John Edward Egri; job hunting phony

| September 23, 2016

Someone sent us this resume from John Egri in Lima, Ohio. I don’t know what job he was trying to get, but I’m pretty sure that he’s not qualified for it;

Egri resume

He also provides this handy DD214;

Egri forged DD214a

My DD214 is printed on the 1988 version of the document, too, but it doesn’t look anything like that. Anyway, he should get in touch with the NPRC, because their records of his service look nothing like his version;


Egri FOIA Assignments

Egri FOIA Awards Education

Egri FOIA Training

He went through medical training and then pawns himself off as as some kind of high speed killer dude. I guess he has some regrets. It looks like he had some active duty time as an engineer, 12 Foxtrot, then he transferred to the National Guard in the Medical field of endeavor.

UPDATED: deckie sends us the reason Mr Egri might have left the Medical field;


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  1. IDC SARC says:

    91C…that’s practically the same as an 18D

  2. Hondo says:

    Whoa. That’s a candidate for “worst forged DD214 we’ve seen in a while”. You’d think that after putting that much time and effort into creating a fake document, he could have done better than that.

    Wonder who his accomplice was. Sure looks to me like two different individuals signed that bogus doc.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    WOW, 6 1/2 years and he rose to the stellar rank of Specialist? Dickstepper or terminally mediocre? GOOD LORD, what a Texas-sized smelly bucket of BULLSHIT he has on that resume!

  4. E-6 type, 1 ea says:

    General Dynamics manufactures the M1 tank in Lima. If he was trying to pull this stunt to get a job there, he’s a helluva lot dumber than I originally thought.

  5. sj says:

    Even Forging Frank is shocked at that “214”.

  6. Graybeard says:

    Sad sad sad.
    Well, John Egri of Lima OH,
    you’ve shown yourself a prima 0.

    “Looking for a full time job” – first move should be, learn to fill out an accurate resume and state precisely the position you want. I’d screen that out on the first line.

    That just screams “LOSER!”

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      GB: I had my cmt block open and did not see your cmt until after I posted mine. Great minds…etc.

    • thebesig says:

      Yeah, like an employer/human resources, is worried that they can’t get enough qualified “need a job” people, or if even one exists. 🙄

      He starts off with “need a full time job”, and doesn’t state something to the effect of looking for an opportunity to grow in a way that gets the employer ahead if only he were accepted into that job.

      Then he lists his phony accomplishments. So What? What’s that going to do for an employer? It tells a potential employer that he’s all over it like that kid scrubbing the graffiti, but how is that going to translate to being all over it for the employer? Specifically, with regard to the job position he’s applying for?

      He lists himself as a “small business owner of over 14 years, with “excellent” leadership, typing, multitasking, public relations, organizational, team leadership, self initiative, quick learning, and inventory skills. Yet, he’s looking for a job.

      If he, as a small business owner, had all those qualities, chances are good that he wouldn’t be looking for a full time job. He’d have too much work on his hands due to a single, or a combination of actions for his business: growing, changing, or expanding.

      If he’s indeed running a business, it isn’t doing well, or his “skillsets” aren’t in hot demand. This would be a testament to his “public relations skills” as well as to his people skills, judgement, etc.

      Looking at this person’s resume, you could see that this guy does things without thinking, that he doesn’t plan, that he exercises poor judgement, that there’s a good chance that he’s not good at “public relations skills”, etc.

      If I could pick some of that up as a non human resources type, just imagine how much more someone in human resources, or an employer, would pick up.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        He forgot to list “excellent manual dexterity”.

      • Dennis - not chevy says:

        The first thing I look for on a resume is results; I see no results on his resume. Don’t tell me you were an exterminator, that doesn’t tell me if you were any good at it. I want a body count.
        I just attended an exit interview during which the employee had finally told the truth. This same truth would not have disqualified him from the position. He was fired because he lied on his application and the fact he’d received NJP a long time ago had nothing to do with it.
        If only the phonies would realize most folks can’t tell a Good Conduct Medal from an oat meal cluster on a silver spoon.

