Glenn Nicholas; tattoos and phony Marines

| September 23, 2016


There’s this firefighter guy in San Bernadino County, California by the name of Glenn Nicholas. Folks tell us that he claims to be a Marine. They say that he has stickers and plates on his truck identifying him a Marine. He even has a tattoo;


I checked the Manpower Single Record Report website, and couldn’t find any active duty for him. The US Marine Corps says “Who?”


Added; There have been some questions about this picture, that people think might actually be Nicholas and it’s endorsed by his mother;


First of all, Nicholas claims that he joined the Marines in 1994 – Marpats weren’t issued in the USMC until January 2002. Secondly, a reverse image search on Google says that the picture is actually Sergeant Dakota Meyer (from this link), recipient of the Medal of Honor. So, no, it’s not Nicholas.


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  1. ex-OS2 says:

    Glenn Nicholas is still a cocksucker.

    What the fuck is that green shit on the dog tags? Should they not have USMC on them too?

  2. Ashamed To Be Associated says:

    He has been laid off from Cal Fire with no recall notice.