Thomas Wayne Hudson is not a disabled Vietnam veteran

| August 25, 2016

Thomas Wayne Huson (3)

The folks at Military Phonies sent us their work on this character Thomas Wayne Hudson. He’s walking across America to shed light on an unresponsive Veterans’ Affairs Department – an admirable endeavor. The problem comes when he calls himself a disabled Vietnam veteran. From Military Phonies;

[I]t appears that Thomas Wayne Hudson may have deceived the General Public into believing that he is a disabled US Air Force Vietnam Veteran. One or two media mishaps are understandable. Multiple media outlet mishaps without any retractions can only mean one thing — that the media has been misinformed about Thomas Wayne Hudson’s military service record. The wearing of the two AF Vietnam Ball caps are a prime example of the deception. There is not a law against wearing the hats but he does so when being interviewed so has to be aware that people are making that association.

His FOIA says that he spent two years and a couple of months in the Air Force, he didn’t spend anytime in Vietnam, evidenced by his lack of any service awards. His only award is the National Defense Service Medal;

Thomas Wayne Huson FOIA

Hudson claims that he was mistreated by the VA for whatever disability he’s being treated, but he also admits under scrutiny that it’s not a service-connected disability. So, he’s not a “disabled Vietnam veteran” the way that most of us would understand the phrase. He’s one of the 9 million Americans who served during the Vietnam War – a Vietnam Era veteran who is also disabled. But I guess that’s too much to put on one of those fugly caps.

This is the Reader’s Digest condensed version of Mr Hudson – there’s much more at the Military Phonies website.

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  1. ChipNASA says:

    I hope he enjoys his new found fame.
    He’s on here and Phonies AND Guardians of (Stolen) Valor pages.

    PLUS people have been rocking his gofundme page with links to his phonyness and the politicos he’s been blowing for attention while on his little stroll.

    Good luck with that, phony shitbag.

  2. Claw says:

    I read about this turd last night.

    It’s really getting down to the nitty gritty now, when you can claim spending eight hours in Saigon makes you a Vietnam Veteran and what was the Air Force’s equivalent of the Army’s Project Transition was a classified operation.

    Live long and suck it, Hudson.

    • Hondo says:

      Stationed at Tyndall AFB from 1972-1974, with (per the FOIA) that as his only PCS duty station? What a freaking hardship tour!

      For those who don’t know, Tyndall AFB is adjacent – i.e., cross one bridge – to Panama City, Florida. It’s literally beachfront.

      He was literally stationed on the Florida Gulf Coast beach during the last few months of the Vietnam War, and for about 18 months afterwards. If he even got to Tyndall before the Vietnam War ended.

      • Claw says:

        Florida Gulf Coast = Gulf of Tonkin.

        All same same.

        I went down to Panama City one weekend while at Fort Rucker for AIT.

        Now that I think about it, both places looked the same to me.

  3. sj says:

    Dude needs a better spell checker too. Read the drivel that he writes at the other site. Very Bernathian.

    • George Hilton says:

      His spelling and grammar are atrocious and he claims to be better educated than the rest of us……

      • Well George boy. I am more educated. Do you have a law degree? My mispelling is primarly due to using a cell phone. You and the others in this nonsense need a life. The lies, distortions and other tatics are so stupid that I comment here because of humor. No one that I deal with believes this nonsense because they know me and my credentials

        • Sandman says:

          Let’s get this party restarted,,what say you Tommy boy? I wanna see you try to hi-jack this blog!

  4. Wrinkle Bomb says:

    Whaddup with that Purple Heart pendant, though? POS

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, his FB page seems to be missing now.I guess he just doesn’t like being FOUND OUT!

  6. Scotty says:

    Spell check Jonn… LOL

    You spelled Hudson wrong on the tag.

  7. Sandman says:

    I firmly believe he ran up a bill with the VA, and now either can’t pay it, or won’t pay it, and has come up with this scam about vets being abused at the VA, couple that with his bogus walk, and it looks like he is trying to cause a stink big enough some congressman will ask the VA to forgive his debt. He has no service connected disabilities, so he would get a bill just like any other hospital.

  8. SFC D says:

    Warm up the mighty TAH choir, and let us all raise our voices in glorious song!

    • Hondo says:

      “Yeah verily, my Brothers and Sisters. Please open up the TAH Hymnal to page 13 and raise your voices in glorious song!

      Hymn, hymn, f**k hymn
      Hymn, hymn, f**k hymn
      F**k him high, f**k him low
      F**k him hard, f**k him slow
      Hymn, hymn, F**K HYMN.