        • David says:

          I assume someone’s looking for a job or they wouldn’t be sending me a resume. And if someone is going to waste my time with an objective statement “Seeking upwardly mobile position in which I can use my skills(ZZZZZZZ – I’m done already). I want to see how what they have done is going to help me. Fastest interview I ever had: the owner asked “What do you want to do here?” and I answered “I want to make you filthy rich, and I’m thinking if I do, a lot of that will trickle down to me.” “We’re done.” (In sales that can be regarded as the ‘right answer’)

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I got a kick out of his stated objective: “Looking for a full time job.” Most people state an objective of actually obtaining a f/t job in a specific field. Not Johnny. He’s content just looking for one. Cripes. Now, let this be a lesson for some of you folks who may be looking for work. Always tailor your resume (add the accents yourself) to the job you are seeking. Learn about the company. Visit their website. Look at their visions and mission statements and, by careful and thoughtful word selection, try to incorporate what the company is and looks to be into what you are offering. Do not do what Johnny here did, unless you want a job collecting dog shit, in which case you don’t need a resume.

    • sj says:

      At least he’s looking for a job. Whole lot of folks would rather watch Oprah and cash the govt checks.

    • jarhead says:

      217…You have given me an idea that will hopefully help this poor schmuck. From top to bottom I am going through all media publications seeking employees. Will contact Johnny when I find it. Looking under “Seeking professional dog shit collectors. LPN license (even if revoked) a real plus. Must be able to follow a trail. Would consider former cat shit collectors if you are a Transpedigree. Please call 1-800-DOG-SHIT”

  8. ex-OS2 says:


  9. 26Limabeans says:

    Line 25. on the DD214:
    “completion of required active service”
    Required for what? He wasn’t drafted and his education history, albeit phony, does not provide any clue.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I want to try to understand this. There was a demand for LPNs, people who picked up where the RNs left off. I’m not sure if LPNs still exist per se, but there’s a LOT of work available in the nursing field, period.

    He could have done something like EMT post-service, but didn’t. His license was revoked for unspecified reasons. I’d have to guess that he made a massive mistake of some kind for that to happen. Now he wants a full-time job.

    Well, restaurants and roadside diners are always looking for someone to clear the tables and wash the dishes. It’s legitimate employment. But I guess it’s beneath him to do something like that?

    • IDC SARC says:

      “I’m not sure if LPNs still exist per se”

      LPNs/LVNs still exists. They are Nurses and can say that (CNAs can’t legally)but have a more restricted scope of practice than an RN.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        I just wondered about that.

        Meantime, if he wishes to restart his career in any way, a steady job bussing tables does pay off.

        • Doc Savage says:

          Most LPN’s are drifting to the two year RN programs.

          LPN’s ( at least here) are are restricted from hanging blood products, doing IV push meds, and a few other procedures.

          It makes more sense for them to go the accelerated RN route for better pay, and the real difference is two year RN’s will not get promoted into administrative supervisory positions.

          Thats not all the details, but it covers the bulk of it.

          • IDC SARC says:

            For the LPN/LVN the BSN isn’t really a wise choice anymore. They can go ADN/ASN take the NCLEX and get work with an average salary of about 70k…they can then get into one of the many RN to MSN programs if they want to increase their responsibility and marketability as Nurses.

            • Doc Savage says:

              My wife opted for the MSN….I decided Hospital life wasn’t for me and ran back to the field for the rest of my career in the Army.

              After retiring I finished a Masters in Public Health and ended up teaching in Afghanistan for a bit..the money was nice but the commute was a bitch.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          If KP duty is the same as it was in my day he would be more than qualified to work in any kitchen anywhere.
          “outside man inside!!..inside man outside!!”

    • Graybeard says:

      “LVN” is still a position in Texas @ least. As the son of an RN and former EMT-B (mid-80’s), I am amazed at the number of levels of nursing that have developed over the years.

