attend a Ranger Rendezvous on Ft. Benning and tell his bullshit tales to REAL Rangers someplace where there are no outside witnesses or cameras.

  21. sj says:

    TOTALLY off topic. Wish there was a DOT but I’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s WOT to piss and moan about the illustrious Rear Admiral John Kirby (John Fucking Kerry’s designated liar). What a disgrace to the uniform.

  22. Midnightguy says:

    No racism here folks.. Poser a-holes who lie about their service “are all equally worthless”.(R Lee Ermey in my head) They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and genders.
    Also, being a good Dad doesn’t need to be announced and recognized. You just do the right thing by your kids and that’s it.. Sounds like a Politician. Hey, Dig Me and all the great things I do.. Give it a rest..

  23. Starbux says:

    I think he FLUDDed his house by clogging the toilet with all his bull shit.

  24. Jamezj says:

    I had a long conversation with this guy on Facebook. It’s all a conspiracy due to his custody case. Asked where he made the claims. I showed him a snapshot of……wait for it…….HIS FACEBOOK. He claimed whoever set him up doesn’t know 2% of his story so I sent him a copy of his dd214. He responded by warning me not to be a casualty of custody war! Whatever the hell that means. Oh and he said he didn’t want me to be court martialed.

  25. OldManchu says:

    He called himself a gorilla?

    Isn’t that racist?

  26. Wrench Monkey says:

    63B, eh? Damn oil changers. Kept us third shop guys employed. Shitbag. Ordnance Corps not good enough for ya? If we don’t do our jobs everybody else walks. There’s no shame in the mechanical arts so kindly GFY.

  27. Green Thumb says:

    Retired from the Army, huh?

    My best guess is that the collective Big Army took a dump and ole’ Anthony here Fludd-ed out.

    His only consolation prize would be how he compares to a huge steaming pile of Phil Monkress.