      (Any resemblance between the above and any religious service or clergyman is for comedic effect only, and is not indicative of either my actual employment or of reality.)

    • Skippy (my dependa does not speak for me) says:



  9. jarhead says:

    “Walking across America”???? Let me guess, he has a bum leg and can’t stand for more than a minute or so. These POSERS all do themselves in with their bullshit and bad memory.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Let us not forget one
      Clark D. Schreiber; phony combat veteran

      Who was supposed to be rucking someplace for some reason and supposedly raised or was going to raise $880 to give to The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund that they have never received.

      Fuck You Lying ass bitch Clark Kent.

      • Skippy (my dependa does not speak for me) says:

        I would pay someone a million bucks to be able to walk across America
        Why is it so hard for these turds to be honest???

      • jarhead says:

        Chip…..there’s at least two others who really want to find out what happened to Clark Schreiber and his phony 250 mile hump, in addition to what happened to the $880 he had collected via GoFundMe. Please join us in trying to establish the next reveal. Any ideas? The more input from others will be the key to finding out the truth…which Rucksak Boy will NEVER admit.

      • 20thEB67 says:

        Two turds circling the bowl and headed for that special septic tank reserved for tin cup rattling, asshole phonies. Hate `em.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m inspired by this guy. I think I will start a charity, too. It’s for the purpose of feeding the poor and homeless. And you can join me. We’ll all live in tents, eat really old K-rats, consume mass quantities of beer, wings and pizza and it will only cost $5 to join.

    The object is to concoct the biggest, silliest sob story EVER and see who falls for it.

    Anyone in?

    • jarhead says:

      Well, Ex….joiners are going to have to have a bit more information before sending dues. Like, “What’s in it for me besides the goodies you listed?” Hey, I’m all in..that is, if it includes inflatable party goats, appliances that remove nose hairs, free subscription to Playgoat, a pair of Birkenstocks with three inch heels, nightly reruns of Frankie and Annette dry humpin’ on the beach, free transportation to the blood bank when the $ run short, occasional front page spread on National Enquirer, an autographed 8 X 10 of Roy Acuff, monthly visit to Tijuana to see the crak ho who does horses and donkeys, free cable with access to Jimmy Durante reruns, someone to clip my toenails, and of COURSE…daily access to T A H. Those would be the least needed for my membership. Other than that, I think you have a tender streak in your heart.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Damn, you’re a demanding soul, jarhead! My mental image of you was crawling through the mud in the Nam, wearing just a tattered tee shirt and greens pants that started to fall apart six hours after you put them on.
        I was feeling so sorry for you, and now you want all that stuff.

        Okay. I’ll make a list.

      • HMC Ret says:

        PH2: Don’t pick Jarhead, he’s just being greedy, wanting too much stuff. Also, is it $5 per month and, if so, can I get a free month by paying a year’s dues in advance?

        I’ll settle for Moe Bandy. Added bonuses are, in no particular order:
        Statler Brothers
        Gordon Lightfoot
        Linda Ronstadt (oh, my aching heart)
        Dan Fogelberg
        Charlie Pride
        Jim Croce

        We can discuss add on artists at a later date.
        And, yes, I do recall TJ in the 60s. Oh, jeez.

    • Bernie Hackett says:

      Mememememe! It was them wings!

  11. ChipNASA says:

    I love how Palace Chase is CLASSIFIED.
    Well shit, I guess that program I tried to go through transferring from the USAF to the USAF Reserves was a DIFFERENT Palace Chase that Wasn’t classified. Or maybe it *WAS* classified and was SO classified that even those IN the program didn’t even know they were in it. /sarc and now my head hurts.

  12. Skippy (my dependa does not speak for me) says:

    I thought the priority for the VA was service connected first.
    It sounds like to me they have taken good care of him haven forbid most don’t even get that
    This Turd is 1/3 of the reason why the VA is a mess
    Why is it so hard for people to be proud of thier service????

  13. sj says:

    Thanks to TAH every time I see someone in a hat with military stuff on it my Spidey Senses alarm. Shouldn’t be that way but Jonn and Scotty keep finding clowns that make it happen.

  14. Keepin' It Real says:

    So there I was… in the steamy, unforgiving airport in Vietnam. A casualty of the ‘hurry up and wait’ military culture.

    With no advanced warning, a Vietnamese ticket agent named Charlie comes at me and says “Son of bitch. You here eight hour, you go now!”