      LVN will usually do some basic care – wound-care, medication dispensation, etc. To screw up as an LVN you’d have to give someone the wrong meds or too much of the right ones, not maintain sanitary conditions in wound treatment, be careless with hazardous waste, drop the patient on the floor – something really stupid.

      I did have a young lady in one of my Scouting units who earned an LVN in a high-school vocational class. Unfortunately, she was mentally handicapped and could not measure meds correctly. I have no clue how she graduated from the class. I don’t know of Johnnyboy here is similarly handicapped.

      • Hondo says:

        Out of curiosity, would pocketing patient meds perhaps be another reason an LVN/LPN might get canned? I only ask because of the reason this guy’s license was suspended – and the obvious questions it brings to mind.

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          It sure can… in the field it’s called “diversion”. My ex saw a travel nurse that was diverting dilaudid nearly OD in a staff restroom – with a small IV bag, tubing and a IV catheter in his arm. They found out he was doing it for months and needed a fix while at work. As soon as they got him work back up, he was escorted off the premises. Not sure if the hospital contacted the idiot’s state board of nursing or the travel nursing service of the incident

        • Graybeard says:

          With some sort of substance abuse involved, I would strongly suspect that he was raiding the supply cabinet.

          Unfortunately, this is not rare in the healthcare industry.

          • Hondo says:

            HMCS(FMF), Graybeard: though that might be a possibility, but not my area of expertise. Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t “out to lunch”.

            • Graybeard says:

              Just as a PSA – if you manage to become very good friends with someone in your local medical community, you can usually find out who the best physicians are in your area.

              This can be nurses, EMTs, physical therapists, etc. And they have to really trust you – and/or you have to be able to hear what they are not saying when they speak of someone. Via our Favorite First Daughter-in-law, whose mother grew up in our community and is an RN here, we know all sorts of things about various practitioners.
              Physicians are usually more reticent – and your “what is (s)he not saying” skills have to be pretty good – but by being aware you can learn a lot about who to avoid.

              But you also learn that everyone in the medical field is under a heck of a lot of stress. Nurses of all levels regularly work 12-hour shifts. A GP will be at the local hospital checking on his/her patients at 0530 before coming in for a day of appointments at 0800, then checks on them again after 1700.
              I can always tell when my personal GP (a man I consider a friend) had lost a patient, or is about to lose a patient. He cares deeply for his patients, and it wounds him. If it were not for his deep Christian faith I am not sure but what he would be abusing something. One of our local physicians did for years – finally got clean and is back doing a good job for his patients.

              The medical field is hell on it’s professionals.

          • Just An Old Dog says:

            He was in a position to get his paws on a lot of prescription drugs. There is always the chance he got popped for illegal drugs in a random sweep as well.
            The state of Cali a while back tried to get some of their ex-cons (female type) licensed and working as CNAs in one of their programs.
            The spousal unit worked in a nursing home at the time. The facility had one group come through. Most didn’t last through the 90 day probationary period. The last one made it to the 5 month ,ark before she was waltzed off in silver bracelets by the sheriffs department for theft. Not a good idea to steal a patient’s checkbook and write checks to yourself.
            Corporate HQ made the decision that the stipend they were getting from the state to hire and try to train these wenches wasn’t worth the reputation of the facility.
            These were all supposedly “model” inmates as well.

      • IDC SARC says:

        Along the way I became an RN-Paramedic, so I can tell ya:

        LPN/LVN is the same thing with a different name. In Texas for example as Graybeard says it’s an LVN…the app on the TX Board of Nursing site still states graduate from an approved LVN/LPN program in any state. NC…does the opposite, they call you an LPN…instead of LVN, but you could have graduated as either one on your diploma.

        LPN/LVNs can do a lot of real nursing care. They can’t do a lot of the RN admin work… admission/discharge, teaching, diagnoses, advanced monitoring and medication administration etc.

        The RN has to carry out his/her duties and delegate the appropriate work to the appropriate level of staff such as CNA/LPNs and is accountable for what they do which varies a bit state by state.

