Henry “Steve” Marks; phony general

| October 3, 2016

Henry Marks (1)a

Someone sent us their work on this Henry Stephan Marks, who is known around the Beechmont Racquet and Fitness Club as Steve Marks, or “The General”;

Henry Marks (2)

They got the idea that he was a general because of this DD214 that he flashes around;

Henry Marks DD214

When I look at a DD214, the first thing I look at is the document version. This one is the 1966 iteration. That’s strange because the document was supposed to be for service as late as 2014. I retired in 1993 and my DD214 version was 1988 and there have been at least two versions since then.

Nothing about Marks’ discharge is correct. It’s supposed to record his service from the rank of private soldier E-1 to flag officer Brigadier general. That would never happen. There would be a DD214 when he finished OCS and went from being an enlisted soldier to an officer.

I could go through the DD214 point-by-point, but why – the National Personnel Records Center says “Who?”;

Henry Marks FOIA

On the date that Marks claim he was promoted (August 1, 2014), the Pentagon had no record of him being on active duty;

Marks Manpower report

He told folks that he’s been called back to active duty this year, but the Pentagon doesn’t remember asking;

Marks manpower 2016

Just another old liar

Henry Marks (3)

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  1. Nati68 says:

    We need to talk rsmith2079, I go to BRC and I have another connection as well. Email me at t.cantrell@zoomtown.com

    He had to quit the gym after this came out, now he’s up at the Mercy Healthplex most often Kelly doing the same shit. I didn’t realize he wore the full uniform and allowed Kids do to take pictures with, scary.