    • Claw says:

      “Son of bitch. You here eight hour, you go now!” and then the ticket agent threw an unopened can of Ham&MF’rs and hit me in the head.

      That’s when I became combat disabled and caught the PTS that I still carry to this day.

      I hereby swear and affirm the above statement to be true to the best of my knowledge.


      Thomas W. Hudson
      A1C, USAF

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        Tan Son Nhut was a nightmare, man. Hudson might have had to wait five minutes at the snackbar for a 33 beer that wasn’t even really cold…

        • sj says:

          Hudson Number 10 GI!

          • Perry Gaskill says:

            True story, sj: I once hitched a ride on an Australian general’s Beechcraft twin headed from Tan Son Nhut to LZ English. The Aussie crew was a hoot.

            “Headed north are ya? We’ll set ya right, mate.”

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          Staying in the terminal at Ton Son Nhut is like staying in the terminal In Minot North Dakota minus the cold, but having Taxi girls and warm beer!

  15. Roger in Republic says:

    I’m a vet. I am disabled. I flew home from Japan on an airplane that had staged out of DaNang. Does that make me a disabled VietNam vet? NO! Not in a hundred years, just like this shitbird.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Yeah, you say that now but once that seed is planted… you may want to jump on the bandwagon later. 😉

  16. Bernie Hackett says:

    He cheap charlie, no good, Sao! What a tangled web he done weave, or something. What’s with all them badges on his shirt? I’ll bet he only walks North.

  17. sbalm says:

    Reading this story just makes me want to strip down to my skivvies, take one of those grocery shopping carts in the parking lot and march on Washington.

    I don’t really have a cause, or come to think of it a goal for that matter, but I’ll think of something along the way.

    I can see it now:

    REPORTER: So what are you angry about?

    ME: Uh… the price of gas. Yeah, that’s it. Let’s go with that.

    REPORTER: Put the price of gas is dropping.

    ME: Look, I’m in my underwear. Why are you making this so awkward?

  18. Combat Historian says:

    He must have converted his eight hours at the Tan Son Nhut transit lounge into dog time, so in his mind it equals out to eight human months or somethin’…

    BTW, this reminds me of the has-been politician and fucked-up hippie Neil Abercrombie from Hawaii; who while he was a congressman on the House Armed Services Committee claimed in a hearing he had a particular understanding of the horrors of war because he “had been in Vietnam” and witnessed first-hand the waste and futility of War. Turns out Abercrombie was a drugged-up hippie/college student who was flying to Kathmandu Nepal in 1968 or 69 during summer break to smoke hash and get high in the Himalayas and decided to catch an extra-cheap flight that required him to stop off at Tan Son Nhut in SVN overnight to change planes. He probably hung out in the same transit lounge as our Vietnam Vet “hero” here…

    • Hondo says:

      Hmm. Let’s see, 1 human year = 7 human years. So that means in dog years he was there

      7 years x (8 hrs / 1 year) =
      7 years x (8 hrs / (365.25 days x 24 hrs/day) =
      7 years x (8 hrs / 8,766 hrs) = 0.0063883 years =
      2.33 days =
      2 days 8 hrs

      DoDM 1348.33, Volume 2, para 17.c.(1)(d) says that for TDY assignments, 30 days consecutive or 60 days nonconsecutive service is required for award of the VSM. (The 1-day requirement only applies to those assigned/attached/detailed to a unit or vessel in the AOR engaged in or directly supporting military operations, or if one personally participates as air crew in an air mission supporting military operations.)

      So even interpreting “in transit” status as “being TDY”, an 8-hr layover at Tan San Nhut wouldn’t even qualify for the VSM in “dog years”. (smile)

  19. FatCircles0311 says:


    As an OIF veteran would I be in the wrong if I wore an OIF hat that had an GWOT expeditionary ribbon on it if instead I chose the Iraq campaign ribbon instead in my service record?

    Technically I don’t have an expeditionary only because I chose to go with the Iraq campaign ribbon instead.

  20. Sparks says:

    He got a NDSM. It’s not like they just hand those out right out of boot camp. Wait a minute, yes they do.

  21. Daisy Cutter says:

    I really wonder if somewhere deep in the back of their mind they think they are really doing something for others vs. themselves.

    The motives are so transparent anybody can see, but do you think they are drunk with their own self-delusions of grandeur that they just don’t see it?

    I mean, it is difficult to believe someone plans this level of deception.