  11. ex-OS2 says:

    Silver Star, Bronze x2, Purple Heart….

    Fucking asshole.

  12. Tony180a says:

    Airborne Tab is an award??

    • Snotcrow says:

      Aaaahahaha, I was just gonna say.. he put airborne tab under awards.. aaahahaha… that is so dumb…

      • Hondo says:

        Yeah, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. But there may be another reason – see the added info Jonn posted regarding why his nursing license was suspended.

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Besides the obvious fakery, I’d like to tell you all that this might be the worst resume I’ve ever seen submitted but….I’d be lying.

    In fact as shitty as this resume is it’s not even in our top ten here at my shop…self rating oneself as excellent with all skills is indeed amateurish and indicates he either hasn’t written many of these or has no access to the internet for resume tips. As 2/17 AC and Graybeard point out this document fails resume 101. It’s too bad we didn’t see the salary requested component. That’s probably humorous as well.

    I always enjoy the folks who have zero experience and claim they are looking for “anything entry” level at my company but are seeking 50-60k a year…..I usually ask them where they found that salary range for entry level for a small business manufacturing facility anywhere in the US because I need to contact that company and find out how they are making a profit with those labor costs for entry level work. A lot of them tend to be shocked to discover entry level wages are considerably less, especially without experience or degrees.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I haven’t done color separations in while, VOV. I don’t even know if people still use Quark Xpress for prepress. But I could use the extra cash, if you want to shoot anything my way. I can do proofreading, too. (Giggle.)

      I have to get a new computer. Mine is SO old.

      • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

        Actually InDesign has become the Quark killer, and you can get a subscription for personal use that gets you photoshop, illustrator, acrobat, and indesign for a monthly fee….that’s the current model. I have a team account for Adobe and I think 10-12 seats currently…runs me just under a grand a month as I recall.

        I will keep in mind you can proof read, on occasion I still find a client who needs that service…

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Thank you! Adobe does have flat monthly single user rates for the multi-apps groups, which won’t fit on my current computer but will be accommodated on my next computer.

        Just let me know. Thanks!

    • DevilChief says:

      I get resumes all the time. Best “worst” one I got was 62 pages long. I still can’t figure out if he met the minimum certification requirements.

  14. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Well, look at the bright side. Without a license, he’s only fucking up his own life.

    Not far from here, a traveling nurse was ripping patient meds, and ended up infecting at least 20 patients with Hep C.

  15. MSGT_RET says:

    He does have the coveted “Somalia Liberation Citation” and “National Defense Ribbon”. Those two awards are so rare that the U.S. Government doesn’t even acknowledge their existence! 🙂

    • MSGT_RET says:

      Oh, I almost forgot the “Army Meritorious Medal” another super secret award that nobody else knows about.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        I was once asked to type up a recommendation for award of the

        Army Superior Service – High-Organized Low-Effort


        Came back endorsed “over qualified”.

        • SidneyBroadshead says:

          “Our Man Flint” had superspy Derek Flint figure out the Army MPs were imposters because they were wearing the US Army’s “Battle of the Bulge Campaign Ribbon” Bar on their uniforms – because the US Army never designed or created one. (Which makes you wonder how he could identify what it was if it never existed…)

  16. Green Thumb says:

    I am sure this turd could get a job in the infirmary at All-Points Logistics.

    What a clown.

  17. Combat Historian says:

    That “DD-214” was meant as a joke, right?…right?

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    The updated image: Oh. My. God.

    Glad he’s no longer allowed to do anything medical. Period.

  19. JimV says:

    Who provides a DD214 as part of their job application? I rarely mention my military service unless I am asked about it. It’s a about two or three lines on my resume.

  20. JP76er says:

    Just checked with my buddy who is a Ranger who served in Somalia and he is working in Ohio. Any firm address or phone number on this turd? My buddy can stop by for a visit and an educational chat on stolen valor.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I ass-u-me that he’d like to deliver some quality wall-to-wall counseling on the little shit.

