Is Israel Finally Going to Face the Vaunted Hamas Military in Open Battle? [COB6]

| January 3, 2009

I realize fully that this could be the stupidest question ever but this is apparently the angle that the MSM is poised to take.

The idea that Israeli ground troops are about to enter Gaza is nothing new and this report from the UK Times online starts fairly good:

Israel is poised to launch a major ground offensive into Gaza tonight after allowing hundreds of foreigners living in the devastated territory to evacuate.

After a week of air strikes that have killed at least 420 Palestinians and left scores of buildings in rubble, the Israeli army was set to fling hundreds of troops and tanks into a blitz to stamp out Hamas’s military wing, The Times understands.

Despite the looming onslaught, more Hamas rockets – which have so far killed four Israelis – were fired into southern Israel today.

Then the shark is jumped and rather quickly. The Times author decides to build the drama by quoting some savage terrorist who was giving a eulogy at the funeral of the last terrorist who was thoroughly ventilated by the Israelis.

“I call on the resistance to continue pounding Jewish settlements and cities,” said Sheikh Abdelrahman al-Jamal at the funeral of a hardline Hamas political leader killed, together with his four wives and 11 children, in an Israeli air strike on his home.

“We will remain on the path of jihad until the end of days.”

But then the grand prize for idiot reporting comes later in the article:

Hamas’s military wing has been waiting for a ground offensive to face the Israeli army in open combat, despite Israel’s vast military superiority.

Does anybody with a spoonful of gray matter believe that the Hamas thugs have been anticipating, with gritted teeth and steeled resolve, an open combat with the Israeli Army? If you believe that, you are a retard.

When is the last time an Israeli or US soldier was captured wearing women’s clothing surrounded by children? I can’t think of a single occurrence of such battlefield cowardice while I can think of many such occurances from the savage followers of the fake religion of the pedophile murderer.

Hamas will not face Israel in open combat as every time since 1948 an Arab force has been foolish enough to do so wound up in a humilating defeat. Hamas is and has always been a cowardly terror organization. The overwhelming cultural weakness in manliness in the arab world is astounding. The fact that these seventh century idiots can not possibly stand up to any western power hasn’t hampered their ability to lure more and more intellectual midgets into their ranks. Sadly most of these folks will die for nothing. There are no 72 virgins morons; you are just dead.

Having said all that, I must confess that I truly wish that they would organize and face Israel in “open combat” for this would result in the absolute destruction of Hamas and that would be fun to watch.

My advice to the IDF: Don’t take prisoners, kill all of these savages. Trust me, after your election and our future CinC takes office the prisoners will all be released for nothing and they will come back and try to kill your children.

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  1. Jack says:

    It would make life a lot easier if they’d just walk out into the open and fight, but that is not going to happen. Pity.

  2. Dane Dahl says:

    The WHY? of Terrorism in Islam… (and Hamas)

    When it comes to dealing with Hamas (other than with bullets and bombs) Israel has no other choices. Let me explain.

    I am an American living in Asia. I am not Moslem, but I am a writer and historian. I would like to share some information with you: information concerning Moslem violence and terrorism, and why the United States and its military allies must both continue to be vigilant, and when appropriate, respond to individual acts of violent Islamic terrorism with relentless, overwhelming, and deadly force, while at the same time, practicing moderation, restraint, and understanding when dealing with moderate Moslems.

    This information may help you understand what is going on not only in Israel and the entire Middle East as well as India, Pakistan, and China, along with other parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and (soon) even the United States. In the not too distant future, Moslem extremists hope to involve you and your loved ones, as well as a vast number of other innocent victims in a man-made catastrophe: an organized and violent calamity of biblical proportions that is based on teachings that were deliberately added to the Koran, decades after the faith was founded.

    Disregarding the social, economic, and political factors that serve as underpinnings for Islamic terrorism, I will address the more fundamental issue: the religious teachings that sanction violence against non-Moslems and AGAINST ALL WOMEN. Here are seven verses from the Koran. These scriptures have been translated into modern English.

    …murder, crucify, or cut off the hands and feet of non-Moslems…Chapter 5 Verse 33 – The Koran
    …create terror in the hearts of non-Moslems …cut off their heads…Chapter 8 Verse 12 – The Koran
    …and fight non-Moslems until Allah’s religion is the only one…Chapter 8 Verse 39 – The Koran
    …of all the loot you plunder from non-Moslems, 20% belongs to Allah and to Mohammed. Chapter 8 Verse 41- The Koran (Author’s note: Loot included kidnapped female sex-slaves.)
    …Take as many as four wives from the women you are sexually attracted to … Chapter 4 Verse 3 – The Koran
    …God has made men superior to women… Virtuous women are obedient. If a woman becomes disobedient, beat her. Chapter 4 Verse 34 – The Koran
    …When it comes to marriage, Allah makes it legal for you to take as wives, women whom your right hand possesses. Chapter 33 Verse 50 – The Koran (Author’s note: This verse talks about the “loot” non-Moslems call… kidnapped female sex-slaves.)