    To give him the benefit of the doubt – maybe he feels that his military service was a huge sacrifice and he should get seen on the taxpayer dime for colon polyps or whatever he has. When he is stuck with the bill, he becomes angry. It festers with him. He thinks of ways to get back at the VA, get red carpet treatment and have his debt forgiven.

    It feels selfish to think of just him, so he folds his concerns into the larger concerns of veterans at the VA.

    He draws air into his chest and it swells. He feels a sense of empowerment. He is no longer the victim. He is the hero. The press jams a mike into his face, governors and Congressmen met with him. He matters.

    Then, he is doing what he was born to do. Fight the good fight. Get some dollars along the way because others will believe in him as well.

    I think I can see it.

    • Hondo says:

      I mean, it is difficult to believe someone plans this level of deception.

      Not really. We see that kind of premeditated fraudulent crap every so often. See the article on Darryl Lee Wright from yesterday for an example.

      And don’t get me started on fraudulent or embellished claims for PTSD.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        The VA will provide health care to any veteran, with or without service-connected issues. This guy’s ‘issues’ are baloney. We all know that. He’s just an attention whore who thought he could pull off a fast one and it didn’t work. If this keeps up, vets with real health concerns and real service-connected problems are going to be regarded with suspicion.

        He was just looking for a free ride and he got it. He also got caught with his pants down and not he doesn’t like it. Tough shit, ain’t it?

        • Skippy (my dependa does not speak for me) says:

          It’s crazy that here this basket case got help at a VA
          While another vet shot himself because he was turned away

    • SFC D says:

      That’s not a polyp in his colon.
      It’s his cranium.

  22. ex-OS2 says:


  23. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Dude is a ballsack warrior that has fractured taint syndrome.

    Karma is going to bite him in the ass real soon….

  24. Hack Stone says:

    So how exactly did he allegedly accumulate 8 hours in Vietnam? I spent a Saturday Night/Sunday morning drinking at the Ramstein Enlisted Club while our plane was being serviced. Do I get a European Service Ribbon for that? For the record, you don’t want to fly on a C5 from Ramstein to Qatar hung over.

    • Claw says:

      Hack, he was the return courier (12 years later) for the reply to that single piece of paper that had been hand carried to Vietnam by secret squirrel taxi driver Bobbie Glen Davis.

      Such an important piece of correspondence could not possibly had been handled by mail or through secure radio traffic. Only a A1C E-3 from Operation Palace Chase with a handcuffed briefcase could have got the job done.

  25. Scotty says:

    New evidence into Thomas Hudson’s background has surfaced.

    It appears that in 1977, Mr Hudson decided to call in a Bomb threat to a Memorial Hospital in Corsicana TX. He was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in county lockup. The judge then had him committed to the State Mental Health Hospital on the recommendation of two physicians and a friend of the court.
    Thomas W. Hudson wrote a letter to the editor concerning the incident that is very comical to read.
    Hudson had a problem writing bad checks during that phase in his life too.
    We also found where he was convicted of harassing communications with the Texas Dept of Veteran Affairs Police in 2009.

    Everything is posted on his Blog of Shame

    I wonder how all of these governors, mayors, congressmen and other elected officials are going to feel now knowing that they endorsed a psychopath?

  26. Former EM1/SS says:

    He is one of the few that actually got over Macho Grande.

  27. Skippy (my dependa does not speak for me) says:

    I swear ! ! !
    Some other NUT called in the bomb threat

    Where in da hell do they all come from..


    • CB Senior says:

      Was it a “BurntNut”, because pulling a space capsule from the ocean will make you catch the dreaded PTSD, and run low on fuel.
      I also hear say that is also diminishes your cut and paste ability, even though you are a Photographer Mate.

  28. Green Thumb says:


  29. This website is acutally a joke. Anyone that has bren educated and trained in any investigative work knows that you do not simply rely on information in a data base as the gospel before you publish. LARC on that form from 1972 does not mean larceny. Also thst FOIA DD214 is bogus. My had sctually been seen by many including congressional staff. It is totally different than what you have posted. Also, this Brian Berg, Mary Beth Matthew and Kathy Owen are complete liars. Brian was removed because of sending inappropriate messages to a volunteer that her dad just died back in April. The only town that the VFW had sponsored me was in Little Rock. The fact remains that I am still the founder of That is an investigative group which looks into allegations that lead to VA scandalls. Fact remains that I will be in Washington to present the facts. This, you can not stop. If you care anything about the issues that veterans/employees have with the VA then I invite you to come join together and take the up the cause. This website usues either false information or distorted information snd is not a service but a group of trolls that has nothing better to do. A physiologist had sent me a message that this group has display traits that of a socialpath. Meaning that you have no remorse or feelings for eho gou hurt aslong as you get to me. I am tougher than that and actually I should thank you because of this waste of resource my support has hit the roof. Even members of congress don’t care about this stuff.