  21. Sparks says:


  22. Sparks says:

    As I read somewhere. He’s like a glow stick. You want to snap him and shake the shit out of him until the light comes on.

  23. lily says:

    It annoys me that so much of this resume fraud is going on. The people who really qualified get passed over and some phony gets the job. I hope human resources are catching on more and more to this fraud. I’m really sick of these people. It’s extremely hard getting a job and the last thing we need is “fake competition”.

  24. Skippy says:

    F-ing a my three year old daughter could have done a better job then that WTF ! ! !

  25. 19D2OR4 - Smitty says:

    I love the 11D MOS that went away post-Vietnam and became 19D long before he served.

    Also he doesn’t seem to get how skill levels, SQIs and ASIs are written properly.

    In case any of you were wondering, I can explain them right quick. Using my username as the example.

    Army MOS codes

    19 – Branch. In my case Armor
    D – MOS. In my case Cavalry Scout
    2 – Skill Level of E5 Sergeant
    O – SQI. In my case none. (Side note, this is the most common mistake when writing an MOS in the Army. For no SQI, the Letter O is used. It is commonly written as the number 0, which is incorrect)
    R4 – ASI. R4 is my most current ASI (Stryker Crewman). Although I have several others, it is mostly often written with only the applicable current duty position or the last achieved if not holding a position that requires your ASIs.

    For an actual sniper qualified Ranger in the Regiment, his MOS would look like this:


    • 19D2OR4 - Smitty says:

      Fun fact, my current duty position on my ERB and units TDA is 19D3V. Which is an airborne and Ranger SSG, of which I am none of the above. Nor can I figure out why we have V slots in my heavy Cavalry squadron.

    • Graybeard says:

      How would I write “civilian never served”?

    • Skippy says:

      The way You have put this is simple and easy to understand…
      my platoon sgt put it to me the same way when I was with 2cr in Germany
      My time in the reserves you could throw it all out the window until they put you on title 10′

  26. LovemyVets says:

    To all my hero veterans:

    I forwarded this information to this site. When I read the resume, it seemed that it was a bit over the top. Prior to interview, I asked for the DD214. (I know what it is, even though I have not served). It just didn’t jibe, and neither did the answers I got, as to why none of the higher awards were available in database. It brings me no joy to out this behavior, but when I think of those of you who have earned these awards with blood, sweat, and sometimes your lives, there really was no hesitation. I hate Stolen Valor.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It’s worse when it puts people’s lives at risk, which is what this jerk is doing.

      You did the right thing.

      It’s up to Egri to correct his own mistakes.

    • Graybeard says:

      Thank you for your vigilance, LoveV.

      It is ok, I believe, to regret what a person is doing to themselves and take steps to ensure they do not hurt others with their actions – even if it makes their own situation worse.

      I believe in Free Will, and that what one experiences is, in many cases, a consequence of one’s exercise thereof.

    • 20thEB67 says:


      Thank you for your diligence, and for taking the initiative to contact TAH. Bums like this guy need to be exposed for the losers that they are.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      LovemyVets, YOU DID the right thing. Vile critters like John Edward Egri NEED to be outed and ridiculed for their stunts and con games, thanks for sharing!!

    • Skippy says:

      Thank You !!!!!!
      For doing the right thing

  27. Green Thumb says:

    I cannot imagine he is looking for a job anymore.

    All-Points Logistics probably has already hired this tool.

  28. Open Channel D says:

    I bet he pisses Excellence!

  29. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Let’s see, BOGUS SS, PH, and THREE falsely claimed BS’s. He’s falsely claiming them for employment, maybe one could find a Prosecutor willing to file Stolen Valor charges? One can only hope. FUCK HIM sideways with rotten pineapples wrapped in diarrhea-soaked asbestos and medical waste. I wonder if he’ll screech and “lawer up”? That HAS to be one of the worst bogus DD214s I have ever seen!