    Most people in the western world have never heard of these astonishing scriptures, but they are in the Koran … along with a relatively short list of others, just like them. This is important because not all Moslems are the same; there are two very different types. Militant Moslems view these verses as commandments from their god – a primitive desert god, from an ancient land of heat, sand and scorpions. Militant Moslems think these teachings apply to life in the Twenty-first Century and they try to use them, regardless of the suffering and mayhem they create, whereas moderate Moslems ignore such verses because they were uttered a long time ago, when the Arabian peninsula, from whence Islam came, was a wild and savage place.

    Historians tell us these terrorist teachings are part of a cluster of ferocious beliefs that were deliberately added to one specific part of the formerly peaceful and tolerant Koran. These startling changes were made, decades after Islam was first founded in the Arabian city of Mecca. By the time of these changes the original (and real) prophet of Islam was dead. Thereafter the religious headquarters was uprooted and moved to the city of Medina. In its new environment, with new leadership at the helm, Islam mutated; it turned cruel and predatory.

    The historical record reveals that Islam didn’t simply fall from the sky as a full-blown religion, but rather evolved from a persecuted sect of Jewish-Christians. The first Moslems lived in the city of Mecca; they were actually part of a larger group of Jesus’ followers called the Ebionites.

    Ebionites were peace-loving disciples of Christ, who shared their wealth with fellow believers, and taught that a man should marry only one wife.

    In fact, women were much more independent in the Ebionite Jewish-Christian days of Islam. They were more influential too. I say this because my research has determined that the first prophet of Islam may have been someone other than Mohammed: I believe the first prophet was a very special Arabian princess named Khadija the Pure. Khadija was Mohammed’s first and only wife for twenty-four years. Khadija was fifteen years older than Mohammed. She was considered to be fabulously wealthy, and she was Mohammed’s employer, before she became his wife.

    Mohammed on the other hand, before he became Khadija’s employee, was an impoverished youth who had been raised as an orphan. Ultimately Mohammed worked his way up to a position as Khadija’s business manager. With time, Khadija grew fond of Mohammed. She even married him. However, Khadija was a liberated woman. In fact, Khadija was the one who initiated the marriage proposal to Mohammed! And after their wedding, she never allowed Mohammed to take other wives, or have other women in her house.

    Throughout her lifetime, even though Khadija had already converted to Christianity, Mohammed’s first and only wife for twenty-four years remained an important Arabian princess in the ruling family that controlled worship in the Kabba Temple, with it’s pantheon of more than three hundred pagan gods and goddesses. Clearly, in the early days of Islam, Khadija was a person of great influence in Arabian society: and clearly Mohammed, her husband… was not.

    After Khadija’s untimely death from a terrible illness, Islam was hijacked by a cartel of corrupt men, headed by Mohammed himself. The faith was abruptly relocated to the city of Medina and new beliefs were added to the Koran; at the same time, old beliefs were deleted or relegated to unimportance, and the religion was changed beyond recognition. In the end, Islam abandoned many of its Ebionite Jewish-Christian teachings. Women suffered the most: they became the focus of repression, scorn, and violence.

    Today, although moderate Moslems are loath to admit these ideas, and many of them are terrified to voice criticism of their militant Islamic brothers, because of fear that violence will come to them and their families, the fact remains that these added teachings are not the original beliefs of Islam; they are amendments: They are the terrorist teachings of Islam.

    In the near future, militant Moslems hope to unleash a Jihad: a Moslem holy war upon the non-Moslem world; not only upon Israel, the United States and Western Europe, but also throughout parts of Asia, including India and maybe even China, and Japan. Because the terrorist teachings of Islam sanction treaty breaking, deception, and war, as well as looting, murder, kidnapping, terrorism, and human slavery (including sexual slavery), so long as these crimes are directed against non-Moslems, there is no limit to the things these fanatics can do. But the scariest part: Militant Moslems will do everything… in the name of their primitive desert god.

    Once victory is attained in this violent holy war, these fanatics believe Allah will bless them with harems of kidnapped sex slaves taken from destroyed cities and nations, as well as enormous fortunes of loot plundered from the non-Moslem world. They believe this because of the terrorist teachings that were added to the Koran. These terrorist teachings even say ransoms paid to Moslem terrorists, to redeem stolen property (like hijacked oil tankers and cargo ships) as well as kidnapped men, women, and children, are part of the Islamic loot these vicious criminals are entitled to receive.