    • Bobo says:

      I guess that the donations are taking a hit. I know how I’m going to spend today, now, refreshing TAH and watching the flames.

    • Animal says:

      Your credibility is as bad as your grammar and vocabulary skills. Your intentions may be good, but your conduct has made you a detractor and given those who are the problem with veteran’s issues ammunition to use against us. Time to do the right thing and step aside.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      OOOOHHHH, so you’re a-sayin’ that what THE U.S. Government provided is BOGUS? OH, PUH-LEEZE, I’m gonna bust a nut and at least a couple of ribs LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at you!!! BTW, WHAT is a “socialpath”?

      • jarhead says:

        API…In the Thesaurus For The Weird it defines “socialpath” as…a Gathering Place At The Head Of A Trail Where Fuckups Do Not Wish To Be Exposed/Outed. You are welcome Blind Melon!

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Hey, CAREFUL ’bout what you say about “Blind Melon Chitlin”, he’s at least ten thousand times smarter and more coherent than Thomas Wayne Hudson!!

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Hey, Tommy-boi… the truth must fucking hurt, huh? Who are you going to threaten now? Your kids? People that you’ve lied to?

      Keep on slandering those that went out of their way to support you, it’s all going to come back to you and bite you in the ass again.

      THOMAS WAYNE HUDSON – criminal and Stolen Valor liar!

      • Gee, I feel sorry for you people. You take three former support team members who have lied because they got their feelings hurt due to removal because of inappropriate conduct and a twobit felon, Scott Allen Hughes, and use lies, distortion, alter documents and other illegal tatics and you call your selves doing a service. That is a joke. My mission was for six months and had a purpose. Now that I am in Washington DC I meett with members of congress and staff and even do speaking engagements with law enforcement. They all know the real truth about me. I amcommenting here so you guys can provide us with news material to laugh at.

        • the X team member says:

          No you ass! You are the liar! How dare you talk shit about me! You did not get rid of me, you did not kick me off the team, I quit! Matter of fact I quit two times and you begged me to come back. You flat out asked me one night while talking on the phone, you told me you were tired of walking. You wanted me to arrange you rides with the patriot guards. I saved all the pictures you tooled with the guards. Be careful who you call a liar Tom!! Because I too am very smart, and I have everything saved in a file to back up my claims of your bullshit walk, and the scrap you played on Brian, Mary and myself. You forget it was me who set up all those meetings with senators and governors, it wasn’t you! Remember that. Even Gary Sinise came after you for posting pics of him on your pages without written consent. Making everyone think Gary was endorsing you, which that was a lie. If it wasn’t a lie,why did you remove every pic of Gary from all your pages? Because you got caught! Damn Tom, stop your shit and quit the blame game. Tell the truth about all the gofundme pages you had set up. According to the PI I spoke to, you had 5 set up. You should know about the PI,it’s the one Gary Sinise hired. Yeah you add!! You still have me involved in your bullshit, and it’s not by my choice. I was praying I could put you behind and move on, hell no! I still have you and your crap haunting me! Enough Tom!!

    • 3E9 says:


    • Ex-PH2 says:

      A ‘physiologist’ sent you a message?

      Someone who specializes in the physical structure of the human body sent you a message that the people who post here are sociopaths?

      You know, tommie-boi, if you weren’t so damned STOOPID, that would be less funny!

      YOU are the ONLY SOCIOPATH posting comments here, tommieboi, so back off and quit stealing from REAL vets.

      You aren’t a vet, but you ARE a lying sack of crap. NO donations coming in? Good. Get real job, stupid.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Get lost, loser.

    • Skippy says:

      The fact is people like you are 1/3 of the problem

    • ChipNASA says:

      Peggy Hill has more balls than you.
      Fucking Phoney.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Hey Tommi-boi – here’s the intel on our “sooper sekrit” Palace Chase program:

      Looking kind of rough in the photos in ’07 and ’09 – must have been a long night of Thunderbird and other felonious stuff:

      How about the bomb threat and your “apology”:

      And, of course, can’t forget about your history of writing rubber checks:

      And you’re all butt hurt now that the word is out about you and your bullshit?

