Jacob Wayne Smith; phony SEAL

| October 31, 2016

Jacob Wayne Smith

Someone sent us their work on this Jacob Wayne Smith fellow. He owns the Smith Family Dojo ninja school.

Smith family Dojo

In private conversations, he claims that he was a SEAL and an EOD guy and that in the middle of his training to be a chaplain, the Army fired him;

Jacob Wayne Smith claims1

Jacob Wayne Smith claims2

Jacob Wayne Smith claims5

Jacob Wayne Smith claims6

Jacob Wayne Smith claims7

I don’t know why he thought that a former SEAL would enjoy being a wheeled vehicle mechanic when a war breaks out, but there you go.

The Navy says “who?”;

Jacob Wayne Smith Navy FOIA

The Army does know him however. He spent eight years in the Army Reserves and he was discharged after a tour of Iraq;

Jacob Wayne Smith Army FOIA

Jacob Wayne Smith Army FOIA 2

Jacob Wayne Smith Army FOIA Training

No SEAL, no EOD. There is some discussion on the ninja forums about his qualifications in the martial arts, but I know nothing about any of that, so I’ll just stay in my wheelhouse.

Got any guesses why he left the service?


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  1. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “Marc had told me these awesome stories and I had retold them SO MANY times that I began to believe I was there with him.” Yeah, that’s credible. I tell you what’s more credible. After adopting someone’s story as your own in the hopes of generating the respect that has always eluded you, you repeated your lies so often that they became second nature to you. Unchallenged, you had it made. Maybe one or two gullible kids bought your bullshit. Privately, most everyone said, “Phatphuk maybe ate a seal or two but he never was a SEAL.” So, do what you will. I suggest you try to set reasonable objectives and goals for yourself and then actually work your ass off to achieve them.