    These same terrorist teachings even allow Moslem men to force their kidnapped female sex slaves to marry them in Moslem wedding ceremonies, and bear children for them: whether the women want to or not. Terrorist Moslem teachings mandate only two requirements: The women must come from Christian or Jewish backgrounds, and secondly, if the unfortunate women resist, these same terrorist teachings say the Moslem husbands must beat them, and imprison them in their own homes.

    If the Moslem fanatics die while committing these crimes against humanity, as an eternal reward for their cruel deeds Islamic extremists believe their fierce desert god will admit them to paradise and bless them with luxurious palaces filled with riches and populated by seventy-two virgin brides, who are exquisitely beautiful, yet modest enough to struggle to control their unbridled lust to have sexual intercourse with a dead Moslem terrorist.

    With these stinging indictments against terrorist Islamic doctrines entered into the record, it is important to remember that the majority of Moslems are moderate, decent people who love God and practice acts of charity and kindness to their neighbors, both Moslem and non-Moslem. Such moderate Moslems recognize these violent teachings as obsolete and out of place in the Twenty-first Century. In the author’s opinion, in spite of enormous cultural and ideological differences that exist between the non-Moslem world and the followers of Islam, it is with this moderate Moslem majority that any long-term resolution to the Islamic terrorism issue will ultimately be negotiated.

    However, given the massive population increases taking place in the Moslem world, at a time when poverty, chaos, criminality, and religious fanaticism are burgeoning, the numbers of Moslems worldwide who declare themselves militant is increasing; the influence their growing networks of terror cells exert on Islamic governments throughout the world has reached crisis levels. Because of the terrorist teachings of Islam, modern civilization faces a nightmarish future; the attacks on Mumbai, India, the World Trade Center in New York, and the subway bombings in Spain and London are simply previews of things to come. In this ferocious Jihad, nuclear and biological weapons are almost certain to come into play.

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill: The road before us will be long and dangerous and terrifying; the United States and Europe and Asia must be resolute… and take courage. We must work together to neutralize militant Islamic movements… and if necessary… wage war against the governments that sustain them. At the same time, the non-Moslem world must also nurture moderate Islamic states and establish strong alliances with them. The very survival of our civilization depends on it.

    Are you are interested in learning more about an array of Islamic topics including:
    1. Who are The Seventy-two Virgins of Islam and how did they become part of militant Moslem dogma?
    2. What role did the Ebionites and Khadija the Pure play, in founding the original (peaceful) religion of Islam?
    3. What role does militant Islam play in modern human slavery?

    Visit The Moslem Institute website:

    Dane Dahl
    Author and Historian

  3. ArmySergeant says:

    Just because I have to and having nothing to do with politically taking one side or the other…

    I do believe dressing soldiers in women’s clothing to avoid capture is kind of a time honored tradition.
    Prince Charles Stuart, Scots, 1746: dresses as a lady’s maid to avoid capture

    Civil War: Jefferson Davis tries to escape dressed as a woman

    WWI: Soldiers dress as women during transport to avoid capture.

    WWII: Soldiers dress up as women to escape Nazis. (one example listed below)

    But hey, let’s get a little more modern. When was the last time an Israeli or US soldier dressed up as a woman to get something tactical done?

    That would be 1973, Ehud Barak, prime minister of….where was it…oh yeah, Israel, who dressed up as a woman in a brunette wig and blue eyeshadow in order to kill top PLO officials.

    I’m just saying. I don’t have the time to dig through my military history books and find every single famous soldier or civilian leader who dressed as a woman, but it was a pretty common ploy.

    COB6 Wrote: These are all valid points to one part of the question but completely ignores the whole question: wearing women’s clothing surrounded by children?
    I don’t think Jefferson Davis or Ehud Barak ever fired missiles on a civilian population and scurried away dressed as women surrounded by a dozen women and children.

  4. ArmySergeant says:

    COB6: I’m just saying there are completely legitimate things to hit these guys on, you don’t even need to bring those sort of things up. The proper point of is or should be that targeting civilians is reprehensible, the rest is just cheap-shot type stuff. And that’s on all sides-I’d call out Hamas as well as I would the Israelis. It’s moral vice strategic. Do I understand what the Israelis are doing strategically? Sure. I wouldn’t take Krav Maga if I didn’t understand the mentality of striking hard, fast, and vicious so that the other person cannot strike you again. But it’s still morally dubious. However, I think we’re going to see that kind of behavior until at least the last of the Holocaust generation is gone. It does a certain something to you to see horror like that.

  5. Skye says:

    The new question to ask is:


    What Would Obama Do?

  6. Anon says:

    I prefer WWPD…

    What Would Patton Do?