      Deal with the Google hits and fame THOMAS WAYNE HUDSON

      • You people have not effected me. Keep on following your boy, Scott Allen Hughes, and continue on with his altering of ducuments, distortions and lies. I never did a bomb threat nor was i sentenced for such act nor did I write a letter. I have never committed and act of larceny nor had I ever been charged with larceny. This hasn’t effected me and no one believes your nonsense accept the mental cases that have nothing to do but do what scottie tells them to do.

    • Sandman says:

      Hey Tommy-Boi, got a question for ya. You left the AF under Palace Chase right? You know where you go from active AF, to AF reserve, or AFNG. My question is when did a AF program include the Army National Guard? Did maybe you get caught in another boo boo?

      • Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

        • PTBH says:

          How about posting your real DD-214?

          It should show your 8 hours in Vietnam under foreign service.

          Let’s get this mess cleaned up and put it behind you. Post the DD-214. Show all the folks up and prove you are a man of integrity.

          • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

            Let’s guess at what THOMAS WAYNE HUDSON’s excuse for not posting his 214 will be:

            1. The dog ate it
            2. It’s in my duffle bag in my mom’s flooded basement
            3. My ex-wife has it
            4. It got all burned up in “THE FIRE”

        • Sandman says:

          ANG= Air National Guard, Palace Chase was ONLY for AF Reserve, and Air National Guard.,,,Not Army National Guard.

        • ex-OS2 says:

          Tommy, I strongly suggest that you enroll in a remedial grammar class.


      • Well, shows how much you really know. I did leave the Air Force under the Palace Chase program. Since Carswell AFB was too far I had checked about the Army National Guard was was granted the ok.

    • Keepin' It Real says:

      TWH —

      All standard criminal code abbreviations translate “LARC” to “LARCENY”.

      Nice attempt at misdirection, though.

      Just out of curiosity, what are you claiming it stands for?

      I know that you had a whole bunch of things going on at that time of your life – messy divorce, retraining order put out against you, criminal charge of suspicious person ordinance which occurred the exact same date as the larceny.

      Oh yeah, this was years before they committed you to the looney bin.

    • Justice Marvel says:

      Hey Clowndick – You’re the joke: Your kids publicly post how much they hate you and your personal failures are now shared for the amusement of all. Your website looks like you ate a bushel of apples and shit a fruit salad. Cheese-headed-simpleton? Have you only recently started to think that you would never get caught? I think not! Your grammar is atrocious, your logic is rife with banality and idiocy. Your conclusions are misleading and your character is only slightly better than an overworked crack whore who could give better arguments than what you’ve carelessly slopped onto your idiotic web site and Facebook group. Death threats? Typical poser response. You are an embarrassment to yourself, your family, and other veterans.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      You’re correct. I have no remorse when turds like you get flushed.

      But I CAN spell….

    • Killerb says:

      I always love the desperate stories these posers invent. Unnamed Docs, lame excuses.. cry’s of fake DD 214’s. Claims of doing better then ever.. and on and on. These idiots just never get that we have heard all this Bull shit before.. none of it is new, all been done, said and stale. Dude you will end up in a corner some where like all the rest of you fakes… no friends, pissed off family,with everyone knowing you as a lying fraud just wishing you never tried this crap to begin with. Boom mofo.

    • Look, Thomas,you claimed you lost your daughter.I found Stacy and Josh, Thomas. She is very much alive and embarrassed, living in Colorado,2 others in TN found alive and well. I saw the actual newspaper clipping about the bomb threat. Bet your bosses at the mortuary were embarrassed by the negative press. Oh, and then there is the claim you served in TN State Assembly 84-85, but couldn’t find your picture or name on the slate of membership in checking the TN State Archives. You did show us the front of the blue book, but curious enough, you didn’t open it to the page you were supposedly shown, hmmmm, curious. Then there are the other criminal records, a matter of public record. What would Peggy Sue or Dave Hudson say to all this ? If you were just honest in the first place, all this would not be coming back to bite you in the ass now.

  30. SFC D says:

    I’ve never been called a socialpath before. Not quite sure how to react.

    • Hondo says:

      Hmm. I’m presuming the ignorant fool above calling himself “The Walking Veteran” actually meant “sociopath”. From WikiHow:

      A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals.

      I’m thinking anyone busted here for lying about their military past and using those lies to con (manipulate) others should think twice before accusing anyone of being a “sociopath”. And I’m also thinking that the comment from “The Walking Veteran” above exhibits most if not all of the characteristics noted in the quoted definition.

      What do his records actually say? They say “never served in Vietnam”.

      “Vietnam Veteran” my ass, Hudson. Whenever you claim that, you’re merely being a LSoS.

      • Claw says:

        socialpath, not sociopath.

        Still working on “eho gou hurt aslong”.

        Klingon, maybe?

        • Claw says:

          Ah, So, I see the pen and ink change has been made.

          Mea Culpa.

          Now where is that Klingon dictionary? I was just using it yesterday. Probably got moved by the carpet and flooring helper guys.

        • Hondo says:

          Nope. From the context, I’m pretty sure that’s an example of the SSL (Self-centered Semi-literate Liar) dialect which translates to “who you hurt as long” in standard English.

        • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

          I’m thinking it’s either Estonian or Swahili…

        • Dave Hardin says:

          “eho gou hurt” must be that Filipino-German stripper I used to know. Sadly, I never really did have feelings for her…loved her Kimchi-kraut though.

          From everything I have read about this “Walking Veteran” guy…if he shows up anywhere the people who used to support him will be waiting to put in their two cents.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Ah, no – not Klingon exactly. It’s more closely related to an obscure dialect of Andorian crossed with Klingon with just a hint of Romulan.

      • Bobo says:

        Physiologist – a professional who studies the normal function in living systems.

        Psychologist – a professional who evaluates and studies behavior and mental processes.

        I’m guessing that he meant the latter. Assuming that, I doubt that a psychologist would diagnose an inanimate object such as a blog with a condition or diagnose a an individual or several individuals based on the reactions on a blog.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        ” My had sctually been seen by many including congressional staff.”

        I got nuttin here, ran it through the Shitbird translator. It translates as follows:

        “Look son, a retard.”

  31. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, dear. Pants down. Caught again!

    tommie-boi, you are a boring, silly, useless little twit, a slacker and a lazy S.O.B. who does nothing but scam people so you don’t have to work. Go find a corner where you can watch the world go by.

  32. sbalm says:

    Let me help Thomas out with his story with a proposed fictional account:


    He had a layover in Vietnam for 8 hours. During that time they were unloading some Agent Orange on the runway and a canister broke free from the palette and broke open. The wind carried the fumes into the airport’s open windows because there was no air conditioning in the terminal.

    He washed himself off in the bathroom and used a poor man’s gas mask which is soaking ones t-shirt in water and wrapping it around ones mouth and nose. Picture the Lone Ranger.

    He soon got his flight information straightened out and was on his way to another destination. The military wanted to sweep this all under the rug so they scrubbed Hudson’s records of not only the Agent Orange incident, but the fact that he was in Vietnam for 8 hours.

    Years later, he developed cancer and feels strongly that it was related to his exposure to Agent Orange. Since the VA does not want to acknowledge his condition they were given a pass because there is no documentation in Hudson’s records.

    Hudson became frustrated because he had to pay for all medical care himself but felt that not enough people would be sympathetic to his cause, so he lumped himself in with combat-wounded veterans and offered to carry the flag for them. Secretly, he is hoping he will be enough of a thorn in the backside to the VA that they will forgive his debt.


    How am I doing so far? You like this story?

    • Dave Hardin says:

      The only part of that I have doubts about is the use of {fiction} tags.

      • sbalm says:

        Mark my words, this will rattle around in his brain housing group for a while until the light bulb goes on.

        Then he’ll say to himself – “You know, it sounds ridiculous but on the other hand they have no way to prove me wrong. I may just go with it.”

        If he is able to punch through the paper bag I’m sure there will be an entire platoon of guys that will get on that gravy train and confirm his story because it happened to them as well.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      I thought that “Agent Orange” was the naked guy in a trench coat and Ray Ban sunglasses that was flashing everyone at the airport in Saigon?

  33. AskaMarine says:

    Well, gee whiz, Hudson. If LARC does not stand for Larceny, then how about these adjectives or nouns to describe you:

    L: Liar, Leech, Loser

    A: Azzhole, Arrogant

    R: Roach, Rat

    C: ex-OS2’s Favorite Word

    Anyone else like to add to the list? ?

  34. Daisy Cutter says:

    The Walking Veteran – if you truly cared about your cause you would recognize that you are a distraction to do it any good.

    The right thing to do is to step aside and let somebody more appropriate carry the torch.

    I suspect that your ego won’t allow that to happen and the cause will suffer because of your arrogance and desire for the limelight – at any cost.

    • Justice Marvel says:

      Therein lies the problem. Hudson’s ego won’t allow him to admit he lied, nor step aside. He now views this as a fight against his “cause” vice his own lies. Because of idiots like Thomas Hudson, Mac McQuown, etc – a “walking veteran” is just another scammer benefiting from those who truly care about veteran issues. I certainly hope the media attention he craves is fulfilled!

  35. Skippy says:

    Just popped a BIG Bag of popcorn

  36. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      No one here apologized for anything. We don’t apologize to proven liars.

    • jarhead says:

      Walking veteran…if you need a laugh, here’s a mirror you can look in to

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Memo to “The Walking Veteran” (aka THOMAS WAYNE HUDSON – the lying veteran):

      FUCK YOU!

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      He’s just fishing for everyone’s email addys.

      Nice try asshole…

    • Keepin' It Real says:

      Why all the cloak and dagger about getting access to read “an apology”?

      While we are on it, why all the cloak and dagger about your “real” DD-214.

      Just post both publicly and put this all behind you. Show everybody that you are who you say you are and I’m sure you will get hundreds of public apologies. I’ll try and be the first to do so when I see your paperwork.

    • Killerb says:


  37. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    • Sandman says:

      Want to clarify your comment? I just looked there is NO apology from Scott, and there won’t be. You are a con man, period.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      How about a valid URL, idiot…

    • Kato811 says:

      Bad news phonie why some people may buy your line of bullshit none of them are on this page

    • ex-OS2 says:

      Apology? Where at? It is nowhere to be found just like you having any service in Vietnam. You are a fucking disgrace.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Your non-existent apology has as much credibility as your 8 hour combat tour in Vietnam.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      I’m not sure that being mooned and given the middle finger is actually an apology.

      Here’s one though:
      I’m sorry that you’re a lying piece of shit….

    • Killerb says:

      What wrong wittle poser?? Your scam drying up??? The heat getting to much to handle?? You poor little dickless shit nugget. Fake apology made by a fake page… now that’s fucking funny. I so look forward to burning you more and more on the net. THis kind of exposure makes me feel good about life. Oh poser but burn baby burn/

  38. SFC D says:

    apologizing to you is much like apologizing to a pile of dogshit after stepping in it.

  39. Chris Sanders (Sandman) says:

    This is Hudson’s supposed apology. Speaking for myself, and Scott at no time have we, or will we issue an apology to this con man, this is a fake site created to try and takes some of the heat off of this scam artist,,it won’t work, either Hudson produces a valid 214 or we WILL continue to expose him to whomever we can,,,,period!

    • Bobo says:

      Buying an easily confused domain name and setting up a web page to hang a fake apology is a lot of work for someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.

      • Hondo says:


        I wonder where the money to fund setting up and operating that bogus website might have come from?

  40. Scotty says:

    Kiss my ass Thomas Wayne Hudson aka ” The Walking Con Artist.” If I ever have to apologize to anyone for Military Phonies being incorrect. It will be in writing and signed by me in front of a Notary Public. You can pound sand Hobo. You represent NO ONE except yourself.

    • Skippy says:

      Amen ! ! !

    • Scott Allen Hughes. I have had briefings about you. Your are a scarely mental challenge with your felony record. You have used lies, ditortion, alter documents and other tatics that the people in right places are well aware of. You can sit and grow your pot belly at a computer in Spencer, WV and get these mental cases to follow your every command but my mission has not been deterred by your sick nonsense nor has anyone that I deal with lke go vernors, congressman, senators and law enforcement believe your foolishnesses.

  41. Chris Sanders (Sandman) says:

    Hudson at no time did I or Scott issue an apology to you con man, your bogus website is a fake. Until you post a valid, readable 214 we WILL continue to expose your scams to anyone, and everyone we can!

  42. ex-OS2 says:

    Thomas Wayne Hudson is not a disabled Vietnam veteran.


  43. Just An Old Dog says:

    The cocksmoker put up a “response on his page using shit from Dennis Cheeselayers “Evidence Blog”

  44. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Thomas Wayne Hudson IS NOT a disabled Vietnam Veteran.

  45. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Seems he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

    Apparently he thinks posing with Governor McAuliffe somehow gives him credibility.

  46. Kenneth Hudson says:

    From a Retired US Navy Veteran.

    This Thomas Wayne Hudson should be made an example of how he followed the history of Adolph Hitlers rise to power back in Germany 1930s.

    It sickens me to find out that he stuped to an extreme low to play with the emotions of a girl 16 years old stricken with a Life Long disease like Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease. I have Crohn’s disease as well.

    What pisses me off the most, this TWH (my brother, as in sibling) takes advantage of groups that I am associated with and makes a mockery of it for his own advantage.